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    If I should stop playing Homecoming so much, there is one reason for it and one reason alone. I found something else to do. It is the year 2020, and since Sunset the gaming industry has not stopped making games. There are games out there that are very pretty. In 2019 I joined Homecoming and played a bit and then got frustrated and played No Man's Sky until November. Since then, I have been here. I have NEVER played a game for a year straight. So that should say something. However, I have lots of games on my Switch that are neglected. Some because of this game. I have PC games that are neglected. I have had a Steam account since forever, and thanks to the early days of Humble Bundle, I have HUNDREDS of game I haven't even looked at. Sure, it's easy to pin down problems on something you don't like. It's human nature. Something wrong HAS to be someone's fault and Power levelers are a very juicy target. After all, they're often the ones with the nice build. The farmers have the INF. Heck, where do you think the INF from costume contests comes from? Yep, farmers. Not only are those dartardly villains helping lowbies to level, they have the complete audacity to make billions of INF and just GIVE it away in a few minutes to random players. Even if I went to Atlas with a paltry 50 million, and I called out a CC, do you have any idea how many people would be instantly interested? That right there is power levelers who are running player run events to increase activity. Some people don't do that. They run MSR or Hami Raids. One player who runs MSR gives out 10-20 million to whomever gets the kill shot on the Drop Ship. More free INF from a power leveler to a random. Did you like the Halloween event? I made two 50s in October from Trick or Treating. This is an official event, but it's still power leveling. Level 50s come to lead, and some bring Incantation, and teleport the league from Giant Monster to Giant Monster. Do you have any idea how many Enhancements I was able to get just from merits from Giant Monsters in October? Do you have any idea how many merits I will get when Winter Lord comes back? Farming and power leveling take different forms. Before AE, people were using Unai Kemen as a contact to farm the Dreck Freakshow mission. And Peregrine Island Radio missions. You get on a good team and you will make XP at a rate comparable to sitting on a fire farm. The thing is, you suggesting people take the long route. And some do. I have toons completely devoted to soloing, including Praetorians where there is no freaking power leveling because you are on your own. We have 1000 character slots. 1000. We don't need this Zero Sum garbage of either/or. I do not understand why some humans need to polarize everthing as this OR that, or us OR them. You have 1000 character slots. Per shard. You can do it all. You can level in a team. You can solo story missions. You can power level. You can sit on a farm. You can fight on a farm. You can run a farm. I'm working on a build that will be used purely for running monster hunts, which everyone involved benefits from. I am one of those players who has limited game time. I have a job in an essential business during a pandemic with a compromised immune system having to deal with people on a daily basis who don't believe in things they can't see, including coworkers who lack respect for social distancing. And while disabled, I work skilled labor so people can have food, while being sneered at for being Unionized because I make enough money to live on. At the same time, I have to take care of a household, because my disabled back end still has to get things done. You think I want to sit and run through the same storylines over and over, slogging through the same missions again and again? The same missions I have run since 2003? What do you call someone who does the same thing all the time and expects different results? Barmy is what. It would be complete and total insanity to do a slow grind over and over because this time I want to say try /dark instead of /regen. At this time, I have 12 fully slotted 50s with Incarnates unlocked going on 13. That's less than one a month. Four of those toons are fully Incarnate with T4s. I play all of them. Rarely does a toon sit for more than 20 days without some sort of action. I have less than 20 toons in total. I set specific goals for each and every toon. Yes, I have toons I never played at all before level 50. Two of them. They are made for specific reasons. Several of them are so I can play with my small group of homies that I played with on Freedom. If the group is lacking a good Defender, than I am making a Defender. People who power level play with other people who power level. I am in a farming group. We play with each other, and we have fun. I have a Peacebringer and Sentinel that can fire farm in addition to Brutes. I made those for fun. They are not particularly fast, but I can survive and participate with people. You know what farmers also do when they farm? They talk. We have actual conversations about stuff. All sorts of stuff. I talk about my cats. We are social. Maybe we are not social with gamers who do not like power levelers, but they don't like us anyway so who cares? I play with people who are interested in the things that I am interested in, and that is a lot. I power leveled a Mind/Poison Controller for the heck of it. I made it just for teaming. Nothing else. I added the Medicine pool in case I am in a PI group and the only other 50 with a bunch of lowbies, so I can keep them alive. When the group is more capable, I buff, debuff and gasp... control thing. I have a Dominator who is a pure villain because Frenzy. I did not power level her even a little bit, because I only have one Dom and wanted to know how to play it. I only play that toon when red side teams appear. You can do ANYTHING. There is no freaking Zero Sum for anything. No Either/OR. You can have it all. All of it. You can play as slow or as fast as you want, and create things that no other game offers. I can make builds with no combat ability to speak of and still find a way to be useful. You know whose fault it is if I leave Homecoming? Mine and mine alone. It is my responsibility to be interested in the game, and my responsibility to remain interested. If I feel I should be engaging with people more, then it is my responsibility to do that. Finger pointing is just a scapegoat.
