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    Hello everyone! We’ve got a few updates to share with you today. The Talks Just over one year ago we announced that we had begun talks with NCSOFT, so it’s about time we provided a little update! Over the past year we’ve been working closely together to make this work, and have made significant headway in several areas. Unfortunately, Coronavirus has hindered the pace of these discussions somewhat, but we’re still having regular meetings and are slowly but surely moving towards a positive outcome. Many of the updates we’re talking about today are a result of these ongoing talks. There’s still a ton of work going on behind the scenes to get us to the finish line, and we’d like to thank you all for your continued patience. TL;DR: Still Soon™, but Soon™er than before. Homecoming: City of Heroes We’re going to be changing the name of the project from City of Heroes: Homecoming to Homecoming: City of Heroes. This won’t be an immediate change - you’ll slowly start to see things switch over the next few months - however, the current Homecoming logo will be remaining in place. We’ve also set up several social media channels - we’re not actively using these right now, but feel free to follow us for when we do! Twitter Twitch Facebook YouTube Finally, we’ll also be switching over to using homecomingcoh.com domain in the near future (with our short links moving to hccoh.gg). When we make the switch all existing links will continue to function with a redirect, but you will need to refresh your login cookies (ie: you’ll need to log in to the forum again). New Launcher Next up, the long awaited new launcher! Informally dubbed Project Hangover, the new launcher is a big step up from our dependency on Tequila and Island Rum. It’s designed to be light and fast, and is built with a focus on security. It allows you to selectively install and remove the beta / staging servers (and toggle automatic updates for each), features a built-in server status monitor, and has a much more usable news feed. Finally, the new player experience is much improved as it takes care of installing the necessary runtime, and is compliant with the modern Windows permissions model. It works on Windows and Linux out of the box, with the Mac version requiring a simple WINE update - but we have an upgrade procedure mapped out for Mac. For brand new installs it’s already fully functional, we’re currently finishing up functionality to facilitate automatic migration for pre-existing installs. We’ve recently begun internal testing of the new launcher with the GM team, and hope to roll it out for wider testing in the near future. Page 6 Finally, we’ll leave you with two screenshots to hint at some upcoming content from Page 6... And that’s all for today! - The Homecoming Team
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    Hey all, Just wanted to provide a brief update on our situation. First, some background: Once you're hosting for more than a few hundred concurrent players, the resources required to host a server need to be spread over multiple physical machines (instead of all being virtualized on one machine). In order for this to work it's required that these machines are all in their own private network - however when renting hardware this needs to be virtualized. OVH is one of the few hosts that provide a compatible technology (vRack) at a reasonable price - and unfortunately, it's this part of our infrastructure that we have the least control over, and by extension something we aren't able to build redundancy for. Most of the issues over the past few days have been a result of the vRack connections between the individual machines being disrupted (either directly or because of wider network issues). As you may have noticed, Reunion and Everlasting have been mostly unaffected. After investigation we've discovered that machine hosting Everlasting's database server is located on a completely different server rack to the machines that host Torchbearer, Excelsior and Indomitable (and, of course, Reunion is across the pond!). So - we're re-configuring a few things and moving TB, Excel and Indom's database servers to the 'good' rack and taking the machines on the 'bad' rack offline. This means that we will be running with reduced redundancy, so here's hoping the good rack remains good 🙂 No ETA just yet - we'll let you know when there is one. In the meantime we're in contact with OVH to try and get the issues with the bad rack resolved. Long term we are also going to be investigating alternative hosting providers to try and avoid these issues going forward.
