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    To be honest, the other half of it being hard to master is that it is not *rewarding* to do so. It'd be one thing if Regen were super reactive and hard to pin down but doing so makes you immortal, but other armor sets are tougher with 1/4th the IQ required.
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    Converters are 3/merit, and sell for about 70,000 each on the /ah currently. That's 210K per merit, before auction fees. Catalysts are 1/20-merits, and sell for about 2,000,000 each on the /ah. That's 100K per merit, also before fees. Unslotters are 2/merit, and sell for about 120,000 each on the /ah. That's 240K per merit. Boosters are 1/5-merits, and sell for about 1,200,000 each. That's also 240K per merit. Prices change a lot, so look and see where they are before committing a lot of merits. Selling at a good price also depends on your ability to effectively set your asking price smartly, and how patient you are. Your mileage will vary on using merits to buy enhancement recipes, but the rule of thumb is not the value of the final thing you make, but what the substitution cost would have been if you bought the recipe using inf off the auction instead.
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    That's actually working as intended. Atlas Park and Mercy Island have interesting mechanics related to how the missions work which result in areas changing with mission progress. That spot is where you would fight off 5 random Hellions, then the next mission you go back and PPD has the place locked down with all the Hellions under arrest. When it greys out like that, it means you aren't on the same leg of the missions so you won't experience the same situation, if that makes any sense.
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    Stability Replaced an internal function related to sorting models for rendering that may be responsible for the hami bud crash.
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    Exactly! I can agree its a challenge to kill them BEFORE MoG. But after? Just an exercise is frustration.
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    Builds have already become pretty easy with inherent stamina. No need to make them any easier I think.
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    Hard pass. It's been discussed many many times before, and ultimately it homogenizes the game and opens up so many balance issues just because you want something for nothing. Players should have to make room in their build for powers like Hasten and Acrobatics (especially Acrobatics) because it's an investment; you're trading other potential power picks in order to optimise an aspect of your build.
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    I think the Mercs themselves could use some tweaking. Wider cones, AoE with larger radius, shortened cooldowns for some powers. Maybe a +15% damage buff across most of their attacks. Players in the past suggested Serum to be an AoE so all Merc pets can get the buff. Some wanted Serum to be changed to a pet, maybe into Gun Drones (Mainly to help cram in all the pet unique IOs) I had an idea to turn Serum into a "Formation" power. Once picking Formation at level 18, it unlocks a set of military tactics with each providing a different benefit (Sort of like Staff Mastery or Swap Ammo). Fire Support (AoE +def to all positions), Guerilla Tactics (+stun/immob to pet attacks), Flanking Maneuver (+tohit/dam to pets), High Ground (-res debuff to pet attacks). I think it would be kind of unique setting different formations to different pets but I haven't put a lot of thought into it. There's probably a hundred different problems with it.
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    There's another one of those zones off to the north of Back Alley Brawler, and a couple in Mercy Island as well west of the starting area. It's some really interesting tech which I hope can be leveraged for new content in the future.
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    The literal time measurement of a 'moment' is 90 seconds. I can see why they used the word though. "Hey! You're still up! Ooops, no, Nope, you're down." Was too long
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    I live in Seattle. Grunge is not dead here. The rest of the country just stopped dressing like us and listening to our music.
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    Okay, so imagine an inspie giving you 10% +Rech, and eating a tray full of them. Your attacks come up faster, more damage. Your God Modes come up more often. In some cases meaning more Def/Res/Regen/Recovery. Your clicky buffs and heals come up more often. Both self and party. What you're talking about modifying the effects of another stat. +Recharge affects ALL of them in a cascade situation.
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    If it makes you feel any better, they are definitely the best procs out there. Those five in particular.
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    Wow, that's some fantastic work! I really hope that HC starts adding some of the stuff players have been making. Really? Because I always feel like Female has way more options than Male/Huge. Take a look at the Shirts category for one, or Skirts/Shorts. Or even just the number of faces available to Females vs. the other two.
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    I think that's (subconsciously) part of why many people write off Regen. It's not a "safe" set, and it's certainly not a "set it and forget it" set. (Not without considerable investment in set bonuses.) It's not a difficult set to master by any stretch, but you do have to master it to survive. On live, and here on Homecoming, there's a definite meta bias towards safety and toggles. This too. (Speaking in general, not about you.) Hardcore and min/maxers are disproportionally represented on the forums.
