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    Of *course* you didn't see another fire armor stalker. They have *hide.* 🙂
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    RANGED DAMAGE SET TESTING: Hello Everyone, Following up with what was done in the Scrapper Primary Testing, it is time to take a look at the Blaster Primaries! The above link to the Scrapper post will go into more details, but the premise of these tests are to isolate Ranged Primaries as much as possible to gauge their "realistic" base performance in a given mission environment. This is done through running a course 10 times per primary, and then recording the times to formulate an average Using a standardized Office Map, we can set a course that properly challenges the player with movement with corridors and different vertical spawn points that we see in normal missions. Pylon and Farm metrics are nice, but they do not really reflect normal game play. Broken up into 4 floors, this map contains custom-made ranged enemies that appear at roughly the Red Dot locations shown above. Floors 1-3 have at least 2 guaranteed Boss encounters, and Floor 4 has a guaranteed Elite Boss encounter. Red Lines represent clickable doors with a gentleman's rule to finish the room before moving through the door, and circled areas are where some herding up can be attempted if possible. As some may remember from the Scrapper test, the Warehouse environment was too open and heavily favored herding strategies for completion. That thread will be updated with Office Results soon as well. The ranged enemies in this map present just enough danger to the Blaster to where mitigation from the Primary will play a key role in completion, but they do not present such a threat that they cannot easily be overcome with normal play. The Blasters I used all have a near-identical SO build where I 3 slot all attacks for Damage, then 1 each of Acc/End/Rech except for the Nukes and AoEs which I opted for 3 Dam/Rech thanks to their built in Acc modifiers universally being better than 1 SO, and on normal AoEs I ran 2 rech and 1 Acc thanks to the Sustain ability. I also used /Elec Manip for each test with only Build Up and Force of Thunder being used. FoT would only be used between spawns to not have it's CC come into play, and the time spent using it per run was subtracted from the totals to show the "true" speed. I chose this in particular due to being the most "average" of the Sustains where it's secondary effect could be more easily isolated combined with a normal Build Up. Other sets like /Time could have fit if not for the +Rech on it's BU clone. Health and Stamina were 3 slotted as well as FoT 6 slotted, other powers used were CJ with 1 Def SO, and Hover with 1 Fly SO (Swift also had a fly SO). The ranged enemies and height restrictions on the map did not allow for much cheese if any, and aside from a few angles with cones I kept myself at near ground level. Running at +0/x3 allowed for a variety of mob encounters that often would be spread in such a way to utilize AoEs to their full potential as well as test ST / AoE / Area coverage alike. Like with Scrappers, if I died I restarted the mission and took note of the death in a "Safety" rating. The higher the rating, the more deaths I had. Each death I applied a 20s penalty to the average to give weight to sets with mitigation tools, which will be reflected in a separate column. So, with these rules in place to emulate an "average" mission that tests ST, AoE, and Mitigation of just the primaries at a basic level, lets see what happened: Sorted by AVG: Well, it seems that we have a certain set that is literally melting the competition, and two that appear to have Silencers on. In terms of raw average clear time, Fire is leaps and bounds the fastest with a tremendous lead over the other blast sets, and nearly having a 4x bigger gap from the average compared to the 2nd place Beam Rifle! On the flip side, both Assault Rifle and Sonic Blast are at the bottom with incredibly slow average clear times. Luckily, that is not the only measure. Sorted by SAFETY: Washing away the competition here is Water Blast! With it's combination of self healing, reliable knockdowns, and overall great damage it was one of the few sets to clear the course with 0 defeats at all, alongside Dark and Psy blast who all shared the trait of reliable (AoE) CC and decent secondary effects. Coming in second with 1 defeat was Ice Blast, which while it could reliably freeze a single target in it's tracks it had trouble vs crowds if Blizzard wasn't online, leading to multiple stray hits weaseling in and netting a lucky win for the NPC's. Fire is knocked here with 5 deaths, mostly against the Elite Boss spawn where the lack of mitigation outside of killing before you get killed lead to some unfortunate ends. On the bottom of the list though was Radiation Blast with a whopping 9 defeats! The set deals plenty of damage, but I found out the hard way that speed matters here. Many powers deal damage over time or simply animate slowly which allows hits to come in in ways that even Fire Blast didn't have to worry about due to raw application speed, on top of havign a tiny KB chance on it's cone + the ST