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    Hey all, It’s been a while since we last did a deep dive into Homecoming’s finances, and with our operating costs settling into a fairly stable amount each month again, I thought it would be a good time to go over our monthly invoices to show exactly where the money for each service is going. Our latest invoices for each server are included at the bottom of each section. If you would like to see the invoices and skip the explanations, an album containing all of them is available here. OVH (Main Infrastructure) Total Monthly Cost: $4,645.44 Most of our hardware infrastructure is rented from OVH. As of the time of this post, we are currently renting the following on a monthly basis: 16 dedicated servers 4 SQL server licenses 7 failover IP address blocks Below is a detailed breakdown of the various servers, their purpose / role, and their cost. A full copy of our latest invoice from OVH with sensitive information redacted has been provided below as well. All of our servers are from OVH’s Advance Dedicated Server lineup. Please note that their Advanced server offerings are occasionally updated, and some of the specific configurations that we are currently using are no longer available. Every server we rent has a 1Gbps vRack upgrade at a cost of $23.00 per month, per server. This is an important upgrade that allows all of our servers to communicate over a VLAN with a full gigabit of bandwidth, which is necessary because of the amount of traffic that goes between our servers. Our hardware infrastructure might seem expensive compared to some other setups, but this is largely because we’re supporting many more concurrent users and mapservers (missions, AE maps, zones, etc.), and each of our services are built with redundancy and stability as a core factor. This means that we generally have warm spares for each core part of our infrastructure that we are ready to migrate to with very short notice in the event of an outage or other issue. See also: this amazing post by Telephone back in May. Map Hosts Total Monthly Cost: $2,484.93 Hosts (7): HC-MS-NA1, HC-MS-NA2, HC-MS-NA3, HC-MS-NA4, HC-MS-NA5, HC-MS-NA6, HC-MS-EU1 Our shared mapserver pool consists of 7 Advance-5 servers (6 servers in NA and one in EU). These host all the maps (every zone, mission, and AE map) running in the game. Each server costs $354.99 per month and has two Xeon Gold 5118 CPUs (24c/48t total @ 2.3GHz), and 96GB of memory. Database & Storage Servers Total Monthly Cost: $724.96 Hosts (4): HC-CentralDB0, HC-CentralDB1, HC-CentralDB2, HC-CentralDBEU We currently run 4 SQL Server 2017 database servers in a high-availability configuration (3 hot, 1 warm spare for redundancy). All of these servers run pretty high on their memory usage (typically at anywhere from 85-95% physical memory usage from the SQL servers). HC-CentralDB0 is an Advance-3 with a single Xeon D-2141I CPU, 64GB of memory, and 2 2TB SSDs at a cost of $213.99 per month. This server acts as a warm spare for each of the three other database servers in addition to providing read-only access to the data from each shard for various parts of our tooling and backend services. HC-CentralDB1 is an Advance-3 with a single Xeon D-2141I CPU and 64GB of memory at a cost of $160.99 per month. This server hosts the databases for the CoH global services (Auction House, Chat, Account, AE, etc.) in addition to the databases for Torchbearer and Indomitable. HC-CentralDB2 is an Advance-3 with a single Xeon D-2141I CPU and 64GB of memory at a cost of $160.99 per month. This server hosts the databases for Excelsior and Everlasting, in addition to the databases for all beta, prelease, and development shards. HC-CentralDBEU is an Advance STOR-2 in the European cluster with a single Xeon D-1541 (8c/16t @ 2.1GHz), 32GB of memory, 2 240GB SSDs, and 4 12TB HDDs (RAID, 220GB + 22TB of storage accessible) at a cost of $188.99 per month. This server hosts the database for Reunion in addition to acting as one of our backup targets and a general-purpose storage server. Virtual Machine Hosts Total Monthly Cost: $971.97 Hosts (3): HC-VM1, HC-VM2, HC-VM3 We currently use 3 Advance-4 servers running Windows Server Datacenter and Hyper-V to host