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    My latest Praetorian character : the soundblasting mutant and Resistance DJ (undercover as a Powers Division representative), Neonwave ! (Sonic/Energy Aura Sentinel)
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    Sorry for the wait, we had a team or two that had asked for a few days to get their runs done due to scheduling issues. So without further ado, announcing the winners of the Speedrun Olympics: FIRST PLACE From Torchbearer: @Xemnas||@Philtrum||@Timmy O'Toole||@Techno||@Tux||@Vea|| Barracuda: 16:51 Imperious Task Force: 8:05 Lady Grey Task Force: 10:20 Miss Liberty Task Force: 10:48 Accumulative Time: 46:04 SECOND PLACE From Everlasting: ||@Black Heart||@Styx66||@Veracor||@Paish||@Blue Bile||@White Tiger Wasp|| Barracuda: 19:02 Imperious Task Force: 8:59 Lady Grey Task Force: 11:23 Miss Liberty Task Force: 13:16 Accumulative Time: 52:40 THIRD PLACE From Everlasting: @RavenMagus||@Ruaidhri||@SSR||@Elmyder||@Faultline||@Burk|| Barracuda: 19:28 Imperious Task Force: 10:29 Lady Grey Task Force: 11:11 Miss Liberty Task Force: 12:06 Accumulative Time: 53:14 Thank you to everyone that participated! There will be another competition(with likely new rules and runs) in the next few months for those that didn't place, or didn't get to participate. All prizes will be emailed to the proper global handles within the week. Please DM me or let me know if you don't receive yours by then. For those that didn't place: Ask questions! Learn how you can improve! There's always something to improve times and make your runs smoother. Even for all three placing teams. See you all next time!
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    There's an even simpler trick : if you color the inside part of the normal Trenchcoat section, and then switch to the Jackets section with the Cybertech long model, the inside of the jacket will have changed accordingly. (way easier than having to link and delink colors all over again every time you have to change that dang coat)
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    this thread is talking about proposed changes which necessarily are 'the way things should be'; what the original dev team intended 1) isn't really relevant to the ongoing game and 2) was frequently pretty dumb. Any time you find yourself relying on the intent of Jack Emmert et al you are probably well served to re-examine your reasoning. imo this is reflected in the fact that very few new KB powers were ever added after the launch sets; dev realized pretty early on that it was kind of a crummy mechanic and opted for knock up/down instead at this point in the game's life we're all here to have a bit of fun and reminisce, so things that are pains in our collective ass should probably just be removed/fixed, especially if the fix is easy
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    I could be misinterpreting, but I believe it is also against Twitch's ToS to stream pirated games. So until Homecoming becomes the copyright owners or NCSoft allows for it, you'd be in violation and subject to whatever Twitch's repercussions are on the matter.
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    In my experience, at that level you are far better off investing in accuracy than in defense. Dead ghouls don't fight back.
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    I wanted to post this as like, a memoriam, in a way. I'm currently undergoing a project where I'm revisiting a base I have ALREADY built, and I'm going through and replacing old sections with incredibly, and drastically, "remade/remastered" sections. So far, I only have the entrance and the owner of the nightclub's office completely redone. Here's a comparison of my early building skill, versus current: Main Entrance: Club Owner's Main Office: ---------------------------------------------------------- Redone Entrance: Redone Main Office: --------------------------- These changes aren't open to the public *quite* yet, but they will be, soon enough. DARKCOVEN-5519 on Everlasting
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    Lets put this real simple. When you pick Hasten, you are making a choice to take that power over something else, because it is beneficial to you. If you are given Hasten, you are able to circumvent that 'trade' and receive it for free, thus causing characters to become unbalanced. That's the same of all Pool Powers, they are options that improve certain aspects of your character by potentially giving up others.