stun being on a longish cooldown that lead to poor mitigation vs tougher single targets. Sorted by BEST TIME: Tracking the best time per set shows sort of the upper lvl they can achieve when you're really in the groove. Of note are Energy and Dark Blast attaining very fast clear times compared to where they end up when averaged out! Sorted by WORST TIME: Likewise, sorting by the worst time gives an idea of how well they perform in a less than ideal run. Water being so high here shows how consistent the set performs regardless of the enemy setup. Sorted by STANDARD DEVIATION: Speaking of consistency, the Standard Deviation shows us how much variance there was run-to-run on average per set. The smaller the deviation the better a set could probably just follow it's normal gameplan without needing to worry about as many X factors like spacing or special targeting. Sets that rely on such tactics ended up having much higher deviations as seen here. With these 5 metrics in mind, I was able to rank each primary based on the actual score per category + the gap between it and the next set, and then add up these values by weight. The lower the final score, the higher tiered the set is when looked at it alone: FINAL RESULTS: Its fitting that the only thing to beat Fire is Water IMO! Lets break this down per tier: S TIER: With everything put together, the safety and consistency of Water Blast gives it the edge over Fire's Raw Speed given it's lack of those key traits. Ice rounds out the S-Tier at the lower end simply due to lack of AoE speed while having the some of the best times vs the Boss encounters. Really not much else to add here aside from these three being incredibly solid sets at the base level. A TIER: Beam, Archery, and Energy are all almost tied in the A Tier. Beam and Archery boast some of the fastest recharging nukes and could reliably just delete certain spawns, with beam having a slight ST edge over Archery and vice versa with Archery having a bit better AoE. Energy was a bit slower given Nova recharges a bit slower, but there is a reason we call Nukes Nova's. When it was up and available, it would delete an entire spawn no questions asked and fling bosses about for safety, and the rest of the powers are all very solid versions of your standard blasts that lead to an overall good performance. I'd say the sets in these tiers were held back by not having as 100% reliable mitigation as sets in the S tier with either 100% knockdowns / slows that lead to a few defeats each, impacting Beam Rifle specifically. Nor did they have the raw... literal Fire power like Fire does nor the likes of Blizzard/Geyser to edge out just a bit quicker clear times in the case of Energy and Archery. B TIER: Next up we have Dual Pistols, Rad, and Dark Blast. These three all had separate issues holding them back, but lets start with Rad as we touched on it for the safety portion: it has none. The combination of slow animations, slow application of damage, and hard to apply/stack Mez effects (by itself) lead to it tanking hard in the safety adjustment + middling scores elsewhere brought it down compared to the high tiers. If you pair it with a very defensive secondary or team support it can shine, but isolated it felt very rough. On the flip side, Dark Blast was able to breeze through each spawn without a care. Guaranteed KB in a cone, solid ST damage, a great ST hold, a Self Heal, a nuke that soft-caps you vs anything left alive + all attacks stacking -ToHit made it probably the safest set in general, though it did pay for that safety when it comes to AoE performance. Having different shaped cones that deal damage in different amounts/ways lead to very inconsistent times based on the spawn set up room to room, leading to sub-average scores except for Best Time and Safety. The best way I could describe Dual Pistols at a base/isolated level is Anemic. Swapping mainly between Normal and Incendiary ammo depending on whether I needed safety or damage, I was able to clench an incredibly consistent performance, but it was consistently on the slow side. Despite the animations having been sped up, the application of damage is still slow and the mitigation is not super consistent. Add to that different ranged cones / PBAoE that requires >4s commitment where missing a key target leaves you open + slower animating ST attacks and well... you get a B-Tier. Luckily you can proc the hell out of the set! C TIER: ELEC BLAST The last few sets stand out in their own divisions, so I'll just talk about them as-is. Elec Blast was actually very very safe in practice even by itself as it's great TAoE Ball Lightning + SC would actually do solid work vs mobs of minions + Sparky taking care of stragglers, and the fact that thunderous Blast can be initiated safely + completely drain living targets into submission. In general, if you could survive the alpha you won teh fight vs Bosses and the Elite Boss with elec blast, with the Voltaic Sentinel contributing quite a lot of ST dps at a glance! Unfortunately, the issues add up when you consider the cast times of some key powers (Voltaic Sentinel, Short Circuit, Thunderous Blast) on top of End Drain really only working on bosses about halfway through the