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    RANGED DAMAGE SET TESTING: Hello Everyone, Following up with what was done in the Scrapper Primary Testing, it is time to take a look at the Blaster Primaries! The above link to the Scrapper post will go into more details, but the premise of these tests are to isolate Ranged Primaries as much as possible to gauge their "realistic" base performance in a given mission environment. This is done through running a course 10 times per primary, and then recording the times to formulate an average Using a standardized Office Map, we can set a course that properly challenges the player with movement with corridors and different vertical spawn points that we see in normal missions. Pylon and Farm metrics are nice, but they do not really reflect normal game play. Broken up into 4 floors, this map contains custom-made ranged enemies that appear at roughly the Red Dot locations shown above. Floors 1-3 have at least 2 guaranteed Boss encounters, and Floor 4 has a guaranteed Elite Boss encounter. Red Lines represent clickable doors with a gentleman's rule to finish the room before moving through the door, and circled areas are where some herding up can be attempted if possible. As some may remember from the Scrapper test, the Warehouse environment was too open and heavily favored herding strategies for completion. That thread will be updated with Office Results soon as well. The ranged enemies in this map present just enough danger to the Blaster to where mitigation from the Primary will play a key role in completion, but they do not present such a threat that they cannot easily be overcome with normal play. The Blasters I used all have a near-identical SO build where I 3 slot all attacks for Damage, then 1 each of Acc/End/Rech except for the Nukes and AoEs which I opted for 3 Dam/Rech thanks to their built in Acc modifiers universally being better than 1 SO, and on normal AoEs I ran 2 rech and 1 Acc thanks to the Sustain ability. I also used /Elec Manip for each test with only Build Up and Force of Thunder being used. FoT would only be used between spawns to not have it's CC come into play, and the time spent using it per run was subtracted from the totals to show the "true" speed. I chose this in particular due to being the most "average" of the Sustains where it's secondary effect could be more easily isolated combined with a normal Build Up. Other sets like /Time could have fit if not for the +Rech on it's BU clone. Health and Stamina were 3 slotted as well as FoT 6 slotted, other powers used were CJ with 1 Def SO, and Hover with 1 Fly SO (Swift also had a fly SO). The ranged enemies and height restrictions on the map did not allow for much cheese if any, and aside from a few angles with cones I kept myself at near ground level. Running at +0/x3 allowed for a variety of mob encounters that often would be spread in such a way to utilize AoEs to their full potential as well as test ST / AoE / Area coverage alike. Like with Scrappers, if I died I restarted the mission and took note of the death in a "Safety" rating. The higher the rating, the more deaths I had. Each death I applied a 20s penalty to the average to give weight to sets with mitigation tools, which will be reflected in a separate column. So, with these rules in place to emulate an "average" mission that tests ST, AoE, and Mitigation of just the primaries at a basic level, lets see what happened: Sorted by AVG: Well, it seems that we have a certain set that is literally melting the competition, and two that appear to have Silencers on. In terms of raw average clear time, Fire is leaps and bounds the fastest with a tremendous lead over the other blast sets, and nearly having a 4x bigger gap from the average compared to the 2nd place Beam Rifle! On the flip side, both Assault Rifle and Sonic Blast are at the bottom with incredibly slow average clear times. Luckily, that is not the only measure. Sorted by SAFETY: Washing away the competition here is Water Blast! With it's combination of self healing, reliable knockdowns, and overall great damage it was one of the few sets to clear the course with 0 defeats at all, alongside Dark and Psy blast who all shared the trait of reliable (AoE) CC and decent secondary effects. Coming in second with 1 defeat was Ice Blast, which while it could reliably freeze a single target in it's tracks it had trouble vs crowds if Blizzard wasn't online, leading to multiple stray hits weaseling in and netting a lucky win for the NPC's. Fire is knocked here with 5 deaths, mostly against the Elite Boss spawn where the lack of mitigation outside of killing before you get killed lead to some unfortunate ends. On the bottom of the list though was Radiation Blast with a whopping 9 defeats! The set deals plenty of damage, but I found out the hard way that speed matters here. Many powers deal damage over time or simply animate slowly which allows hits to come in in ways that even Fire Blast didn't have to worry about due to raw application speed, on top of havign a tiny KB chance on it's cone + the ST stun being on a longish cooldown that lead to poor mitigation vs tougher single targets. Sorted by BEST TIME: Tracking the