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    This is gonna sound sappy, I know, but I just wanted again to say a huge thank you to the Homecoming team for making it possible to play our game again. The work the team does to update and build onto the game, at no charge to the players, is deeply appreciated. Here in RL we've been locked down since the second week in November and I honestly believe that without being able to escape to Paragon City I'd be totally insane by now.
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    Played this game religiously back in the day. Loaded the disk a few times since to 'reminisce'... Don't know what prompted me, but today, I googled CoH and to my surprise...the community is alive and kicking. I downloaded the game and now I am destined to grind on it for hours at a clip. Thank you to the team who has brought this highlight of my gaming career back online!
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    Hi everyone! We have some exciting community updates we wanted to share with all of you regarding the following topics. Costume Contests AE Dev's Choice Weekly Discussion Community Helper Applications Game Master Applications If you have no interest in these topics, please continue about your regularly scheduled forum browsing! Costume Contests The Homecoming Costume Contests were designed for us, the Game Masters, to have a fun and exciting way to interact with the community! Continuing to do them every month, we feel has made them a bit mundane. To counteract this, we're going to make an adjustment to how we'll be hosting our official Costume Contests going forward. Costume contests will no longer be held every month. Instead, they will be held four times a year - the dates/themes for which will be announced in advance. The remaining 2021 Costume Contests will be held on the following dates. Saturday, May 15th - 9PM UTC Theme: Anniversary (Any theme or style - bring your best overall) Saturday, July 17th - 9PM UTC Theme: Folklore, Fables, and Fairy Tales Saturday, October 17th - 9PM UTC Theme: Praetorians (Special! 2-player team contest. Come dressed as the primal and praetorian versions of your original character) We will continue to make a separate forum post announcing the Costume Contest and details/examples for that contest at the start of that month. The decision to do Costume Contests this way was made for a few reasons. One reason is this assists our volunteer staff in spreading out their workload - as I'm sure you can imagine, arranging for GMs to cover every shard every month can be a bit challenging due to scheduling conflicts. They often sacrifice time with their families (and are happy to do so), however, we want them to enjoy those weekends as well. In addition (and perhaps primarily) we think they've become a bit too routine. Player attendance has diminished and we wanted to make them special again! Which perfectly segues into my next point. Prizes/changes! MOst importaNtly, be Sure To stick around for thE Results and winners going forward. One never knows what MAy happen at the end of our coStume contests from Here on out. Current Costume Contest Prizes: The 4 runner-up costumes on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: (Theme) Contest Runner-Up The Fashion Victim Badge 150 reward merits 1,000 reward merits 3 Heroes vs. Villains super packs The best costume on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: (Theme) Contest Finalist The Fashion Victim Badge 300 reward merits 5,000 reward merits 5 Heroes vs. Villains super packs The single best overall costume will win: A permanent golden title: (Theme) Contest Winner The Fashion Victim Badge 1,000 reward merits 10,000 reward merits 10 Heroes vs. Villains super packs We look forward to seeing you at our next Costume Contest and we're excited to see what everyone comes up with! AE Dev's Choice, [email protected] and Weekly Discussion (Forum & Discord Editions) Both the AE Dev's Choice and Weekly Discussions will temporarily be suspended to allow our team some extra free time to recharge, give the devs time to catch up on all the feedback, and to re-vamp how we handle the discussions and the AE Choice prizes! We will update you about this again soon. The prizes for [email protected] will temporarily be suspended, but that doesn't mean you can't still help! Join the team and find out more info here. Community Helper Applications We are looking to expand our team by taking on some Community Helpers. This role differs from being a Game Master (see below). A lot of players have reached out asking how they can help - well, here it is! A community helper has no official authority in player disciplinary matters, nor