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    In my Opinion the population is declining because of Regen. If you want people to come back and stay here: NERF REGEN!
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    I so agree with MTeague! *wonders how he got into my mind* I solo, I team, sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I don't. People should be able to play the way that they want....there is no right/wrong/good/bad way to play. I really dislike PVP, but am very glad it's in the game for people who do enjoy it. I am so grateful to have the and and great community back.
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    I do not powerlevel, will never powerlevel, and generally disable XP anytime I join a team. It's important to me to control the pace at which my character level, and to feel like each character's journey is under my control. That said. I have nothing against people who do choose to powerlevel. I may look at you askanse from time to time, saying to myself, "okay you just powerlevel and powerslotted 73 toons.... what are you actually going to DO to enjoy the game when you run out of characters to PL?". But it is your decision to powerlevel if that's your thing, not mine. I do not think any changes are needed "to save the game" or "to preserve the health of the game". If some players prove to be flash-in-a-pan and gone, that's their choice. Absolutely nobody is in any way beholden to take any single action to benefit someone else's enjoyment in this game. But I will say, if you can only enjoy this game if you have quick access to 8 man teams at the drop of a hat, I do wonder just how long this game will serve your wants. I find it far easier to become satisfied with the game by focusing on my characters personas, backstories, making choices not on what proves most beneficial but on what FITS that character, etc. I invent personalities for each character, I know which of my characters look up to which, which disdain which, which characters are Serious Business Heroes, and which are superpowered pranksters with a good heart. By so doing, it doesn't MATTER to me if I solo or team at any given moment. And so I'll enjoy this game for the duration. No matter how populated or not the server is.
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    Missed from the patch notes: Warshades can now eat their teams.
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    what is the longest the donation window has been open? Hours? Certainly not a full day. People are going to support Homecoming if they continue doing what they are doing now. They don't have to bow down to anyone that thinks that they have ownership rights to demand things in regards to the work that they are providing for free because of their love for the game.
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    Short version: it's more work than it sounds, not happening in Page 1 initial release. Long technical explanation: the Arena sets two flags on the character, called "modes": kArena and kDisable_Temp. The latter flag is not set if you enable non-Arena temporary powers. Powers have two parameters: ModesRequired and ModesDisallowed. Most temporary powers have ModesDisallowed kDisable_Temp. If this is the only flag they have, they are disabled by default in the Arena, but enabled when you select non-Arena temporary powers, since that flag will not be present. All Arena-specific temporary powers, including the new Fakkolades, have ModesRequired kArena. This means that they are only available when that mode is set, which happens in the Arena and now also in PVP zones. This flag cannot be toggled; it's always there. Many powers, including every self-buff that was disabled this patch as well as the "real" accolades, have ModesDisallowed kArena. This means they are disabled whenever kArena is enabled, regardless of what kDisable_Temp is doing. As stated, this flag cannot be toggled: if you're in the Arena or a PVP zone, you have it; and for things like the Fakkolades, it has to be this way to make sure you don't end up with two copies of the accolades running. The solution is, of course, to add a new flag that is just for disabling powers, rather than both enabling and disabling; probably kDisable_PVP, and then go flag most of the powers disabled by kArena to be disabled by kDisable_PVP instead, except for very specific things (like the Fakkolades) that have to be disabled inside the Arena/PVP zones, full stop. Doing that is enough work that it's not happening for Page 1 release. Possible for an inter-page patch, but likely for Page 2.
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    Could someone create a hockey stick for weapon customization, please? It could be used with Staff Fighting, Katana, and (enlarged for) Titan Weapons. It's a great idea for sports themed characters as well as just anyone who wants to have a little fun intentionally high sticking the bad guys to death. ๐Ÿ˜„ I'd be all for other sports weapons, too. A golf club for war mace as an alternative to the baseball bat... maybe a tennis racket... Outside of sports, I don't think it would be too difficult to modify the Hook Sword in dual blades to be a tire iron... and I'd love to have the Blackwand added to the War Mace pool of weapons so I can use the temp power to blast something at range, then close the distance and start clubbing them with the same. I'd also love to see the rusty blade from the Katana set ported over to Broad Sword.
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    @Captain Powerhouse! Flag it to allow pets to be included. Excluding the caster is one thing, completely denying the caster's pets any benefit is another entirely, especially on the archetype most in need of it. Except Daedalus. That asshat pulled an entire room of Cimerorans on my level 48 sentinel this morning. He can be excluded. Preferably with a baseball bat. A spikey baseball bat. Filled with lead.
