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    Played this game religiously back in the day. Loaded the disk a few times since to 'reminisce'... Don't know what prompted me, but today, I googled CoH and to my surprise...the community is alive and kicking. I downloaded the game and now I am destined to grind on it for hours at a clip. Thank you to the team who has brought this highlight of my gaming career back online!
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    The chest piece on Blowhole looked like a mouth to me, so I present... Francis. Devourer of Innocence.
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    My latest Praetorian character : the soundblasting mutant and Resistance DJ (undercover as a Powers Division representative), Neonwave ! (Sonic/Energy Aura Sentinel)
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    Introducing the Battle Bee, the insect-themed superspy using an electric power suit, along with his signature "electro-stingers"! (Claws/Elec Scrapper)
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    Stability Replaced an internal function related to sorting models for rendering that may be responsible for the hami bud crash.
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    Blain Kah, elite street sweeper. (Elec/Savage tanker)
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    Glad there is only one, I'd hate to see what a whole "group" of them could do.
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    I've been working on a bunch of costume pieces for months! a bunch of these I made very recently but another handful I worked on all the way back last summer, and only got around to compiling and making functional in-game. The last 4 I'm gonna show use a new category in tights/with skin called 'Overwear' but they're compatible with the Shirts category, though their sleeves would clip with shirt sleeves (in this situation it would be ideal to have them disable the sleeves category) Imgur album here for easier viewing: https://imgur.com/a/SGElole These last 4 are the ones I mentioned earlier. The last one on the bottom right has a bunch of additional patterns as well: If the Homecoming developers would like to use any of these costume pieces for their server, I'm 100% on board to provide them! My stipulations would be that I would retain complete ownership over all the art assets involved, essentially licensing use of them for free. I also won't agree to any exclusivity, as I want any server that desires using these parts to have access to them with no strings attached. I'll continue to work on more, and there are a couple I didn't show here because I haven't finished importing them yet.
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    Yes, yes we do want to keep it the way it is. PPs are one of the more challenging aspects of the game, no need to water them down. Leave them as is, they're iconic. Hard no vote on changing them.
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    On Feb. 27th 2021 The Inglorious-hami 8 of Inherent Chaos of Torchbearer Took down hamidon in the Abyss. We cleared 1 set of mitos and then took hami down the rest of the way. 1.DM/Bio tanker "10 ply" @battering-ram(Ram) 2.Fire/Kin blaster "Never say Never." @gristlebone(gris) 3.Dark/martial Blapper"tolchak" @Reddy(Red) 4.fire/Nin blaster "ballroom blietzkrieg" @erik the Viking 5.Grav/Dark Troller "Fraynk" @action Figure (Fraaaaynk!) 6.fire/fire Blaster "Chiara" @ pixXxi Fire 7.Psi/Nrgy Stalker "No U" @ jakil 8.Ice/atomic Blapper "plain staint jane" @ Fire Itch
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    I'd have to agree. A regen on a sentinel IS fine. Mighty fine.
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    Thunderforce Electric Blast / Dark Armor Sentinel
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    Where you and the last enemy in a spawn trade mez effects and you both stand around looking like idiots for a bit.
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    Yes, Willpower is definitely worth playing.
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    Its so rare one gets to use something twice:
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    The truth is we do NOT need a CoH classic server. We have, what I call, City of Options. There's nothing stopping you from forgoing a cape until you take it upon yourself to complete the cape mission. There's nothing stopping you from NOT using various costume pieces until you've done the old-school equivalent of unlocking them. Except you, and perhaps a lack of discipline or knowledge of what was required to do the unlock. As for Frostfire, I took it upon myself to promote and lead an old-school style, no 2xp blue side crawl for my sg. We go in, once a week for 90 minutes, collaboratively completing various arcs. We did Frostfire two weeks ago. Half the team doesn't even slot anything until level 22, so things were pretty sloppy and embarrassing, to be honest. Didn't seem to take away from anyone's fun, though. In some ways, what you're after is a lot like badging in CoH. Some folks seem to not do anything unless there's a badge behind it, and others have no issue reaching level 50 with less than 50 badges. Any badges they got was either by accident, or game-given as a result of leveling and reaching certain benchmarks without a thought to badges. Some only pursue stat boosting accolades. Nobody puts a gun to anyone's head saying they have to - but they get to do so, if they want. Same thing with capes, auras and other things that used to be gated/locked.
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    I think the fact that we have a ton of veteran players is a big factor. Combine that with the ease of access to lvl 50, to IO's, Incarnates, and they all mix together to make CoH quite breezy at times even when running the hard stuff. Hell, the last time I remember really eating dirt with my non-softcapped blaster was on a MLTF with Infinitum due to every bane spider in existence coalescing in one room! If it were a normal encounter with a normal amount of enemies it'd be a breeze. Something that @Infinitum and I have talked about though is that there definitely needs to be something new for us to chew on, and luckily we have the perfect place: The Shadow Shard Not only is this a criminally underused area of the game, but it includes a built-in means to have "Special Enemies" with the Reflections (https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Shadow_Shard_Reflections). Lore wise, the Shadow Shard has mirrored versions of a ton of existing enemy groups, given that this is a place of Dreams then it could feature remixed enemies that could expand to different tiers if we want: Reflection - basically a slightly tougher version of X enemy group. I would definitely allow low level enemies to reappear as lvl 50+ versions as reflections! Dream - one step up, granted new powers and abilities Nightmare - final step, totally bonkers abilities fitting their theme (Freakshow with a full suite of elec and claws powers, etc) We could fit it in as even Radio-Style missions in the shards where defeating these Reflections somehow weakens Rularuu, and like how every X radio missions gets you a safeguard, every X Dream-Missions grant you a shot at a thematic Shadow Shard encounter. On top of all that, basic Rularuu enemies are able to tear whole teams a new one lol.