access to in-game powers. They are members from the community that are respected, helpful with the player base, and knowledgeable/involved with certain areas of the game (see below for details). If you are an active player and looking to help the Game Masters, please consider applying! Application: CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR A COMMUNITY HELPER ROLE What we're looking for: Friendly/helpful players Active/knowledgeable with any of the following in-game communities Roleplay PvP Architect Entertainment Base Building Professional demeanor Team oriented Respected member in the game Someone specific come to mind? Send them the application and have them apply! Community Helper Role: Reports to the Game Masters/Lead Game Masters Able to plan and run in-game events for the RP/PvP/AE/Base Building communities Got any ideas/suggestions? We'd love to hear them! Include it in the application. Assist Game Masters in judging Homecoming Costume Contests when needed. Public Persona - As you will not have access to any GM commands, you will be a public facing figure and there will be no separation between your personal game account/Community Helper one. If you're interested, please fill out the application in the link above OR contact any Lead Game Master for any additional questions! Game Master Applications We are also always on the lookout for new Game Masters to join our team. Game Masters, at their core, are player support. Their role is to enforce the Code of Conduct and policies set in place by the Homecoming Team! A Game Master is NOT part of the development team (At present we’re not recruiting additional resources for the development team, but we do hope to open this up later in the year. Please keep an eye on future announcements and we’ll let you know when this changes!). They do not control what is being worked on behind the scenes. If you're the kind of person that is always checking help-chat or the one people turn to for questions, this may be a great role for you! Application: CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR A GAME MASTER ROLE What we're looking for: Friendly/helpful players Players that can speak at least one language on top of being fluent in English (specifically we’re looking for French, Spanish and German) Mac OS and Linux experts Players that are available outside of peak US hours Players with an in-depth knowledge of the game, common problems (and solutions) as well as troubleshooting techniques Knowledge/awareness of the Code of Conduct Professional demeanor Team oriented Loves the game and wants to be more involved Patient and enjoys helping others Active/Time - The team is entirely volunteer based. We are appreciative of anyone willing to help out, but we request you have the available free time to do so and be active in the team! Game Master Role Reports to Lead Game Masters/Homecoming Team Essentially helps to 'run' the game Player Support - We assist players with a variety of tasks. Being able to assist in any of these areas is an asset. Answering support request tickets (stuck missions, stuck NPCs, Code of Conduct Violations, etc) Helping players with game-related technical difficulties Communicates well with players and is able to de-escalate situations Anonymity - We volunteer because we love to play the game and help the community. We request our GMs keep their personal game identities/GM identities separate which allows us to discipline when necessary but still enjoy playing the game. Costume Contest Game Masters run the Homecoming Costume Contest. Part of joining the team is helping to judge/plan these events! If you're interested, please fill out the application in the link above OR contact any Lead Game Master for any additional questions! Thank You Lastly, I just wanted to add a thank you to both our amazing team of Game Masters and Lead Game Masters who relentlessly volunteer their time to keep things running. They frequently give up evenings and weekends to help out the player base and we couldn't do it without them. Also, to you, the players. Homecoming continues to thrive due to everyone who makes this such an amazing game and community to be a part of. Thank you to everyone who helps other players (in-game, discord, forums, etc), to anyone who donates, to those continuing to support [email protected], to those who run MSRs, Incarnates, Hami Raids and all the other weekly contests and events on your shard(s). Thanks for making this the Paragon of the video game community (Hah! See what I did there?). We appreciate you!
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    The chest piece on Blowhole looked like a mouth to me, so I present... Francis. Devourer of Innocence.