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    I think sufficiency has been reached here. Let's discuss something else.
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    In fairness, there was at least one other obvious commonality. You. That's not an accusation. I'm not suggesting that you don't bathe often enough, or that you verbally assaulted your friends in your supergroup, or anything of the sort. I've certainly found you to be pleasant on the forums, and though I've never sniffed you (no. i said no. take two steps back. TWO steps.), I assume your hygiene is acceptable. But an analysis which ignores specific data points to focus on a hypothetical solution is... bad. Bad science. It's cold fusion and anti-vax science. Just pointing that out.
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    Cool firefighter design... although at the moment, this Water Blast / Atomic Manipulation blaster is stuck with the name Squirty McMoist.
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    The original concept for Photon Seekers from the original Kheldian Epic Archetypes design doc Rev 4: "Energy Drones - Summons 5 energy balls (pets) next to the caster, each with varying movement speed. The energy balls follow the caster until they detect a target. Then they rush to the target and explode on impact, destroying themselves and doing a small AoE damage. This could possible be a toggle, periodically summoning a new energy ball every 30 seconds or so, each with a timer so no more than 5 can be alive at one time)" It's interesting to see what they originally had in mind versus the pet version we have now. Now I'm not sure if it's possible to change it into a toggle but if we entertain it as a possibility even theoretically it could come with a few advantages: 1) It would work passively, without a long animation and would increase ST damage output for long engagements (AV fights for instance) but still likely be bursty when engaging the alpha after you've accrued a few of them. 2) If it was not a pet and a toggle instead, it would benefit from global damage bonuses which would be nice since current Seekers do not.
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    The circle so many seem to be caught in here, IMO, is a false premise. That premise being that people who power level don't play the characters they create, they just have some specfic form of alt-itis that makes them create fully tricked out characters and move to the next, or something, never playing 'the game' with those characters. There are people here that freely admit they don't PL, don't like PL, don't understand PL and then, armed with that bias, try and read the minds of those that do PL and decide 'it must not be fun' or it must be the reason people leave becuase they would...do none of those poeple see the implicit bias and terrible logic there? If you don't like to PL, if you don't understand why people PL, that's all fine, but don't try and turn that into a reason to convince others power levelers are the 'reason' you cannot find teams of people on demand because players are leaving. Regardless of your intent, it is, in fact, a passive aggressive attack on those that do enjoy PLing when you start trying to say it hurts the game. People page after page using a passive aggressive attack on powerleveling is what I see here ... "It's OK that you do that, but just so you know, you are playing the game wrong and driving players away." How is this NOT the refrain? I have never, ever, really cared one tiny little bit about the writing in this game. Most of it, IME, is high-school drama at best, and very little of pertains to the characters I create. I build characters and create my own stories. The dialog of the NPCs could basically not exist and while it would be odd to play in a world where people don't talk, the game would play the same for me. But to read threads like this, my entire playing experience becomes suspect because I don't play thorugh low-level OR high-level story content, if that's all we are going to base play 'right' about, my playstyles would be 'illegal'. Threads like this and the vast majority of the arguments I see in them are based on nothing more than supposition, bad logic, and a general intent, direct or not, to inform anyone that does not follow the 'right way' is harming the game. It's as sad as it is silly. IMO, but trying to make people look bad for not playing the way they do is gamer forum fuel, it never goes away. I have seen people making these same, circular, illogical arguments about every single MMO I have every played, from Day 1.
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    Statesman was the good doppelganger. Primal Marcus Cole was an anomaly in the multiverse, since most of the time he ends up being an outright villain.
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    If that's the case, then I think Frostbite (1 hour auto) and Winter Ward (1 hour auto) dodged the ban. Also, can prestige costumes be unbanned for amusement purposes. Edit: Upon testing, Winter Ward seems to have no effect in PvP zones but still shows up on the power bar, but Frostbite does still work. Oh also, I'd think that Recovery Serum (4 minute effect duration) that Glacier Peak mentioned would quality for the ban also?
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    I think that the OP's point was that they thought that power-leveling isn't good for player retention. It isn't a matter of some people like doing it or not, and that they keep playing. It think it is a sense that bypassing the game (what end-gamers might call the leveling part of the game, even though there is now leveling in the end-game) is detrimental to a many players likelihood of continuing playing CoH because it gives them instant gratification and instant gratification does not tend to be long lasting enjoyment. It's pretty obvious that some people like to play Villains (or even Praetorians), powerlevel, farm, and PVP. The questions being :: if a player is more involved in these actions more than playing the PVE game as a hero, does that mean that they are less likely to play over the long term. The same question could be asked about soloing versus team game play or arc missions versus radio/newspaper missions. I agree with the OP that I too believe that power-leveling is not in the best interest of player retention. I don't have documentation to back that up and admit to it. I too am very grateful that THE CITY is back. I think that the Homecoming team has done an excellent job of handling the things that drove me away from playing THE CITY any longer nearly a year before the sunset. And, yeah, the microtransactions (above a subscriptions fee), power-leveling, farming, AE babies that didn't know how to get onto the train, flood of shouts for powerleveling and fire farms, and the incarnate system pretty much ruined my gaming experience. Was it good for the people that liked those things? Sure. Was it good for me? Not at all. It ruined my gaming experience. But, when it comes down to it, getting the 2XP boosters is Powerleveling in its own right and I will admit to using 2XP boosters (primarily because a friend twisted my arm). I still have some characters that have never used a 2XP booster.