all of our virtual machines. Each of these servers has a single AMD EPYC 7351P CPU (16c/32t), 256GB of memory, and 2 TB SSDs at a cost of $323.99 per month each. The virtual machines running on these servers are used for a variety of purposes, including: The DBServers for each NA shard (1 hot per shard plus warm spares on each other host for redundancy) The CoH auth servers (1 live, 2 warm spares for redundancy) 3 domain controllers (in a high-availability configuration) A Kubernetes cluster Our version control and build infrastructure The website and forums The content delivery network (CDN) Our development infrastructure Including our beta and pre-release shards Various other backend systems and tools The Bastion Host (AKA “Citadel”) Total Monthly Cost: $102.99 Hosts (1): HC-Citadel We currently use an Advance-1 server with a single Xeon D-2123I (4c/8ct) and 32GB of memory as a bastion host. This server costs $102.99 per month. Reunion’s DBServer Total Monthly Cost: $102.99 Hosts (1): HC-DB-Reunion We currently use an Advance-1 server in our European cluster as Reunion’s DBServer. This server has a single Xeon D-2123I (4c/8ct) and 32GB of memory, and costs $102.99 per month. Licenses & Failover IP Addresses Total Monthly Cost: $257.60 We currently have 4 SQL Server 2017 Web licenses (one for each of our SQL DB servers) at a cost of $64.40 each per month. We also have 7 failover IP blocks allocated to various servers and virtual machines. OVH no longer bills monthly for active IP addresses, so we are no longer paying for these on a monthly basis. See our latest invoice from OVH here: https://imgur.com/a/725kB5L Paperspace Total Monthly Cost: $25.00 Hosts (1): HC-Imagineer1 We currently rent a single Paperspace Air instance which is used as a rendering node for some of our tooling and future projects which will rely on the service. This instance is paid monthly at a cost of $22.00 per month for the base instance, and an additional $3.00 per month for a static IP address. See our latest invoice from Paperspace here: https://imgur.com/a/3w9IiRL External Services Total Monthly Cost: $140.75 Google G-Suite Total Monthly Cost: $121.02 We currently use Google G-Suite Business as our primary user email service, as one of our backup targets, and for collaboration using Google Drive and it’s suite of tools (Docs, Sheets, etc.). We have 9 users (some of which are “server” accounts) costing $108.00 per month and 1 active Google Voice number costing $13.02 per month. See our latest invoices from Google here: https://imgur.com/a/Qwz44dI Jira Cloud (Atlassian) Total Monthly Cost: $10.00 We currently have a 10-user Atlassian Jira Cloud account which we previously used for project management and issue tracking. We have moved away from this platform in favor of other options and plan to eliminate this charge very soon. See our latest invoice from Atlassian here: https://imgur.com/a/oneIiRr Twilio Total Monthly Cost: variable We use Twilio’s programmable SMS service to setup shared Homecoming accounts (such as social media accounts, etc.) with 2-factor authentication. The cost of this service is $1.00 per month plus $0.0075 per SMS message received. Billing on Twilio is balance based and the minimum balance charge is $20.00. As of the time of this post, we still have $15.90 remaining balance. See our latest invoice from Twilio here: https://imgur.com/a/FL5mf2d “Security / Admin Software” Total Monthly Cost: $9.73 If you’ve been paying attention to the monthly PayPal history we show in each Donations & Finances post you may have noticed there’s a monthly charge for which the name is redacted. As this charge is related to administration and security, we will not be disclosing the name of the product or service, or show the associated invoice.
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    We've got a fairly flexible arrangement with them and they tend to not bill us for smaller bits of work, and due to the covid-related slowdown in recent months there's only been smaller bits of work. They are handling something a bit more substantial at the moment which likely will get billed - so expect to see that in the next donation round (or possibly the one after, they can be a bit slow with their billing!).