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    The fast and easy way: buy enhancement converters with the merits at a merit vendor. Sell converters on the market for usually between 60-70k. I personally always put them up for 1 inf each to get the sale instantly and have never gotten less than 58k per converter and usually it is 65k+. Use the influence to then buy whatever you want. The slower, harder, but much more lucrative way: buy converters with the merits. Buy yellow recipes and required salvage off the market. Craft the recipes and use converters to convert them into desirable rare IOs. Can make lots of influences with even just basic knowledge of the market (plenty of guides). It will make you much more influence, but does require more time and effort than just selling the converters. The real question is: how much time do you want to spend in the auction house? If the answer is as little as possible, then I suggest the first method. It can still easily fund lots of expensive builds in a relatively quick manner.
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    Well, the problem with that statement is that several people have provided some pretty sound reasoning as to why it would be bad. Not saying that I agree with them, just saying that there's been some math in this thread, and it's been explained. Nah, I'm not indignant. I don't think you're a radical. I think we're just having a discussion. No matter what gets said here we're still two guys who love City of Heroes. Everything else is just unimportant details. Peace.
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    If a person chooses to play a thoroughly unpleasant character, one should not be surprised if others don't want to interact. No matter how technically correct, true to the characterization, or cleverly played, that kind of character is going to have limited appeal, especially to those who don't know the player OOC'ly very well, or at all. And I could see and understand if some of those people who don't want to interact just go straight for the global ignore, to cut their losses, so to speak.
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    I never considered myself a huge min-maxer. I have a large roster of level 50 characters at various stages of incarnate and IO builds. I have two level 50 regen melees. One, that I mentioned earlier, is a staff/regen built to see if I could make an adequate tank using regen. I consider this experience mostly a failure. But the second regen character is a fire/regen scrapper. This is a revival of a Victory character who then and now played a useful but specialized role in my roster. This character did not take Tough or Weave in an attempt to build up defenses; on out of the box regen these tiny bits of resistance and defense are lipstick on a pig. She does not slot for those bonuses, and instead picks up the melee purples, which are more beneficial to her than to any of my tankers. She is built to run low level task forces; when Citadel or Synapse are the weeklies she comes out. On this content Regen performs well; again I think Regen is probably the most inviting set to level but the poorest performer at level 50. She also performs well on the melee team for Hamidon raiding; resistance and defense mean nothing here compared to low endurance consumption, and she flies. She also runs the Shadow Shard TFs whenever anyone wants to run them; since her armor is nothing but holes she is indifferent to exotic damage, and she flies. I still think Regen is a trap for the unwary new player. But when you have a large roster of generalist characters you can afford to make some specialists.
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    I'll give you another example of a sideways event im famous for. lol Happened last night - been running Market Crashes all week at +4/8 last night had a great team but the last mission i dont know if it was the stalker that agroed the robot solo that set it off, or if it was a glitch but he kept overspawning once we would get him halfway and then crashing the whole team - which was made worse when he and his cohorts crawled up the hill like a spectre of death and started nuking the hospital. I base ported and went to PD and bought everyone level shifts and even bought signature summons and temporary power buffs - but again half life on it - 20-30 skyraiders would spawn and crash us - I was on a EM Ninjitsu scrapper my wife a dark dark tanker - we tried pulling away from the hospital but two people had already left, so we chalked that one up to a loss - that was with all of the team but 1 being level shifted. I'm going back tonight and sanford and son'ing that big metal SOB though.
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    I think it's amazing, and the only T9 worth taking, for all the reasons that Laxx pointed out. Also, it doesn't have a crash! You can pop it every minute-thirty and it doesn't have a crash. So personally I think it's essential if you're ever in a situation where you can be reasonably expected to soak an alpha. Repeatedly.
