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    I've completed my testing (using a slightly modified version of Luminara's posted method) and the short answer is that it looks like potential inf earned from farming is approximately 20% lower as a result of the 'Disabling XP No Longer Increases Influence' change. I've included a screenshot of my summary spreadsheet with the results of the 16 individual farming runs, along with the summary stats at the bottom. It seems clear that the biggest variability in inf is due to the quality and quantity of marketable recipe drops, including those that can be crafted for profit. Otherwise, I'll let others draw their own conclusions from these numbers. EDIT: I meant to include my drops tabulation as well, I've included that screenshot below. If you want my detailed methodology, I've included it as spoilered text below.
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    The first conclusion we can reach is that the misconception of "double inf*" has been proven to be just that, misconception. Worst case, according to your data, is a ~25% income differential, presuming atrocious drop luck, whereas luckier farmers are experiencing only ~11% less raw income than before the change. ~20% average might sting, but it's a very long way from 50%, and considering the rate of gain, not the catastrophic situation that has been portrayed by some. The second conclusion I can draw is that 3 extra runs would've placed you at the same income you could've gained before the change. I expect a similar situation for all farming approaches, so the time invested is a relevant factor. If you happen to have an average run time for your tests, that would let us know approximately how much extra time farmers have had to invest to compensate for the change. As an example, if your average run time were 30 minutes, then that would equate to an additional 5 minutes and 37.5 seconds of farming every day in order to match your previous income. If your runs were as long as 60 minutes, an additional 11 minutes and 17 seconds daily would make up the difference. Et cetera. The third conclusion is that there's some headroom for some farmers. The ones who vendor or sell everything for minimum price, never craft, etc., can recoup some of the lost 20%. Even using your methodology, @AboveTheChemist, there could be some additional income to be garnered. Crafting every set IO recipe and dedicating even one merit to potentially enhance the value could net a sizable income increase. But that's minutia, and I certainly don't expect you to replicate this test with a new methodology. You've done enough to give us some serious discussion points, and your work is greatly appreciated. ❤️ That's either a heart, or an upside-down bloody scrotum, whichever you like more, and it's all yours. 🙂
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    No, thank you. But I would certainly support portions of those zones being added as PvP maps for the arena.
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    Just wanted to thank you all for the help. I solved my issues and am in game in Linux. I did do it a different way though. I solved my issues by dropping Pop os for Fedora, then I had to do battle with the nvidia driver issues with fedora (2-3 hrs to understand and fix), then installed the game and got into my chars and... crash. Looked into the crash dump and it was fonts causing it. So did a winetricks add fonts (probably added too many but meh) and made it to Paragon City. Good to be home after that trip. 🙂
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    Resistance resists resistible resistance reductions. Resistance resists resistible resistance reductions. Resistance resists resistible resistance reductions. Resistance resists resistible resistance reductions. Resistance resists resistible resistance reductions. By the seashore ...
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    About the only thing I'd like for Ice Armour is for Wet Ice to take some Invention Sets. I know that the Defense it offers is so minuscule that the Legacy Devs removed the ability to Slot Defense Enhancements in it (since it was viewed as a "newb trap"). However, now with Inventions, there are some wonderful opportunities that could be introduced by re-enabling Slotting in that particular Power. If not Defense Sets, then (as mentioned in previous discussions) it would be wonderful to implement some Universal Sets, for Powers like Fulcrum Shift, Sonic Siphon, or (here) Wet Ice.
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    Yes. Galaxy used to be a big RP focal point, and Echo sometimes does serve that as well. I've also seen others doing so in the other zones - and I'm not the only one with a character with a tie of some sort to the old DA.
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    The Sister Psyche TF, Clamor And Destruction, is gone (as is Sister Psyche). It is replaced by the Penelope Yin TF, A Clamor For The People. It awards 20 merits.
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    ....as an ex-audio professional, there are days I regret the release of microphones to the general public.............today is not one of those days. 🎤
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    I'm for the eventual removal of the enterbase command, but indifferent to this suggestion. These are just non-analogous instances that can't really be compared. This one is a bit of a slippery slope fallacy. You don't have any evidence that adding a mechanism that already exists to a different thing in a almost identical mission will suddenly erode the games culture or immersion. That isn't the case with glowies now. Why would it happen here? I can also tell you there are already speed runs of missions where people don't give a hoot for the story or immersion, and it has little to do with the fact that there are objectives that make noises. When I make a team, I say "speeding through some missions" or "playing through the story of...". It's easy to specify what your doing if immersion is your goal, and the story/whatever route is almost never even slower than a normal "kill errything" route. Get the objective and go runs are what are speedy, and already exist. There's no harm in them. Just don't do them. If anything, having the trapped/scared/antagonized victim making audible sounds is immersive, and random objects exuding audible radiation or whatever it is isn't, but that's just a nitpick.