best time per set shows sort of the upper lvl they can achieve when you're really in the groove. Of note are Energy and Dark Blast attaining very fast clear times compared to where they end up when averaged out! Sorted by WORST TIME: Likewise, sorting by the worst time gives an idea of how well they perform in a less than ideal run. Water being so high here shows how consistent the set performs regardless of the enemy setup. Sorted by STANDARD DEVIATION: Speaking of consistency, the Standard Deviation shows us how much variance there was run-to-run on average per set. The smaller the deviation the better a set could probably just follow it's normal gameplan without needing to worry about as many X factors like spacing or special targeting. Sets that rely on such tactics ended up having much higher deviations as seen here. With these 5 metrics in mind, I was able to rank each primary based on the actual score per category + the gap between it and the next set, and then add up these values by weight. The lower the final score, the higher tiered the set is when looked at it alone: FINAL RESULTS: Its fitting that the only thing to beat Fire is Water IMO! Lets break this down per tier: S TIER: With everything put together, the safety and consistency of Water Blast gives it the edge over Fire's Raw Speed given it's lack of those key traits. Ice rounds out the S-Tier at the lower end simply due to lack of AoE speed while having the some of the best times vs the Boss encounters. Really not much else to add here aside from these three being incredibly solid sets at the base level. A TIER: Beam, Archery, and Energy are all almost tied in the A Tier. Beam and Archery boast some of the fastest recharging nukes and could reliably just delete certain spawns, with beam having a slight ST edge over Archery and vice versa with Archery having a bit better AoE. Energy was a bit slower given Nova recharges a bit slower, but there is a reason we call Nukes Nova's. When it was up and available, it would delete an entire spawn no questions asked and fling bosses about for safety, and the rest of the powers are all very solid versions of your standard blasts that lead to an overall good performance. I'd say the sets in these tiers were held back by not having as 100% reliable mitigation as sets in the S tier with either 100% knockdowns / slows that lead to a few defeats each, impacting Beam Rifle specifically. Nor did they have the raw... literal Fire power like Fire does nor the likes of Blizzard/Geyser to edge out just a bit quicker clear times in the case of Energy and Archery. B TIER: Next up we have Dual Pistols, Rad, and Dark Blast. These three all had separate issues holding them back, but lets start with Rad as we touched on it for the safety portion: it has none. The combination of slow animations, slow application of damage, and hard to apply/stack Mez effects (by itself) lead to it tanking hard in the safety adjustment + middling scores elsewhere brought it down compared to the high tiers. If you pair it with a very defensive secondary or team support it can shine, but isolated it felt very rough. On the flip side, Dark Blast was able to breeze through each spawn without a care. Guaranteed KB in a cone, solid ST damage, a great ST hold, a Self Heal, a nuke that soft-caps you vs anything left alive + all attacks stacking -ToHit made it probably the safest set in general, though it did pay for that safety when it comes to AoE performance. Having different shaped cones that deal damage in different amounts/ways lead to very inconsistent times based on the spawn set up room to room, leading to sub-average scores except for Best Time and Safety. The best way I could describe Dual Pistols at a base/isolated level is Anemic. Swapping mainly between Normal and Incendiary ammo depending on whether I needed safety or damage, I was able to clench an incredibly consistent performance, but it was consistently on the slow side. Despite the animations having been sped up, the application of damage is still slow and the mitigation is not super consistent. Add to that different ranged cones / PBAoE that requires >4s commitment where missing a key target leaves you open + slower animating ST attacks and well... you get a B-Tier. Luckily you can proc the hell out of the set! C TIER: ELEC BLAST The last few sets stand out in their own divisions, so I'll just talk about them as-is. Elec Blast was actually very very safe in practice even by itself as it's great TAoE Ball Lightning + SC would actually do solid work vs mobs of minions + Sparky taking care of stragglers, and the fact that thunderous Blast can be initiated safely + completely drain living targets into submission. In general, if you could survive the alpha you won teh fight vs Bosses and the Elite Boss with elec blast, with the Voltaic Sentinel contributing quite a lot of ST dps at a glance! Unfortunately, the issues add up when you consider the cast times of some key powers (Voltaic Sentinel, Short Circuit, Thunderous Blast) on top of End Drain really only working on bosses about halfway through the fight if not more if you happen to miss thanks to RNG lead to slower times and a bit of inconsistency. D TIER: PSY