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    Have been playing like a madman the last week, haven't gotten around to posting. Geez, so many characters I enjoy playing atm. When you want to bring down one of the most powerful beings in existence, you better bring an OP combination. God-Breaker (WM/Shield Scrapper) Not using a cape because it clips badly with the shoulder pads. Going to switch out the hammer for Rularuu's Fury after I complete the TF.
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    Overkill - Invulnerability/Fiery Melee
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    801 took a very long time to balance, and uses out of game tools (but doesn't have to, it's just easier). It's easy to slap together a simple group for solo only play, but the default simple AE methods tend to not scale well. There is an exponential^3 potential difference in a small team of SO only non-incarnates, and a full team of 8 full Tier 4 IO Tier 4 Incarnate players. A single T4^2 player can encapsulate the capabilities of a full team of 8 SO Heroes. And that only gets worse when the synergistic Incarnates start bouncing off each other in teams. That's probably a 64:1 power ratio difference, if not potentially worse. I've seen vet teams crumple to 801.0, and at the same time I've seen rare teams stomp 801.5, and I have a few very rare teams asking for more. My BEST tank crumpled to 801.9, and I expect THAT (very rare) team to come back and ask for MOAR! The IOed INCARNATE is out of the bag, and there's no putting it back. I would fully support a two additional settings: No Bosses - We already have this Regular - We already have this Bosses to EBs: Minions -> Lts, Lts -> Bosses, Bosses -> EBs Bosses to EBs Plus: Minions -> Bosses, Lts -> EBs, Bosses -> EBs All EBs: ... all EBs You could give AVs a similar synergistic treatment. I'd probably never touch that outside of teams, but I can see some teams loving it. No AVs - We Already Have this Regular Avs - We Already Have this EBs to Avs - regular EBs to AVs All AVs - All AVs
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    Tried to do something where 5th Column meets Wolfenstein. I like how the look came out (especially the back), but despite trying for an actual villain on this one, I get pretty uncomfortable playing what is obviously a fascist character at times. 😕
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    Having seen what has been unleashed, creatively, without that, I wouldn't say building SG bases isn't work... for me, just like costumes, I'd rather not see someone's creativity hampered because they're 10 prestige short of buying a wall section or something. Some people are fine just throwing on generic tights and a pattern (or a room with some storage and teleporters,) others fold, spindle and mutilate the system and create some pretty incredible things they probably couldn't if they were restricted by prestige.
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    Hey all! Just popping back in to clarify a few things and hopefully not embarass myself more than I already have! First, yes, this was done on my regular account, no GM tools or anything else used. I'm sorry for leaving that open to interpretation, I should have been more clear. In fact, mistake number two was posting about this on my GM forum account to begin with. Live and learn! Second, this was just me, not part of some vaster GM or Dev-led conspiracy. If we were doing something on an official level, we would announce it (unless we were countering an active expoit, I suppose, in which case we would only announce something once the situation had been resolved). That said, with some obvious exceptions (seeding, bucketing, etc) we're rather lassiez faire, and content to let the market run itself. And third, none of this was intended to fuel any speculation about current or future development. So, no, I don't know when or even if we'll be able to convert Hami-Os. Sorry 😞 That about covers it. I'm sorry for having caused a stir, I'll use better judgement next time!
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    I, for one, was glad when the cape and aura unlocks went the way of the dodo... I play Oranbegan characters and it annoyed the ever-loving CRAP out of me when my Death Mage or my Thorn Wielder had to wait until they'd already leveled through a big chunk of the game before they could have the glowing eyes they ought to have had from the start. In a game where character customization is and was such a huge draw, locking something as basic as an eye-glow behind a level 30 mission was just... silly. Walling off capes was absolutely pants-on-head nuts.
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    Sorry for the wait, we had a team or two that had asked for a few days to get their runs done due to scheduling issues. So without further ado, announcing the winners of the Speedrun Olympics: FIRST PLACE From Torchbearer: @Xemnas||@Philtrum||@Timmy O'Toole||@Techno||@Tux||@Vea|| Barracuda: 16:51 Imperious Task Force: 8:05 Lady Grey Task Force: 10:20 Miss Liberty Task Force: 10:48 Accumulative Time: 46:04 SECOND PLACE From Everlasting: ||@Black Heart||@Styx66||@Veracor||@Paish||@Blue Bile||@White Tiger Wasp|| Barracuda: 19:02 Imperious Task Force: 8:59 Lady Grey Task Force: 11:23 Miss Liberty Task Force: 13:16 Accumulative Time: 52:40 THIRD PLACE From Everlasting: @RavenMagus||@Ruaidhri||@SSR||@Elmyder||@Faultline||@Burk|| Barracuda: 19:28 Imperious Task Force: 10:29 Lady Grey Task Force: 11:11 Miss Liberty Task Force: 12:06 Accumulative Time: 53:14 Thank you to everyone that participated! There will be another competition(with likely new rules and runs) in the next few months for those that didn't place, or didn't get to participate. All prizes will be emailed to the proper global handles within the week. Please DM me or let me know if you don't receive yours by then. For those that didn't place: Ask questions! Learn how you can improve! There's always something to improve times and make your runs smoother. Even for all three placing teams. See you all next time!