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    I don't like the idea of certain bonuses requiring certain specific origins. You can make anything thematically make sense with certain origins. Let the player CHOOSE a bonus for whatever origin they will? And I'm much closer to being on board.
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    Posi 1 Posi 2 Synapse Sister Psyche Moonfire Citadel Ernesto Hess Twilight's Son Katie Hannon Manticore (or Manti) Mender Lazarus Numina ITF Dr. Q Sara Moore Faathim or Justin Augustine Lanaru or Faathim (yes I know that's confusing) STF (because it used to be Statesmen's Task Force) LGTF Mender Silos That's generally how I see them in LFG on Torch anyway. Usually using the contact name to identify the task force (with a few exceptions) is the easiest to know which is being advertised. Edit: and likewise when I'm forming the team, I tend to use the above names as well. The only acronyms I typically use for Task Forces are ITF, LGTF and STF and that's mostly out of habit.
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    Ice is pretty cool. Yup. That about sums it up.
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    I think this guide is great! And kudos to the topic creator for the solid, sound tips! Just thought I'd add my extra cents in as well, primarily to those who are looking to make money via the market! Between May 2019-January 2020, I've made more than 20 billion inf (no exaggeration), and and I'd say 20% was through game content/running incarnate trials and 80% was made through the market. I ran alot of game events on Everlasting, and people would constantly ask me how I made money that easily. Some even accused me of hacking the game/cheating. None of which are true. And btw, I never earned money via fire farming or manipulating the market (hoarding/selling super high). All profit done via market. From my experience, making lots of money, really fast in the market is more of a "you need money to make money" method. I made 80% of my 20 billion primarily through super/winter packs and purple conversion. But there are certain principles you have to look for in order to do it correctly. One of those is observing the supply/demand numbers. EXAMPLE: When HC first launched, fire farming via brutes was HUGE! Every individual and their grandmother jumped on the firefarming wagon. So naturally firefarming=brutes=lvl 50=Brute purple ATOs. I got a brute to lvl 50, made him entirely empty of enh, and just supplied him with a ton of converters/catalysts. And I would keep converting till I got Brute ATOs. Back then, the demand was HIGH and they were selling nearly 25m per. If I got a super pack containing two ATOs, and converted them to Brutes, It was close to (Put 10m in, sell close to 43-47m inf; make around 40m profit per super hero pack). Each week I would make around 600-800m just through Brute ATOs. Why do I share this? Currently Brute ATOs ratio is LOW, people are not making Brutes as much as they first did when HC came out, so the supply is there, but not the demand. Carefully watch the market, look where the demand is high, find a way to fill the supply; and remember you need money to make money. 2nd method, I used winter packs. At first Winter ATOs were not in high demand, but around Fall 2019, people began noticing them alot more and buying them. Primarily Avalanche enh. Using the same method with the Brute ATOs, I would poor billions into whole bunch of Winter packs, have a lvl 50 blaster (all empty enh, supply him with converters/catalysts), and would just make profit. Winter packs cost 25m each, back in Fall 2019, avalanche would sell about 40m each. So if I got a winter pack with 2 Enh, I could sell those for around 80m (80-25m= 55m profit). Plus, the extra stuff you got in the packs would just be extras for less cash (e.g. boosters). As far as last I checked, Avalanche enh are still in the upper demand, but they sell far less now (around 30m; unsure why). KEY NOTES: Watch supply/demand (if demand is higher than supply, you found potential gold mine), find a cost-efficient way to fill that supply, and you need money to make money. Great thing about the market method vs fire farming, is it would take me about 30ish min to get all my prep work done for converting/catalyst combining and then selling them on market. So to me, its alot faster than the market, and I can usually jump right into game content while simultaneously having my stuff sell on the market. If they ever come out with a new AT, you can best best everybody and their grandma will be pouring cash into those new AT enhancements.