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    This is a very difficult question to answer not because it doesn't have an answer but because it's such a huge question. We could write pages and pages on the topic and still feel like it's not a fully satisfying answer. As Naomi mentioned, we're also not a hive mind (FAR from it) and different people have different priorities even if that doesn't always show in the final product. For myself, personally, the core philosophy is "try to continue the game in the spirit of the original Cryptic & Paragon developers as best as we can". I recognize that's a highly subjective statement and doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. So I'd break it down into a few key areas. Game balance wise, trying to keep the game relatively well balanced. That means no "I win" buttons, no AT or power combinations that eclipse everything else. That doesn't mean that there can't be variances so long as they're not extreme - it's not possible or desired for everything to be equal - but well designed characters should still be rewarded by feeling powerful. It means that the meta-game should be interesting and there should be build choices to make with tradeoffs for making them, and that there shouldn't be one answer that's always right. There are also traditions to be maintained, so while things like MOAR RECHARGE almost always being better would seem to violate that philosophy, it's also extremely unlikely that I'd endorse any attempt to change it. A high priority for me at least is to make sure that nobody logs in one day and is dismayed to find their character plays completely differently (principle of least astonishment). That means small incremental changes rather than sweeping remakes of entire systems, and preferring to add new things rather than fix something that isn't broken. When things are broken or systems do need sweeping changes, try to keep them familiar, intuitive, and true to the subjective 'feel' of the game. When we have internal discussions, I often like to play devil's advocate and demand a good reason for doing just about anything. I'm an old school wow player and I always dreaded expansion packs when the talent trees would be remade from scratch and sometimes entire game mechanics and character stats would be changed or removed. While this is a goal, the game does have to move forward and cannot stay frozen forever. The desire is to provide this for the vast majority - I'm painfully aware of cases already when some people feel that what I consider relatively minor changes completely ruin a character - but we sadly can't please everyone all the time. On the technical side, I place a high priority on making sure that the game continues to run on machines that people have been playing it with for years -- that's why we take steps to try to keep it running on old clunkers even though MS has long dropped support for their operating systems. Backwards compatibility is a Big Things for me and I always try to push for maximizing it. At the same time, I want a cleaner, future-proof framework and have been the driving force behind a lot of the modernization project: the 64-bit port, upgrade to using more modern tools (there's a sweet spot where XP cross builds are still possible), refactoring into new cross-platform libraries, and reorganizing the source tree to make it easier to navigate. Those 3 big points - told from the perspective of someone who works mainly on engine code and backend server stuff - probably don't even scratch the surface of what you're asking. What about new powerset design, priorities for costume parts, story content, animation and mission maps? There's a ton of stuff I'd love to write a novel on but it still wouldn't feel finished, and there are other complicating factors as well that will sort themselves out in time. So for now I'm going to just keep doing what I'm doing and hunt for bugs to be fixed, create new toys to give to powers designers (hint: keep an eye on Singularity), and slowly clean up the code base while the content team gets to do the fun stuff.
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    My latest Praetorian character : the soundblasting mutant and Resistance DJ (undercover as a Powers Division representative), Neonwave ! (Sonic/Energy Aura Sentinel)
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    Looking at pics of my favorite Micronauts from when I was a kid led me to make my own. Insectron, BR/Dev blaster
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    I also want to say that I am a pragmatic developer, an idealist, and a realist. These three mentalities often come into conflict, but there was some stuff that I acknowledged and decided to continue with. I know that not everything I did was popular, but the end result was rewarding because: 1) I saw a wider range of players tell me what they thought 2) I saw the range of reactions to things people liked 3) I was able to go back and determine a personal metric for how much is too much Sometimes, you really can't get the thing right until a couple of people really tear you down. And sometimes, you just don't consider all the angles. Flame me if you will, and I'm expressing humility and vulnerability in saying this: I didn't consider that someone's kid would be playing my arc and not catch context clues. (That Mander was Salamander. Nobody throw shade on that topic!) I didn't consider that people would be running this arc partially slotted, unslotted, or poorly spec'ed. I didn't consider that the difficulty would be accepted as so high. I could blame literally all of that on the feedback, but to some degree, I need to know these things. So, this is how I learn. Human beings learn through failure and pain, in my own opinion. I have no scientific facts to justify the claim. And while this was not, according to more than a few people by a bunch's opinions, a failure, the feedback was at times painful. And that was how I learned. Be kind, be gentle. I'm listening. Just because I didn't do the thing, doesn't mean I didn't listen, read, or internalize it for the future. It just didn't suit the moment, the story, or the timeline to make the change.
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    Now for something not so serious. A nice mix of the old and the new, listen to some... Synth-Wave (Kin/Sonic Defender) Running the archetypical synthwave aesthetics colors. Groove on!