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    Hello everyone! I am so incredibly pleased to be here in an ‘official’ capacity, to introduce myself to you fine, devoted gaming specimens. I am Piecemeal, and since nobody asked and I didn’t bother to mention it to my colleagues, I am installing myself as the official Villain liaison. Doing so, impulsively and without consultation or consideration, perfectly justifies this official title, and plays perfectly to the spirit of villainy. So, with that out of the way, let’s talk about who I am and what I do. I’ve been a devoted fan of this game since 2005, when I showed up halfway through Issue 3 with a feather in my cap, bounce in my step, and a wide-eyed wonderment of the world in front of me. I knew nothing of the Rularuu invasions that would fly-by murder people in Steel Canyon months prior, or that the Fifth Column even existed. Truly, it was an innocent and ignorant time. I endured the Enhancement Diversification, which destroyed my playstyle, since I was raised under the mantra of “Invuln is all you need”. It was a tough transition, but one I grew to love. I really didn’t need 5Dmg/1Acc in all my claws attacks with 6 slots in Stamina. It was fun, but I understood the logic of the new system. I adopted, adapted, and improved, like an arbiter with a bad haircut. When this game came back, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had made peace with the 6-years-old hole in my heart, and then suddenly it was back again. I decided that if I was going to invest again, I had to contribute, somehow. I snuck in with a bunch of other well-intentioned folk when an open call went out early, and saw a call for people who wanted to take on a story arc task: “Who wants to write a story that connects the Freakshow and Vahzilok?” I practically leaped down someone’s throat for the opportunity, only to find that Mekkanos had scooped me and gotten the reins. Undeterred, we formed a small co-op to begin making sense of what we were trying to do. What would we need? What should it entail? Can these things even be done? Eventually Mekk came up with his narrative document, and my first task was to develop the descriptions of the enemies featured in our first new enemy group, the Freaklok - an unholy marriage of man, machine, and groaning meat. As part of his story, Mekkanos centered the idea around there being a lab of Dr. Vahzilok that falls into Freakshow hands. As I began developing Freakified Vahz and Eidolified Freaks in my design document for the enemies, I also began to assist in molding the story documents for lore and logic. Pretty soon we realized that the Freaks weren’t organized enough to accomplish the story as written, and went to the lore bible to read up on the Vahz. It was there that we realized that most of the Vahzilok were partly cybernetic, so we proposed that the Freaks would engage in a hostile takeover of the Vahz, bridging the level gap from when the Vahz disappear and the Freaks begin showing up in content. They were after the tech that was miniaturized, hidden, and keeping the zombies together. And anarchy could still prevail. What we needed next was the catalyst, and decided Cortex was more-or-less the “lost asset” of the Vahzilok, having shown up as a big-bad in the original Posi TF, and then fading into obscurity as a side fight in Posi Part 2. We wanted this to run redside, so we needed a reason for him to be there… ...He’s dying. But why? Because Posi 2 put the Doctor in jail FOR REALSIES, and nobody can maintain the army like Doc V could. We had our hook. Your actions heroside had consequences, and created a proactive adventure for a villain. Instead of the opposite, which tickled me pink. Off we went. Your character finds out about the lab, and pursues it in hopes of building their own army. Of course, it never quite plays out the way you think. Note: They are falling apart super fast. Along the way, we decided we needed another NPC to drive the research, and I pitched Dr. Pierce, dooming her to her fate. I now could say I had left my mark on the work, and I was happy. The story got worked on, and I went down the rabbit hole of spaghetti code learning to make costumes from NPC parts like a deranged Mr. Potato Head surgeon. That’s where things got crazy. We were a small team, and I didn’t really know anyone, and everyone was always SUPER busy. We got me set up, and started with some basic costumes and tools to get textures ready. And then, as volunteer operations do, those who felt their part were done, were done. The person concepting costumes was finished, and I was making them; the writer was done with his narrative; the map editor was communicative but busy, and couldn’t give the time. Suddenly, it was just me. And a villain was born! I absconded with the project and started to learn. I mean really, really, really learn. It was part detective work, part deductive reasoning, and all the mental hell I could enjoy for months. I didn’t want to bother anyone, so I kept referencing things that