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    *played a videogame that he enjoyed endlessly. The game is the reward. Don't confuse it. Plus, the game has existed since 2004. There have been countless hamidon raid leaders, across multiple servers. None of them required plaques. I don't see why Everlasting and Veracor do? Am I missing something?
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    RANGED DAMAGE SET TESTING: Hello Everyone, Following up with what was done in the Scrapper Primary Testing, it is time to take a look at the Blaster Primaries! The above link to the Scrapper post will go into more details, but the premise of these tests are to isolate Ranged Primaries as much as possible to gauge their "realistic" base performance in a given mission environment. This is done through running a course 10 times per primary, and then recording the times to formulate an average Using a standardized Office Map, we can set a course that properly challenges the player with movement with corridors and different vertical spawn points that we see in normal missions. Pylon and Farm metrics are nice, but they do not really reflect normal game play. Broken up into 4 floors, this map contains custom-made ranged enemies that appear at roughly the Red Dot locations shown above. Floors 1-3 have at least 2 guaranteed Boss encounters, and Floor 4 has a guaranteed Elite Boss encounter. Red Lines represent clickable doors with a gentleman's rule to finish the room before moving through the door, and circled areas are where some herding up can be attempted if possible. As some may remember from the Scrapper test, the Warehouse environment was too open and heavily favored herding strategies for completion. That thread will be updated with Office Results soon as well. The ranged enemies in this map present just enough danger to the Blaster to where mitigation from the Primary will play a key role in completion, but they do not present such a threat that they cannot easily be overcome with normal play. The Blasters I used all have a near-identical SO build where I 3 slot all attacks for Damage, then 1 each of Acc/End/Rech except for the Nukes and AoEs which I opted for 3 Dam/Rech thanks to their built in Acc modifiers universally being better than 1 SO, and on normal AoEs I ran 2 rech and 1 Acc thanks to the Sustain ability. I also used /Elec Manip for each test with only Build Up and Force of Thunder being used. FoT would only be used between spawns to not have it's CC come into play, and the time spent using it per run was subtracted from the totals to show the "true" speed. I chose this in particular due to being the most "average" of the Sustains where it's secondary effect could be more easily isolated combined with a normal Build Up. Other sets like /Time could have fit if not for the +Rech on it's BU clone. Health and Stamina were 3 slotted as well as FoT 6 slotted, other powers used were CJ with 1 Def SO, and Hover with 1 Fly SO (Swift also had a fly SO). The ranged enemies and height restrictions on the map did not allow for much cheese if any, and aside from a few angles with cones I kept myself at near ground level. Running at +0/x3 allowed for a variety of mob encounters that often would be spread in such a way to utilize AoEs to their full potential as well as test ST / AoE / Area coverage alike. Like with Scrappers, if I died I restarted the mission and took note of the death in a "Safety" rating. The higher the rating, the more deaths I had. Each death I applied a 20s penalty to the average to give weight to sets with mitigation tools, which will be reflected in a separate column. So, with these rules in place to emulate an "average" mission that tests ST, AoE, and Mitigation of just the primaries at a basic level, lets see what happened: Sorted by AVG: Well, it seems that we have a certain set that is literally melting the competition, and two that appear to have Silencers on. In terms of raw average clear time, Fire is leaps and bounds the fastest with a tremendous lead over the other blast sets, and nearly having a 4x bigger gap from the average compared to the 2nd place Beam Rifle! On the flip side, both Assault Rifle and Sonic Blast are at the bottom with incredibly slow average clear times. Luckily, that is not the only measure. Sorted by SAFETY: Washing away the competition here is Water Blast! With it's combination of self healing, reliable knockdowns, and overall great damage it was one of the few sets to clear the course with 0 defeats at all, alongside Dark and Psy blast who all shared the trait of reliable (AoE) CC and decent secondary effects. Coming in second with 1 defeat was Ice Blast, which while it could reliably freeze a single target in it's tracks it had trouble vs crowds if Blizzard wasn't online, leading to multiple stray hits weaseling in and netting a lucky win for the NPC's. Fire is knocked here with 5 deaths, mostly against the Elite Boss spawn where the lack of mitigation outside of killing before you get killed lead to some unfortunate ends. On the bottom of the list though was Radiation Blast with a whopping 9 defeats! The set deals plenty of damage, but I found out the hard way that speed matters here. Many powers deal damage over time or simply animate slowly which allows hits to come in in ways that even Fire Blast didn't have to worry about due to raw application speed, on top of havign a tiny KB chance on