BLAST A surprisingly fun set, Psy Blast I could compare directly to Dark in many ways except for AoE.... which it struggles with. With only Psy Tornado and the Nuke to clear mobs with, I had to cycle ST attacks around frantically in between to clear areas. Luckily most of those ST attacks come with hefty -Rech which pairs well with Sustain, as well as a slew of soft/hard control to make it a very safe set of runs. This also made it weirdly faster the more boss spawns there were in the mission as I could tear through them faster than a packed area full on minions/LT's most of the time. If one of the powers were say, a sort of Cone or if Psy Nado was made to animate much faster it would easily bump up in the placings. E TIER: ASSAULT RIFLE I have a thread on this in the suggestions forum, but the short and sweet of it is Animation Times, different cone sizes, lack of aim and Ignite being weird. Full Auto takes 4s to animate and deals significantly less damage than similar "previously crashless" nukes, Flamethrower takes 7 seconds to apply its full damage after a 2.33s animation! Sniper Rifle animates slower than other fast snipes. To put the cherry on top, the Aim replacement found in Ignite not only takes a bit to animate but you need a method of keeping a foe in the patch which is actively fought by your other powers potentially knocking the guy out of the patch which is just silly. It was an actual slog for me to run AR through these tests with only /Build Up helping out from the secondary. F TIER: SONIC ATTACK It's not over till the... slowest set sings I guess. This set has major issues with animation times averaging around 2s a click outside the T1 attack. Sure, you can sleep groups very reliably but then taking them down is a snore-fest with only 3 ST attacks with the T3 animating slowly, and your other AoE's waking them up anyways. At least the Nuke applies damage dang near instantly compared to all other nukes (I think Psy may have done this as well) which was nice, but everything else just feels incredibly lackluster. Bosses, especially the Elite Boss, in general were a slog to get through with the poor ST output and needing to toss in Shockwave for safety every so often. I guess it is a bit of a philosophical debate though, given the secondary effect is a direct force multiplier... should it remain the worst performer in a vacuum? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are my thoughts and observations on the Blast primaries so far. Take it with a grain of salt though as these runs were designed to highlight just the primary with a little help from Build Up that could emulate the effects of secondary attacks / other effects if we eyeball this compared to Defs/Corrs as well. In the future I'll add in procs and the like to see how certain sets (Dual Pistols) may change radically. Thank you, @Galaxy Brain
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    Of *course* you didn't see another fire armor stalker. They have *hide.* 🙂
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    If you are currently, or have been in the past, afflicted with Male Face 1, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Attorney Chris Jenkins. Consultation is free.
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    still WIP for sure, but i think i'm getting somewhere 😄 i found the vanguard logo which i actually like a lot, i think it works. i like the insect wings and fairy wings so i'll probably swap often ha. not sure on colors maybe they'll just change with each outfit, chalk it up to magic lol. the insect wings can be made to look iridescent with the right purple/blue combo but that doesn't really work with the fairy wings. also some costumes for UV because i saw the pic in my photos and don't think i ever posted it here, her costume is probably my favorite i've done though.
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    Ok, so I am flying around torchbearer today on my level 15 dark/dark defender. I'm purposely not using double xp, and P2W vendor powers, no AE etc etc. Her bio pretty much says no farms, etc, and leveling the old skool way. So queue random message from another player. "Want to team up?" - other player "Sure. What are you working on?" - Me "Oh. something a level 15 could help with." - other player "Oh ok. I'm doing Twinshot's second arc."-Me "I was thinking something more like flashback in oro."-other player "Ok. Lets try some missions." - Me Ok, so after the other player came and let me get into oro, since I didnt have the badge yet, he starts dropping Defender ATOs into my inventory. "Um ok. Wasnt expecting that. Whats up?" -Me "Oh just thought you could use them. The bonuses are pretty great." -other player Ok...so he gives me a full set of 6 Defender's Bastion ATO's, and a few unslotters because I explained I didnt have any power that had six slots avaialable yet. At most my powers have 2-3 slots each. "Just slot them where you can now, and then unslot them when you need to" - other player. So anyhoo, I was pretty speechless. But this type of thing was pretty common in the old days from my experience. and I was glad to see that cooperative and generous spirit alive and well on Homecoming.