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    I interviewed a few citizens. Some point me to an interesting or important place. Others give me funny and sometimes weird retort. Usually, each citizen has a set of 10-11 answers. Some sets are similar, so I group them to save space. I think I'll post their answer here. There's a useful IPC location just down the street in Imperial City. I store all my valuables there! I report all suspicious activity to my local Precinct. I love Studio 55. It's a great place to rest and enjoy some music. Those Resistance posting their filth all over the town! Disgusting! I wonder what those numbers mean on those Clockwork vendors. The Lounge is a great place for loyal Praetorians to gather. I love the Trading House. It's a great place to buy and sell! I heard about some chamber leading to another dimension. Poppycock! There are several access tunnels to something underground, but I d never go down there! I've always wondered what's inside that lovely building in the Magisterium. You don't talk about First Ward. Not Around anybody important. First Ward? Oh, we don't talk about First Ward. First Ward is Emperor Cole's Dirty Secret, but you didn't hear it from me. Oh, First Ward? Wasn't that lost with that massive Devouring Earth attack? I heard people still inhibit First Ward. Could you believe it? Neutropolis may look a little dirty, but it's solid and nothing a new coat of paint won't fix. There's a tunnel running under the whole city to keep everything running smoothly. I read the tunnels under the city started out as a nuclear shelter. Good thing we don't have to worry about that anymore. The tunnels are pretty dangerous, authorized personnel only indeed. With The Resistance down there, the PPD can't guarantee the safety of citizens in the Underground. I'm going to move to Nova Praetoria as soon as my option vests. I heard that Night Ward is a magical reflection of First Ward with ties to the netherworld. If I want good food, I come to Imperial City. It's as simple as that. Imperial City is THE place to come for great entertainment. I love it here! Did you see that episode of Elf Cop last night? It was awesome! I just visited the CDEC. Feel so [beat] educated. I found this ancient artifact and put it up for auction on the Trading House. I wonder how much it would sell. Studio 55? It is THE hangout. I'm definitely going there tomorrow night! I'm so glad the Imperial Bank installed those ATMs in the lobby. They are so much convenient than standing in line. People Park is such a relaxing place. I wish I lived a bit closer to it. You can't beat Imperial City for the fantastic business district. Oh, if you are visiting Imperial City, you simply must travel to People Park. It's lovely. They've delayed renovations in the Neutropolis again. I bet it was sabotage. I just love the Magisterium. I've never been inside Emperor Cole's building, but I hear it's remarkable. The Magisterium is where it all happens. This is where all the political decisions are made. Can you feel the electriCity? Magisterium, just the sound of it on the tongue gives me the shivers. Nova Praetroia is the most important part of Praetoria. This is where all the big decisions happen. I love Nova Praetoria, it's got the best of everything, and I'm nice and safe right near the police headquarter! I've lived here all of my life, and except for a few irritants, Nova Praetoria is a lovely and safe city! You can't beat Imperial City for great food. Do you think Riptide was always a fish? I heard aria might be making a deal to be on the cover of a fashion magazine. I remember when Stern was a regular human, he's made so many sacrifices to help our city. I hope Zane takes down Reese one day. I saw warrant guest star yesterday on blue and gold. Have you seen the new concept car that Gravtech lab is working on? I can't wait! I'm saving up for it! Sometimes I go down to the CMF just watch the Clockworks. I just bought a new smartphone from Syfotine. It's much better than the older version. I love Nova Praetoria. It's the think tank of Praetoria. I am glad Praetor White is here to defend us from Scott and his lunatics. I'm looking forward to the next induction ceremony for Powers Division. Night Ward? What is that? I heard that Night Ward is infested with magical and dead things. If I even believed it existed. Do you know what I think of when I think of Night ward? The Netherworld. But you didn't hear it from me! Night Ward? Fairy tales! That's all it is. I'd not believe a word of it. I heard that Night Ward has ties to the netherworld. I don't even know how you'd get there! If you value your health, you don't go past Neutropolis. First Ward and beyond is unwise. That psychiatric facility in First Ward I've heard of it bad things. Very bad things. Mother of Mercy Psychiatric Hospital? I am sure "mercy" has nothing to do with it there. Oh, bad things happen at that hospital, I heard. I heard about Carnival of lights shadow paths, but I've never seen them. My sister said she saw Hamidon out there in the forest trying to get in. I'm so glad we have Emperor Cole to defend us all. And then it threw a tree - like a penny! Whoah! Did you see that? I thought I saw something! I had a lovely garden once before the decontamination happened. But the new one is just as good. I hear Senator Rodriquez introduced a bill to curb illegal farming. We can't be too careful when it comes to Hamidon spores. The other day I saw a member of Powers Division take on ten Destroyers. It really makes you wonder why people like the Destroyers would try to take down everything Cole has done for us. The tattoo that Destroyer had [beat] it looked like a military unit insignia. But that [beat] nahh. If the drug the Destroyers all take is orange, why does it turn them red? I saw a Destroyer bust through a solid stone wall once. It screamed "Oh Yeah!" before a team of Powers Division took it down. The Clockwork would seem friendly if I could understand what they're saying. I really want to upgrade to the New Home Companion from Neuron Technologies. I hear they can clean, cook, and take care of the kids. Those new Type 40 Clockwork are pretty incredible. I saw one vaporize a monster that crawled out of the Underground. The Clockworks are so helpful. I can't wait until they come out with robot orphans. They aren't really speaking to us. Those Clockworks just thinking out loud I heard someone say. Nightstar is so knowledgeable. Emperor Cole must be so proud.