it's cone + the ST stun being on a longish cooldown that lead to poor mitigation vs tougher single targets. Sorted by BEST TIME: Tracking the best time per set shows sort of the upper lvl they can achieve when you're really in the groove. Of note are Energy and Dark Blast attaining very fast clear times compared to where they end up when averaged out! Sorted by WORST TIME: Likewise, sorting by the worst time gives an idea of how well they perform in a less than ideal run. Water being so high here shows how consistent the set performs regardless of the enemy setup. Sorted by STANDARD DEVIATION: Speaking of consistency, the Standard Deviation shows us how much variance there was run-to-run on average per set. The smaller the deviation the better a set could probably just follow it's normal gameplan without needing to worry about as many X factors like spacing or special targeting. Sets that rely on such tactics ended up having much higher deviations as seen here. With these 5 metrics in mind, I was able to rank each primary based on the actual score per category + the gap between it and the next set, and then add up these values by weight. The lower the final score, the higher tiered the set is when looked at it alone: FINAL RESULTS: Its fitting that the only thing to beat Fire is Water IMO! Lets break this down per tier: S TIER: With everything put together, the safety and consistency of Water Blast gives it the edge over Fire's Raw Speed given it's lack of those key traits. Ice rounds out the S-Tier at the lower end simply due to lack of AoE speed while having the some of the best times vs the Boss encounters. Really not much else to add here aside from these three being incredibly solid sets at the base level. A TIER: Beam, Archery, and Energy are all almost tied in the A Tier. Beam and Archery boast some of the fastest recharging nukes and could reliably just delete certain spawns, with beam having a slight ST edge over Archery and vice versa with Archery having a bit better AoE. Energy was a bit slower given Nova recharges a bit slower, but there is a reason we call Nukes Nova's. When it was up and available, it would delete an entire spawn no questions asked and fling bosses about for safety, and the rest of the powers are all very solid versions of your standard blasts that lead to an overall good performance. I'd say the sets in these tiers were held back by not having as 100% reliable mitigation as sets in the S tier with either 100% knockdowns / slows that lead to a few defeats each, impacting Beam Rifle specifically. Nor did they have the raw... literal Fire power like Fire does nor the likes of Blizzard/Geyser to edge out just a bit quicker clear times in the case of Energy and Archery. B TIER: Next up we have Dual Pistols, Rad, and Dark Blast. These three all had separate issues holding them back, but lets start with Rad as we touched on it for the safety portion: it has none. The combination of slow animations, slow application of damage, and hard to apply/stack Mez effects (by itself) lead to it tanking hard in the safety adjustment + middling scores elsewhere brought it down compared to the high tiers. If you pair it with a very defensive secondary or team support it can shine, but isolated it felt very rough. On the flip side, Dark Blast was able to breeze through each spawn without a care. Guaranteed KB in a cone, solid ST damage, a great ST hold, a Self Heal, a nuke that soft-caps you vs anything left alive + all attacks stacking -ToHit made it probably the safest set in general, though it did pay for that safety when it comes to AoE performance. Having different shaped cones that deal damage in different amounts/ways lead to very inconsistent times based on the spawn set up room to room, leading to sub-average scores except for Best Time and Safety. The best way I could describe Dual Pistols at a base/isolated level is Anemic. Swapping mainly between Normal and Incendiary ammo depending on whether I needed safety or damage, I was able to clench an incredibly consistent performance, but it was consistently on the slow side. Despite the animations having been sped up, the application of damage is still slow and the mitigation is not super consistent. Add to that different ranged cones / PBAoE that requires >4s commitment where missing a key target leaves you open + slower animating ST attacks and well... you get a B-Tier. Luckily you can proc the hell out of the set! C TIER: ELEC BLAST The last few sets stand out in their own divisions, so I'll just talk about them as-is. Elec Blast was actually very very safe in practice even by itself as it's great TAoE Ball Lightning + SC would actually do solid work vs mobs of minions + Sparky taking care of stragglers, and the fact that thunderous Blast can be initiated safely + completely drain living targets into submission. In general, if you could survive the alpha you won teh fight vs Bosses and the Elite Boss with elec blast, with the Voltaic Sentinel contributing quite a lot of ST dps at a glance! Unfortunately, the issues add up when you consider the cast times of some key powers (Voltaic Sentinel, Short Circuit, Thunderous Blast) on top of End Drain really only working on bosses about halfway through the fight if not more if you happen to miss thanks to RNG lead to slower times and a bit of inconsistency. D TIER: PSY BLAST A surprisingly fun set, Psy Blast I could compare directly to Dark