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    Simply put, the decisions about what gets tested where and when are entirely dictated by the needs of the development team. Some of Page 6 (mainly the balance stuff) is being tested on Resurgence (aka Closed Beta), primarily because the last time early experimental powers changes were tested on our public test server there was a large amount of upset when changes got scrapped or altered (which is par for the course when it comes to live game balance), and this severely reduced the efficacy of the testing process. I refer to this as 'internal testing' because this (unfinished stuff that's nowhere near ready for prime time) would traditionally be tested internally if we actually had, y'know, a paid QA team - but obviously we don't, so this is the next best thing. Many Homecoming players who have provided constructive feedback during the last few rounds of powers testing are also taking part in this test. Once we're more confident in the changes then they'll hit the public beta server for more rigorous testing. This is the kind of crazy conspiracy theorizing I'm used to seeing from other CoH communities, not this one 🙂 Players on that server donate to keep it running because they want to play there, and they've been doing that for far longer than Page 6 has been in testing for. I'm sure they'll continue to do so once Page 6 is on the public test server.
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    Some of those types have already come, and gone in the past year. We hope everyone who signs up to play, does so because they either already love the game, or heard great things about it from someone who does, and genuinely wants to give it a try. Occasionally, there are those who just want to disrupt, troll, and attempt to take the fun out of it for as many as they can. For those situations, your GM staff is on the job! Our intent is to keep your gaming experience here as free of that kind of distraction as possible. So, in the event of any large influx of new players at some point in the future, we will do our best to make it a good thing for everyone.
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    You'll do well. Welcome to the forum.
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    Everyday when I login, I’m just so thankful to be able to play this game. When it shut down, it was like there was something missing for me, and never did get replaced. It’s just such a joy to be able to play CoH again. On Live, the monthly subscription was a bill I had to pay, but on Homecoming - donating to keep the servers up feels like a blessing.
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    @Mashugana @Techwright thank you guys! made some more lol. just realized i forgot cyclops' yellow briefs 😞 ah welllll
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    Bopper's CoH Tools and Formulas Over the past year I have written numerous guides and I have read numerous guides. And from those guides I developed tools that I use to do calculations fairly quickly. One of my tools I shared previously (The Survivability Tool), but I decided to share the rest of them in a single Google Sheets document. So, over the past month I ported them into a Google Spreadsheet and I think it’s cleaned up enough to share with the community. Most of these tools are from guides I posted, but a handful of them are tools created from information learned by others. Links to these guides will be embedded below. The contents of the Bopper's CoH Tools and Formulas spreadsheets include: Proc Probability Calculator Recharge Calculator Pylon DPS/Time Calculator Assault Hybrid Comparator Cancel-On-Miss DoT Calculator Resistance/Debuff Calculator Survivability Tool Design Formulas HP/Regeneration Proc Cheat Sheet
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    Dinging level 47 and being nearly immediately inundated with tells along the lines of, “Hey, would you mind going to PI and bridge for us?”
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    Here are some costumes I'm pretty proud of that I've made recently. Arch Mortis: Demons/Time MM Blademancer: Katana/Invuln Scrapper Gradivus: SS/WP Brute Swift Echo: MA/Ninjutsu Scrapper
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    You kids these days don't know how good you've got it. Back in the days of the 2001 pre-beta boards we didn't have a "game" to "play". We imagined everything and we were happy. Worst thing ever to happen to CoH was it existing. What I wouldn't do for the glory days of vaporware. You can't get bored and run out of content if you have to make it all up in your head. And grinding? Don't talk to me about grinding. Jack Emmert revealing beta invites would be based on forum activity? I had to post 10 times a day for six months, uphill both ways, in the snow. I earned my spot. I didn't "powerlevel" my way into the 2004 public beta like these 2004 pre-order n00bs. Game needs rebuilding, exactly the same, from the ground up. It's the only way we can give people the authentic CoH experience.
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    when the Green Line and Yellow lines where separate so you had to fly across Steel Canyon to change lines?
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    *shrug* THere's nothing unplayable. If you want to play it, play it. You're not forced to take an XP booster. You're not forced to do alignment changes via Null instead of running the missions. As far as grinding specific content for costume pieces instead of having them at creation, or for Incarnate salvage, that being gone is a *huge* improvement. Play what you want, how you want. You don't "lose" if someone else fire-farms on 2xp to 50 in an hour or whatever. You don't "win" by taking 500 hours to do the same journey. You *win* by having the game available to play the way you want. The game gives you *choice,* not grind. This is not a bad thing.
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    No content in CoH is obsolete. It's all there for you to play. Every TF auto exemplars you. Every story arc is in Ouroboros. I often go back and replay old story arcs, especially the Striga ones, just for the nostalgia. You shouldn't need to be rewarded to play the content. If you need a carrot on a stick to enjoy it or to be enticed to play it, are you actually enjoying it? I think that says more about you having some sort of screwed up motivational driving factors. In sum, /jranger
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    Glad you got your power back! But 3 days is nothing, I once went the better part of a decade!
