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    Hello everyone! There's quite a lot to go over today, so let's dive right in. LFM: Web Designer with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Experience We’re currently working on a new website and are on the lookout for some help to make it as awesome as it can be. We’re already hard at work on the new back-end services, so we’re primarily looking for volunteers that have experience writing modern HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create responsive mobile-friendly websites to help design and build the front-end of the website. Check out Cipher's post for the full details if you're interested! Architect Entertainment Holiday Contest Winners The winners for the AE Holiday Contest have been announced! The Christmas Contagion (Arc ID 34661) by @Shocktacular: “A Portal Corp. scientist found a Christmas dimension, and she brought back some amazing eggnog. Turns out it was contaminated with The Christmas Contagion! Now people everywhere are being “Jollified” as the contagion spreads! Can you stop this holiday disease and defeat whoever is behind it?” Secret Christmas S.O.S. (Arc ID 34930) by @aekolm: "It’s Christmas Eve...Eve, you know that day where everyone races to supermart for last minute gifts and the intense anxiety of dealing with the relatives and disgust of raw egg nog merge to create a new emotion even worse than it parts. But as you dwell in agony you notice an S.O.S from near by.“ Check out GM Sparky's post for the full details. New Dev Choice Arcs in Architect Entertainment We’ve recently highlighted two more Dev Choice arcs in Architect Entertainment: Adventures in Wonderland (Arc ID 28330) by @Ankylosaur: “Alice Liddell could use your help at the University library in Croatoa. Wait, was that THE White Rabbit that just ran by? [SFMA]” Release Candidate (Arc ID 31010) by @Takel: "WANTED : Superpowered Individuals to test an advanced new AI matrix for Architect Entertainment. Excitement guaranteed!“ 9108fd0f6dfde8b48f67ab07fd31ac8a.mp4 a36207a396a2273a7d29dc1610f2a935.mp4 Check out GM Sparky's post for the full details, as well as information about submitting your own arcs for consideration. Thank You to Testers! Now that Issue 27 has been live for a few weeks, we wanted to take a moment to thank the testers who helped ensure we had a stable and polished release with their time, feedback and bug reports. So, we'd like to extend a thank you to @Wavicle @AustinSmith @csr @Molubdos @America's Angel @Hopestar @Doomrider @Kanil @GruntledDave @Ratch_ @Tsuko @Keleko @MindOverMatter @Nayreia / Karonax @oedipus_tex @Keen @Lines @zenblack @Tater Todd @Myrmidon @Infinitum @Replacement @ScarySai @macskull @Monos King @Apparition @Vanden @Yuro, and an extra big thank you to @Bopper and @Galaxy Brain for helping to organise the testing efforts! You've all been sent at least one Bug Hunter badge. You can find it in your account mail in-game (the same place where Super Pack items appear). Please be aware that each Bug Hunter badge can only be claimed on one character, so choose wisely 🙂 Participation in the testing process is hugely important for ensuring a solid release, so we really do appreciate the time that everyone has put in. If you're interested in earning a Bug Hunter badge for yourself, be sure to join in with the testing of future patches! Zone PvP Showdown Events (December 13th, 20th, 27th) CR Mochi is hosting a series of Zone PvP events on Indomitable this month! The first event will be taking place tonight at 9pm Eastern in Recluse's Victory. The subsequent events will be taking place at 9pm Eastern on the 20th and 27th of December, and the zones are currently being voted on! Check out CR Mochi's thread for the full details, and to vote on the locations for the 2nd & 3rd events. Monthly Costume Contest: Retro! (December 26th) Come join us on Saturday December 26th at 4pm Eastern (9pm UTC) in Kallisti Wharf on all shards for the final costume contest of the year. This month the theme is Retro! As usual, a myriad of prizes will be up for grabs - check out GM Kaiju' post for the full details. Reminders: Winter Event & Donation Window And before we sign off for today, two quick reminders: The Winter Event will be running until server maintenance on Tuesday the 5th of January The donation window this month will be held a week early, on Saturday the 19th of December, rather than the last Saturday of the month And that's all for today. From all the GMs, developers and other volunteers at Homecoming, we'd like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year! - The Homecoming Team
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    Adventure - Atari 2600 Exodus: Ultima 3 - Commodore64 Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar - PC City of Heroes - PC Portal & Portal2 - PC These have been best games I've ever played. At least, they're the ones that engaged me the most. I've not found anything with the staying power of these. I played CoH from 2003-2005. I wasn't the greatest at it. The highest I ever got was lvl 34. But I loved it. For the past 7 years, I've been coping with severe anxiety and depression. It's been especially difficult this year. To have rediscovered Homecoming a few months ago was a life-saver. Playing CoH again has given me a severely needed coping mechanism. It's just an escape for a few hours here and there. But it gives my mind a much needed break from the constant fear, dread, and guilt. I just wanted to thank the developers and everyone that's put in so much wonderful effort into just the ongoing maintenance of this game. Not to mention the incredible additions and beautiful releases. You may get endless thankless requests for tweaks and changes. I just wanted you to know that what you've built has made it a little easier for one person to get through this shitty, crappy year. Thank you, x 1,000,000 Stephen @mindpyre
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    Make this the last step of your costume creation process. Select the No Head option you want, apply colors as desired. Select any normal head option. Set your aura and choose a color. Change your head back to the headless option. It should retain the modifications you previously made and hold the aura. Even going back to the aura selections at this point will clear your glowing eyes aura. So if you need to, repeat the above steps before finishing.