fight if not more if you happen to miss thanks to RNG lead to slower times and a bit of inconsistency. D TIER: PSY BLAST A surprisingly fun set, Psy Blast I could compare directly to Dark in many ways except for AoE.... which it struggles with. With only Psy Tornado and the Nuke to clear mobs with, I had to cycle ST attacks around frantically in between to clear areas. Luckily most of those ST attacks come with hefty -Rech which pairs well with Sustain, as well as a slew of soft/hard control to make it a very safe set of runs. This also made it weirdly faster the more boss spawns there were in the mission as I could tear through them faster than a packed area full on minions/LT's most of the time. If one of the powers were say, a sort of Cone or if Psy Nado was made to animate much faster it would easily bump up in the placings. E TIER: ASSAULT RIFLE I have a thread on this in the suggestions forum, but the short and sweet of it is Animation Times, different cone sizes, lack of aim and Ignite being weird. Full Auto takes 4s to animate and deals significantly less damage than similar "previously crashless" nukes, Flamethrower takes 7 seconds to apply its full damage after a 2.33s animation! Sniper Rifle animates slower than other fast snipes. To put the cherry on top, the Aim replacement found in Ignite not only takes a bit to animate but you need a method of keeping a foe in the patch which is actively fought by your other powers potentially knocking the guy out of the patch which is just silly. It was an actual slog for me to run AR through these tests with only /Build Up helping out from the secondary. F TIER: SONIC ATTACK It's not over till the... slowest set sings I guess. This set has major issues with animation times averaging around 2s a click outside the T1 attack. Sure, you can sleep groups very reliably but then taking them down is a snore-fest with only 3 ST attacks with the T3 animating slowly, and your other AoE's waking them up anyways. At least the Nuke applies damage dang near instantly compared to all other nukes (I think Psy may have done this as well) which was nice, but everything else just feels incredibly lackluster. Bosses, especially the Elite Boss, in general were a slog to get through with the poor ST output and needing to toss in Shockwave for safety every so often. I guess it is a bit of a philosophical debate though, given the secondary effect is a direct force multiplier... should it remain the worst performer in a vacuum? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are my thoughts and observations on the Blast primaries so far. Take it with a grain of salt though as these runs were designed to highlight just the primary with a little help from Build Up that could emulate the effects of secondary attacks / other effects if we eyeball this compared to Defs/Corrs as well. In the future I'll add in procs and the like to see how certain sets (Dual Pistols) may change radically. Thank you, @Galaxy Brain
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    You kids these days don't know how good you've got it. Back in the days of the 2001 pre-beta boards we didn't have a "game" to "play". We imagined everything and we were happy. Worst thing ever to happen to CoH was it existing. What I wouldn't do for the glory days of vaporware. You can't get bored and run out of content if you have to make it all up in your head. And grinding? Don't talk to me about grinding. Jack Emmert revealing beta invites would be based on forum activity? I had to post 10 times a day for six months, uphill both ways, in the snow. I earned my spot. I didn't "powerlevel" my way into the 2004 public beta like these 2004 pre-order n00bs. Game needs rebuilding, exactly the same, from the ground up. It's the only way we can give people the authentic CoH experience.
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    *shrug* THere's nothing unplayable. If you want to play it, play it. You're not forced to take an XP booster. You're not forced to do alignment changes via Null instead of running the missions. As far as grinding specific content for costume pieces instead of having them at creation, or for Incarnate salvage, that being gone is a *huge* improvement. Play what you want, how you want. You don't "lose" if someone else fire-farms on 2xp to 50 in an hour or whatever. You don't "win" by taking 500 hours to do the same journey. You *win* by having the game available to play the way you want. The game gives you *choice,* not grind. This is not a bad thing.
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    No content in CoH is obsolete. It's all there for you to play. Every TF auto exemplars you. Every story arc is in Ouroboros. I often go back and replay old story arcs, especially the Striga ones, just for the nostalgia. You shouldn't need to be rewarded to play the content. If you need a carrot on a stick to enjoy it or to be enticed to play it, are you actually enjoying it? I think that says more about you having some sort of screwed up motivational driving factors. In sum, /jranger
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    Glad you got your power back! But 3 days is nothing, I once went the better part of a decade!