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    "So many"? I wish there were *more*. Every AT should have Fire, Ice, Electric, Dark, Plant, Earth, Energy, and natural/weapon-based APPs (and I'm sure I forgot some), so you can complement any theme. And that's before taking PPPs into account.
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    A few things here. You are forgetting to factor in accuracy modifiers for rank and level. Unless you're only fighting same-level minions, then you're right to assume they have a 5% probability to hit you. Otherwise, it will be higher. The correct analysis to do is figure out what is the average number of attacks per second you are facing, factor in the amount and duration of a defense debuff, then evaluate the probability of being hit enough times within that duration to eventually cause the probability of hitting you to increase (when defense becomes less than 45%). At that point, you need to determine if you will proceed to hit cascading failure or if you will simply live on the edge of that 45% defense (it's possible debuffs end right before you get hit with another that would cause you to fail). Luckily, we don't HAVE to do all that math. I built a program last year (ok, a script technically) that will take your starting defense, your DDR, the average number of attacks per second you face, the amount of defense debuff in the attack, the duration of the debuff, and I run over a thousand simulations in seconds to plot out the performance, drawing a pretty red line that shows your average performance over time. For example, let's assume you are facing a +3 mob of LTs (instead of averaging out minions and bosses, i'll just use the LT accuracy modifier of 15%). Let's assume the incoming attacks are 2 per second and the debuff amount is 5% and the duration of a debuff is 10s. What would your performance look like if you have 59% defense and no DDR and the enemy has base 50% To-Hit? Good news, in this scenario, you can go "on average" 37 seconds before your defense dips below 45%. That is very good, it means you will likely have moved on from those enemies before that point would occur. However, it's not all roses. Those black lines you see on the graph are actual results from simulations and you can see you will on occasion reach cascading failure very quickly if you get unlucky with RNG. For what it's worth, same scenario for 45% with 50% DDR. Here, very interesting results. On one hand, it goes into sub 45% defense immediately (no surprise there) but on average the cascading failure doesn't happen. It actually levels off around 30% defense. Sure, it can proceed to cascade failures too by evidence of the simulations that dropped to 10% and below, but over the long run it did hold up somewhat ok. Hope that helps. Don't take the two plots as definitive evidence, it is merely a data point for a single set of parameters and is not all-encompassing of what you have in game.
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    ...and this. I am truly sorry.
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    People who cannot spell the word Rouge correctly when referencing a thief-like/scoundrel character. I could care less about you're makeup, irregardless of how it may appear.
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    We're meant to be nerfing Regen, not buffing it.
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    I love this game. I loved it back in the days, I love it now. But what I never enjoyed was toying with Builds. So I want to say thank you to all of you who creates builds and publish them. Thanks to your efforts, I can focus on the parts of the game I enjoy most.
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    Cool. Been here since beta, but go on with the condescension. Reflects really well on you as a person. There's a reason the grind is gone. Its because the "real OGs" all grew up and are old farts now with lives to attend to and don't want or care about the old grind. Why would anyone backtrack on a completely intentional change for the better? Look at the other servers with more grinding and tell me how great their pop numbers are with their "OG" feel. You are wrong. Also Suggestions forum is ^that way^. EDIT: The funniest part is saying "that's how the game will die". HC has been running for 18 months now, with the current level of "minimal grind" and still hits its donation goals every month in an hour or less. Numbers are steady. Where's this predicted death? Also, this isn't an actual MMO. It's a zombie unofficial game run by fans.
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    Not everyone "plays to the meta"... There are quite a few City players who go for theme or personal preference over strict build advantage.
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    The only people talking about their tactics in the mission are the people that, like you, are missing the point. The issue is that if you die, you can get caught in a completely unfair death loop. The issue is not that it’s possible to die in the first place.
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    Chumbawumba starts playing. Please don't do this.
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    @Bentley Berkeley Let's say I am a bad player and I die. How do I exit this mission to reset to a lower difficulty? In other news, how do I learn from my mistakes and git gud if I cannot respawn without instantly dying again before I'm even allowed to finish an attack animation?
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    It doesn't. What matters is that I happened to die and then essentially get locked in place forever in the mish and that blows.