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    On that note... Watch out, Radioactive Man! The sun is exploding again! Nuclear Fusion Girl cosplaying as Radioactive Man 🤣 Up and at them! Errr I mean Up and Atom!
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    Move over Superman Red Son a new soviet superhero is here. This is so dumb I actually want to play as him. I imagine he's a inv/ss or inv/rad tanker 😛
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    The horny is too powerful.
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    I think it's fine as it is. The only change I'd like apart from the fix to the retrieval bugginess would be an increased stack limit. Every other MMO i've tried I've wanted COX's double blind system.
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    Honestly, haven't done enough research to say how common the Saturnalia tree was (only that it dates back to before there was a Christmas), or if it had a different name when it was part of that holiday, just pointing out that chronologically Christmas Tree wasn't first. And for the record, I find nothing offensive about calling it a Christmas Tree, or not calling it a Christmas Tree, no religion has a monopoly on decorating dying trees. I kinda hope that if they did add a super tacky gold tree there would also be a mission for villains to try and steal it, and either having trouble moving a solid gold tree or being disappointed it's just gold paint.
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    Harold Jorgen had it all. His father was a coal tycoon and he was star quarterback at his posh college prep academy. His girlfriend was the daughter of a Swedish ambassador, and it was arranged that he would have a full ride at Lund University--IF he completed a year-long internship at the coal plant he was intended to take over. That's when the attack happened. An assailant sent by a rival tycoon that Harold's father ruined threw acid in Harold's face, melting his skin and eyes and damaging his lungs. In a desperate attempt to save his son's life, his father authorized the use of forbidden science to stabilize him. Blind and disfigured, Harold is forced to breathe an exotic mix of gasses for his transplanted "lungs." The alien tissue has given him the strange ability to see and psychokinetically manipulate quantum energy, which manifests as radioactive fire. Now, as Hazmat Harold, he's become his father's willing hitman, although he secretly aims to discover what, exactly, they implanted into his body. (Science Dominator Fire Control/Radiation Assault)
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    Hi everyone! First of all, as always, I thoroughly enjoy all of the content you guys are creating! We really enjoy playing through all of them and seeing all the creative stories you guys come up with. Having said that, we've selected some more story arcs for Dev's Choice that we really enjoyed! The author(s) will receive 1,000 Reward Merits and a Golden Title. I will be in contact with you shortly regarding your rewards! Please keep in mind if you have previously submitted an arc it is still a potential Dev's contender, we have not yet been able to review them all and are working on an active list. We will continue to update you on selected arcs, so check back often! Any previously awarded "Dev's Choice" arcs, will be moved to "Hall of Fame". After testing the current selection, be sure to filter for these to checkout some other great arcs! Adventures in Wonderland Arc ID: 28330 Created by: @Ankylosaur Number of Missions: 5 Level Range: 25-54 Description: "Alice Liddell could use your help at the University library in Croatoa. Wait, was that THE White Rabbit that just ran by? [SFMA]” Dev Review: "This was a creative mix of Alice in Wonderland and Croatoan Circle of Thorns lore! We’re all a little mad here down this rabbit hole of zany insanity!” 9108fd0f6dfde8b48f67ab07fd31ac8a.mp4 Release Candidate Arc ID: 31010 Created by: @Takel Number of Missions: 5 Level Range: 1 - 54 Description: "WANTED: Superpowered Individuals to test an advanced new AI matrix for Architect Entertainment. Excitement guaranteed!”