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    "So many"? I wish there were *more*. Every AT should have Fire, Ice, Electric, Dark, Plant, Earth, Energy, and natural/weapon-based APPs (and I'm sure I forgot some), so you can complement any theme. And that's before taking PPPs into account.
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    I love this game. I loved it back in the days, I love it now. But what I never enjoyed was toying with Builds. So I want to say thank you to all of you who creates builds and publish them. Thanks to your efforts, I can focus on the parts of the game I enjoy most.
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    Cool. Been here since beta, but go on with the condescension. Reflects really well on you as a person. There's a reason the grind is gone. Its because the "real OGs" all grew up and are old farts now with lives to attend to and don't want or care about the old grind. Why would anyone backtrack on a completely intentional change for the better? Look at the other servers with more grinding and tell me how great their pop numbers are with their "OG" feel. You are wrong. Also Suggestions forum is ^that way^. EDIT: The funniest part is saying "that's how the game will die". HC has been running for 18 months now, with the current level of "minimal grind" and still hits its donation goals every month in an hour or less. Numbers are steady. Where's this predicted death? Also, this isn't an actual MMO. It's a zombie unofficial game run by fans.
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    Not everyone "plays to the meta"... There are quite a few City players who go for theme or personal preference over strict build advantage.
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    New Dev Choice Arcs in Architect Entertainment First up, we've got two brand new Dev Choice arcs for you to look at. This time it’s a two-parter set in Cimerora! Tales of Cimerora: Of feathers and fur (Volume 1) (Arc ID 1261) by @Nebulhym: Anyone who loves mythology or is craving a little extra "Cimeroran" content, look no further! This story arc involves teaming up with Daedalus, and getting to feel like a demigod of Roman Mythology, sent on a task by the gods to help defend Cimerora. If you enjoy mythology, you'll see a lot of familiar names and characters pop up in this arc! Be sure to bring some fellow heroes, because on lvl 54, these enemies are certainly a challenge! Tales of Cimerora: From Tartarus with love... (Volume 2) (Arc ID 1262) by @Nebulhym: We honestly enjoyed Volume 1 so much, we couldn't wait to delve back into the world of mythology and play Volume 2, and let me tell you - it did NOT disappoint. This time we're tasked by Imperious himself, to dive back into the stories of old and help defend Cimerora. We particularly enjoyed the custom characters and the map choices (Temple of Neptune). If you enjoyed the first volume, be sure to test out this one as well! a15eb04bd325f088d59951856a696321.mp4.271573e191871c4e3a21c2e136131115.mp4 Check out GM Arcanum's post for the full details, as well as information about submitting your own arcs for consideration. Monthly Costume Contest: Technology (August 22nd) Come join us on Saturday August 22nd at 5pm EST (9pm UTC) in Kallisti Wharf on all shards for the continuation of our origin themed costume contests. This month we are all about Technology! Unique and creative costumes are always encouraged - we can't wait to see what you come up with. As usual, a myriad of prizes will be up for grabs - check out this thread for the full details. Derek’s Disaster Averted! Thanks to the valiant efforts of the many Heroes & Villains on all shards who turned up to help @Mender Silos fix @Mender Derek's mistakes, the timeline has been saved… for now. d8b5d6331a33813e61e5825c45c1d1b0.mp4.fb05ef9a15aa752c2ee78c5779908c59.mp4 Check out this thread for a gallery of screenshots from Derek’s visit to each shard. Discord Update: Community Server Program We’ve signed up to Discord’s new Community Server program. This has several small perks, but most importantly of all it allows us to set up a much-requested Discord Announcements channel. You’re now able to relay our Announcement channel to your own Discord server in order to forward these updates into a channel of your choosing. Also - if you’ve got a spare Nitro Boost going please consider boosting our Discord! It allows us to maintain several cool benefits for the server. Folding@home Update: All-Time Top 100 Teams We’ve just overtaken Ukraine in the Folding@home team rankings, which has pushed us into the all-time top 100 teams. We’re on track to beat Poland in a few hours, which will bring us to position 99. We’re incredibly proud of everyone involved in making this happen. Check out this thread if you’d like to get involved, you may even win some in-game prizes! - The Homecoming Team
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    From the start, I suspected that the arguing in this thread was a form of angry flirtation. It's nice to see my suspicions proved correct. Here are my predictions for phrases that we will see written in the near future: "The dullest pain that I can imagine is nine days without a reply from you." "Your wall of emotional invincibility taunts me so that I feel inexplicably drawn to you." "You've shattered the particle shielding around my heart. Don't ask me to absorb these feelings! Only time will regenerate what my heart has lost." "I find it impossible to resist your energies. Your magnetism is unstoppable, and the tension between us is unyielding." "This moment, here and now, is the ground zero of our shared future. Every word from you is a gamma boost to my very soul!" "I hope that you can overlook my poor innate performance. I promise that you will be satisfied with my tenacity after I consume 8 hour enhancing boosters."