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    I replied to the thread earlier, but I'm going to say something else now. Slightly different direction, but perhaps worthwhile. I've spent most of my life feeling useless. I barely made it through high school, I dropped out of college halfway through the first semester twice, and I have social anxiety disorder. All of that has led to me having to do some real shit jobs, the kind of work no-one with a better education or healthier mental state would even consider. I felt that nothing I did mattered, in part because no-one expressed appreciation or approval of what I did, in part because I lacked any semblance of self-respect or sense of worth, and in part because the work I did seemed like pointless drudgery (jobs anyone with limbs could perform, or even properly programmed machines). One of the places where I worked was raided by INS after I left. I discovered, much later, that they couldn't replace me without hiring two people, and they couldn't pay two people the ridiculously low wage they were paying me unless they were illegal immigrants. A few years later, I was "let go" by an employer (not my fault, nothing i did. he was a quadriplegic, and he was just tired of seeing my face every morning (worked 7/week then)). Less than six months later, he was e-mailing me to ask if I'd return. Another place where I worked closed a few months after I left. They couldn't afford to pay two people to do the work I did, and they weren't hiring illegal immigrants, so they just shut the doors and never re-opened. The last person for whom I worked... sold his restaurant, moved out to the same area where I live now and regularly asks for me to assist him in catering and restaurant work. Now, it doesn't matter what I want to do, there are people who are always asking me to help them, practically throwing money at me to fix things, do a little very easy grunt work, sometimes just to answer a few questions or give some advice on how to solve a problem. I matter to them, even though I don't technically work for them. I matter because I can do things that they can't, I know things they don't, and I cheerfully put a little elbow grease into even the unpleasant tasks they don't want to do for themselves (or are growing too old to continue doing for themselves). I make a difference in peoples' lives, and they appreciate it. I get paid now to do things I enjoy doing, like working on a tractor, and things I don't mind doing, at all, like pulling weeds around blueberry and asparagus beds. These people don't see me as useless or worthless, and despite my mental illness telling me otherwise, I'm learning to see myself as they do. Sometimes, we just can't see that what we do matters. That we bring value to a place, or a team. That our contributions make a difference. And, in fairness, maybe we don't always matter, bring value or make a difference. But more often than not, what we do with and for others is meaningful, even in Co* content where we feel like it's barely a blip on the radar. There's always someone who appreciates what we do, even in Incarnate content with a team that doesn't seem to need us, and in accepting that, in understanding that even if no-one says anything, there was an impact that someone's going to remember years later, there's a lot of satisfaction and a reason to develop some self-respect. And respect for what your character can do. Heck, I played WoW for a year, and when I walked away, it was barely memorable to me. But, to my surprise, one of the names I used showed up in a search over ten years later. Someone remembered me. I'd made a difference to that person. I made the game better for him. That's going to happen here. We can all make a difference, even if we don't see it, and someone's going to look back fondly and reminisce about us. Except me, because I won't be on one of those teams. *twitch*
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    I’d also like to point out, and maybe this has been mentioned already, but a lot of support is, effectively, invisible. You can see tanks tank, see the melee melee, the blasters blast, the controllers control, etc. Almost all those things are visible when they’re happening. But not every buff or debuff comes with a noticeable effect, beyond the animations. Melee in the thick of combat, especially if in the grip of scrapperlock or furylock, don’t always pay attention to their own health, and so don’t always notice when they were saved from a close, intimate moment with the floor by a well-timed heal. Basically, in my experience both as support and teaming with support, when support is doing their job well, and things are rolling along at a smooth clip, it won’t seem like they’re doing anything at all.
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    Let's not do this argument here. Announcements are bad places to duke it out with each other.