[n] I hear that Bobcat is quite a character. IVy! oh! I get it now! She is very capable, but sometimes I wonder if Praetor Duncan is a good role model for our city's daughters. I feel so safe with the Clockwork around. They are here to keep us from hurting ourselves, after all. I heard that the Destroyers are innocent civilians, corrupted by The Resistance. I wouldn't be surprised. Those Seers just babble. Why would they do that? I thought for a minute I recognized that Seer, but it was just my imagination, I'm sure. The Seer sure has a nice [beat] um [beat] why am I suddenly speaking out loud? You know, you cant trust organized crimes. Those Syndicate hoodlums should be sent off to the BAF! Why is it? When Emperor Cole tries to make everything so good, those thugs like the Syndicate would try and mess it all up? The Syndicate? Street thugs in leather jackets. I'd spit on them if it wasn't illegal to litter. Why can't the Seers root out the Syndicate once and for all? I'd support that. I heard the Syndicate is really in charge of The Resistance. Can you believe it? I drink a bottle of Enriche whenever I get nervous about Destroyers. It makes me feel all better. How smart you look in that costume, friend. All is well in Praetoria. Emperor Cole sees to it. Emperor Cole is a good man. He has saved us from many threats. We are in his debt. If you have a moment, you should visit Tiberian Bluff. It overlooks the city and is quite peaceful. You seem smarter than most. You must drink Enriche! I like you. Whatever it is, it can't be that bad. The climate here is perfect. Always. A glorious day upon you, friend. May you have a thousand sunshiney days, my friend. The finest scientific minds work here. I can't imagine being anywhere else. I want to be where technology is. Neutropolis is it. That's why I am here. Sure it's a bit grimy around here [beat], but there is no fake veneer either. If you stand in the center of a dust devil and speak your wish aloud [beat], you'll get a mouthful of dust. Don't ever cut the red wire! Always cut the red wire. Did you see that green-haired girl run by? Sure, Nova is beautiful. But, where's the science? Precisely, right here. All these hexagons make me think of bees. Scientist bees. I heard that Night Ward is a magical reflection of First Ward with ties to the netherworld. ($, /, @, !, and - means different group. A line with multiple symbol means multiple group has it.) $You ever see a Clockwork talk like a normal person? Creepy. $I saw a clockwork cleaning the wall the other day when it spontaneously combusted. It must have been sabotage. $Those [beat] things! [beat] Those ghouls! They are horrific! I wouldn't doubt they are the product of some nefarious Resistance plan! $Those monsters in the tunnels [beat] only The Resistance would create such evil things! $Don't go into the tunnels! It's not safe there anymore, not with those monsters. $I wonder what those bracelets on those [beat] ghouls [beat] are for? $Honest people have nothing to fear from the ghouls. They never leave the Underground. $Ghouls can't speak. Don't be ridiculous; They are animals. $Dont those PPD officers look just so smart in their uniforms? $I fully support our Praetorian Police Department! They keep me safe![n] /Emperor Cole is an amazing man. How could Resistance not see it? /The Resistance just does not understand the pure brilliance that is Emperor Cole. They are so evil. /If The Resistance would just stop and look at all the amazing things Emperor Cole has done for this place, they'd stop what they are doing this minute. /I just feel so much more calm when I wander past a Seer. They make my day. /Do you think those Seers actually see anything under that visor? /Why do the PPD officers fight the Powers Division? Why can't they just work together? /I saw five PPD teleport in to take down this Resistance monster that was about to rob someone. I feel so safe with them around. /My nephew wants to pretend he is part of the PPD. Do you know if they sell toy gloves like the ones they use? /I've heard things about a group of people who fight against Emperor Cole. Are they suicidal? /I've heard about The Resistance. they are responsible for every evil thing that has ever happened here! @Everyday, I am grateful for Emperor Cole and his senators. Are you? @Thanks for all the hard work you put into keeping us safe. @!-You look like a discerning person. @-The Resistance is a ridiculous farce. You are not one of them, are you? @-Emperor Cole knows how to deal with people who aren't loyal. Do you know what I mean? I think you do. @-I think I've seen you before on TPN. @-It's good to know that Praetoria has people like you to defend us from Scott and his madmen. @-Hey! You are part of Powers Division, right? -Have you ever seen a clockwork dance? Incredible! -There's a restaurant down the street I go to sometimes. The service is amazing. -What? What? What is this? One person goes in; another comes out! -Why would I watch TPN Live? I can get the broadcast on-demand on my computer whenever. @Spare some change, Sir? [beat] cheapskate. @Long live Emperor Cole! !Neutron Tower is amazing. I love that twisty sculpture in front of it !Don't go into the Underground, or you might get grabbed by Ghoulies. !All the animals come out at night [beat] someday a real rain will come down and wash all the real scum from the street !You will not find the going easy, they said. Nor the climate hospitable. For your kind are frowned upon. !You makin' some kind of joke? !You'd think all this heavy machinery would make more noise !No smog, no pollution to speak of, clean water and air [beat] You wouldn't recognize this place from 50 years ago. !There sure is a lot of activity in Lambda Sector these days. Maybe they are gearing up against The Resistance. !I could go into the Underground and head over to First Ward, but why would I? I'm staying in Neutropolis. [email protected] Tea & Coffee has the best brew in town! [email protected] they ever reestablish communication with the moon base after the Hamidon attack? [email protected] just love the work they do at the CDEC. I think it's the music. -Oh, I never get too close to the perimeter shield. That is in