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    Thanks! I did some cleaning up of old posts. Now that that's out of the way, here's "The Downward-Spiral": downward-spiral1.costume
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    We were small but mighty on our Masked Dr. Quaterfield TF! It was pretty easy, though time consuming. And we got to fight Dr. Salad...one of our more amusing conversations. Look out for the screenshot! We finished in 3 hours 6 minutes 39 seconds. We missed all of you who couldn't join today! Here are some pics! I'm going to have to put the last two screenshots in another post. I guess I need to start editing down to 7-8 pics πŸ˜„
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    Now that I've freed up some space, (thanks again, Glacier Peak), and I've gotten a few ideas, here's another - "The Balefire Boss": Balefire Boss4.costume
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    This is not directed to you, specifically. But this whole thread makes me sad and wonder exactly how much lasting damage was done to the game by letting the base macro exploit remain in the game as long as it was.
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    Nun of the Above Illusion Control / Sonic Resonance Controller Now, since I also have the name The Above, I need to make the avatar of her worship. I'm thinking maybe a Peacebringer...
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    My pics from the Masked Dr. Quaterfield, Saturday, 1/9/21 We made it through all the defeat-all missions with ease, we are thorough! Lots of badges today (I lost track!), a ton of merits, oh, and I dinged 50 on my sentinel! πŸ˜„ Was able to train between missions and got my alpha 84% unlocked. Thank you, @TrixieKixx, for leading us and I think we all did a good job navigating through all the travel!
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    Thanks for the Dr Q! Loads of fun, as always! I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Shadow Shard. (I still want the Chantry interior as a base option.) I'd forgotten that the last mission is the Full Oranbegan. πŸ™‚
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    The last two screenshots!
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    I was thinking something like this...
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    Aye maties! Shiver me timbers! Next up be Pirates of the Skies (Silver Mantis, Levels 20-25...red side) on January 16, 2021. Bring your best pirate name and costume or I'll make ya walk the plank! Roster: @TrixieKixx(on my alt Fia) ~ Salty Sea Wench ~ Empathy / Water Blast Defender @Jaxman100~ Captain Jax ~ Necro / Dark MM (I'm assuming this was Necro and not Nerco?) @Midnyte~ TBD ~ @TygerDarkstorm~ Gryff the Scalawag ~ Water / Storm Corruptor @Bananiac~ The Electric Air Raider ~ Electric / Electric Sentinel
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    Everyone has an opinion on which ATs are the most useless - and some people feel the need to make their opinions known. IMO, the best endgame AT is the one I enjoy playing the most.
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    The proper way to swing a sword is "Edgewyze": edgewyze1.costume
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    She should hang With Sister Blister. Fire/Kin
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    πŸ”΄πŸŸ πŸŸ‘ COLOR THEORY! πŸŸ’πŸ”΅πŸŸ£ For this month's contest, the theme is Color Theory! (or Colour Theory for our friends across the pond!) Design your costume to portray one main color as its theme. Different shades of your color are fine, as are very minor accent colors or unalterable portions of your costume pieces, as long as your costume shouts RED, BLUE, or whatever color you choose! When? January 23rd @9pm UTC 9pm UTC is: 9pm UK time 4pm Eastern time 1pm Pacific time 10pm Central European time Click here to see 9pm UTC in your timezone Where? Statesman Plaza in the center of Kallisti Wharf on all five shards (Torchbearer, Excelsior, Reunion, Indomitable and Everlasting) Heroes can reach Kallisti Wharf via the tram Villains can reach Kallisti Wharf via the Smuggler’s Submarine in Sharkhead Isle and Grandville Prizes? The 4 runner-up costumes on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: Color Theory Costume Contest Runner-Up The Fashion Victim Badge 150 reward merits The best costume on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: Color Theory Costume Contest Finalist The Fashion Victim Badge 300 reward merits The single best overall costume will win: A permanent golden title: Color Theory Costume Contest Winner The Fashion Victim Badge 1000 reward merits Costume manipulation wont be considered legitimate in costume contests. Any costume manipulation will be disqualified. It is an issue that will be fixed and isn't allowed on HC. Also please note that costume contest judging is subjective and everyone's tastes are different. Please be kind to our GM's who volunteer their time to keep these servers running as smooth as possible. If you have any issues, please contact me here or on discord!
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    Yeah my right hand and wrist got numb about halfway through 🀣
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    Was a bunch of fun today, even if my butt got numb sitting for so long. πŸ˜ƒ
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    Captain Jax is Nerco/Dark MM ready take over the skies. With zombies.
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    Tankers: "Are teams useless endgame?"