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    This is the classic "careful what you wish for" scenario. Sure, it would be nice to have the feel and thrill of the good old days, but we tend to fail to remember to bad old days that were concurrent at the same time. I don't miss: having to build around Fitness for Stamina at 20. having to pick a pre-req travel power before level 14. being unable to solo level a support alt (unless you get a spot on a Dreck or Council Amerika farm team and had an SK bridge). failing TFs on the last mission because team members DC/mapserver/quit/logout after hours of struggling. not having enough Inf for DO/SO enhancements, every 5 levels (yes, that was a real thing back in the day, especially before WW/BM). running the cape and aura missions for every alt that wanted a cape/aura. being excluded/kicked from teams for the wrong build (yes, that happened quite a bit, depending on circumstances). It's exactly the same thing that happened with WoW: Classic. There was a wave of nostalgia for like the first 30-90 days, and then everybody remembered what a PITA that game could be. Yes, some folks' pain is someone else's pleasure. But many WoW: Classic servers are ghost towns now, a year later. I've logged on a couple times to try again, every now and then, and it's desolate (with a T) there sometimes.
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    Just finished a Manticore on the poison/dark. Got the character to 46. Put Paragon Protector in the target bind. Some of them got their MOG on. Even if they did, it made no difference. Hopkins lasted maybe 20 seconds. Countess ran away. Feeling useless was not in the cards today.
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    My first 50 coming back on HC was a rad/rad defender. He 50'd faster than my dom and my scrapper; no shortage of people wanting him on teams. So support still has value in some people's minds 0-50 and even for basic 50+ PI radio roflstomps. The incarnates might not need it or care, but the lowbies tagging along do. And something I've noticed playing the above rad/rad defender and a mind/psi dom: the debuffs and controls DO make a difference. I can watch mobs melt faster when I get my rad toggles off sooner. Less deaths and near deaths happen when my dom controls that mob we accidentally aggo'd without anyone noticing at first. I think the trick to feeling like you shine is to not back-seat play…learn to get in sooner. Don't player a defender, play an "offender." Learn the patterns of the team and time the debuff just as the tanker gets things under control or that scrapper dives in. Pre-emptively lock-down that second group everyone ran by accidentally. Follow the tanker into the fray with your PBAoE debuff (except KB ones!); I learned a long time ago that often standing next to the tanker is often the safest place to be, not on the edges. Adapt, be daring, and STILL be useful.
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    I kinda miss shadow cysts and would like the option to let them spawn again. >.>
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    I can totally see that. My brother and I created accounts on Project 1999 (EverQuest classic + Kunark + Velious, no other expansions) and played around with it for a couple weeks reliving some of the nostalgia. But the grind broke us in fairly short order. Feeding coin into Tradeskills. Only really being able to level up by getting a team and setting down in a 'Camp' to kill orcs or gnolls or what-have-you in the same area as they respawned again and again. Faction grinding. The "You Can Never Go Home Again" was very real for EverQuest. Homecoming has managed it, though, in no small part because CoH was always designed to be vastly more casual friendly.
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    @Saikochoro Maybe I should use something other than 'easy'. Perhaps 'friendly' is a better fit. (see edit above.. thanks @Arcana 2015 for the reminder) "Nobody can wall of text like Arcana. *Nobody*. It's always worth reading though." - Cailyn Alaynn "Hold on to your eyeballs, history lesson soapbox Wall-o-text inbound." -Arcana September 17, 2015
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    I see you for what you really are. You are a force multiplier. Many will not see that, but you and I know it. Thank you!