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    LOLOL...I just tried something. I clicked play on the Gannam Style video and muted the sound. When he started dancing, I hit play on the MC Hammer video! It was awesome
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    I would honestly say yes. Using it in the middle of a packed mob looked right to me over the 40+ missions i bombarded enemies with it.
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    I have a bug report for Reaction Time. It appears the power is not adding into the total recovery for the character when active. It shows the value in the list of END recovery, but it is not added into the total. If you add up the numbers in this screenshot the total is short by exactly Reaction Time's value. This is not the case on current Live. It also is felt when playing the character. I run out of END in a fight very fast.
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    Jaunt as it relates to the arena community is it provides an alternative defensive option other than just tanking a spike with greens or phasing. If you are paying good attention you can jaunt out of danger before or during the initial parts of a spike usually living. People tend to jaunt up and use arena temp jetpack (raptor pack) and wait til the coast is clear before coming back down. Before this it was, you'd force a target to phase during a spike, then while they were in NoPhase (aka they can't use phase again for 2 mins) you'd kill them and it was really hard to do anything about it. Now you have another defensive option to survive a spike. The issue in the arena community is we're in this meta of everyone jaunting/raptor packing around and it creates this very unfun/boring gameplay (in my opinion and a lot of other people I've talked to). THAT SAID, there needs to be more defensive options outside of just phase but jaunt is just so stupid that it's basically like having a 16 second(the time it takes to get 2 charges of jaunt to jaunt up) get out of jail card. Not to mention it's very advantageous to just pre jaunt up all the time just to get high ground and deter spikes on yourself leading to situations where teams just have half their team flying around. It looks as stupid as it sounds. I have a couple of propositions/ideas: 1. Increase cooldown on jaunt, maybe double it or triple it. 2. Remove "global cooldown/rooting" after jaunting, meaning you can instantly attack or jaunt after jaunting. For me this would help with jaunt chasing, sometimes I jaunt chase and the guy is no where to be found because I have no idea if they jaunted up twice and then forward or jaunted up 3 times. Once they are out of the render zone it's hard to chase people with jaunt because you just have no idea where they are and the .3 second delay really seems to mess me up personally. I like the mobility in COH so I would totally be okay with everyone zipping around at a million miles per hour. 3. Add a different NoPhase condition to jaunt, Maybe if you Jaunt 4 times during a 60 second duration a different NoPhase(could be called NoJaunt) timer is applied to you (different from regular phase). Meaning you'd have 2 different times you could escape with jaunt per minute as well as being able to phase once every 2 mins. This would reset on death. Anyway, these are just some ideas I'm not really sold on any of the numbers I've provided, these are just rough ideas to work off of or throw away. ALSO I AM NOT SAYING DO ALL OF THESE IDEAS TOGETHER. Really if there were just more mechanics in the game teams had to juggle other than just damage/heals (this is why I keep bringing up slows guys ๐Ÿ™‚ ) then I think things would also be better for everyone.
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    I really wish people would stop with the "gimping" thing. Not everything has to be "OMG I got eleventybillion DPS and capped my capping cap!" There's absolutely nothing wrong with trying something different out, especially when there have been occasional posts about trying to figure out a melee/support character since live - which is exactly what this sounds like. "Gimping" always comes off as a fairly derogatory term. If you wouldn't play it, fine, don't play it. But comments like this one just sound like putdowns.