place for our security! -I've heard things about the perimeter shield. I've never been too close, though. It's dangerous, even for us. -Sometimes, I see a glow in the night. I wonder what it is? -You can see Cole Tower light up at night. What a wonder! -I love how those Clockworks help keep this city clean. So considerate. -Verna Arcola is the real sweetheart. Her program at the CDEC taught me all about invention. -I used the ride the CTA every day, but I've found walking is really is good exercise. /Some days, I feel like all is not right. I can not shake it. /I'm feeling a little dehydrated. I think I need some Enriche. /You should listen to PR. It's so informative! /@I need to get some more Enriche. I'm fresh out. /@I just has a horrible crick in my back. I'm feeling much better now. /@but the spectacularly bespectacled spectacle suspects that expectorating - even circumspectly - would be impolite. /@All the other guys snuck into the office room, closed the door, and started cheering for no apparent reason. /@What day is it? /@What? Er, [beat] I mean yes, How can I help you? /@Id play golf, but putting green in The Imperial City is always busy.
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    There's an even simpler trick : if you color the inside part of the normal Trenchcoat section, and then switch to the Jackets section with the Cybertech long model, the inside of the jacket will have changed accordingly. (way easier than having to link and delink colors all over again every time you have to change that dang coat)
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    I recently took a deep dive into some powers and was surprised by what I saw. Turns out there were a few I never really understood after all these years. Hoping this info dump will help some folks strategize. I reserve the right to be wrong about how I am reading these powers to work. 🙂 Electric Control > Static Field For years this description of this power perplexed me. It lists endurance recovery as well as endurance drain, but I rarely seemed to see it working. Here's what Static Field is actually doing: Static Field drops a Static Field pseudo pet. This is the pet does the pulsing sleep effect and slow run speed. Easy enough so far. The power also does minor endurance drain. It has a 50% chance to drain 2 endurance per pulse. You can't enhance this amount. Here's where things get really strange. Each pulse where an enemy inside the field gets hit, there's a 25% chance to drop another, invisible pet. This pet is called Pets_Static_Field_End_Recovery. This pet has a life lasting just one second. It restores 2.5% endurance to up to 16 allies within 15 feet and then dies. 15 feet is a smaller radius than Static Field. So, endurance recovery from Static Field is not dependent on actually being inside the field. You just need to be within 15ft of an enemy who is inside the field when a recovery pet drops. Static Field's Sleep effect stacks with itself. So a boss standing in a Static Field can be slept as long as the pulses overlap with each other. You can also summon more than one Static Field on the battlefield at the same time. Doing this can create a situation with psuedo pets firing all over the place, since every pulse from every Static Field on the map results in a 25% chance to summon the endurance recovery pet for every enemy in the fields. Electric Control > Synaptic Overload Some of this is already well known or documented elsewhere, but there are a few details of this I didn't understand until recently. Synaptic Overload does a straightforward Confuse, End Drain, and Recovery debuff on the first target hit. Simple enough. The power then summons a pair of pseudo pets. These pets are only summoned if the first target was hit; if you miss, no pseudo pets. After a short delay the summoned pseudo pets cast an AoE with a 15ft radius, max targets hit 1. To be hit by this AoE, the target must: not have been hit recently by Synaptic Overload, and must not currently be Confused. This means you can't stack Synaptic Overload's Confusion duration easily on the enemies. The Confusion duration will extend on the first target hit, but any other enemies will not get hit by the power's chains. If you've ever noticed enemy groups seem to break out of Electric Controls controls all at once and turn on you, this is why. For some reason, the endurance drain applies to the first target only, not each enemy in the chain. No idea why, because this is easily fixed. But Jolting Chain (both the one you get and the one Gremlins get) behaves the same way. Earth Control > Volcanic Gasses Oh boy. Let's see if I can get this right. Volcanic Gasses is actually not just one pet, it's 7. At 0 seconds, Volcanic Gasses drops a pet called Volcanic_Gas. This pet applies a Mag 50 Afraid effect (causing enemies to run out of the gas), and a tiny Fire damage effect. This pet is also responsible for the gassy particle effects you see while the power is active. At exactly 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 seconds, Volcanic Gasses summons a new pet called Pets_Volcanic_Geyser. Each of these has a lifetime of 15 seconds. The pet is technically invisible but has a power called Thermal Vents. Thermal Vents is a ranged AoE Hold (enhanceable) with 30ft range, 10ft radius, hitting max targets 5, recharging in 6 seconds. The takeaway from this is Volcanic Gasses pulses are not random, they happen in a perfectly predictable pattern: 0 sec 6 sec 10 sec 16 sec 20 sec 26 sec 30 sec 36 sec 40 sec 46 sec 50 sec 56 sec Because Thermal Vents has a 10ft radius, its to your advantage to keep enemies close together. From what I can see, enemies near the center of the gas are the most likely to get hit. Because there is only a 4 to 6 second gap between pulses, and the Vents will target the first enemy they can find, this power is excellent at holding the remaining stragglers, including bosses towards the end of a fight. We've seen evidence of that anecdotally over the years, so its good to see it confirmed. In this sense it is much more reliable than Arctic Air or Choking Cloud type powers. The gasses are not randomly rolling versus each enemy, they are hard coded to pulse at certain times that are 100% predictable. When there's only a couple of enemies left in the gas those enemies will reliably be held by the gas.