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    The 7 Lost Bosses at the end of that arc are also references to Wacky Races drivers, Slag of Skyway - The Slag Brothers Gruesome of Galaxy - The Gruesome Twosome Blast of Hollows - Sergeant Blast Ruffcut of Perez - Rufus Ruffcut Ant of Atlas - The Ant Hill Mob Blubber of Steel - Blubber Bear Dastard of Fault - Dick Dastardly And of course, Penelope Yin - Penelope Pitstop
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    I should mention, for a broader frame of reference, I've been working on something since October. OCTOBER. I started with just costumes and textures... and now... my god... the things I've seen. Basically I self-taught and deductively reasoned how about 30 different systems work. (Powers, FX, Maps, Behaviors, Sequencers, Villain Groups, Costumes, Textures, Shaders, Geometry, Scripting... to name a few) I didn't want to annoy any of the other devs with rocket powered question diarrhea so I kept studying what does work and how it works until I could manipulate it myself. I don't believe I can say anymore without @Jimmyslapping me for talking too much.
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    I think this was a communication error on my part. Fixing the Patrol XP bug helped with income inequality, as that bug primarily took effect in level 49 farms, so that did specifically hurt the value of farming. The double inf change wasn’t targeted at farming specifically, but I suppose it felt like it hurt farming the most due to the effect of the inf change and the bug fix combined. Looking back, it may have been better for us to fix the bug and then make the inf change later, so each step was clearer - but hindsight is 20/20.
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    At 71 pages, this bears repeating, for new posters and old alike... Economics is not a thing or a happening, it is merely a set of observations describing human behavior. Most people misinterpret this, due to the nature of the brain attempting to codify and anthropomorphise. Economics functions the way it does, largely immutably, because Humans function the way we do. Because of this, the outcomes are the same in any setting. Inflation is a word we use to describe the rapid increase of units of currency to an economy, causing rapid devaluation of each individual unit of said currency. This is undesirable, as only the few individuals who can generate large amounts of currency will be positioned to buy goods, due to all goods raising in price. Why do goods rise in price? A good finds a natural selling point between what a seller is willing to accept and what a buyer is willing to pay, simplistically. This is described as equilibrium. As more buyers are willing to pay higher prices, prices steadily rise, reaching a new equilibrium. This is not a proactive behavior, it is simply a passive function of the interaction between humans. Humans make decisions daily, about all manner of things. Assuming a human is largely altruistic in a positive sense, that human will routinely make decisions in a largely (albeit benign) self preserving fashion. This is perfectly natural and inbred, for if it was not, extinction would occur. As we observe a human making these decisions, it becomes clear that resources are finite, but needs and wants are infinite. This human will have to make choices on what to use the limited available currency for. This is decision making on the margin. Food is required. Shelter is necessary. Are there other immediate needs that drive self sustenance and preservation? As each need is met it consumes resources, in this case, currency. As the currency depletes, less discretionary currency is available and each new decision on what to use the remaining currency becomes more important than the last. The human will weigh carefully the benefit of the acquisition versus the loss in currency. Eventually, reaching the last of the currency, decisions will be heavily debated and agonized over. Again, human nature. Now we see how an increase in wealth can alter human behavior. As currency held increases, more of it is discretionary and easily spent. Increase the amount of currency a human holds so rapidly and to such a height that all perspective and sense of value is lost? What results is an individual that will use that currency without restraint on anything and in vastly inflated amounts. That's the crux, when an individual can generate currency so quickly and continuously from nothing, it changes behavior for the worse. That human will buy anything, any time for much higher amounts than would naturally occur. What results is the natural reaction of a seller attempting to sell goods at that higher price, normally, causing an overall increase in price for all buyers. Finally, there is a very real distinction between acquisition of wealth and generation of currency. Generation of currency devalues all units of currency through inflation, whereas redistribution of a finite supply of currency does not. This is where it becomes clear that redistribution of currency through marketing will create a few participants with larger discretionary income, but each unit of currency will hold the same value and there are not enough of these individuals to shift the demand curve for everyone, resulting in a new, higher equilibrium price. Why? Because all participants must have more currency to pay continually increasing prices and they cannot, as currency in this example remains largely the same, as inflation is curbed. However, generation of income through farming causes devaluation of currency (inflation), and eventually drives prices up for everyone if not balanced by removal of currency (deflation). Why? Because more currency is being added to the total economy and each participant now can pay more, on average. Paired with the farmer who can obscenely pay absurd amounts at will, the average participant is now capable of paying SLIGHTLY more, and the race to higher prices ensues. Here, casual players and new players are at the greatest disadvantage and suffer the most. Marketing cannot result in the extreme market distortions described, as currency increase is balanced against decrease and only a certain amount can be shifted. Conversely, unrestrained generation of currency will result in a rapid distortion of the market with dire consequences, which is why the exploit and function were removed. This resulted in a balancing in the economy regarding addition and removal of currency. Make no mistake, it was wildly unbalanced before the removal and inflation would have accelerated unchecked to the levels seen on live. Like it or not, these are facts and the change was necessary.