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    Here goes! Fingers crossed someone else but me will like them 😄 CybHawk: Elec/Shield brute Cpt. Chromejaw: Robot/time mm Necron Overlord: Beam Rifle/Time Blaster
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    I've completed my testing (using a slightly modified version of Luminara's posted method) and the short answer is that it looks like potential inf earned from farming is approximately 20% lower as a result of the 'Disabling XP No Longer Increases Influence' change. I've included a screenshot of my summary spreadsheet with the results of the 16 individual farming runs, along with the summary stats at the bottom. It seems clear that the biggest variability in inf is due to the quality and quantity of marketable recipe drops, including those that can be crafted for profit. Otherwise, I'll let others draw their own conclusions from these numbers. EDIT: I meant to include my drops tabulation as well, I've included that screenshot below. If you want my detailed methodology, I've included it as spoilered text below.
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    I've been playing since June 2019, on a fairly regular basis. I have level exactly two 50's in that time, a 48, a 46, two 40's, two 30's, about 8 in the twenties and another eighteen or so below that. Because I am specifically NOT powerlevelling, and in fact disabling XP at several points along the way when there's X content I want to do "at level" or because I want to do wide variety of the tip missions (tips are availalbe from 20+, but they are divided into a tier... 20-30 tips, 30-40 tips, 40-50 tips... if you zoom to 50, you'll never see many of them), etc. It's very possible to throttle your own pace if you wish it. One need not keep up with the joneses.
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    All the gold-side content is required for some of the new badges the HC team added. So there's your reward for doing that. As for redside, you're rewarded by getting better-designed arcs that don't drag on forever and send you all over the city. The endgame doesn't have nearly enough content to earn all the incarnate powers without a lot of repetitive grinding. Now repeat that for every alt. This was a terrible design decision by the live devs that the HC team has rectified. There is nothing stopping you from running trials and Incarnate arcs if you want to. If you really want the game to be grindy again, you can still make your own grind. As for the rest of us, as Omega-202 said, we're old farts who like being able to trick out our alts in a reasonable time frame.
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    Reading this thread inspired me to go back and work on my hero name generator some more. I mined some of the words people shared here as well as a few other places to add dozens of new entries to the generator. To be honest, it makes a lot of silly stuff but there's enough good suggestions peppered in that maybe it'll spark your imagination. 😎 Hope this is helpful for people looking to name their character! City Suggests Name Generator
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    @Galaxy Brain, this is really good stuff. I for one, like the "safety" metric as it is. I think the methodology chosen gets the point across. The amount of defense added by CJ and Hover is minimal. The mobility aspect of each is obvious to me. It helps to try to ensure effective use of the various kinds of range attack (cone, TAOE, standard, etc...). The outcome of which sets are safer than others is the entire point of how the test was designed. To go back and re-do all of it with a more substantial defensive stack is to skew results for a certain outcome. If the concept of reading the results was "X set is actually safer than this because with Y defensive stack makes it so", then I think the test was successful. There is no need, in my opinion, to go back and placate others to prove that Y defense stack makes X set better. Doing this treads more into the realm of establishing how a build comes together to resolve a problem vs highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each individual power set.
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    This may be breaking protocol, but Aaru's name was Chris and he was my most cherished and dearest person in real life. Wednesday morning, he had a heart attack. Paramedics worked on him for 25 minutes, but he was gone. He was 51 years old. Sadly, I won't be able to make it to the Old City because I have to be in Church to honor him there. But I've passed along your plans to his daughter and both she and her brother are very touched that you're honoring Chris in this way. The Old City is a work of art and he was so proud of it. He was the best person I knew and I'm blessed to have had 10 years with him, but truly no amount of time would have been long enough. I'll love and miss him my whole life.