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    Long time lurker, figured I should post some of mine my namesake, Mr. Kraken, Arachnos arms dealer, literally Capt. Nuclear, my main hero Citizen Shield, my shield tanker and NOT a Captain America clone Crossfade, my synthwave themed kin scrapper Kronoslinger, my time-hopping DP corrupter Fallbiel, my TW executioner for hire, the name is the German word for guillotine Black Consul, my modern day Roman warrior, don't judge the name, its hard finding roman-themed vigilante names. Doc Divine, my dark/time controller I never play, but keep him around because he looks nice
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    As far as I know, the only way to place a thumbtack on the map is by left clicking, which isn't always accurate. I'd like to suggest (assuming it is feasible) a supplemental means of placing a thumbtack via a slash command. I envision something like this: /thumbtack X Z Y This would create a thumbtack at the X Z Y coordinates listed, to include the thumbtack icon on the map, the navigational beacon in the game world, and the navigational icon in the compass (which is consistent with current behavior when left-clicking a thumbtack on the map). Issuing the command a second time would remove the prior thumbtack and place a new thumbtack. Or, the command: /thumbtack 0 could be used to remove the existing thumbtack. The command also might be made shorter, such as /ttack or just /tack. The X Z Y format is the same format that the system uses to report coordinates via the /loc command, so coordinates could be copied from /loc output and pasted into /thumbtack input as a means of quickly communicating locations between players in real time via chat. Another potential use of this command is a set of rolling keybinds that could be used, for example, as a self-guided tour of exploration badges in a zone. In terms of fitting into the game, thumbtacks already exist, this is just allows them to be placed via different means and with greater accuracy. GPS exists in the game world (I've seen it mentioned in mission dialogue), and I see this as an in-game analogue of entering an address or lon/lat coordinates into a GPS device and then navigating to that exact destination. I occasionally see requests for a continuously updated display of current coordinates as a navigational aid. I usually suggest the /showfps 3 command in those threads, but I think this /thumbtack command might address that need. Thanks for reading!
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    Hi everyone! First of all, as always, I thoroughly enjoy all of the content you guys are creating! We really enjoy playing through all of them and seeing all the creative stories you guys come up with. Having said that, we've selected some more story arcs for Dev's Choice that we really enjoyed! The author(s) will receive 1,000 Reward Merits and a Golden Title. @GM Arcanumwill be in contact with you shortly regarding your rewards! Please keep in mind if you have previously submitted an arc it is still a potential Dev's contender, we have not yet been able to review them all and are working on an active list. We will continue to update you on selected arcs, so check back often! Please also take this time and review any arcs you have submitted and make sure they are error free, and the best representation they can be. Any previously awarded "Dev's Choice" arcs, will be moved to "Hall of Fame". After testing the current selection, be sure to filter for these to checkout some other great arcs! The Serpent Beyond the Horizon Arc ID: 854 Created by: @Ankylosaur Number of Missions: 5 Level Range: 46-52 Description: "Humphrey Basingwaithe of the Midnight Squad believes the Mercy Island Snakes history begins in Ancient Egypt. Travel back to Cimerora to help him test his theory! (WINNER of American Legion's Contest, Nov 2011!! - BEST OVERALL, AE Storyteam, Feb 2012 - SFMA - Solo with provided allies.)" Dev Review: "An exciting tale of time travel and Egyptians! This adventure has all kinds of interestingly designed unique characters, and an amazing plot. Are you afraid of snakes?" ecf94c5b51f757846e95e4bc2489566b.mp4 CELLFIRE Arc ID: 25000 Created by: @Lex Talion Number of Missions: 5 Level Range: 3 - 9 Description: "Low level Solo/Small Team alternative to DfB/DiB for experienced players ::: Lots of XP and lots of story in a neutral setting ::: Bringing KB protection is HIGHLY recommended ::: Disabling Archvillains is HIGHLY recommended" Dev Review: "Help the police solve a mystery plaguing the city and turning people into deranged drones. Can you solve this mystery?" d62b89dece37e70aba92a3b58e33cb85.mp4 Check out these arcs and let us know what you think! Special thank you to all the GMs and Admins that help us test out each of these arcs! Your time is incredibly appreciated. We want more submissions! Additionally, if you have any arcs to review for Dev's Choice fell free to message them to me directly via Forum Message or Discord. You can also post any recommended arcs for us to review here:
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    I know HC has talked about it like a year ago, but can we get the Great Name Purge soonTM please? For those who don't know what the frick frack I'm talking about, HC proposed a name purge system (misusing the word but fuck it) in which for certain level brackets, you get a set amount of days (usually very gracious) of being logged off before the name was able to be taken. I know on Everlasting at least there are name squatters too. Anything to combat them would be pleasantly welcomed.
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    This is Nusk. She is half orc and half troll, and she is a big girl
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    That reminds me. If triggered at the same time, Teleport Friend can allow two players that possess it to switch places on the map. Perhaps we should test to see if Teleport Target does the same thing.