. Dev Review: "Step up and help the Archetict Entertainment developers test a new matrix system. Testers are needed, FOR SCIENCE!" a36207a396a2273a7d29dc1610f2a935.mp4 Check out these arcs and let us know what you think! Special thank you to all the GMs that help us test out each of these arcs! Your time is incredibly appreciated. Additionally, if you have any arcs to review for Dev's Choice feel free to message them to @GM Sparky via Forum Message or Discord. You can also post any recommended arcs for us to review here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/17094-ae-dev-choice/ December Holiday Contest Winner First off, thank you for participating in our first ever Holiday AE Contest! You are awesome! The decision was hard, and that is thanks to all the awesome submissions by amazingly creative people. In the end, we decided two arcs deserved to win: The Christmas Contagion Arc ID: 34661 Created by: @Shocktacular Number of Missions: 2 Level Range: 1-54 Description: "A Portal Corp. scientist found a Christmas dimension, and she brought back some amazing eggnog. Turns out it was contaminated with The Christmas Contagion! Now people everywhere are being “Jollified” as the contagion spreads! Can you stop this holiday disease and defeat whoever is behind it?” Dev Review: "An all around fun and “Jollified” time! Lots of fun custom characters, and a highly entertaining plot. I wish all my office parties turned out like this!” Secret Christmas S.O.S. Arc ID: 34930 Created by: @aekolm Number of Missions: 2 Level Range: 45-54 Description: "It’s Christmas Eve...Eve, you know that day where everyone races to supermart for last minute gifts and the intense anxiety of dealing with the relatives and disgust of raw egg nog merge to create a new emotion even worse than it parts. But as you dwell in agony you notice an S.O.S from near by.” Dev Review: "A deal gone sour, like bad egg nog. It’s time to gather your signature allies and get to the bottom of this holiday mystery!” Holiday Honorable Mentions Pandora's Gift Box Arc ID: 35033 Created by: @Aranatta Number of Missions: 3 Level Range: 45-50 Description: "Riots are breaking out all through out Paragon City. This isn't the kind of Cheer the holidays are supposed to bring." Christmas Comes to Oranbega Arc ID: 34471 Created by: @Takel Number of Missions: 3 Level Range: 40-54 Description: "The Circle of Thorns kidnaps Santa Claus in an attempt to bind the Winter Lord, are defeated by an army led by Rudolph, and learn the true meaning of Christmas. (At least one part of that is a lie.)"
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    The problem isn't "running out of names". The problem is names that are locked behind idle accounts. Many of us here had character names we loved back in retail, and when we came to Homecoming, we were dismayed to discover that they had been taken by others. Now all's fair in love and war, and it's one thing if we were unlucky enough to have missed our opportunity by being late to the party. That's fair enough. But it's been almost two years now (April 2019 was over 18 months ago), and most of the initial surge of returning players have come and gone (as evidenced by the number of active players visible on the status page at any given moment). Is it fair that many of those long-gone players get to keep their unused names forever? The proposal here is to simply start enforcing the published name policy (or some variation thereof), to unreserve names that are locked behind idle accounts. The proposal is that active accounts should get priority over idle accounts, where the definition of "idle" is liberally defined as "no logon in over 1 year". Of course, there should be adequate notification to inform idle accounts of any pending actions, using patch notes, launcher text, Discord messages, and e-mail notifications (all accounts have corresponding e-mail addresses). Additionally, players with idle accounts who cannot logon by the chosen deadline date (TBD) should have the option to open a support ticket via forum or e-mail to request an exemption/bypass. In other words: set the policy, announce the policy, enforce the policy. Give all players the opportunity to act/respond by a specified deadline before action is taken. Active accounts would automatically be exempt from the policy, as well as any others who specifically request exemptions. That would leave only those accounts who choose not to act/respond by the deadline subject to effects of the policy. Is that fair enough? (edit) BTW: If it's a matter of manpower, I volunteer to assist. Point me towards where I can sign up to help, if only for this one specific task. I'm an IT guy by profession, having managed Active Directory for over 20 years. I'm intimately familiar with identity management systems, so this kind of thing is right up my alley.