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    I'll take "Words I never thought I'd read on the CoH forums" for 400, Alex.
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    Is it? While I see some, I don't know that that's *that* common. I mean, as I'm looking just at the LFG window, just searching for anyone, of the 50 people showing up I see... seven that might have power or role related names, an dsome of those I'm guessing at ("Kinetic-velocity" is likely a kinetic, sure, but I'm guessing "Gladewalker" is plant or nature, for instance.) I'm obviously not showing up in my own search 🙂 and of the several other names showing ujp in LFG and help that aren't in that list, I see... maybe three? that fit that description as well. Name-names, titles (or things that look like titles,) and just ... some rather random things seem to make up more. Granted this is a fairly random sample at one time of day, but it does kind of line up with what I see on things like hami and MSRs where we have large groups of people. Fewer "Justice Flame" fire blasters, more... almost anything else. Also rusty muffler will exist as a mind/emp in 5...4...3... (you think I'm kidding?)
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    Oh please, this will make finding them a lot easier.
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    I know this problem exists for Assault Radial Hybrid (Double-Hit), and it might also exist for Plant Manipulation's Toxins. Each of these powers gives a "proc damage" effect to damage powers that have an activate period (damage auras, damage patches/pseudopets, etc), and the damage from that effect is dependent on the activation period of the power. The larger the period, the larger the damage. The formula for Assault Radial Hybrid is as follows (T4 version): Proc Damage = 0.4 x 0.11 x min(ActivatePeriod, 2) x 107.0897 / (1+0.15 x Radius) The formula implies that the proc damage would occur at each tick (with damage capped up to a maximum of 2s). However, this damage occurs exactly like how Procs in toggles work: with each proc chance happening every 10 seconds. It makes no sense to reduce the damage from auras/patches to such miniscule numbers and only have the damage applied once per 10 seconds, especially when ActivatePeriods can be as low as 0.5s. To illustrate my point, let's assume we have a damage aura with 8 ft radius and 0.5s ActivatePeriod. Our damage would be: Proc Damage = 0.4 x 0.11 x 0.5 x 107.0897 / (1+0.15 x 8 ) = 1.071 damage ... every 10 seconds. That is heinous. I recommend changing this formula to match how it works in game (replace the min(ActivatePeriod, 2) with 10s) or allow the damage to occur at every tick. As it is now, there is no way on Earth it is working as intended.
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    Hover and Combat Jumping are persistent buffs, and a proactive method of damage mitigation. They give the same buff to each Blaster tested regardless of environment or situation. Inspirations are situational buffs, and a reactive method of damage mitigation, recovery, and healing. In order to be objective when comparing power sets, the comparison should not include reactive mitigation that comes from sources outside of the power set.
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    What you're asking is unreasonable. It also defeats the purpose of this testing. @Galaxy Brain's testing is meant to compare the relative performance of each Blaster blast set with its included powers in a standard in-game environment. If outside elements are added to the test, then the test would not reflect the inherent performance of the power set.
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    Imagine needing to be right so badly that you behave like this in a thread where you fundamentally agree with the OP and most of the other posters.
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    One of the first pages I edited when the unofficial Homecoming Wiki came into being was the enhancement sets page. That page should be fully up to date for Homecoming.
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    I'd like to add a special thanks to @Redlynne - almost every time I've looked something up, a wall of text crits me and I get an alarmingly in-depth guide (and I say that as someone who writes guides that are a bit too long). Shout out to the grand procmaster @Bopper as well - truly the build-maker's friend. Thank you!