already worked and determining how they did what they did. Sometimes I got it, sometimes I hilariously missed the mark. Getting a leg up on my knowledge, or: Individual bone scales don’t mind not having limits. Sorry not sorry to Operative Renault, my personal surgery dummy. Don’t use a chest as a head. Or maybe you should. Don’t look to me as your moral compass. And in the span of a few months, somewhat quietly, my knowledge tree had grown from just costumes to include costumes, textures, villain groups, individual villains, new power assignments for mobs, spawndefs, map editing, FX, tricks, GEOs, story arc writing, branching dialog, conditionally triggered events, scripting, captions, powers, PFX, and… really, I don’t know how my life has held together with all that in my head alone. I had grown from a knucklehead into a semi-competent if not devious reverse engineer and detective. It was a game within a game. I was in it to win it. Left: A Freaklok Ripper smiles in appreciation of her tormented existence. Right: A Freakbomination tests out its cyber-sight. Not shown: A small donation has been made to surviving members of Operative Renault’s family, out of pity. When you play these arcs, please do not ride the hype-apotamus to the stratosphere. These arcs, while I consider them to meet my standard for quality, are also my first foray into anything like this. At all. I’ve never coded in my life. And the quality steadily increases in these arcs as I set more and more goals for myself. So you’ll see that redside mission 1… is fairly standard. Redside mission 2, a little bit more involved, with a few more tricks. Mission 3, full ham on mobs, scripting, dialog. I went nuts. Lost maybe 6 weeks troubleshooting that mission until I got it working right. We're coming to a chophouse near you! Missions 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 - just learning compound tasks, with some surprises. And then mission 5. Mission 5 took a WHILE to make. I hope you find it worth it. Especially since I coded in an easter egg. If your character has all the badges and souvenirs needed, an additional fight will spawn for another badge. You’ll know it when someone says ‘For reals tho', let's gank this crybaby.’ My favorite happy accident was that I wrote out the redside arc first, and then wrote the companion arc, blueside from Agent Watkins, that chronologically precedes it next. Do you have any idea how rewarding it is to write dialog that foreshadows events when you do it that way? I didn’t know, until I began dropping hints via dialog in blueside mission 3, and I chuckled. I had arrived. These arcs are a love letter to the game, and a moment captured in the timeline of my life where I can say I truly created something that other people could experience and enjoy. It’s all I’ve ever wanted and all I ever hoped it could be so far. The creativity, the struggle, the frustration, the enjoyment of overcoming the obstacles. The HEAPS of pop culture references. It’s a dream come true. I want to give you all the best experience possible in telling stories in this world. I’m really shooting for the moon with this opportunity. I will patiently read your feedback on how the story sits with you. Some of it can’t change, but the things that can, I will consider. And I promise the next thing I work on won’t stay locked in a vault for this long. This arc has been a long time in development, but soon, I hope to deliver quality content faster, with a battalion of trainees underfoot. Of course, I will make them seek knowledge out before just giving it to them. I might make them walk my path to understand how to figure it out. Because I’m a villain, and that’s what villains do.
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    Take Your Child to Work Day To simulate a more true-to-life superhero experience, all heroes and villains must now take their children to work! Your child will follow you around and will always move slightly slower than you Be sure to take regular breaks so they can catch up Please note that, just like real children, you cannot dismiss them and they must be cared for at all times Powers Brawl This power has been significantly rebalanced to ensure all characters are on an even footing Nerf Bats All players now have the ability to nerf each other with large foam bats This change should finally ensure that the game is perfectly balanced, as all things should be Floors Floors have been removed from the game Nemesis Plots