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    As someone who has been leading a lot of Tin Mage and Apex TF's every night for the last few weeks I've had the chance to see a lot of transitional characters, and when you're throwing a timer on every run the variances can be pretty striking. I have had teams that were all T3 or better for every Incarnate, had a few T4'd with a few barely-Alpha'd, even a string of purely Alpha-only and myself being the only T3/4 across the board. I have seen Apex and Tin Mage both completed in 11 minutes and change each, and also take nearly 25 minutes for either, but the consistent is typically 14-16 minutes, about 30 minutes for the whole thing. Where does the time go up? When it is all Melee/Blasters with middling builds and a mix of Incarnate parts (or next to none). If I take that same team dynamic and replace any one random character with a Support role that has a solid debuff (Cold, Thermal, Rad, TA, Dark, Poison), and that dial pretty instantly snaps back. How do the low time runs occur? A lot of T4 present, everyone carrying a T3 Lore or better, and at least two strong debuffers backed by two or three high DPS, High-Spec builds. The weak points in those runs are the EB/AV targets, and how efficiently crowd-clearing can occur. The PPD station ambush is the longest aspect of the entire thing because it's triggered events reliant on how fast the team can bend through those spawn points. More folk with T3/4 Judgements to insta-clear spawns, and debuffers that make it possible to liquefy the War Walkers fast (I'm talking seconds fast). Support roles (and I'm more specifically talking their Buff/Debuff side of the equation) are still relevant, but their presence is altering the dynamic of the game at a level that becomes harder to see. Much like taking down a Pylon--as an example--the more aggressive the debuff/damage output of the character becomes, the shorter the time, but what doesn't get seen until the numbers are crunched is how radically different the times are from a DPS standpoint. Once a single character gets into the sub 3:00 time, small errors can mean major changes, and once a build gets into the 1:30 or less range, even just two seconds worth of a player's mistake can mean 10+ seconds of error on the kill timer. Something that might have 300 DPS and take a Pylon down in 4:00 minutes, doubling the DPS suddenly breaks the build into the 1:00-1:30 category, a quarter of the time (not exact numbers, just a relative example of the way it really is). Take that Pylon conditioning concept into an Incarnate trial or Incarnate TF and look at those two or three characters that can kill an AV in a couple of minutes each, we amp up the AV's level and defenses for the content but they'll still take it down in a few minutes. Toss a a Support role in there with a Debuff and we shave a 3:00 time down to 2:00, does it feel like the Support role had a hand in that? No, it absolutely does not, but the truth of it is... well yes, they did, but we're all collectively moving at a speed that's so insanely quick as-is that it has become much harder to separate the difference unless you're statistically looking for it.
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    I played Trick Arrows characters almost exclusively for seven years. "Why am I even here?" could have been my battle cry on almost all of them. You get used to it and adapt.
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    I was a diehard player back in the ncsoft days and made some great friends. I only learned of it coming back a few months ago and started playing. Been playing for almost 3 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you homecoming team for bringing it back and keeping it going and sticking to your goal of this being a true homecoming:)
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    I don't disagree with you at all but still fail to see why a power pick should be wasted on a rez when I try to always build to where faceplanting even at max diff is an extreme rarity or when we can get a rez from the P2W vendor or just eat wakies. Leveling up, maybe, but they're often T9 powers. More useful in the days of no IOs and no incarnate powers? Sure. Nowadays? Not even remotely to me.
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    Well, there's a lot of shades of gray along the way, too. I don't like Incarnate powers being available in all 46+ content. I think it should be pretty much iTrials only, or any lvl 50 content that was introduced with or after the incarnate system, no other exceptions whatsoever. I'm never going to get my way on that, but that's where I would have drawn the line if it had been my choice to make. But I do think Attuned enhancements, Converters, and the way the auction house pools resources into fungible pools is wonderously good. And I do like largely unrestricted sidekicking. I never minded doing missions to unlock capes or auras, BUT, if something like Wings were restricted, and I was trying to do a Birdman concept, I'd have been ticked. And if my character concept involved having energy claws, but those claws were not available until I'd defeated X many mobs to unlock that look of that weapon type, I'd have been ticked. So I don't mind costume pieces being all unlocked. I like having Inherent fitness. I like being able to choose Fly without first having to take a pre-req. But at the same time I would absolutely remove things like Void Skiffs and the ability to buy 8 hours of jetpacks at a time from P2W vendor. I sort of feel like characters *should* take a travel power. I'm never going to get my way on that one either. I'd definitely remove all the amplifiers (offensive, defensive, survival) from the P2W vendor. And same deal, I'm never going to get my way on that one either.
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    There's a 2020 meme out there of the mermaid crawling out of the Starbucks logo. Here's my homage, just in time for Halloween:
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    lol There is absolutely no way in hell they are going to rebalance the game to not have Hasten. CoH 2.