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    Meet Seiro, Were-tiger turned Assistant and Archeologist in training to the hero "Kensou" (My screenshot abilities suck apologies)
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    Synapse-ugh Citadel - ugh Manti- meh Numina - meh DR Q- ARGHHH!!!
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    I can give guesstimates, but they vary with teams, how much you kill, and if you do anything to speed it up. This is for minimal haste (as in not clear all unless you have to) I'd say the 2 Posis are 30-40 min or so. Synapse is 1 hour+ (could be 90 or 120 min if you're slow enough) Yin is 30-40 min. Citadel 1 hour or so Manticore 1 hour or so Katie Hannon 45 min or so Numina 1 hour or so (maybe 90 min, there's a fair bit of travel on purpose in that one) Dr Q 2.5-3 hours of hell Sarah Moore 2 hours maybe Justin Augustine 2ish hours Faathim the Kind 2ish again I suppose. ITF around an hour (much killing is mandatory, so not that different from a kill most, though if you just do what you have to 45 minutes is easy enough) LGTF 1 hour or so MLTF 40 -60 min Khan 30 minutes, maybe 40 if you are slow, but this one is really quick with basically no travel time Apex 30 minutes Tin Mage 30 minutes I'm not as familiar with the redside SFs.
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    I wouldn't mind having more festive Christmas decorations in AP, as well as other zones. I've noticed all buildings in all zones have Halloween jack-o-lanterns in the windows during Halloween, why night have Christmas candles, wreaths, other decorations in the windows during Christmas?
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    I'm listening to your feedback, and will reiterate that these arcs are the exception, not the rule. Your first work is rarely the best work - but I would rather it stood as difficult content than change it right now. More normalized arcs with new mechanics are in the pipeline for the future that aren't as out-of-control as this one. I had a lot of nuances to learn.
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    So i was a HUGE fan of CoH i spent tons of money and time and until now i figured CoH would never comeback, so is this really looking like a comeback? is this really like the old CoH? ofc its not official as ive read.
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    It doesn't matter if you can find names or not, the issue is that compared to live there is a massive amount of character real estate and a large amount of abandonment on a game with no barrier to entry. That means there will be inactive names just sitting there when they are a commodity. Swapping everything to globals is too fundamental a change, so inactivity is something that could be enforced. Besides, this is something that had been brought up by the devs themselves so there is an expectation that it would be done in some manner. Figuring out how it will be done is up for question.
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    What is being accused here? This is just common sense and you can even back it up with the statistics thread in general. There are X number of total accounts, and Y active accounts each day that are a fraction of the total. It stands to reason that a chunk of X are people who logged in for the first few months, then left never to play again once their nostalgia itch was scratched. Those accounts that have been left untouched for over a year could be assumed to be abandoned.
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    It's neither. Siren's Call was rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise as part of Issue 27 in late November, which caused the exploration badge locations to shift accordingly. The Homecoming Wiki has the updated coordinates, and an unofficial (but otherwise excellent) updated in-game map is available in the VidiotMaps update thread.
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    Thank you! I'm really happy to see that my submission went over so well.
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    We're aware. It was considered. EM went through many iterations during testing, and we're very happy with where it ended up.
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    Well, this is an interesting AT choice! I have zero blasters because I'm so bad at squishies but I do have 2 seldom-played corruptors. One is Water Faerie that I had in the fairy-themed week, so instead of repeating her, I might go with my Vulcan bride who is intensely experiencing pon farr right now and frantic to find her mate. Amok Time, psychic/time corruptor.