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    Introducing the Battle Bee, the insect-themed superspy using an electric power suit, along with his signature "electro-stingers"! (Claws/Elec Scrapper)
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    Had been playing around with different helmet ideas and really liked the look of the Cyborg 1/Samuri Menpo details together. Made a character with them but then decided to run with it a bit further - no decent name for these guys yet, but until such time as I think of one or give up, they're Tiger 3:
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    The Buzzer - Electricity Blast/Sonic Manipulation Blaster
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    Make way for the Iron Horse! I don't enjoy the redside content so much, therefore I made him a Rogue and now he's wreaking havoc in Paragon City.
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    I think if you asked everyone on the team this question, you would get as many different answers. I find it difficult to answer personally, without it being married or grounded in actual context. 'Feasibility' with respect to time constraints plays a huge role in whether something is even considered from the get go, regardless of whether it's a good idea or not. After that, there are all sorts of variables and consequences to consider (which can be completely different depending on your role), which are absent when trying to answer the question in a general sense. Personally, I think City of Heroes is a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. For the original developers, it was their livelihood, part of their professional legacy and for some, their passion. For the players, it's everything from a comic book game, a story telling medium, an escape from day to day reality.. it's so many things. Regardless of what it means to anyone individually, I think the importance of preserving its original intent can't be overstated. What worries me the most is the thought that any of its original magic could be taken away by radical design and story changes. I think I can say with confidence (and it's been said before) that most of the team holds the original developers in high regard. The last thing any of us want to do is to take a sledgehammer to their work (some of the internals being an exception..). That said, it's also not lost on me that Homecoming is just one interpretation of where City of Heroes is going post-shutdown. The game itself is also in the unique position, for better or worse, that the state in which it had last been is out there for anyone to continue with their own interpretation, (which is happening), and in a way a rightfully fitting "ending" of the 'choose your own adventure' aspect of the game's story telling design as a whole. The nature of this being an unpaid, volunteer effort which isn't unique to Homecoming, is that there will always be occasional periods where members of the team are just busy with life. Some of us rely on each other's skill set to accomplish or finish certain tasks, and it can be a balancing act to find the right time to work on or discuss something. Unlike live, it's not very realistic to expect team members to adhere to strict deadlines and other things you might find in a development studio, so while there is a roadmap of where we hope to be going, it's one small step at a time. Occasionally there's a flurry of activity, which can be fun, but also exhausting. What should take a day, or hours or minutes, can occasionally be a week long project. If anyone ever feels left in the dark, the only reason it's done intentionally that I've ever seen is to avoid disappointing anyone if things take a different turn and we can't deliver. To think it's because we don't want to hear anyone's feedback is a mistake, as we are genuinely interested in constructive criticism. The community itself is a major part of the game's legacy, and your trust and patience means a lot to everyone on board. I don't have anything to do with powers, but what I find the most interesting as a player, is being able to make a clear choice with playing a tanker, a blaster, or a jack of all trades. Feeling powerful is certainly key if you're a superhero, but what also makes them just as interesting to me are their weaknesses. Inherent mez protection for every AT isn't something I would be comfortable supporting for that reason, as it takes away an interesting choice for the player.
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    When you are kind of the Monkey King, but your favorite band is some HipHop from this dimension. Wu Tang Kong (SF/Will Brute)
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    My power-armored patriot Valiant - SJ/EA Brute
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    ....should we take this outside? *flexes*
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    Cloud Core, Water/Storm Corruptor
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    Goblin Guard! (he's a hero, promise) Gobby here is able to attract and absorb matter and energy, then recycles it! How environmentally-friendly! ♻️
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    Why can you not apply Malaise to gloves and boots? Still, the effect is so beautiful on chest and legs I don't care! Pearl Wraith
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    Continuing with ingame faction influenced toons. When you were a prize winning athlete and fell into the clutches of the Carnival of Shadows. But then exposure to their powers triggered something unusual inside you, so instead of being mindcontrolled and wearing a locked helmet, you end up as: The Escaped Strongman (PM/Invul Brute)
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    Taxi-bots are old news, make way for train toons!
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    "This time, I'll try something different." Build ends up with CJ, Hasten, Tough/Weave, Maneuvers/Tactics/Assault, Musculature/Ageless. Every single time.