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    I think that you, and every other person that plays support toons, could really use this little bit of encouragement: So get out there and keep buffing, debuffing, healing, rezzing, speeding, shielding AND adding in a little DPS when you get around to it. 🙂
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    I don't mind running the cape and aura missions once. Or even once per shard. But when I've got 10-20 alts per shard, it gets real old, real fast.
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    While going through a buncha frequently requested ideas here on the forums I came by a lot of demand for a Sniper Rifle powerset, and figured I'd have a look at what could be done to create this. As it just so happens, I was also looking at other NPC-exclusive powers that could be used to create another powerset, and The Resistance has the answer to both these things! So, I present to you now; Marksman Rifle. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/The_Resistance Marksman Rifle - Single Shot: Not to be confused with the Arachnos Soldier power of the same name, though very similar in effect, filling that low damage ranged attack role. - Burst: Not the Assault Rifle power of the same name, but instead the heavier damage DoT attack The Resistance have. - Heavy Burst: Again, not the Arachnos one, but similar enough. A cone DoT attack that packs some punch. - Aim: unlike Assault Rifle, you can actually aim. - Sniper Shot: A completely new power that acts as a long range sniper attack, and uses a similar projectile to Snap Shot. - Ricochet (Sentinel): Since sentinels don't get sniper attacks, this power instead functions as Single Shot, but chains to multiple enemies and deals more damage. - Covering Fire: Okay so this one is actually unique to Resistance. It's a low damage ranged attack that reduces a foe's recharge and speed. - Snap Shot: The Resistance really like re-using old power names... This actually belongs to the Heavy Barrel mobs, but could be retooled to work as a short range heavy damage ranged attack. - AP Round: Another Heavy Barrel power, this attack is a narrow cone similar to Beam Rifle's 'Piercing Beam', and deals high damage and knockdown. - HE Shot: Okay so this one requires some more work. The standard Heavy Barrel version of this is fairly weak, but with some more damage and a slightly longer animaton it works as a good T9 ranged AoE power. Visually this powerset is going to look a little different to standard guns, using the unique FX that The Resistance have (which I think can change color if the Runesoldiers are anything to go by). Hopefully the powerset isn't too alike to Assault Rifle, since it focuses purely on precise shots instead of hosing enemies in bullets and fire, but will likely share many weapon customizations.
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    While I and a lot of other people desire greater difficulty at the 50+ incarnate level, I wouldn't want to see it come at the expense of anyone that wants to steamroll this content. I think that's an inherent and crucial part of the fun of the game. Having said that, there are difficulty sliders and there should remain a difficulty where you can run through them like a hot knife through butter. The higher difficulty should scale more intelligently and be actually difficult rather than a cakewalk at +4. That's really all I want. A fair but difficult level of gameplay where powers like holds, stuns, -recharge or -tohit debuffs are actually relevant.
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    I have a very different perspective than many here: The primary reason I play this game is that there is lots of content that is accessible for my 4 year old and I to duo, and occasionally trio with his 5 year old cousin. We would never have played the grindy game that was issues 6-10 or so on live servers. I rely heavily on incan destiny and prestige tp powers to move the kids around zones and difficult-to-navigate maps, and in order to make toons playable for the kids I have to cut out any powers with a crash or location targeting. I know a dozen other players or so that play extensively with their young children, so I am not alone in this. While I could not care less about titan weapons or AT modifiers or any of that technical stuff, I would like for my son and I to be able to play the existing content with our current toons without needing to research powers and respec them. I don't want to have to create custom easy AE arcs so that the kids don't get "beated up" on minimum difficulty. I don't expect the devs to bend over backwards to accommodate people in my situation, but they should recognize that there is a sizable portion of the server that is completely uninterested in any additional challenges, grindiness, or barriers to accessing content.