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    Blowhole,Water/Sonic Blaster ( though I may re-roll him as Ice/Sonic)
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    Looking at pics of my favorite Micronauts from when I was a kid led me to make my own. Insectron, BR/Dev blaster
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    To be honest, the other half of it being hard to master is that it is not *rewarding* to do so. It'd be one thing if Regen were super reactive and hard to pin down but doing so makes you immortal, but other armor sets are tougher with 1/4th the IQ required.
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    *Shrugs* I like my Sents. I enjoy playing them. I don't find them a poor addition to the game and I don't think they're "training wheels for blasters". I also don't give a rat's rosy red bum if the min/maxers, power-gamers and MIDS Gurus don't consider them OMGTheBestestATEVER. They're still fun characters to play, even if they're not soloing Hamidon.
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    Because no one was using the name... Expendable Dual Pistols / Regeneration Sentinel
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    Wait a minute, @huang3721! What is THAT!? Enhance. Enhance! ENHANCE, YOU COWARD! ... No . . . NO! They told me he was dead! DEAD!!! Oh god . . . It's him . . . . . . we're doomed.
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    This must be how the baddies feel when every hero team is full of people softcapped to everything.
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    I think what you are saying there is the perceived issue with the content. It has to do with the majority of us being several thousand vet levels across many characters - if not more. Storybook mode is getting harder and harder to do because I know what the next page holds. It's a thrill to find something new or rediscover something I forgot. So how or why do I keep coming back? Because each new hero I make - I usually power level also - has to write their own story. I usually take one through maria Jenkins, then another through dark Astoria, then another through task forces, then another through trials etc And I'm teaming all the way - that is more fun than solo for me even if the path is sometimes easier. But IMO being veterans - just arbitrarily changing mechanics without new content won't make anything better - but I would believe worse because now you have grindy - stale content - that makes you feel less super. I think the solution lies with adding a difficulty option not changing the mechanics on the current system - that adds depth to the missions we currently have - especially end game content. For instance the code already exists in the Magi Trial that negates incarnate shifts. Develop a new quant like character or faction along with others that has that incarnate negates and also others that perhaps can only be defeated easily once stunned, or controlled, and maybe another that can output dmg like battle maiden has in the apex - that once you select the (call it for now the incarnate difficulty option) spawns start randomly adding that faction to a spawn - and that would add variety that would make you think twice before running ahead zerging. That I think is the path forward that could make the most peopke happy - because: 1. We get to really test our fancy builds under stress 2. The current system remains in place to make that group happy 3. It will revitalize old content with new exotic threats for those that want it. Well that's my thoughts on it, I don't see teaming as the issue - just repetition.
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    spend 24k up front at p2w for 8 hours of the three amplifiers at level 1. should last you to level 27 unless you afk a lot and will serve you in better stead than the TOs.
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    Am I not seeing a single mention here of debuff? A good Radiation defender can overcome both Def and Res issues. Those toggles are made for this situation! Same goes for Sonic, Dark, Cold, and Trick Arrow!