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    Got some brigands for today. First we've got a redesign of my misguided scam artist Soul to Keep (DP/Dark Corr). Soul to Keep's inherent power is extreme beginner's luck. Anything new he excels at, but only temporarily. Thanks to a poor understanding of his powers and a gambling addiction StK gets in over his head and murked by the mob. When a Grim Reaper comes to collect they have a customary "Duel with Death" wager. StK naturally lucks out and wins, killing the Reaper. As per Death's law, StK is now on the hook as Junior Reaper himself. In over his head once more, StK is now scamming and failing upwards on a cosmic corporate ladder. Then I've got a new toon I'm enjoying that's mostly just a punny name. This is Lion's Share (Thugs/Sonic MM). After a military-funded human hybridization project goes belly up, this ex-soldier has started his own pride of disenfranchised mercenaries.
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    (EDIT: tl/dr: A great way to make consistent bank, no matter how often you play a given alt, is to put in a bid for 10x a yellow recipe that doesn't require rare salvage as the last thing you do before logging off. First thing you do when next logging on is collect them and put in bids on your salvage. Play and you should have bought your salvage by the end of your game session. Collect salvage, craft, play some rare roulette, and post your items. Put in a bid for 10x yellow recipe. Repeat ad infinitum.) So, I decided to start a new alt, explore Praetoria, and document a solo path from zero to a billion inf in detail, and not at a breakneck pace. I expect to demonstrate a lot of ways to accumulate inf without spending very much effort and to do it in real time. I think a lot of this will be old news to long-time readers of this forum, but I hope someone finds it useful So welcome Miss Terrigen 1.1, a mutant Poison/Radiation Blast Defender. After running through the tutorial, I ended up on the streets of Nova Praetoria at level 2 with nothing but the wings on my back, 25 information in my pocket, and two large inspirations in my, um, I'm actually not sure where I'm keeping those. So they've got to go: open up /AH and post them each for 5 inf and BAM there's my seed money. Since I heard a rumor on a Reddit board, I decide to look up Ancient Artifacts and see how they are trading. Color me surprised to see that there are over 10mm for offer and zero bids. I'm no evil genius (in this incarnation) but I realize that I'm pretty likely to buy me some common salvage if I'm willing to put some bids in. Since I'm not greedy, let's bid 55 inf a piece for as many as I can carry, then do some work for Praetor Barry White. A few missions later, I'm dinging level 4 and going to the vendor to sell my inventory of ancient artifacts, then refill my bids for more. You can repost them on the AH as well, but I'd rather take the sure money right away from the vendor. Don't forget that when you open the vendor window, you can right click on the stack (I think it was 124 deep at this point) and sell the entire stack at once. So, I've quadrupled my initial stake, and I'm going to keep doing this while I go pick some roses. Soon I ding 5, get a new contact, clean out my inventory again and now I've got low six figures of inf. Let's try out something else that I wrote a guide about a long time ago and see if anyone is selling any cheap SOs. So I set filters on the AH for levels 40 to 54, click the For Sale toggle, and I'm bidding on any accuracy and damage SOs available. Again, since I'm not greedy, I'm bidding at 10k a piece. Let's give people a little love, right? I can sell all for them for about a 5k profit, so we're good. At this point, I'm going to invest a little bit in myself at the P2W vendor or whatever it is called. Spend 10k on Reveal, 5k on a jetpack, get Athletic Run and decide to pick up Inner Inspiration as well. The last is another great way to get seed money -- every 30 minutes you get three medium or large inspirations. The larges are generally good for at least a few thousand inf in the AH. I'm not sure how long I've been playing now, certainly well under an hour. I'm going to log, but before I do I put in bids on three recipes at 10x apiece (I'll reveal names and prices next episode). I've got 340,939 inf left over, and I hate leaving that unused. Remembering that brainstorm ideas trade at 20:1 for a rare salvage, I put in bids for enough to buy one rare salvage worth and hopefully make a small profit. Until next time!