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    Hello. Dropping some names (in a vaguely alphabetical order). Astro Ace Adventure Lad Action Boy Austere Automatic Absynth Aero Arrow Action Lad Adventure Lass Black Buzzard Buoy Blue Phantasm Blue Butterfly Bar Bluebill Blizzard Boy Black Basilisk Black Buccaneer Bronze Hornet Blue Peregrine Bluegrass Black Butterfly Backward Backdrop Caliph Cantata Caracal Caramel Caribou Cavalcace Capsize Congo Chapel Cheetah-man Cabaret Crosstown Crossword Cometeer Crimson Scorpion Dovetail Dribble Dropbox Doctor Snow Dread Skull Daytime Doctor Lightning Emerald Eagle Four Eyes Falcon Lass Falcon Boy Frostfury Fixture Falcon Lad Falcon Kid Fighting Falcon Frog Lad Frog Lass Golden Gecko Gold Griffin Gold Golem Groundhog Gearshift Gloomstar Hotwheels Haystack Hijacker Human Star Harpy Lass Harp Hairpin Hallmark Human Top Jam Kid Valhalla Keystroke Kid Marvel Kid Falcon Kid Tombstone Limitless Lass Longsword Lunar Lark Lie Lady Lioness Lowlife Lunar Lad Lion Lad Mr. Maximum Mr. Adventure Motor Maximum Man Muskrat Now Partridge Query Roboy Red Runner Robot Lad Ratings Ragtag Rooftop Squawk Seashore Skids Switchboard Savvy Sum Sun Lad Show Speedwing Serpentina Talkback Titan Boy Titan Lad Toad Woman Toad Lass Toad Girl Tortoise Lad Tortoise Lass Tortoise Boy Tortoise Man Turtle Man Turtle Boy Turtle Lass Turtle Lad Toad Boy Toad Load Toad Man Thoroughbred Tiptop Ten Ton Tinderbox Valhalla Kid Wheelhouse Whetstone Wheels White Lion Wonder-Man
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    | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1542;708;1416;HEX;| |78DA6594CB4F135114C6EF74EE50DA52A1D696670BED144A5B5AA89AB8345101793| |469C4C4956946684A93A66DA024B274E1DF60A202EACAF7CA072EFD1F341A758F2E| |50770A6AEA99F90ECD249DA4FCCE7CF79E73BE7B6E86DCF50B5DCF676F9C158AF77| |CC5585F2F9CA3BF8DE29AFB727179B55AABD44A9BC27C9CF41BE0B5C225A35A2AAE| |64AE18E68B25468F969636EAF5DA5A2393AF18D546216754CBF58D8AD128D7AAC29| |DAFD52A99A57AB1B8D265858B45A35EAE963CD6CB4CA55C5A6D78119B21ADF44ED7| |CBCB99A3D2B90DAA67469B7D64264DBF695DF0D3D484904264A570284C072855A60| |43B34F058C296BB252C2DBD0D4EEE80D97BCCFBCC07E02CF5553857B9E940DD17A8| |DBF98AB90B4E38347017B93A4D5245AE5007554BBB48F534AEA7BDA57A7E29DC6F9| |0DFF592F91A4C87D8E31E72E7745C0EE52ACE47F0924E614F90165C0AD65C01C5D2| |DCFFE83524C53CE57990273D0F79268F994FC09EA7CC67A08F66E665EF5EEEE1A21| |EDDE8E1E8E61EE14FF031F2195CA05E3E3E9FEF367C1FBFC3BC0BC6B7C0E43638B1| |03FAA9A71FF535FF2FF838F19B7900060F997FC0BEBFA042DE02EC37D0A447A8A4F| |4A29AEC3D890E7D6112E2528C45985170F200EB8BE4BE9FDDF7ABB8CD01C9D4C091| |0EA6138C748292FA0DA29F3AC8D3199A41DDA17930BC0046696F886F2BC4D30D337| |3E461983D0CB387087B88B087187B88B187187B30471F650F51F3F074FB3A9F59E7| |33EB7CE61E9AF628FAA8A3EF1CD6DEB1F760FC03F32318A0BDE3EC697C06379D986| |51AE89398562D26E7A0270FC120E5A6F866526784F5F17AE8FC19D6325FB04F0485| |98626D8AE71721199F5FB339245B5FB1F94A37BC68575454C9CBD6F72A146BD7BE9| |B1485151D33FE6ED7C6A1FDB06B11DCD34FBB760B1DF682ADAECDAFB6F89B2DB69E| |649BE1A93625DBA69C6A534EB729AE9ED63F96669E2C6639BE6A8B0D5B7CCD16FF0| |7B4F8F12A| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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    This must be how the baddies feel when every hero team is full of people softcapped to everything.
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    If this is the enemy I am thinking of, you can Confuse them and then not worry teammate AoEs will kill your special pet.