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    No AT is needed but also no AT is useless. It is more about how you build your powers and slots. I run one build per toon. If that build can solo adequately (which I solo a lot so I ensure that it can) then I can be of use to any team I join. I see no need for multiple builds, even my farm builds can solo most content (possibly a caveat for PvP but I haven't futzed with that yet).
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    No AT is useless in endgame. There are a few specific situations in very specific missions where a Tanker is particularly useful. I think what is closer to reality is, no AT is required in endgame for the most part. Every AT starts to function similarly with the addition of incarnate abilities and IO sets. Every AT can slot IO sets to get very high defenses, and every AT gets massive AoE damage and even mez protection. Tankers aren't special in this, all AT's start to look the same, all roles become muddy when everyone can do everything. Tankers are great fun, and even if every AT can build tough, Tankers are the toughest still. Have fun with your Inv/SS, that's the point after all, right? Don't worry about what someone thinks about the AT, just focus on what you like about it. Tankers are definitely not unwanted in endgame, they do smooth things over, just like other AT's.
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    They aren't a mix. They are based on the type of enemy that you arrest/defeat. If you fight against the groups related to your origin, they will drop enhancements for your origin. Clockwork aren't going to drop magic. (pretty sure they drop tech only. I think Vazh drop science.) Circle of Thorns aren't going to drop tech. They drop only magic. Salvage works the same way.
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    Somebody told me a horror story of dying in Faultline and having to run back from the Skyway hospital!
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    It is not. The seeded price will be reset to 25 Million soon. The individual who was going to do it ended up not having time. So if you haven't already, be sure to purchase them soon!
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    This is just something I've been doing lately that's given me some re-newed enjoyment of this game so I thought I'd share it with the community. I'm building toons up without using any influence or help from my alts (I also never use AE farms). All the items I'm using on my alt are earned by that alt in game, or purchased using influence that alt earned on the AH. I'm also not doing any pure flipping strategies at the AH as these could make it too easy to earn influence as well. By not using 2XP boosts and focus on earning merits (which I use to buy items that sell well on the AH), I'm able to keep my build up to my normal high standards, but just barely. I'm not suggesting they change the game to force you to play this way. Just putting it out there as a suggestion it to some of you vets who might be looking to relive the old challenge of this game. I'm also doing this mostly solo, so I can take the time to read the missions and backstories. It's been fun. I might start doing this with all my new toons.
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    I suggest also buying the base transporter from the p2w vendor. It cost 1m and has a 10 min cooldown. Activating the power will then allow you to enter a base from passcode. I have found that this power is up pretty much any time that I would want to use it.
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    War Mech.costume Mash-up of a bunch of different mech costumes I've made. Tweak the colors to your liking πŸ™‚ (the weapons are just for show :P)
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    A themed group that I started the other night with a couple of friends. The suit went through many changes, but we ultimately settled on this. A little homage now and again is good for the soul.
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    I’m still waiting on confirmation if the winter pack price is 10M permanently
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    So I ditched the Unified Field cape and went for the Celestial flaming rings backpack look... The Above Peacebringer (only level 23... haven't committed to the idea of a single-, dual-, or tri-form build yet)
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    Keep in mind that a lot of teams do the same TFs/radios/content and it's kind of easy. Doing something like fighting +4 Rularuu is quiet challenging. I thought my Dark tank was invincible so I've been playing +4/x8. Then I did a tip mission that involved arachnoids and got crushed by the massive debuffs they literally spit out.
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    When they first introduced the asymmetrical shoulder options they made note that not all costume parts will be immediately available, give it time.
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    I respecced to follow a build I found on the forums and it's a bit less blaster-y now, but I slipped right into the groove and sort of focused a bit more. Now I'm doing a fairly well balanced mix of blast and hold: picking which to do next, which targets needs a hold or soft-control knocking back, which to just blast, etc. It feels like a pretty good mix of capabilities - on a team, I haven't done any soloing yet, not that I usually do much anyway.
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    Here's another I whipped up - "The Clouded Mind's eye": clouded mind's eye1.costume
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    Teleportation_Pocket_D, I would assume. Full list of powers and icons on the website.
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    Don't even need a jetpack. There's another explore in the upper floor of the monkey fight ring. No travel necessary.
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    I'm going to guess it has something to do with being unable to purchase the Pocket D teleporter as it's been removed and replaced with LRT which requires one additional step to unlock Pocket D as a destination. Though, honestly, this person just sounds like they never want to leave Atlas Park if they can't just teleport anywhere from it after running DFB to 16/getting PL'd in AE and buying the appropriate P2W powers. I hate to be this dismissive but I have hard time wrapping my head around the idea that something having one extra, simple step is somehow taking things far enough to be a major inconvenience to them otherwise.