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    Just a heads-up, one of the things about the new launcher we're building is that it's designed with native support for add-ons in mind. While the first release won't have that support enabled, the framework for it is there and built into the architecture. Now, I don't know how long after the release of that launcher we'll be looking at for finishing that support and building the UI for it. So I certainly don't want to discourage the work being done here which will undoubtedly be able to come up with something quicker. Whatever you all come up with, once we're past the initial launch and thinking about addon support, it's something I'll want to engage with the community on to get ideas and make sure that what we do meshes well with what the mod authors have been doing. But so you can be thinking about a potential path there; here's what we have in mind for addons: The addon itself is a single file, probably a pigg but possibly a zip file. Addons can use the same package format that we'll be moving to for the game itself - a signed json file - so that mod authors can securely distribute updates that are verified to come from the author. This format already allows for things like specifying package dependencies for if one addon builds on another -- though we may want to think about adding some sort of priority system for situations where they need to be applied in a particular order but it can't be easily expressed in terms of dependencies. The user experience for installation will likely be a simple "do you trust this author?" message, possibly with a user-visible capabilities list that defines what types of files the addon package is allowed to contain -- texture overrides, popmenus, etc. Kind of like "If you hit OK, this addon will be allowed to update textures but not touch anything else" permissions model similar to mobile apps. Instead of extracting the packages into data/, the launcher will instruct the game to insert the addon package into its VFS (above the standard piggs). The layering of the VFS can be crafted to ensure that overrides happen in the proper order, and this makes things a lot simpler and faster than wrangling extracted files. This also makes it very simple for users to toggle addons on and off.
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    This isn't the point. Failing should not equal getting spawn camped forever. Look, I understand that if you tweak it to run at absolutely the easiest setting possible you probably will not encounter this issue. But that does not excuse that the issue still exists in most anything but said setting. It does not make the mission any more challenging if a defeat essentially soft locks the game, it instead makes it more frustrating.
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    If you are currently, or have been in the past, afflicted with Male Face 1, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Attorney Chris Jenkins. Consultation is free.
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    I hate to down the mood, but I'm going to state what I stated last night in ELTF - this would be a big disservice to the other raid leaders, and its likely that none of us (Elm, Keen, Black, Oh, Captain Star, Chi, Mojo, myself, and Veracor to be topical) would even want a plaque/care for one. The thing about it is the resources as well - placing a plaque would be game-wide, not server-wide. Which then opens up to "well what about me!?" from Excelsior, Torchbearer, etc. Not to be the Debbie Downer but no amount of +1s will get this done is my train of thought.
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    This is a change that I believe is long overdue. Every blueside team I join ends up just doing police scanner missions over and over, and the reason why is obvious. It's far easier to just get an endless stream of missions all conveniently in one zone than it is to deal with hero contacts sending you on a giant Paragon City road trip. Contacts for villains learned this lesson, and it's one of the many reasons I prefer redside over blue. If I get a contact in Sharkhead Isle, I can be reasonably sure that 90% of that contact's missions will be in Sharkhead. Contacts for heroes, on the other hand, do not do this. I swear every single mission they give me is in a zone other than the one they're currently in. I'll get a contact in Brickstown and they'll be like "Hey, go to Perez Park and do this thing." "Hey, go to Founder's Falls and do that thing." "Cool, now go talk to this guy in Independence Port so he can send you on another mission in Terra Volta." No wonder people constantly run radio missions. Even with the SG base macro, it's far more convenient to just stay in one zone and run missions. And honestly it makes me sad, because radio missions are boring, and I'd love to see teams run story arcs again, but nobody wants to because it's just such a pain having to travel all over the entire city twelve times over. Make hero contacts stay in their zone wherever possible. My legs are tired, I'm running out of money for monorail passes, and my supergroup is wondering why the electric bill is so high because I keep using the teleporters. 😛
  34. 5 points
    Though an interesting idea, self resurrecting as a power you press rather than auto gives the player the choice of getting back into a fight, or waiting for mobs to retreat or your team teleporting you from danger, so unfortunately, im against making this an auto activation abilty.
  35. 5 points
    Weird. When I type /ah, it brings up the black market, not Wentworth's.
  36. 5 points
    This will likely remain true for a big chunk of the player base. I still maintain that that's a DAMN shame and people are costing themselves some very fine story arcs and interesting zones because of it.
  37. 5 points
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    Edit: - BB thinks TPKing is "good storytelling" and "good RP." - Heavy handed and pushes opinion on sides being the "right" or "wrong" one to play. Yep. Know just how to consider his opinion now (reinforced by multiple wordy posts on other subjects.) Which is "not at all."
  39. 5 points
    This is all I wanted. Thank you for finally reading between the lines. *And Infinitum and Xanatos lived happily ever after*
  40. 5 points
    Real Life desperately needs some patches. I mean, the graphics are incredible, and the attention to detail in the zones is legendary, and interface is reallly intuitive. So kudos for that. But the Real Life GM's need to get seriously crackin on fixing some reported bugs. And what's up with this enforced Hardcore One-Life-Only mode for Real Life? I mean c'mon, some of us are looking for something more casual.