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    I don't think it is a big secret as to the obvious population decline as of late. I have seen people leaving other servers because their population has decreased to join Excelsior and I have seen videos on youtube speak on this and I have even noticed my own SG who was once one of the biggest SG's on Excelsior dwindled down to almost nothing. I know people who say that the population has not declined and that is fine. That's your opinion, but this opinion is mine. I have a theory based on observation as to why this population decrease is happening. First, allow me to explain to you why I am still here before I go in to why so many players are not still here. I am still here because I play alts like crazy, I level them in all kinds of ways playing all kinds of content. I keep my LFG chat window open and I join pretty much anything that is around my level. If nobody is advertising anything my level, then I start my own teams. I level to 50, then I switch to my farmer and I farm enough cash to pimp out my 50 and then I rinse and repeat with a brand new character, different powers, different AT, different experience. Only on occasion will I break out my level 50 and actually play end game content. In fact, to this very date, I have yet to play all the end game content. There is still (even after playing this game since close to the beginning) a lot of end game content I have not even touched yet. So there is a lot still left in this game to keep me interested. Here is what I do not do that I have seen others do who are no longer playing the game. These are people I have grown close to, so this is very hard to say because I am kind of throwing mud on the people I care about by saying this...however, this is what I have seen with my own two eyes. They get a new character, they go straight to the AE building, they power level to 50 in less than a few hours, then they build to max capacity, then they do the same end game content over and over and over and over and over and over.....you get the idea. A select few had a designated badge whore character, and those few lasted a bit longer than the others, but only for a while longer as they are now gone as well, only to periodically return from time to time and most of the time it is because I call them to action because I need help with something that I only trust my SG to help me with. Meanwhile, I have been steadily creating alts, steadily playing the game instead of power leveling and have yet to touch all of the end game content, I have yet to collect all the badges even on my main character, and have yet to burn 1-50 on a character to avoid playing the low level content. In fact, my badge character who is also my main, only has about 700ish badges. He still has a LONG way to go. I think it is clear to me what type of player is here for the long haul as a regular, and which type of player will ONLY be showing up when end game content is released or when a new power comes out. This IMO is very unhealthy for a game. Now, I know that people who prefer to power level are going to rage at me and most likely will even insult me. I know people's reasoning behind it and how they feel about it as I have been reading the arguments in favor of power leveling over the course of this game's history. However, regardless of how they feel about it, I feel it has taken a clear (at least clear to me) toll on this game's population and IMHO is not good for the Homecoming Team or the health of this game. Now, I know this is going to be controversial because I am picking on Power Leveling...that is a big no no with a lot of people...you just don't pick on power leveling. However, I believe this is having a negative impact on the game and I am not here for you, I am not here to pat you on the back and say that it is okay...I am not here for you, but I am here for the game and the survival of the game. I am here for what is best for the game. I for one do not want to play a City of Heroes version where very few people are left playing. Despite your arguments in favor of power leveling, I feel it has had a negative impact on this game...the original devs knew this and I believe this is why they struggled so hard to prevent it...they knew the negative impact it would have and as a company who was trying to make money, they simply could not risk players getting bored of the game because they had skipped low level content...even if they had already played the low level content. And yes, there has been a sudden population explosion since the announcement of the new update, that was to be expected. However, I don't play this game for the updates and I don't play this game for the occasional but temporary population explosions because of them. They are here now and when they leave, it will be no different. And I know all of the reasons that people leave and come back...that does not help the overall health of the game. Games do not survive based on people coming back ONLY when there is something new to do. Games survive by having a healthy population in between those times. Rage at me for my opinion if you like, threads like these usually see their fair amount of rage. I can take it. However, this is my opinion based on observation and it is something I would like to address before it becomes too late to address it. Edit: All I am really trying to do here is to get people who PL and quit the game out of boredom, to please consider rolling new characters and skipping AE. I think you might find the leveling process through team story driven content a bit nostalgic and getting to know new people can go a long way to hold you over between new content. I AM NOT trying to say that Power Leveling in of itself is a bad thing or that you should not do it or even that there is a right way to play or a wrong way to play. I am saying that people who ONLY power level to 50, then get bored of the game because all they do is run end game content, could be contributing to the sudden lack of population and before you quit, I think you should give the lower levels a chance before running off. And yes, there are several reasons why people leave and not everyone who leaves is because of what I describe above. However, I think there might be more people doing this than most admit because I have seen it a LOT since playing the game again with people I personally know. Sadly, those people are no longer here to say if I am right or if I am wrong, so this is strictly opinion based on personal experience. However, if you get bored and you are somebody who typically skips low level content, just give it a try before you leave. Playing low level content just might be fun for you. And after giving it a try you still feel meh about it...then by all means...do what you have to do. And if you do decide to try it out, chances are we will bump in to one another at some point and you will get to listen to all of my bad jokes. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    +1 from another Canadian who feels morally obligated to create Captain Canuck, a Staff Fighting/Ice Armour scrapper with a hockey stick as a weapon!