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    I think this is true. Just to build on this a bit. Honestly, ease of the game is purely opinion based. I have come across people in game that think the game is very hard. Sure, that seems a little weird to me, but I played the game for several years on live and also since HC started. I also have the funds and use MIDs to make very solid builds. Someone who constantly runs T4 incarnated, 500m soft/hard capped, perma hasten, proc’d out builds is going to have a completely different experience than someone using only SOs or even generic IOs. That doesn’t even take into account p2w/base buffs/powers. Someone who has played the game for 10 years is going to know a lot more than someone who is new to the game. Its dangerous territory for any player to unilaterally decide the game is too easy. Especially if that player is a long time vet of the game that runs uber builds. That really isn’t the case for everyone. IOs aren’t going away. I doubt incarnates are going away. I do not think the right answer is to make all content harder by putting in wholesale handicaps. I think the best answer is to always have options because not all players experience the game the same way. Not everyone wants a difficult game as is pretty evident given the popularity of council mobs. One of the better suggestions I’ve seen is to have an all boss/EB/AV notoriety option to apply to various content. The reason I like that is that it opens up an option rather than restricting options to one perspective. This allows people who think the game is difficult enough, or even too difficult, to focus on lower notoriety difficulties. While the power gamers can focus on harder difficulties.
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    This is the way. Sure, that scrapper over there keeps firing off barrier. The controller has clarion. The tank is rockin the rebirth or ageless. But now this defender suddenly finds himself also protected from mez and has rockin resists and defense so he gets to do that thing he once got yelled at for doing... he gets to use his secondary to BLAST SOME PUNKS IN THE FACE!
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    I can testify that LGBTQ+ characters and players are totally welcome, and anyone who experiences any kind of unpleasantness should put a ticket in, with names, dates, times and if possible screen shots so we can investigate properly. As much as possible we try to be inclusive to all, and we do take any abuse seriously. As Jimmy has said though, we don't disclose what (if any) action is taken against someone, and this often leads people to think we aren't doing anything. The opposite is true, we investigate all accusations.
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    Just posted a fairly concise list of the 'clubs' open on Everlasting. I'll try to update often. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eRTRQTAEAaUBzZMM8Oiy2oBnJI9kvGUJsMyyHOKYn28/edit
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    When you start out its a great power to take and stick an acc io in as it basically counts towards every attack you have letting you slot them all with dmg/end red/rech and when your low level and starved of slots it makes a big difference. Soon as you hit 24 and get your freespec i'm looking at tt:leadership so its always the first power to go. I still like to keep it in builds when i have a free power (almost never) as there no such thing as too much accuracy. Just ask the player not running tactics when a smoke grenade hits or that engineer on the itf howls and all your attacks suddenly start to miss or that annoying nem lieut that vengs the mob.....the list goes on.
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    I definitely will be there on the Bird Team on the 17th. Pls sign me up with "From the Ashes", Fire/Regen Brute @Bananiac. Not sure if i will be joining on the 10th. My only 50 (yes, I know... but you should see my Toon Collection!) is not alpha slotted yet. I actually need to find out how to do that one day... 🤓 I will see what I will do for the All VEAT on the 24th. Still some time to prepare something. As you may have noticed, I have no problem creating new special purpose characters in an instant! And I haven't tried any widows yet. I will be watching this space. So long! Ban P.S.: Pictures from the All Fires team look absolutely splendid, folks!
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    I don't want to put words in Lumi's mouth, but I read it as "Escort missions are badly designed", rather than "The concept of saving citizens is a bad one". It more calls into question the mechanical AI pathing issues that CoH is famous for. It's easy to imagine a better execution of those sorts of missions. Edit: The one that really grinds me is from that same Johnny Sonata arc, where you need to kidnap Akarist from the Shadow Shard. He struggles to path over the terrain, and then when you lose him he'll say "And here I am left to my own devices. There are few things as depressing as an incompetant kidnapping." Mate, I'm not the one who's confused by a slight incline!