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    Adventure Time, Beam/time Blaster. he'll regale you with tales of derring-do!
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    Yep. This isn't an Ubisoft marketing ‘beta’. It’s highly unfinished work that needs serious testing. However, public testing is also really important, and it's vital that everyone engages in the testing process when patches hit the public beta server - and I'll explain why! If we went straight to public testing then there would be a wave of interest (and testing) immediately - which may seem useful - but in actual fact it would be mostly wasted as everyone would be encountering the really obvious showstopping issues. All of the smaller, harder-to-find (but still important) issues would be eclipsed by the obvious ones. Finding those smaller issues generally requires a much larger amount of time (and therefore players), which is why we don't want to waste that large wave testing wave on the obvious problems. Splitting the testing phases up allows us to 'save' that large testing wave to be used when it'll be the most effective. This isn't a marketing exercise designed to generate interest or engagement - and as cynical as it may seem, it's not about making testers happy. It's about helping the development team produce the best work possible for the live servers. I know it's been said a lot, but it bears repeating: This is a volunteer operation. We're professionals operating in a decidedly unprofessional environment with zero resources and zero in-house testers, so this is about as atypical as it gets - and therefore not something you can compare to most other testing experiences you may have had. With that in mind, we're quite happy with how it's worked so far. To date only been two serious issues that have slipped through the testing net: Brute taunt auras not working in farms - this was on Homecoming's test server for months, but the players it affected didn't engage in testing, so the issue wasn't found A really bad mapserver crashed caused by character transfers - Resurgence has only one shard, and our Beta server also only had one shard at the time, so it simply wasn't possible for this to be found #1 tells us how important it is that players engage in testing every step of the way, and how important it is for us to focus public testing at the time it will do the most good. #2 tells us we should have two beta shards set up so we can test character transfers (which we now do 🙂).
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    I told this story in another thread, but it's worth repeating anyways because it made my day for sure. I write bios for all of my characters. All of them. Every single character I have has a biography, whether it's short, comedic, dramatic, serious, whatever. It's something I find fun, regardless of whether people read them or not. Anyway, one day I saw an impromptu costume contest going on, and I'm playing on my fresh, new level 20-ish Blaster, so I decide to go stand in line and hope for the best. I didn't win the contest, but during the contest, a player came right up to me, sent a trade invite, and just gave me like 5 million INF right there, sending a PM saying something like "I hardly see people write bios anymore, and I want to encourage the practice. :D" Sure, 5 million isn't a lot, but it was still really nice, and this guy was just a participant in the contest, not a judge or the one running it. Since then, I've made it my mission to pay it forward. If I see a cool bio that I like, that person gets some INF from me, free of charge. 😄
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    Reminds me of an experience that I had, I was on a PUG doing old Posi. We had several team wipes in a sewer mission with Vahz in Steel. I wasn't the team leader, but after many wipes, I kind of "lectured" everyone about slowing down, pulling only as many Vahz as we could handle and not getting in over our heads. I proceed to explain that we couldn't just run in to every group and start fighting we had to go slower if we wanted to finish. So, after a long 5 minute lecture, I go to type "Ready?" and forgot to hit "Enter" first and the "R" in ready turned on auto-run. So I RAN, Leeroy Jenkins style, in the huge group of Vahz. Everyone is in chat typing, "What's with Hardship?", "How come Hardship did that?", etc... By the time I got autorun turned off I had aggroed 4 or 5 groups of Vahz. I didn't even try to return the group, I just took my death by typo and started making my way back from the hospital -- with no travel power yet. Surprising though, we did finish the TF and I ended up with a couple of long time server friends out of that session.