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    I really, really want CT to have some sort of +Defense component. Will it make the power interchangeable with Hover and Combat Jumping? Yes, yes it will. Is that why I want it? Yes, yes it is. I want it to be interchangeable with Hover and Combat Jumping so that I can interchange it with Hover and Combat Jumping and have the chance to play with cool new options without (all of) the opportunity cost. The buffs arenโ€™t what make the three demi-travel powers unique; itโ€™s the mechanics. Homogenized buffs will not homogenize the powers.
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    For what it's worth, my own characters do almost all get played regularly after they're completed... and for the support types at least, it's very rarely in "end game" content. I'm more likely to do high level things with my stalkers or brute. The defenders and corruptors spend most of their lives exemp-ed with mid-level teams, since that's the portion of the game where they're actually useful.
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    Sure! Many moons ago, people came complaining that AE farmers were getting more rewards than sloggers; eventually the cacophony grew to convince the devs to curtail AE rewards. Then the complainers came complaining that AE farmers were driving auction prices through the roof, and after repeating that for a few months virtually unopposed, the devs chipped away at inf in AE. This week, @Solarversespeculated that power-leveling may be responsible for players drifting away from the game; they may not have intended that to be a call to nerf AE, but to those whose goal it is to nerf AE, "player drift" is going to become the bleating edge of AE nerf complaints, because most PLing occurs in AE farms. And when the nerfers do take up that call, and people like me are primly shouted down for being "defensive" or "not playing the game the way the devs intended" eventually the devs will be compelled to retask resources that WERE going toward improving the game, and instead focus them on finding some new way to nerf AE farming. And I am just saying, if and when they do, at least one player (me) will no longer be here, because I am absolutely done being whipped around by the whims of serial complainers. It appears that many, many people have yet to figure out that whatever player base you have today? THAT is the player base you have. Some of them slog. Some of them farm. Some of them play the AH. Chipping away at those things that keep people around? Not smart.
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    Lucky 7 Staff Fighting / Super Reflexes Scrapper
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    It is 80% of base damage if the base damage follows the damage formula exactly and the recharge of the power is 20s or less. It's a mouthful haha. It might not be a bad idea to suggest increasing the maximum allowed recharge to 25s or 30s, instead of 20s.
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    Okay. that can be said about anything. If a group of people want to pick their nose and it's keeping them here, then it's helping player retentions. It doesn't indicate why powerleveling would keep someone playing the game. I do not believe power leveling increases the likelihood that someone will continue playing the game. I think someone that comes into City of Heroes for the first time, goes directly to the AE to get power-leveled to 50 is less likely to play the game for the long run than someone that comes in makes a character levels up some levels, thinks it's cool to make another character, plays some more, makes more characters, and jumps back and forth between characters. I also believe players are likely to continue playing longer if they have friends in game that they constantly play with whether or not they are in the same supergroup. I also have the feeling that players that write bio's may me more likely to be continue playing over the long term than those that don't. No statistics to prove this, but I believe that the act of writing a bio shows more personal investment on the part of the player which would make them feel connected to the character(s) and likely to continue playing due to that connection. Based on these factors, someone that is power-leveled from the get go is being power-leveled by strangers. I don't know if the power-levelers keep up with those that they power level or if they are just thrown to the wild to figure out the game by themselves (because basically they haven't learned the game as they were thrown past the actual game and into the Incarnate monstrosity). Also, someone that comes to the game to be powerlevel because they don't' want to bother leveling up is going to be far less invested in the character than someone that came to the game to create a character conception for they joy of playing that character conception. All of this is debatable, and all of this is from my viewpoint versus those of others. I have no game statistics to backup up how powerleveling may decrease player longevity. I do know that you can pick your friends and pick your nose, but you really shouldn't try to pick a friend's nose and I don't think trying to would be good for game retention other than for the people that want their noses picked by other people.
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    Stays around all spenders. TF (crit) > all three spenders light up > use any one of the spenders > all three spenders stay illuminated > use any spender again > highlights go away.
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    A couple more "just ideas". 4. Prevent it benefiting from range bonuses, may allow someone at the apex of their jump to hit a single follow-up attack on someone who's just jaunted straight up. 5. Have it apply -fly for a few seconds. Preventing raptor packing at the top and forcing the expenditure of multiple jaunt charges to stay up in the air. Whether any of this needs to apply to combat teleport, I'm not sure, since it doesn't come packaged with super speed.