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    Guess who's got a new Corruptor - Roma Montoya AR/Kin that could use some merits? <-- This guy
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    I got one more manipulation set that I'm gonna be a bit cheeky with. I'm gonna try combining Storm Summoning with Wind Control. Yeah, Wind Control, that Control powerset that never was. Now, I'm only gonna use a few powers from it, and hopefully it could even be used as a launching pad to bring Wind Control fully into the game? I dunno. The powers I'm using will probably be different in effect, such is the way of Manipulation powersets anyway. The idea for this Manipulation set is to take that 'Pressure' mechanic from Wind Control and use it here, and try and make it look somewhat like newer Manipulation powersets in design. Storm Manipulation - Air Push: A new power that functions identically to Ki Push, with the same animation. Knockback and damage improves with Pressure level. - Snowfall: A modified smaller version of Snow Storm, creating an AoE patch instead of being a toggle, so it acts like Caltrops or Glue Arrow - Downdraft: A hold power taken from Wind Control - Pressure Build Up: A standard Build Up power that also applies stacks of Pressure - Thundergust: Another Wind Control power, acting as a good cone debuff power that builds Pressure. - Stormfront: A new toggle power that increases regeneration and recovery, while boosting resistance to cold and energy damage. Covers the body in the Thunderhead aura - Freezing Rain: Taken from Storm Summoning, makes for a nice debuff power with some DoT potential - Microburst: Another Wind Control power that instead consumes Pressure, dealing stun and a heavy debuff. - Lightning Storm: The final power from Storm Summoning. Works nice as a T9 damage power similar to a few other Manipulation powersets I appreciate that using stuff from Wind Control is a bit of a reach, but I think we could probably use assets already in game to help visualise it. I had a few real basic ideas how to do that. I figured I'd just tack it onto this post instead of making another thread. To visualise this set, motions similar to Water blast and Kinetic Melee would work nicely, a lot of waving and swooshing, with some more traditional Control stuff mixed in too. POWER ANIMATION FX Updraft Lift Similar to that of Frozen Armor's activation FX, where the wind coils upwards. Downdraft Air Superiority Same as above, but in reverse. Breathless Dehydrate A smaller version of Heart of Darkness, with a reversed Reaction Time FX on the inside. Windshear Repel A personal version of Shadow Field centered on the player. Thundergust Repulsing Torrent Smaller version of Gale, but with Thunder Clap FX added in too Microburst Thunder Clap Similar to Gale, but delivered from above. Keening Winds Focused Burst uses the Shadow Field FX to create a bubble, filled with dense clouds and dusty particle FX Vacuum Concentrated Strike Uses a Shadow Field FX, but with the Hurricane FX on the feet of the target Vortex Hydro Blast A tiny floating bubble with uses the Shadow Field FX again, with cloudy/dusty particle FX inside the sphere. Naturally, a lot of these powers are also going to have particle FX from Storm Summoning, Cold Domination, maybe even Staff Fighting too. But the primary visuals will be similar to Darkness Control and Storm Summoning since they best fill in for what we need.
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    I've been looking forward to this topic for quite some time, and I think that I'll have a lot to say. So much so that I'm going to put it forth in several posts over the next week by category. Some of it will talk about UI, since apparently I missed the thread where that topic was addressed. Part I: The Bugs This is imperative to me, and I'm surprised that it's not more important to the developers. Given that this is a player-driven market, anything that discourages people from using it is a big no-no, and some of these bugs range from annoying to game-breakers. No one will use an economic system that they have no faith in. On no real evidence, I *suspect* that having a dedicated server just for the AH might help with these bugs, but that's based on the assumption that there isn't currently a dedicated server, and that there was a dedicated server on Live. A. Missing history display. When you pull up an item to bid on in the top half of the AH, sometimes/most times the price history does not display. A work-around, of course, is putting in a dummy bid for a low amount, then when your bid appears in the lower half of the AH, refresh the history and you then get a display. Now you can go back to the top half and make your bid based on this information. I think we can all agree that this work-around is clunky, and those who are unaccustomed to doing it can easily get frustrated. B. History display not updating. I notice this a lot when I move from one character to another -- when I open up the AH it defaults to the last item I was looking at on my previous character, and the prices have not updated since my last character looked at them. It's generally a few minutes, but that can mean a lot with a market like salvage. There are other examples of the price history not updating as well, but this is the most easily documented one for me. I'm not asking for a rolling update, but maybe a refresh button in the bid section would be nice. C. The false history bug. This is the 800-lb gorilla and the one that really bugs most people. This is when an item displays a past history that is completely erroneous, and either only shows a false history or vacillates between a true history and a false history. Miracle proc is probably the most notorious example, but there are numerous other examples. Sometimes the bug is temporary; for some items the bug appears to be permanent. Common wisdom is that the false history is bleed-through from another item, and that may be the case for some items. However, I believe that in some cases the price history is completely unrelated to any other item in the AH. I'm basing this on having searched every item in the AH database to find the item that is bleeding through to Miracles, and I've been unsuccessful. This is not game-breaking, but it can be exploited, and it certainly erodes confidence in the AH system. If I had to pick Yomo's Number One Homecoming Priority(tm), this would have to be it. D. The locked market bug. I've submitted tickets about this and been told it's working as intended. I've posted on the Bug forum and got no dev response. This bug ranges from confusing to extremely exploitative, and is a far bigger deal than the devs seem to realize. I will be happy to discuss this via email or phone with any dev, but I do not want to broadcast the details of this bug here. Coming soon, Part II: The Simple* Fixes *Nothing is simple.