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    You can revoke beast or ninja run at the P2W vendor and then get athletic run for free. You don't have to reroll.
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    Dynamo Shield Energy Melee / Shield Defense Scrapper She also has a combat aura of Electricity (fists) to supplement the glowing pom-poms of energy melee.
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    The event has ended, and a player who was banned continues to circumvent their ban to draw attention to a resolved matter. This post is locked. A gentle reminder to folks that continuing a locked discussion is a Code of Conduct violation and will result in sanctions for additional accounts. Time to move on.
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    Don't... - Expect to be able to spam all attacks and run multiple toggles at low levels - Expect to spam all your attacks and run multiple toggles when slotting is poor - Ignore tactics and faceroll, expecting end not to crash - Spam all your attacks as a defender with any combination of the above and expect end not to tank I'm not saying you are doing these, I'm saying don't, if you are. Do... - be capricious with your toggles and chain levels 2-30, run em when you need, fire em when you need - slot panacea +end, perf shifter +end in health/stamina - read the forums on the AT and powers for great feedback from users of the same - use mids to see end drain and recovery The game has end as part of it's balance. That said, being lvl 50 super at lvl 1-20 is not going to happen. However, there are many ways to be end happy! Spoken from several storm AT experience.
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    No, not the heads. The little muck-men that swarm around them, those are the things that should be replaced with much more thematic tentacles. Thanks to the water they would look like they actually belong, unlike the mission where they originally show up, where they just... crawl about on a regular floor, not attached to anything. Weird.
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    I want to level an Ice/Ice blaster by running content for fun - are there tricks to help me survive? I remember blasters being squishy - do you do anything for defense in low levels? do you just slot offense like crazy and kill them before they kill you? Do you use any IO sets at level 25 or so? I do not want to level by teaming or fire farms - I have done a lot of that and I want to see some of the old stories. Thanks for any advice :)
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    Directly under the wooden chalet building, one of the ramps that surround it leads to a cave door.
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    Classy, classic, nigh immortal...but not "very old", please. Those are immediate turn-off words, and someone might tune out the rest of your accurate message. At least use "gracefully aged" or "aged like fine wine". 😁 It's like Death By Chocolate, soaked in the finest espresso liquor...and wrapped in the highest-quality bacon. Well, actually...it's better.
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    The first thing I would suggest is to make a Dom who doesn't play like a Dom. In other words, less focus on controls. This means looking at a Dom who can fire controls a bit, and then is free to rip face off. It could be Ice because much of its control is from a toggle so that frees you up for attacking, or it could be Plant with its use of a single fast-animating mez. Other sets like Dark and Earth can work if you slot up the AoE Stun for damage, and treat it as a AoE or PBAoE attack opener rather than as a long-term mez. Then, you concentrate on attacks. So get a secondary with fun attacks. Energy, Savage, Martial, and Earth all are interesting to me, though other players may have other preferences. My favorite, and first suggestion, would be Plant/Savage. Seed the lot of them, then jump in and start ripping faces off. Repeat until you meet Rularuu and cry.
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    Ah, so it was an animation exploit lol; This explains the people I had seen who seemed to have /e lookup macro'd to be constantly auto-firing on their character at all times. I just thought they were performing some high-concept nervous system twitch roleplaying idea. πŸ˜…
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    Hello all, First, a quick bit of info - since the game has been back, I had been wanting to do something for the community as a thank you to all the wonderful players I have encountered while running about in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Costume contests are fun, but I wanted to do something more tangible and in a sense, more permanent - something functional and fun. With that, I am happy to announce the Torchbearer Community Base is now open! Here you can find all the features needed - teleport points to all locations, costuming, crafting, leveling and enhancement store contacts, meeting room, bistro and bar/lounge and open area parks and playgrounds when you just want to hang out after a tough day being a hero or villain! This is for all of you, so please enjoy it and help pass the word around. Feel free to use it for getting around the city, hanging out, RPing, crafting or even costume contests! A big thank you to all who have made the return of City of Heroes a truly special experience. Torchbearer Community Base - passcode TORCHCS-5949 You can also create a macro button in your power tray that will teleport you to the base from any location by typing the following into the chat: /macro TBCB enterbasefrompasscode TORCHCS-5949 Please share the code and enjoy! More pics here in the gallery.
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    Savage Melee had a few issues going on with it for a while. I think a power wasn't dealing any damage and MIDS displayed the wrong damage numbers. I've seen far more /Savage Assault players than I ever had once the changes finally hit. Hopefully the trend will continue :D.
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