in many ways except for AoE.... which it struggles with. With only Psy Tornado and the Nuke to clear mobs with, I had to cycle ST attacks around frantically in between to clear areas. Luckily most of those ST attacks come with hefty -Rech which pairs well with Sustain, as well as a slew of soft/hard control to make it a very safe set of runs. This also made it weirdly faster the more boss spawns there were in the mission as I could tear through them faster than a packed area full on minions/LT's most of the time. If one of the powers were say, a sort of Cone or if Psy Nado was made to animate much faster it would easily bump up in the placings. E TIER: ASSAULT RIFLE I have a thread on this in the suggestions forum, but the short and sweet of it is Animation Times, different cone sizes, lack of aim and Ignite being weird. Full Auto takes 4s to animate and deals significantly less damage than similar "previously crashless" nukes, Flamethrower takes 7 seconds to apply its full damage after a 2.33s animation! Sniper Rifle animates slower than other fast snipes. To put the cherry on top, the Aim replacement found in Ignite not only takes a bit to animate but you need a method of keeping a foe in the patch which is actively fought by your other powers potentially knocking the guy out of the patch which is just silly. It was an actual slog for me to run AR through these tests with only /Build Up helping out from the secondary. F TIER: SONIC ATTACK It's not over till the... slowest set sings I guess. This set has major issues with animation times averaging around 2s a click outside the T1 attack. Sure, you can sleep groups very reliably but then taking them down is a snore-fest with only 3 ST attacks with the T3 animating slowly, and your other AoE's waking them up anyways. At least the Nuke applies damage dang near instantly compared to all other nukes (I think Psy may have done this as well) which was nice, but everything else just feels incredibly lackluster. Bosses, especially the Elite Boss, in general were a slog to get through with the poor ST output and needing to toss in Shockwave for safety every so often. I guess it is a bit of a philosophical debate though, given the secondary effect is a direct force multiplier... should it remain the worst performer in a vacuum? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are my thoughts and observations on the Blast primaries so far. Take it with a grain of salt though as these runs were designed to highlight just the primary with a little help from Build Up that could emulate the effects of secondary attacks / other effects if we eyeball this compared to Defs/Corrs as well. In the future I'll add in procs and the like to see how certain sets (Dual Pistols) may change radically. Thank you, @Galaxy Brain
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    nerp. It's the only spot where people can really manipulate prices. How much do they cost? 1bn? 2bn?
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    If you make the change to the costume before level 10, it'll be free anyway, I think.
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    *shrug* THere's nothing unplayable. If you want to play it, play it. You're not forced to take an XP booster. You're not forced to do alignment changes via Null instead of running the missions. As far as grinding specific content for costume pieces instead of having them at creation, or for Incarnate salvage, that being gone is a *huge* improvement. Play what you want, how you want. You don't "lose" if someone else fire-farms on 2xp to 50 in an hour or whatever. You don't "win" by taking 500 hours to do the same journey. You *win* by having the game available to play the way you want. The game gives you *choice,* not grind. This is not a bad thing.
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    I solo'd an ITF with my dark/dp defender for what it's worth.
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    First time posting since the game came back. I have looked at some of the amazing work that's been done and shown off on these forums, and I'm blown away. It helps me strive to improve my own! I've been working on it for a while, with the theme being 'Island Fortress Cathedral' and hopefully I'll be able to show something more substantial Soon ™ In the mean time, I'm just going to say this... Putting wings on statues is danged tricky!
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    When Bio is spoken of as #1, its for overall capability - damage, debuff, defense, resist, massive regen, absorb... it pays for this by being more fragile than some sets, and by being cataclysmically vulnerable to energy based -DEF and -RES. For pure survival, other sets are definitely better. That said, in deep vet levels with all the accolades and an incarnate and build for every situation, Bio can certainly be tough -enough-.
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    Adventure Time, Beam/time Blaster. he'll regale you with tales of derring-do!
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    I actually feel kind of bad for the guy. You see him later and at higher levels, still as a hero, but it's obvious he's lost his edge and that he just can't keep up anymore. He still tries, and in some of the missions he was there holding the villains off until you show up, but still.
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