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    I'm still playing the first character I ever created in CoH. A joke character I planned to use to learn the game and then delete. What is it now... 17 years later and he's still my favorite?
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    This has been a fascinating read so far. So a lot AT debates do center around nuance arguments. Defenders vs Corrs... whom has the best value for the investment? Do you value more personal damage in solo or groups? Do you value the base numbers of having a support set as a primary vs secondary? Are the differences of some support sets great enough to matter for a given playstyle? Rinse and repeat that for any AT you want. I know for me personally, I prefer the Tanker post change. However, I don't abuse procs on the AT. So my Tankers do a bit less damage than the Brute version would, but it feels like it contributes more than it once did. This isn't to say the Brute has no role. I think that mindset is a bit of trap depending on how you view roles in a game like this. Then again I tend to feel that roles in this game are just meaningless constructs and holdovers from MMORPG designs that have little weight here. I can understand why they seem so important (roles that is), but in real play it just feels pointless. I say this as a point of strength for CoX and not as a point of fault. It makes me feel like I play anything in this game and contribute in some fashion. I love that. It keeps me playing. It keeps me talking about it here. There are few games that have managed to keep me this invested this long.
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    Aquablade Water Blast / Ninja Training
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    I did. She, her husband @Kalkin and I used to play together. Rose came into this world with a countdown ticking away in her ear. She understood her own mortality in a way very few of us will ever comprehend. A lot of people, if they'd had to live with that, would never have bothered to try to do anything with their lives. A lot of people who don't live with that never try to do anything with their lives, actually. I was one of those people. I wasn't doing anything with my life when I met Rose and Kal. Working, to keep paying rent, so I could keep working. That was my entire existence. Meeting Rose and learning what she lived with, and how she dealt with it... she changed the direction of my life. Rose knew she didn't have forever. She didn't hate the world for that. She didn't give up and lie in bed, waiting for the end. She didn't turn to drugs or alcohol or some other self-destructive solution. She accepted that she had only so long, and decided to use the time she had to be happy. A career. A husband. A family. Friends. Love. An ordinary life. These were the things she wanted, and those were the things she reached out and grasped, held on to and reveled in. And all of that was before I met her and Kal. No-one I've ever known has amazed me more. Rose had more courage, determination and dignity than I thought anyone could have. Just knowing that she could face the kind of adversity she did, achieve everything she did, build the life she had, and still be one of the happiest and most thoughtful people I'd encountered... it affected me more profoundly than I can say. She inspired me to do more, to do better, with my life. Rose was my hero. We tend to use that word a little too frequently, attaching it to people without really meaning it. I mean it in this case. Rose was my hero. My life is infinitely better for having known her, for trying to live up to the example she set for me. I wouldn't have this cabin, the land it's on, the confidence and inner peace I've developed, if it weren't for her. Knowing that she was brave enough to get up off of her ass and do something with the time she had, while I, in my comparatively good health, just sat and waited to die... I was ashamed, and angry at myself, and determined to do better. To be better. To be more like Rose. After her first transplant, we lost contact. Rose and Kal went their way, I went mine. I was actually delighted to see her leave Co*, though, because it meant she was out of that house. It meant she was living, the way she had been before the CF grew really bad. Over the years, I wondered what she'd done, how she and Kal were, and I wanted to let her know what I'd done and what she meant to me. When I found these forums, the first thing I did was look through the reconnection posts to see if she and Kal were around, and when I saw that they were, I was thrilled. I... I intended to play with her and Kal, but I just never got around to it. I thought they'd always be there. I thought she'd always be there. There's a gaping hole inside me right now. I've been crying since I read the announcement. The world feels emptier without her, even though we weren't as close as some of you were with her. I miss her. I wanted to talk to her, to catch up with her, one more time, but I'm not sad because I didn't have a chance for closure. I'm sad because my hero is gone. But I'm looking around, reminding myself of everything I've done since we met, everything I did because she inspired me to do and be more, and I remind myself that Rose... Rose was strong, so I'll be strong, too. And I hope I can do it half as well as she did. @Kalkin, if there's anything I can do, for you or your family...