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    I am bored, so I decided to interview a few Praetorian citizens. I found several things: Citizens have about 10 - 11 lines of response. Citizens change their replies every minute, which eventually loops to their initial line after 10 minutes. Each citizen may have a different set of answers. So far, I have found 18 arrays of replies. Let's say you speak with a Praetorian, and the answer is, "There's a tunnel running under the whole city to keep everything running smoothly.". If you keep pestering him, these are his answers: There's a tunnel running under the whole city to keep everything running smoothly. I read the tunnels under the city started out as a nuclear shelter. Good thing we don't have to worry about that anymore. The tunnels are pretty dangerous, authorized personnel only indeed. With The Resistance down there, the PPD can't guarantee the safety of citizens in the Underground. You don't talk about First Ward. Not Around anybody important. First Ward? Oh, we don't talk about First Ward. First Ward is Emperor Cole's Dirty Secret, but you didn't hear it from me. Oh, First Ward? Wasn't that lost with that massive Devouring Earth attack? I heard people still inhibit First Ward. Could you believe it? Neutropolis may look a little dirty, but it's solid and nothing a new coat of paint won't fix. Complete list (so far) is here:
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    So Miss T has finally dinged 20 after finishing Helix's and Aaron Walker's arcs, and they were great! Why? GHOULS! Fat Bottomed Ghouls, the Ghoul from Ipanema, Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls! Every arc needs more Ghouls! I'm very much enjoying running all these arcs for the first time slowly, but I can't imagine running them more than once each. Nowadays, I like redside missions, and I vastly prefer the other content (like TFs or radios) either redside or blueside. And I'd really like to see more elite bosses. I still have some missions from Calvin Scott, and I can run the Penelope Yin arc, so I'm going to wrestle between doing those or moving on to First Ward. And oh, I learned something today. PRAETORIANS GET UNIQUE TITLES! WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS!!! Every once of my Praetorians will be known as Sweetcheek from here on out. Well, only the Resistance. Once you gain interest in the AH, it really helps to keep an eye on things and try to take advantage if flows change. And then you have to ask yourself if things have really changed, or if someone is just screwing around. Example: when selling all the Performance Shifters I've made recently, I noticed that a lot of the procs were selling at 2mm. That seems low, very low. So I put in a bid for one just over 2mm and bought it. And I put in a bid for 10 there and bought 10 there. And put them up for sale and sold them for 4-5mm each. Generally, they trade somewhere in between, but if you see a buying opportunity, take it, you notorious flipper you. I also ended up buying 10 Endurance Mod/Recharge recipes at 5 inf each from my price-finding bid, so I figured that I really needed to craft those and convert some of them in set for the sake of diversification. Speaking of diversification, I noticed something with the purples I crafted and converted. I ended up with about 25-30 of them and converted all to one of the damage types as detailed in last issue. Soon, everything sold at my price except for the Apocalypses. Normally, I don't look at my purple sales on a daily basis, and I would let it sit for a few more days. But no, I need those market slots! So I convert them to a non-Apocalypse damage type and relist. Moving quickly. One thing I hoped to get out of this documentation was to try and start up a new market niche for kicks, and the first step is to learn more about potential candidates. Basilisk's Gaze is a very useful low-level rare with good set bonuses, but it ranges in price a fair amount based on supply. Run your own analysis on this, and ask yourself if you were to make BGs, how would you go about it and which ones in the set would you target to sell? I also started a new project for the next lesson that took some working capital but I guess I'd be up to about 400mm in profits right now if I weren't invested. A great way to make consistent bank, no matter how often you play a given alt, is to put in a bid for 10x a yellow recipe that doesn't require rare salvage as the last thing you do before logging off. First thing you do when next logging on is collect them and put in bids on your salvage. Play and you should have bought your salvage by the end of your game session. Collect salvage, craft, play some rare roulette, and post your items. Put in a bid for 10x yellow recipe. Repeat ad infinitum. May the odds always be in MY favor.
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    "Spicy Hot" - fire themed Mortimer Kal, Saturday 2/27/21 Completing the SF was a fireworks of leveling!
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    These are my costumes I like the best so far that I've done. T3CHN01D - Crab Spider : Bio he scavenges old battle sites to find upgrades to his armor, that's why nothing matches Frenzied Frog - I messed around in character creator and came up with a frog - powers don't match tried to make bio armor look like water though Erwaz - Gotta have a ghost pirate with a ghost pirate army - ill/rad controller Arco Avenger - NRG/Rad corruptor - I will probably reroll to rad/rad or something not happy with NRG - but Arco was the first town in the US, maybe world to be powered by nuclear energy. So made a tribute character with energy/rad. Tier Dal - Claws / Ninja scrapper - just messing around in creator liked what I came up with Tier Dal is the name of a blue skinned elf race in EQ, and he has blue skin so. /shrug Caracal - Claws / Energy scrapper - Now this one was funny.. my first character on the server and first to get to 50.. I knew I wanted to start with a claws scrapper so I thought "ok NOT going to make a wolverine clone, in fact I'll go tech instead of mute, and I'll give it a set of armor. Messed around came up with The Caracal - got into game.. "hey man nice blackpanther character!" ... dammit , ended up copying marvel anyways. Void Wave - wanted a reason to use blackout spectrum kin/son defender - don't like the way it plays going to keep costume and reroll not sure to what. White Shark - Savage / WP brute has two costumes a more classic tights look and a slightly armored look. Steampunk Viking - This dude has gone through every weaponset and many armor sets, as well as being a tank, brute, scrapper, and stalker. Right now its mace/shield scrapper, but it'll probably get rerolled again, same costume will be used just swap out powers. Greldek - Broadsword / elec stalker - Just wanted a BS stalker so made it and tried it out. pretty fun. Krazix Mal - Dark Armor / Staff tanker - love the character costume was just something I came up with in creator after trying to figure out how to make a cool looking DA/Staff tanker. Knew I didn't want to go all black, like Void Wave, wanted to mix it up. Wish we could have more options for DarkX power sets, they all stay pretty dark all the time. Kitten and the Horde - A joke character once I saw you could put kitten on male models. A kitten happened to wander into a Circle of Thorns summoning ceremony and now has a legion of demons under its control. Can often be found on rooftops pushing hellions off the ledge. Fehru - Bots/Rad MM - I wanted a small space man - story is rikti destroyed his world and he got away and sought refuge in paragon city. Uses his battle bots to try and help earth defend against rikti.