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    RANGED DAMAGE SET TESTING: Hello Everyone, Following up with what was done in the Scrapper Primary Testing, it is time to take a look at the Blaster Primaries! The above link to the Scrapper post will go into more details, but the premise of these tests are to isolate Ranged Primaries as much as possible to gauge their "realistic" base performance in a given mission environment. This is done through running a course 10 times per primary, and then recording the times to formulate an average Using a standardized Office Map, we can set a course that properly challenges the player with movement with corridors and different vertical spawn points that we see in normal missions. Pylon and Farm metrics are nice, but they do not really reflect normal game play. Broken up into 4 floors, this map contains custom-made ranged enemies that appear at roughly the Red Dot locations shown above. Floors 1-3 have at least 2 guaranteed Boss encounters, and Floor 4 has a guaranteed Elite Boss encounter. Red Lines represent clickable doors with a gentleman's rule to finish the room before moving through the door, and circled areas are where some herding up can be attempted if possible. As some may remember from the Scrapper test, the Warehouse environment was too open and heavily favored herding strategies for completion. That thread will be updated with Office Results soon as well. The ranged enemies in this map present just enough danger to the Blaster to where mitigation from the Primary will play a key role in completion, but they do not present such a threat that they cannot easily be overcome with normal play. The Blasters I used all have a near-identical SO build where I 3 slot all attacks for Damage, then 1 each of Acc/End/Rech except for the Nukes and AoEs which I opted for 3 Dam/Rech thanks to their built in Acc modifiers universally being better than 1 SO, and on normal AoEs I ran 2 rech and 1 Acc thanks to the Sustain ability. I also used /Elec Manip for each test with only Build Up and Force of Thunder being used. FoT would only be used between spawns to not have it's CC come into play, and the time spent using it per run was subtracted from the totals to show the "true" speed. I chose this in particular due to being the most "average" of the Sustains where it's secondary effect could be more easily isolated combined with a normal Build Up. Other sets like /Time could have fit if not for the +Rech on it's BU clone. Health and Stamina were 3 slotted as well as FoT 6 slotted, other powers used were CJ with 1 Def SO, and Hover with 1 Fly SO (Swift also had a fly SO). The ranged enemies and height restrictions on the map did not allow for much cheese if any, and aside from a few angles with cones I kept myself at near ground level. Running at +0/x3 allowed for a variety of mob encounters that often would be spread in such a way to utilize AoEs to their full potential as well as test ST / AoE / Area coverage alike. Like with Scrappers, if I died I restarted the mission and took note of the death in a "Safety" rating. The higher the rating, the more deaths I had. Each death I applied a 20s penalty to the average to give weight to sets with mitigation tools, which will be reflected in a separate column. So, with these rules in place to emulate an "average" mission that tests ST, AoE, and Mitigation of just the primaries at a basic level, lets see what happened: Sorted by AVG: Well, it seems that we have a certain set that is literally melting the competition, and two that appear to have Silencers on. In terms of raw average clear time, Fire is leaps and bounds the fastest with a tremendous lead over the other blast sets, and nearly having a 4x bigger gap from the average compared to the 2nd place Beam Rifle! On the flip side, both Assault Rifle and Sonic Blast are at the bottom with incredibly slow average clear times. Luckily, that is not the only measure. Sorted by SAFETY: Washing away the competition here is Water Blast! With it's combination of self healing, reliable knockdowns, and overall great damage it was one of the few sets to clear the course with 0 defeats at all, alongside Dark and Psy blast who all shared the trait of reliable (AoE) CC and decent secondary effects. Coming in second with 1 defeat was Ice Blast, which while it could reliably freeze a single target in it's tracks it had trouble vs crowds if Blizzard wasn't online, leading to multiple stray hits weaseling in and netting a lucky win for the NPC's. Fire is knocked here with 5 deaths, mostly against the Elite Boss spawn where the lack of mitigation outside of killing before you get killed lead to some unfortunate ends. On the bottom of the list though was Radiation Blast with a whopping 9 defeats! The set deals plenty of damage, but I found out the hard way that speed matters here. Many powers deal damage over time or simply animate slowly which allows hits to come in in ways that even Fire Blast didn't have to worry about due to raw application speed, on top of havign a tiny KB chance on it's cone + the ST stun being on a longish cooldown that lead to poor mitigation vs tougher single targets. Sorted by BEST TIME: Tracking the best time per set shows sort of the upper lvl they can achieve when you're really in the groove. Of note are Energy and Dark Blast attaining very fast clear times compared to where they end up when averaged out! Sorted by WORST TIME: Likewise, sorting by the worst time gives an idea of how well they perform in a less than ideal run. Water being so high here shows how consistent the set