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    That statement is an opinion and not a fact. Simply because you don't like... let's say "Kill All" missions doesn't mean that they are bad game design. Rescuing a kidnap victim or taking a witness to safety is very much in the super-hero cannon. It is logical game design. I can see someone that wants to be stealthy all the time not wanting to have to "decloak" and risk their exposure to enemies, but that is life. Learn to work around it. Deal with it the same way you would a "kill all" if you are all stealthed up. You still have to "arrest" them, but you do it your own way. Treat the escort the same way. What's going to happen? Worried about getting ambushed on the way to the door? I guess you know an ambush is coming. They rarely will kill an escorted NPC. So how would you deal with mobs when you didn't have an escorted NPC? Cloak up and deal with the ambush the same way you would any other mob. You can decloak after the mobs are dealt with in order to lead out the escorted NPC. Different sort of mission parameters are there to mix up the game play. I'm glad that there are escort missions. I like rescuing people from harm's way.
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    Well, no I don't steal. It is possible for people to have similar names or ideas. Have a nice day 😄
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    I'm learning Defenders now. I solo a lot, so I have it built to be soloable. But I also have a few powers in my belt for the good of the team. Most ATs can be run solo with little difficulty. What I have noticed is that the tank/scrapper/brute/stalker/whatever doesn't need that buff or debuff, but providing it makes things easier for them. On a full team of 8 that moves fairly swift, it is hard to notice a support role's contribution. But on a casual team of 2-4, it is more pronounced. You/we are carrying our weight. Are we needed there, no. But we are there and we do make a big difference.
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    Da sky is fallinnnnnnn'!
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    I don't follow. I was at max diff and there was a LOT of Tab, F, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 goin on. 🙂
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    Not to be confused with the P.L.O.T. device The Phased Linear Oscillation Transducer is a miraculous device, capable of producing such a variety of effects that many find it simply unbelievable. However, overusing a P.L.O.T. device can have serious consequences, and the more egregious uses can strain the very fabric of reality. P.L.O.T devices have fallen out of favor overall, but many a young and reckless pioneer has picked up a well-used P.L.O.T. device and run with it.
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    Yes. I do it all the time when I don't get a team to do it with. You're going to be downleveled to the appropriate level bracket anyway, but if you insist on doing it at the 'right' level bracket, then still yes. Then it depends on what you want to do. +0x1? You don't need a butt load of inf or a super duper build. The end boss WILL be an AV though but they are not super hard and you can stock up on envenomed blades from the P2W if it's a low damage AT. Most of the time you just need to stock up in medium inspirations before the last boss. +0x8? Yes, you're going to want a better build to do it in the low levels and even so the CoT part of Posi 1/2 will probably kick your butt since they stack so many debuffs.
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    You "don't need to be on this team" no matter what AT you're playing when you're in the upper levels. You could bring in your tank, stalker, widow, troller, and it would all roll long just about the same way (except of course not quite as fast, as already pointed out). This has nothing to do with the AT you're running.
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    I'm in a different boat. I feel useless on my squishies when I'm solo and trying to get them to do what my melee characters can do. On teams, I actually enjoy them.
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    Chat is your salvation! Crack jokes, tell entertaining tales of heroism or villainy. Add to the team in any way possible! Even on support toons, I am throwing out buffs and debuffs and whathaveyou. I have no idea if that tank actually NEEDS fortitude but I'm going to give it to him anyway! I am of the opinion that how you feel is on you. If I am walking through a TF decimating everything left and right, it is on you to make yourself feel useful. As someone who also usually plays support (or at least less powerful toons like my loldamage sents), I make myself feel useful by casting buffs or entertaining teammates. I understand what you are saying, that many of those tools you can contribute are less than necessary, but you gotta work on your head cannon. Tell yourself that you are making the difference! Just once, throw a mass immob before the tank gathers them up and see what a difference it makes! Now....never do that again, use that power for good and get in there and save that team from certain hospitalization! But seriously, it is what you make of it. In a world where <insert your idea of weakest AT powerset combo here> can solo pretty much all content, you have to make yourself feel like you are integral to the success of the team.
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