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    The leader of my primary super team is the the speedster Jetspeed (DB/SR Scrapper). Loooong stories short, he ends up trading his soul to the devil in order to save his team which sends him down the path of being the only hero in my stable that has a resurrection plot. After he dies he becomes conscripted into the Lucifer's infernal legion under the name Hellspeed (DB/Fire Brute). As Hellspeed he's used to defend Lucifer's claim to to the kingdoms of hell from a powerful outsider (see thread pg. 60). Ultimately Hellspeed is twisted into a pawn for Lucifer's challenger and becomes the key to a successful coup. Jet's willpower is eventually strong enough to overpower his warring masters' and he finds an opportunity to absorb the energy of a fallen celestial (see thread pg. 51). He's reborn as Gods' Speed (Back to DB/SR) and he becomes the first line of defense against cosmic and multi-dimensional threats.
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    Had a brief flash of inspiration. Can probably do better, but it works well for what I came up with in a short order. I also wish we had more insect-like options for tails. Some thoraxes or stingers would be great for insect-themed characters. Hunter Mantis, DB/Rad Scrapper. "Those of you who volunteered to be injected with praying mantis DNA, I've got some good news and some bad news. Bad news is we're postponing those tests indefinitely. Good news is we've got a much better test for you: fighting an army of mantis men. Pick up a rifle and follow the yellow line. You'll know when the test starts."
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    I agree, very clever! It also reminded me to share this guy: The Assaultin' Battery!
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    Upgrade ( yet another name thanks to P2) BS/Shield Brute
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    A point of passion for me in my life is diversity and inclusion--I don't feel like anyone should be othered for something they have no control over. As such, I strive to find ways to represent a variety of characters with diverse backgrounds in this game, including persons with disabilities. Maybe this is overshare, but I grew up with a brother with cerebral palsy who passed away. He's my personal IRL hero and taught me so much about empathy, gratitude, positivity, and hard work. My main toon, Helen Killer, is not just a cheeky or irreverent name play--far from it. People with disabilities can (and should) be superheroes and supervillains, too. I love when their superpowers originate because of their disabilities, rather than despite them 🙂 To that end, I keep trying to come up with creative depictions of more characters with disabilities (I know it would require so much work, but a wheelchair option would send me over the moon, as it would mean I could finally make a character honoring my brother. Maybe one day!). Any who, below is my attempt at another disabled character, Dawn Syndrome. Dawn Syndrome (Human Peacebringer) Dawn Sommers was born extra special--specifically, with an additional chromosome 21. Diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome, Dawn has been used to people underestimating her for most of her life. What her doctors and family didn't realize is that her genetic mutation actually also bestowed her with another special gift: the ability to manipulate the sun and the energy of light with heavenly brilliance. As she honed her powers over time, she took to the streets to be a bastion of hope and protection for others with special needs, safeguarding them from bullies and helping them achieve equity in their lives.
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    Blain Kah, elite street sweeper. (Elec/Savage tanker)
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    Glad there is only one, I'd hate to see what a whole "group" of them could do.