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    Just for the record - not everyone supporting this, is waiting for a certain name to be released.
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    Just on pure principle, I'm not a huge fan of the idea that we're all expected to be playing "City of Marketeers"... But I have no complaints with the auction house itself beyond the usual gripes about display bugs and transaction lag. Bucketing? Brilliant. Being able to pick regular or attuned versions of enhancements from the same stock? Also brilliant. Seeding to prevent Market PvP Shenanigans with certain salvage types? Thank you.
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    The pics look great! Sorry I had to miss out! Look forward to seeing what Rich comes up with for next week's theme. 🙂
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    I prefer to RP superheroes in this game but to each their own.
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    We should also have a Devouring Earth mission where they try to animate the tree in an effort to cause havoc.
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    ... man, I haven't used Rest so much in a long time. Also, look at all the civilians run... and fill up the map. (While it's not "issue 0," I remember bank missions being horrible with this on COV's release.) And yay, level 10!
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    Double Jeopardy Dual Pistols / Martial Combat Blaster
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    Reworked my Beam/Traps guy as a hommage to Mandalorian characters from the SW universe : introducing the Capebuster, an ex-Malta operation engineer, now working as a lone mercenary, catching superpowered heroes for a price, using a modified Sapper rifle, as well as a vast arsenal of specialized gadgets !
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    Following on from my earlier comment, I might have something of a raw ballpark formula that we could work from, taking the following into consideration; Account inactivity Character inactivity Character level Playtime (in hours) Account Inactivity + Character Inactivity = Total Inactivity (Character Level x Playtime) - Character Inactivity = Character Career Total Inactivity - Character Career = Inactivity Value When your Inactivity Value is a positive figure, you are flagged and your name may be taken. So, lets try a few examples; we'll call them 'The Vet', 'The Casual', 'The Absentee' and 'The Squatter' The Vet is a level 50 character, he is online right now on his character, so he is not inactive. His level is 50, and his playtime is 200 hours. Total Inactivity = 0 Character Career = 10,000 Inactivity Value = -10,000 Needless to say The Vet is perfectly fine. Now for The Casual, his level 40 character with 24 hours of playtime was last online 100 days ago, and he was last logged in 14 days ago. Total Inactivity = 114 Character Career = 860 Inactivity Value = -746 The Casual is still active enough to not be flagged Next, The Absentee. he has a level 40 character and 24 hours of playtime just like the Casual, but the character was last logged in 600 days ago, and his account has been inactive for 365 days. Total Inactivity = 965 Character Career = 860 Inactivity Value = 105 Uh oh, the Absentee's Inactivity Value is a little in the positive, he has been flagged. And lastly, the Squatter. He has a level 10 character with 1 hour of playtime. His character was logged in 365 days ago, but his account was active today. Total Inactivity = 365 Character Career = -355 Inactivity Value = 720 Looks like sitting on that name pushed the Squatter into the positive with that double-negative, he's been flagged
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    Thank you @VileTerror for pointing me at this thread! As VileTerror pointed out, there is a lot of overlap with my Ambitions idea from this summer. I would certainly be interested in helping do some outlining and writing! Send me a DM and we'll collaborate!
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    Well done @Midnyte! You’re quick with the pics! Even caught my terrible pun at the end there : ) That was excellent! Crash and I hope to join The Theme Team for further adventures down the line. Happy Holidays! - EB
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    Actually, it's a Saturnalia tree. Or we could not get caught up on un-important details like the pagan roots of the holiday. All that matters is we decorate slowly dying tree corpses /nod.
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    Not everything in the game needs to be an Influence sink.
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    I mean I've seen a lot of idiotic posts on these boards but this one takes the cake. "I would rather others not be able to play this game than have things changed to be more accommodating" has got to be one of the most entitled, self-absorbed attitudes I've ever heard. Besides, I can't think of any instances in this game other than the Sonic VFX/SFX that were changed non-optionally.
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    "I hate when things get changed so others with disabilities can enjoy them." Big yikes there, OP.