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    So far I've run through this arc on a level 50 Tank and a level 30 Tank via Ouro, a level 28 Blaster via contact, a level 50 Blaster via Ouro and a level 50 Controller via Ouro and it's played refreshingly different on each of them. The level 50 Tank laughed the whole way through. The level 30 Tank had a tougher go and had to stop to rest several times, partially due to the number of enemies and partially due to changes with Energy Melee. Overall it was not much more difficult for the level 30 Tank. My level 28 Blaster had a bit of a rough time and several deaths, a handful of which were delivered by the psi-clone ambushes, and then there were a few I could've avoided... like standing in a fire patch and not moving when my 5yo distracted me. For the level 50 Blaster things went a lot smoother, having a few set bonuses and better slotted powers really made a noticeable difference. The way the missions played between the two felt unique to each character, even though they both had the same powersets. The level 50 Controller was the most interesting playthrough for me. I was able to lock down most of the mobs, even the "zoombies" and the entire host of missions felt much easier overall. I got into a real life or death battle though, when the psi-clone ambushes came. Had to make use of all my controls several times to get through that. I was really in doubt as to whether I was going to survive or make a hospital trip, but it all turned out swimmingly in the end. More than that, it made me feel like having a Controller/Dominator along on a team for this would be beneficial, without being necessary. A level appropriate Controller would likely have a tougher time solo without their pet(s) available, so it's a good thing that they'd be handy on a team running this.
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    I quite liked it as a cone myself, and it looked very stylish in the process.
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    I can accept the EMP field not buffing the caster. I can NOT accept it not buffing the MM casters pets. That's ridiculous.
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    Long-time player, first-time poster (in this thread). I'm writing just to document my personal thoughts. 1) I prefer the general 'do these missions to learn the Lore' arcs over the 'enforced Lore' arcs. This means that I'm easily bored by the 'conclude Praetoria' Incarnate content; repeating Incarnate content (and SSA) ultimately feels less like a comic book experience to me than picking up an Ouroborous mission or SF/TF and running with it. 2) I am currently taking the 'slow path' of leveling a Blue-side Controller: No XP boosts and joining TFs/SFs only at certain 'dead zones' of level-progression. No ToT leagues. No AE. Hoo-boy is this painful! I'm a patient person, but I can see how this approach would not be for most people. I'm taking it slow because I'm trying out a couple of new power sets and want to see how it plays across all content without a lvl 50+ kit. By contrast, I'm trying a slightly different combination of power sets used on other ATs but now combined on a different AT for which I've already played several to level 50+. That character is going to earn as much XP as fast as possible because I don't need to do as much exploration of power/slot choices because I've already explored most of them. The differences in this build will mostly be when the build is at a higher level and has made different slotting choices. I wrote (1) because it should reveal that I'm not particularly bothered if a server can't trivially form a League to run Incarnate TFs. I wrote (2) because it should reveal that I like having other people to play with, even if I mostly solo. I don't care if the folks I play with at low levels are exemplared down when I am low level. I prefer to take my lvl 50+characters through low level content, even if I didn't power-level past it.
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    I genuinely get so frustrated by the lack of remorse when it comes to rearranging the dps charts. 1.) Is TW a major problem within the playerbase that it has caused any disrutption? Answer: No. Not even a little bit. "But what about..?" Nope. You're just wrong, sorry. It's just a private server where people come to enjoy a classic game and were promised extremely limited tampering and at the same time any changes to be made were to be buffs and/or additional content. Nerfs make no sense and on a private server simply smell of someone sitting in a "dev" position that wants to change things for the sake of changing them. 2.) Has TW been exploited to do something it shouldn't, therefore requires a change? Answer: Nope. Not that anyone is aware of publicly, and if so privately then that should be talked about and changed, not the entire set revamped to feel even more like sword sets. 3.) Is there genuinely any reason to change this other than preference on #1 dps position? Answer: No. There's literally no competition in this game, there's no outcry for changes like this. Maybe in a private dm conversation with someone close to the people running this server. Outside of that, only people crunching numbers really knew or cared about how good TW is. Which is ironic because the lead developer of CoH Jack Emmet foretold of the days when number crunching became the leading decision maker. The reason Titan Weapons were slow, clunky, and hit like a truck, was because that was the entire premise of the set. You're removing literally all of these things. There were sooooo many more exciting idea's that the time it took change TW could have been used for. Instead we're back to nerfing infinitely? This is upsetting and just overall I guess fits the theme of 2020. I'm disheartened and just sad this is the direction Homecoming seems to be taking.
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    My opinion is different than the OPs. I am happy this game came back, I am happy with the Homecoming volunteers for supporting it, and I am happy with the number of players I interact with. This experience is more than I could've asked for.
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    British Invasion Mind Control / Martial Assault Dominator
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    I tried to make a suggestion to bring him back once...but I think the community grabbed their pitch forks and torches and thumped me over the head for it. I had never realized how much the community hated him until then...and I fought tooth and nail arguing in favor of his return. I still have the bruises and war scars from the forum battles that day, lol. Honestly, if it were not for Statesman, United States would most likely never have existed.
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    Here's one: a button that opens up our screenshots folder ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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    We are legally and morally obligated to support this suggestion: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/17746-staff-fighting-hockey-stick/?tab=comments#comment-196962
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