performs regardless of the enemy setup. Sorted by STANDARD DEVIATION: Speaking of consistency, the Standard Deviation shows us how much variance there was run-to-run on average per set. The smaller the deviation the better a set could probably just follow it's normal gameplan without needing to worry about as many X factors like spacing or special targeting. Sets that rely on such tactics ended up having much higher deviations as seen here. With these 5 metrics in mind, I was able to rank each primary based on the actual score per category + the gap between it and the next set, and then add up these values by weight. The lower the final score, the higher tiered the set is when looked at it alone: FINAL RESULTS: Its fitting that the only thing to beat Fire is Water IMO! Lets break this down per tier: S TIER: With everything put together, the safety and consistency of Water Blast gives it the edge over Fire's Raw Speed given it's lack of those key traits. Ice rounds out the S-Tier at the lower end simply due to lack of AoE speed while having the some of the best times vs the Boss encounters. Really not much else to add here aside from these three being incredibly solid sets at the base level. A TIER: Beam, Archery, and Energy are all almost tied in the A Tier. Beam and Archery boast some of the fastest recharging nukes and could reliably just delete certain spawns, with beam having a slight ST edge over Archery and vice versa with Archery having a bit better AoE. Energy was a bit slower given Nova recharges a bit slower, but there is a reason we call Nukes Nova's. When it was up and available, it would delete an entire spawn no questions asked and fling bosses about for safety, and the rest of the powers are all very solid versions of your standard blasts that lead to an overall good performance. I'd say the sets in these tiers were held back by not having as 100% reliable mitigation as sets in the S tier with either 100% knockdowns / slows that lead to a few defeats each, impacting Beam Rifle specifically. Nor did they have the raw... literal Fire power like Fire does nor the likes of Blizzard/Geyser to edge out just a bit quicker clear times in the case of Energy and Archery. B TIER: Next up we have Dual Pistols, Rad, and Dark Blast. These three all had separate issues holding them back, but lets start with Rad as we touched on it for the safety portion: it has none. The combination of slow animations, slow application of damage, and hard to apply/stack Mez effects (by itself) lead to it tanking hard in the safety adjustment + middling scores elsewhere brought it down compared to the high tiers. If you pair it with a very defensive secondary or team support it can shine, but isolated it felt very rough. On the flip side, Dark Blast was able to breeze through each spawn without a care. Guaranteed KB in a cone, solid ST damage, a great ST hold, a Self Heal, a nuke that soft-caps you vs anything left alive + all attacks stacking -ToHit made it probably the safest set in general, though it did pay for that safety when it comes to AoE performance. Having different shaped cones that deal damage in different amounts/ways lead to very inconsistent times based on the spawn set up room to room, leading to sub-average scores except for Best Time and Safety. The best way I could describe Dual Pistols at a base/isolated level is Anemic. Swapping mainly between Normal and Incendiary ammo depending on whether I needed safety or damage, I was able to clench an incredibly consistent performance, but it was consistently on the slow side. Despite the animations having been sped up, the application of damage is still slow and the mitigation is not super consistent. Add to that different ranged cones / PBAoE that requires >4s commitment where missing a key target leaves you open + slower animating ST attacks and well... you get a B-Tier. Luckily you can proc the hell out of the set! C TIER: ELEC BLAST The last few sets stand out in their own divisions, so I'll just talk about them as-is. Elec Blast was actually very very safe in practice even by itself as it's great TAoE Ball Lightning + SC would actually do solid work vs mobs of minions + Sparky taking care of stragglers, and the fact that thunderous Blast can be initiated safely + completely drain living targets into submission. In general, if you could survive the alpha you won teh fight vs Bosses and the Elite Boss with elec blast, with the Voltaic Sentinel contributing quite a lot of ST dps at a glance! Unfortunately, the issues add up when you consider the cast times of some key powers (Voltaic Sentinel, Short Circuit, Thunderous Blast) on top of End Drain really only working on bosses about halfway through the fight if not more if you happen to miss thanks to RNG lead to slower times and a bit of inconsistency. D TIER: PSY BLAST A surprisingly fun set, Psy Blast I could compare directly to Dark in many ways except for AoE.... which it struggles with. With only Psy Tornado and the Nuke to clear mobs with, I had to cycle ST attacks around