  41. 5 points
    It is comical seeing folks project a min/max focus and "I wanna skip to the end game" mentality onto the testing and the data collected. If someone wants to do their own testing, have at it. I would suggest using mission: "View your Future Memory" with standardized common IO slotting and power pool selections. Powersets are intended to have strengths and weaknesses. Builds are merely simple puzzles. IOs were intended to provide variety and enhance replay-ability while capitalizing on some corporate goals. Incarnates are another layer of the same. Thanks @Galaxy Brain for doing this work, laying out your findings so clearly, and adding some considerations beyond just pew pew.
  42. 5 points
    I also never use a new character until they're fully-built with IOs boosted to +5, at least veteran level 20, have full accolades, and have full incarnates. After all, if a character doesn't have those things when I first use it, how will I know if I enjoy playing it?
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    I thoroughly enjoy traveling our city, so... No vote, sorry. I think it's part of the spirit of CoH that you fly, speed and leap about saving the city. Lore source material also indicates that all comic heroes did this.
  44. 5 points
    "Let's run an arc at the level it's opened to my toon, so balanced around that level and my gear level, in a game that doesn't require specific archetypes, and be bothered when it's designed in a way that, once you die, basically becomes an endless loop of death forcing you to quit." There. Fixed it for you. By the way, EVERY SINGLE ARC in this game is optional. There is literally not one single arc you're required to do. That doesn't mean we shouldn't address issues where arcs are broken.
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    It's not a reduction - the second poster was correct in the way they described it. It has to do with the way the game calculates and displays things like this and you'd see the same sort of results if you were looking at recharge or endurance reduction. Having 100% mez resistance means a mez lasts half its original duration, just like having 100% recharge reduction means a power recharges in half the time, just like having 100% endurance reduction means a power costs half as much endurance. They aren't straight reductions because otherwise you'd have things like 100% mez resistance meaning mezzes would have no duration, or 100% recharge meaning powers recharged instantly, or 100% endurance reduction meaning powers cost no endurance. Some math, using the examples in @Patti's post: Let's look at damage first. We'll use some arbitrary values for this, so let's say our base damage for a given attack is 100. If I have 33% damage enhancement, that becomes 100 x 1.33 = 133 damage. Likewise, if I have a 100% damage debuff applied to me it'd be 100 x 0 = 0 damage, except the minimum value for damage is 10% so you'd actually deal 10 damage. Most enhancement aspects work like the way I described above, but because I don't want to be able to have 100% mez resistance equal no mez ever, or 100% recharge to mean powers recharge instantly, or 100% endurance reduction to mean powers cost no endurance, those enhancements are figured differently. The math for these three enhancement aspects doesn't use the base x enhancement = result formula, it uses the (base / (100% + enhancement)) = result formula. For example, if I slot a power with 33% recharge reduction, it doesn't reduce recharge to 67% of its original value (the first formula), rather it reduces recharge to about 75% of its original value (the second formula). The same thing goes for mez resistance - if I have 20% mez resistance it doesn't mean all mezzes last 80% of their original duration (the first formula), it means all mezzes last 83.33% of their original duration (or 16.67% of their duration is removed). So yes, in a manner of speaking, you could say there are diminishing returns applied to mez resistance, or recharge reduction, or endurance reduction, because each 100% of those you have only reduces the value by 1/2 of the current value (i.e. 100% mez resist means a mez lasts half its duration, 200% means it lasts 1/4 its duration, 300% means it lasts 1/8 its duration, and so on), but those diminishing returns are only due to the mechanics of how enhancing those attributes works and not because of some artificial limitation. Is it a little bit complicated? Yep. Is CoH pretty wacky and complicated under the hood considering how casual-friendly it purports to be? Also yep.
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    A true hero would never turn evil even if it meant bettering himself.
  47. 5 points
    It does not matter the before, I want you to experience what I did on my /Energy Aura scrapper and happen to take an L at that part. It really doesn't matter what lead to it, but it seems you have not experienced it. Experience what we're talking about, then get back to us.
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    A true scrapper doesn't care what his place in the world is. He will step up and kill whatever is in front of him regardless.
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    Chumbawumba starts playing. Please don't do this.
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