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    Have been playing like a madman the last week, haven't gotten around to posting. Geez, so many characters I enjoy playing atm. When you want to bring down one of the most powerful beings in existence, you better bring an OP combination. God-Breaker (WM/Shield Scrapper) Not using a cape because it clips badly with the shoulder pads. Going to switch out the hammer for Rularuu's Fury after I complete the TF.
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    I don't mind them having it... It makes them interesting... But I do think the duration could stand to be shorter than it is. The annoying bit to me isn't that they can go all YOUCANTTOUCHME. It's that they *stay that way* for what seems like half an eternity. <_<
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    This. Control is the key for dealing with MoG. Controllers and Domis (or anyone else with a Mez) should focus on locking them down Failing that my Fire/Nature was popping aim and Rain of Firing them. Things like Freezing Rain can help too.
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    Except that the usual damage procs have a 3.5 PPM and cap out at 90% chance to proc, which occurs at 16 second recharge... so a longer recharge doesn't actually increase the chance to proc on a damage power (though it would on a power like Chance to Hold, which has a lower proc chance), but just lowers the number of checks that the power manages per minute.
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    I think Hemo is pretty skippable. Not because it is a bad attack, but because it is a consumer of blood stacks with no real benefit for the consumption. I think you are just better off plowing through spawns at full blood for the global recharge benefits toward AS and snipe.
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    The reason I seldom visit this area of the forums is my inability to contain my snickering at non devs puffing their chest and saying no to suggestions, as if them saying no had any sort of impact on devs making a suggestion happen. Not that I am really sure of the point in these part of the forums in the first place. Someone refresh my memory on suggestions that have been implemented? I could have used the no salvage recipe and being able to drop 100 converters at a time to the AH so I'm not repeating the same gesture 95 times as I did today.
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    So, you know this goes both ways, right? What is your desired outcome? Do you want to beat the OP until they give up and go away? Accusations of strawman and ad hominem are only relevant if the person you're accusing has agreed to not use them, as if in a formalized debate. There's no "unspoken social contract" demanding all of us use the same rule and techniques to communicate... and to me at least, these accusations come across as trying to bully someone out of the conversation. Maybe that's what you want. Maybe you don't care, and just want to show off how much better you are at communicating by your rules than those who don't. Ultimately, it only seems to make the forums a more unwelcoming and unpleasant place.
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    Hello, I just noticed on a char that, whenever I select an alternate build, ALL my temp powers, Team Teleport, Mission Transporter, Assemble the Team, SG Portal, Long Range Teleport.... all of them automatically count as if I had activated them and some of them have a LONG recharge. Can this be avoided anyhow? Some chars have an alternate build to exemplar down but it is a pain having to wait 30 min for the mission transporter to recharge (and being lvl 14 and having to cross Perez Park sometimes is not that easy). If it has an easy fix, then it would be appreciated if you guys can apply it, if not an easy one to fix, well, then I guess there are more important things to spend time on, in any case, thanks for reading.
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    It might be a back-end challenge to get right, yeah... but it's not one of those SUperDooperBadWrongPowerCReepDUmbingDownOMGWTFBBQ. kind of suggestions that might deserve bringing out the knives.
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    Currently, in game there are several head pieces that are NOT available if you are using a "STANDARD" head selection, yet, if you go to "FULL MASK" these options open up. These are wonderful pieces, but they lack the full detail that "could" be available if they could be coupled with a Character WITH HAIR !! I would like to formally request that a change be made to open these pieces to all characters under "HEAD - STANDARD" I have included a detailed screen shot to elaborate on the pieces I am speaking of.
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    One idea that has been floated around before is for contacts to auto exemp you to the maximum level of their missions. Then you could go up to any contact in the game and get missions from them as long as you met their minimum level. You'd also never be in danger of outlevelling a contact half way through their stuff.
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    It is an underdog, but there was a time it was called “Master of Cones.” I had four AR 50’s back on Live. My namesake was also AR/Dev. Where some ATs walk into a cave or a tight hallway and realize their playstyle may be limited, a close environment is good for you. Dev has changed a lot, but it is a viable AT. If you enjoy it, then you are doing it right - playing a game and having fun in your own way. Lock and load, ladies.
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