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    This is a sketch I'm finishing up from back in 2017 of DD's eponymous hero. I'm giving it a monochromatic color tint and softbrushing now as well. More to come.
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    @arthurh35353just thought I would say... I'm glad you're here and engaged and posting 😉 After all, we aren't we without YOU, and it takes all of us to make a family. While you may have disagreement with an idea, it's not a judgment of you; I'm quite certain that anyone here who has a different perspective than yours absolutely is grateful you're here. So, keep up the good work! We need your voice! Just like @Hyperstrike, @Replacementwill challenge me (and others as well), we may engage with you in discourse. Ideas are necessary, and while this one may be ill received (I've had some shit ideas myself 🤪) we all are Heroes together. Except @Bill Z Bubba... He's a ne'er-do-well. 🤯🤪 And, nerf regen. Twice.
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    Wanted to address a few issues here: These are additive bonuses - they used to be multiplicative but that behavior was adjusted sometime last year. "Power Boost"-type powers basically add extra enhancement to aspects they affect which allows you to effectively bypass ED for slotting. If I had a power that granted 10% defense ED would cap that at about 16% (60% defense slotting). Now let's say I also had Power Boost (another 50%, to throw out a random number) and Clarion (another 50%) - my defense power would now give me (10*(1+0.6+0.5+0.5)) = 26% defense. Accuracy for player powers comes from three places - a power's inherent accuracy, slotting, and accuracy bonuses (from IOs or other powers). In order to get your final accuracy you 'd do the same sort of math I did in my defense example. This is untrue, you need about 110% recharge from non-Hasten sources to make Hasten recharge before its duration expires, assuming you have Hasten slotted with two 50+5 recharge IOs. The recharge cap is 400% - to determine if a power can be made "perma" take its base, unenhanced recharged and divide by 5 and if that number is longer than its duration it is not possible to have it recharge before its effects expire. This is because enhancements are treated as buffs and are functionally identical to damage bonuses. It can be a bit confusing at first but once you realize everything modifies your base damage it's a bit simpler. These are actually 400% for Defenders, Dominators, HEATs/VEATs, 500% for Scrappers, Stalkers, Tankers, Blasters, Corruptors, Sentinels, and 700% for Brutes, but the number in your ingame combat attributes will turn blue at 100 points below that because your ingame numbers are tracking your damage bonus and you always start off at 100% damage (since it is possible for damage to be debuffed below its base value).
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    This is a very difficult question to answer not because it doesn't have an answer but because it's such a huge question. We could write pages and pages on the topic and still feel like it's not a fully satisfying answer. As Naomi mentioned, we're also not a hive mind (FAR from it) and different people have different priorities even if that doesn't always show in the final product. For myself, personally, the core philosophy is "try to continue the game in the spirit of the original Cryptic & Paragon developers as best as we can". I recognize that's a highly subjective statement and doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. So I'd break it down into a few key areas. Game balance wise, trying to keep the game relatively well balanced. That means no "I win" buttons, no AT or power combinations that eclipse everything else. That doesn't mean that there can't be variances so long as they're not extreme - it's not possible or desired for everything to be equal - but well designed characters should still be rewarded by feeling powerful. It means that the meta-game should be interesting and there should be build choices to make with tradeoffs for making them, and that there shouldn't be one answer that's always right. There are also traditions to be maintained, so while things like MOAR RECHARGE almost always being better would seem to violate that philosophy, it's also extremely unlikely that I'd endorse any attempt to change it. A high priority for me at least is to make sure that nobody logs in one day and is dismayed to find their character plays completely differently (principle of least astonishment). That means small incremental changes rather than sweeping remakes of entire systems, and preferring to add new things rather than fix something that isn't broken. When things are broken or systems do need sweeping changes, try to keep them familiar, intuitive, and true to the subjective 'feel' of the game. When we have internal discussions, I often like to play devil's advocate and demand a good reason for doing just about anything. I'm an old school wow player and I always dreaded expansion packs when the talent trees would be remade from scratch and sometimes entire game mechanics and character stats would be changed or removed. While this is a goal, the game does have to move forward and cannot stay frozen forever. The desire is to provide this for the vast majority - I'm painfully aware of cases already when some people feel that what I consider relatively minor changes completely ruin a character - but we sadly can't please everyone all the time. On the technical side, I place a high priority on making sure that the game continues to run on machines that people have been playing it with for years -- that's why we take steps to try to keep it running on old clunkers even though MS has long dropped support for their operating systems. Backwards compatibility is a Big Things for me and I always try to push for maximizing it. At the same time, I want a cleaner, future-proof framework and have been the driving force behind a lot of the modernization project: the 64-bit port, upgrade to using more modern tools (there's a sweet spot where XP cross builds are still possible), refactoring into new cross-platform libraries, and reorganizing the source tree to make it easier to navigate. Those 3 big points - told from the perspective of someone who works mainly on engine code and backend server stuff - probably don't even scratch the surface of what you're asking. What about new powerset design, priorities for costume parts, story content, animation and mission maps? There's a ton of stuff I'd love to write a novel on but it still wouldn't feel finished, and there are other complicating factors as well that will sort themselves out in time. So for now I'm going to just keep doing what I'm doing and hunt for bugs to be fixed, create new toys to give to powers designers (hint: keep an eye on Singularity), and slowly clean up the code base while the content team gets to do the fun stuff.
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