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    In addition to Brain Blister I want to share two other characters that stories intertwine in an interesting way. First off is The Body! This Bio/Spines tanker has gotten me the most costume compliments out of any character, so he probably fits here more than any of my other characters. He's a max height towering "zombie" that can manipulate his own flesh and bones, an unkillable mindless hunk of meat that is constantly consuming organic materials. I found that the 'Fire & Ice' set makes for some believable decaying flesh. The Body wasn't always so big though. He started off as a wimpy unpopular kid that was the prime target for a serial killer. Kid went missing, was found dead in a ditch, but turned up back in homeroom a week after his own funeral. Creepy stuff. Town turned on him, and he became a bit of a local Frankenstein's monster. Luckily, one of his old bullies (and the initial prime suspect in the murder) had a change of heart and sheltered him in the woods behind his property. There the Body started hunting the fauna and began to grow into the beast he is today. With a deteriorating mind Body can't do much, but he has the intrinsic urge to protect. Eventually he becomes big enough to serve as an organic suit of armor for his childhood tormentor, who is able to think clearly and direct the creatures powers. This pair teams up to clear their names, solve the murder, and put a stop to a dangerous mad scientist responsible for countless deaths. ELSEWHERE! Then there's the Dresden Doorway. A brilliant scientist in his own right, Dresden inherits his estranged father's life's work: ghost busting gauntlets! Even though he's a Dark/Dark Stalker, Dresden is more concerned with science than scrapping with evil doers. Still, he's responsible for protecting dangerous tech from falling into the wrong hands so sometimes he has no option but to throw down. As the living key to the hi-tech doorway between life and death, Dresden is able to absorb souls, and call forth the protection of ethereal allies (like his father) to cloak him from the living. So how/why are these three heroes connected? Well let me introduce their Praetorian counterpart: Mind Body and Soul! This Psi/Bio/Soul Brute is the dangerous mirror world counterpart of all three heroes. Praetorian Brain Blister's mind was untethered from his body in failed mission to the astral plains. With his physical form dead, he's able to mindjack The Body in a last ditch survival effort. Ego bruised and thirsty for power this version of Brain Blister comes to realizes that he can become the master of the three realms: the astral, the physical, and the spiritual. With his new body, he consumes Praetorian Dresden Doorway. As Mind Body and Soul this chimera hones his powers, blind to the fact that he might be giving a perfect weapon to the ancient evils that the Dresden Doorway was responsible for keeping locked away...
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    Most of my friends are sick and tired of hearing me preach the gospel of CoH. "It's FREE!" "It's awesome!" "You can make any look you like!" "Builds are diverse and flexible!" "It's casual-friendly!" "It's only 4GB on your SSD!" I still can't pull them away from World of Chorecraft. 🤮
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    Put together a team that ran Frostfire today (after I ran Wincott and most of Flux solo). Afterward, we went all the way through Julius the Troll and Talshak the Mystic. I know that’s the first time I’ve run the major Hollows arcs since return. I was actually surprised how easy it was to maintain a full team all the way through. Had a few that wer there the whole time (it was a great group of mostly support characters). I guess there’s more interest in those old story arcs than I thought. And since I’m not running 2XP on that character, I should be able to run through some Sky or Steel contacts, maybe Faultline. Anyway, it was a nice run. Made me rethink my typical mission paths these days.
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    You are a god among insects. Never let anyone tell you different.
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    Those little sticks that get put through sandwiches. You have to pull them out to eat the sandwich causing it to fall apart. What's the point other than presentation?
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    Oh, hell no. Some of us don't have schedules that allow for forming or joining iTrials, and not every character is suitable for running the DA arcs solo. The level grants are a godsend for those situations. Also... grinding iTrials until our eyes bled was never fun. Anything that moves us back in that direction is going to get a hard no from me, period.
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    Regen's Revive power now takes you directly to character creation to make a new character
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    Sentinel opportunity mechanic needs some work. It's hard to understand, makes you take both T1 and T2 to fully utilize it, and is fairly weak. A good case could be made for scrapping it altogether for an alternative. This has been discussed plenty in the sentinel forum. Soldiers of Arachnos have a pretty weak inherent. The AT is pretty solid, and plays well, but the inherent is not terribly noticeable. I suppose it is useful, but it's very background.
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    was bored so i made some avengers. not actually playing as them so i hope it's okay, it was just in paragon chat for the pics. and no hulk, i know. 😛 i made him and wonder man but i couldn't open anymore instances for the first pic and kinda liked the second group as is. wish we could use full masks with hair for wanda! also just made the jl and new teen titans.
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    Dying in the Hollows trying to get to a mission as the Pumice / Igneous rock dudes burst out of the earth. Dying on the way back to a second group of them as you tried to avoid the first group. Carefully working your way through Grendel's Gorge back the third time, only to watch a teammate awaken the Pumice / Igneous and being "Oh god! Oh god no!" as you die horribly a third time. Asking yourself why you didn't take Hover, no matter how slow it may be. Eventually getting a Recall Friend to the door.
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