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    Here we go. Got to 17 (focused accuracy too!) simultaneous toggles. Ran out of END while trying to take the screenshot. (over on test, no enhancements.) End consumption, 4.99/sec Toggle list: Rad melee Irradiated ground Dark armor Dark Embrace Death Shroud Murky Cloud Obsidian Shield Cloak of Darkness Cloak of Fear Oppressive Gloom Pool and other powers Sprint Combat Jumping Acrobatics Maneuvers Assault Tactics Tough Weave Focused Accuracy Powers I took because I had to (or had nothing else to take) : Contaminated Strike Devastating Blow Atom Smasher Dark Regeneration Super Jump (which probably would have used more END... hmm... just can't run it with CJ.) .... wait. I could run CJ alongside Super Speed to make 18 toggles. Kick Conserve Power Physical Perfection.
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    That's ... frankly shortsighted, selfish, uninformed and rude. Not all people know they're going to be prone to seizures. Not everyone has the same triggers. Not everyone has run into them. Should kids not watch cartoons either? (Look up Pokemon and the surprise it had for... how many kids in Japan was it?) Hell. Just with THIS game, there are examples. Sonic came out, it started triggering migraines in people. It started giving *ME* mild headaches, and I have *never* had, or been diagnosed with, anything like migraines. Still haven't. Friends who had been playing since launch, and played other games for years, had to suddenly stop and deal with their migranes. Their lives would be disrupted, sometimes for better than a day, because of something suddenly introduced into a game they were fine with until that point. When the Sonic graphics were finally revised? In the middle of a bunch of ... I'm not going to say what I think of them ... saying "oh, orange makes me sick" in order to *mock* the people who had migraines getting triggered, was one person who *actually did* have an issue that had gone completely undiagnosed until then, but the issue was triggered by the graphics in the large Sonic bubble. (And yes, you could tell the difference between the people just trying to cause trouble and the person who actually DID have issues with the new graphics.) We started discussing it. Then he'd talked to his girlfriend (or fiance', don't recall) who pointed out he'd also had some sort of episode with the ... opening, I think.. .of the Saw movie. He went to a neurologist and got tested. And yes, certain graphics were triggering issues for *him.* He had no idea, and had been playing games for years without encountering it. Should he have never been playing COH? Or any video game? Should he have started avoiding movies all together on the off chance another would have a similar graphic? Because that's what you're saying in your post. So, no, what you feel "needs" to be said? It's only what's being said, I *hope,* out of *misunderstanding* and *misinformation.* It is not "simple logic" if you haven't been exposed to whatever triggers a condition. People can play video games for *years* and not run across a certain combination, frequency or type of graphic that causes them problems. And, frankly, games developers (and anyone else in visual media) should damn well KNOW by now the sort of things that trigger fits and episodes and AVOID them. It's not new information. As far as cyberpunk? I've watched some playthroughs. And while they don't bother me, yes, there are some graphics that should have been obvious to a five year old that they would have caused problems - and should *never* have gotten past an experienced development team like CDPR. And if I sound a bit pissed off writing this reply? I *am.* Because people I know and love have been hurt in this in the past and had other .... individuals-resembling-specific-orifices *mock* them for it. And I will *not* put up with it from people without very bluntly speaking my mind. Saying - or implying, rather - that they should have no right to have the game changed to *not cause them pain,* that they should just shut up and leave... I'm hoping your post was simply out of misinformation and you "get it" now. Or you sit down and think about it for a bit and then get it. One of them, because I generally enjoy interacting with you. Understand, I'm *seriously angry* at the ideas presented as well as how that was done, and trying to put that across without it turning ... attackish. No, I won't be returning to the thread, because yes, right now the *thought* of re-reading that and remembering how it's affected people - and the attitude shown in the post throws at them and people like them - has me so incredibly *pissed off* that I frankly don't want to revisit it or discuss it further. And my apologies ahead of time to any mods. But this is a *particularly* sore subject with history for me. Did try to watch my phrasing.
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    OK, for enervating field, just a couple end reduction IO's should do. For Lingering Radiation, I usally slot 1 x acc IO + 2 / 3 x Rchg IO's and for Radiation Infection, just two Enzyme Exposure HO's will do the trick at lvl 47 and while lvling, I just use a couple endrdx IO's. These powers are powerful enough to work with just a few slots so I'd use them somewhere else.
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    Fun with Shadow Slip (The warshade PBAOE TP.) Fighting two Zeus titans. They split up. I hit Shadow Slip. "Where'd that other titan go?" Zoom out a little. "Oh..."
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