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    Commercial or not, what Galaxy is saying is we'll never hear the end of it, which I would say is probably true from past observation and of other gaming communities, despite how many reasonable people there might be who would be understanding. The disappointment can end up feeding negative sentiments over time of broken promises. (There is a very particular studio out there that has absolutely no problem over promising and under delivering because they can afford to, and last I checked, their forums were deleted because it turned into a uselessly toxic cesspool of those who felt betrayed and lied to, vs the white knighting. Granted, they are the epitome of this phenomenon and a bit of a far fetched example, but it does start somewhere and game developers in general I think have wised up.) For me personally, I've been on the receiving and giving end, and I feel guilty more so than annoyed when people bring something up from the past that wasn't even a promise so much as a casual, "Here's what I'm working on" only for it to have been shelved indefinitely. There would also be the need to constantly explain why one thing or another didn't happen. I'm also assuming you're talking about unreleased features or things in the early stages. I feel like its better to confine it to ones self rather than the whole community at large. I actually hit all kinds of walls unexpectedly (currently facing one, actually) and sometimes need to put it on the back burner to clear my head.. if I were to instead give people what they want ahead of time, then I face a heavy burden of the stress of failure if I cant get it done in a reasonable amount of time or get the quality I'm looking for within that time frame. Holiday content is a good example of this. They are things I enjoy tremendously and would love to work on, but last year I knew I had too little time to do Halloween or Winter stuff on schedule so, bases didn't get presents and trees, and all the other things I know people ask for every year. I'm not going to disagree here because I would want to know, too, and while you might feel that way, there's probably someone out there who absolutely has to have that feature above anything else and might consistently bring it up repeatedly, demanding it be given a second look, even if the reasoning was something monumentally unexpected. This person might also be completely non-entitled and just politely passionate (which I've seen), which makes it all the more worse. If you multiply that by everything on everyone's pet project list, we'd probably get completely toasted. These are just my personal views though, but I don't think anyone enjoys keeping people in the dark intentionally, unless it's to genuinely surprise them. For a lot of the original poster's suggestions, like the mastermind pet customization and things, there are legal and technical issues at play that may not seem immediately obvious, but they're there.
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    Been a bit of a dry spell with new characters, but I was inspired tonight to revisit one of my old heroes and see what I could do for a makeover. Max Damage is an Energy Melee / Bio Armour Scrapper, his abilities powered by a fusion of bleeding edge tech & alien DNA. The makeover started with trying a lot of colour combos before I finally convinced myself to go bright and bold. After a couple of large-scale changes, I ended up retaining the majority of his original costume - turns out it was really just the torso that I wasn't happy with. The big breakthrough on this new look was using Ascension chest detail without the radiance effect (which shows off the glowing circles underneath), and the Perplex pattern on the chest/back. I rarely add patterns to bare-chested characters, but in this case I'm very pleased with the way it aligns with the Cybertech Spine and provides some framing for the chest piece and his new, more alien-inspired shoulder armour.
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    So without making any promises, this is where my mind is going. 1) Warriors need an aesthetic tweak to be less... bland. 2) Warriors have a good toolkit but most of that is in highly resisted smash/lethal and so they tend to hit soft and fall hard in the late game, but quite the opposite in the early game. 3) Warriors need gender diversification. 4) If Warriors were to be expanded and staying in theme, I'd be looking at their thematic weaponry, and enchanting. These would result in potential leadership buffs or something more exciting. 5) WITHOUT a civil war, an intrepid member could offshoot as a charismatic leader of relic users. Here's an idea of something that might exist, should it be determined it should: (She's already had the shine removed from her shoulders.) At most, this one I'd see with some runic enchantments on her helm and shoulders.
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    Wisecrack (WM/Ninjitsu), a former (and reluctant) Carnival of Shadows acrobat, now freed from their mystic brainwashing, and fighting crime with his particular style of slapstick... one mallet swing at a time! (Somehow and truthfully NOT inspired by a famous DC Comics anti-villain, more of a love letter to characters like Spiderman and Nightwing, with a dash of Astro City's Jack-In-The-Box)
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    The reason is because the content is good. You will almost certainly solo it. If you don't like to solo then you don't want to do it.
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    Baron Steel - DA/EM Tank Darth Vader inspired but he ended up looking sort of like Vandal.
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    Rolled a scrapper to try out Energy Melee.
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. Playing on Reunion. Bloodbriar - nature's wrath, made manifest (Spines/Fire Brute) /edit: Thanks for the warm welcome, guys ☺️ This toon was the first character I ever made in CoH, originally it was a redside Plant/Plant Dominator on Zukunft, the dedicated german server way back when. I remade him when I moved to Reunion when the game was still live, but neither version ever made it past L22 (Dominators and I don't mix). Three times is the charm, so it was reborn in its current version as my first toon on Homecoming Reunion (farmer/crafter/AH). I went with pretty pale red flames for the /Fire part, coupled with the dripping blood aura it's a decent effect.
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    Dude, you're the one walking in wearing multi-colored spandex. They think you're insane.
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