frantically in between to clear areas. Luckily most of those ST attacks come with hefty -Rech which pairs well with Sustain, as well as a slew of soft/hard control to make it a very safe set of runs. This also made it weirdly faster the more boss spawns there were in the mission as I could tear through them faster than a packed area full on minions/LT's most of the time. If one of the powers were say, a sort of Cone or if Psy Nado was made to animate much faster it would easily bump up in the placings. E TIER: ASSAULT RIFLE I have a thread on this in the suggestions forum, but the short and sweet of it is Animation Times, different cone sizes, lack of aim and Ignite being weird. Full Auto takes 4s to animate and deals significantly less damage than similar "previously crashless" nukes, Flamethrower takes 7 seconds to apply its full damage after a 2.33s animation! Sniper Rifle animates slower than other fast snipes. To put the cherry on top, the Aim replacement found in Ignite not only takes a bit to animate but you need a method of keeping a foe in the patch which is actively fought by your other powers potentially knocking the guy out of the patch which is just silly. It was an actual slog for me to run AR through these tests with only /Build Up helping out from the secondary. F TIER: SONIC ATTACK It's not over till the... slowest set sings I guess. This set has major issues with animation times averaging around 2s a click outside the T1 attack. Sure, you can sleep groups very reliably but then taking them down is a snore-fest with only 3 ST attacks with the T3 animating slowly, and your other AoE's waking them up anyways. At least the Nuke applies damage dang near instantly compared to all other nukes (I think Psy may have done this as well) which was nice, but everything else just feels incredibly lackluster. Bosses, especially the Elite Boss, in general were a slog to get through with the poor ST output and needing to toss in Shockwave for safety every so often. I guess it is a bit of a philosophical debate though, given the secondary effect is a direct force multiplier... should it remain the worst performer in a vacuum? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are my thoughts and observations on the Blast primaries so far. Take it with a grain of salt though as these runs were designed to highlight just the primary with a little help from Build Up that could emulate the effects of secondary attacks / other effects if we eyeball this compared to Defs/Corrs as well. In the future I'll add in procs and the like to see how certain sets (Dual Pistols) may change radically. Thank you, @Galaxy Brain
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    Hey all, It’s been a while since we last did a deep dive into Homecoming’s finances, and with our operating costs settling into a fairly stable amount each month again, I thought it would be a good time to go over our monthly invoices to show exactly where the money for each service is going. Our latest invoices for each server are included at the bottom of each section. If you would like to see the invoices and skip the explanations, an album containing all of them is available here. OVH (Main Infrastructure) Total Monthly Cost: $4,645.44 Most of our hardware infrastructure is rented from OVH. As of the time of this post, we are currently renting the following on a monthly basis: 16 dedicated servers 4 SQL server licenses 7 failover IP address blocks Below is a detailed breakdown of the various servers, their purpose / role, and their cost. A full copy of our latest invoice from OVH with sensitive information redacted has been provided below as well. All of our servers are from OVH’s Advance Dedicated Server lineup. Please note that their Advanced server offerings are occasionally updated, and some of the specific configurations that we are currently using are no longer available. Every server we rent has a 1Gbps vRack upgrade at a cost of $23.00 per month, per server. This is an important upgrade that allows all of our servers to communicate over a VLAN with a full gigabit of bandwidth, which is necessary because of the amount of traffic that goes between our servers. Our hardware infrastructure might seem expensive compared to some other setups, but this is largely because we’re supporting many more concurrent users and mapservers (missions, AE maps, zones, etc.), and each of our services are built with redundancy and stability as a core factor. This means that we generally have warm spares for each core part of our infrastructure that we are ready to migrate to with very short notice in the event of an outage or other issue. See also: this amazing post by Telephone back in May. Map Hosts Total Monthly Cost: $2,484.93 Hosts (7): HC-MS-NA1, HC-MS-NA2, HC-MS-NA3, HC-MS-NA4, HC-MS-NA5, HC-MS-NA6, HC-MS-EU1 Our shared mapserver pool consists of 7 Advance-5 servers (6 servers in NA and one in EU). These host all the maps (every zone, mission, and AE map) running in the game. Each server costs $354.99 per month and has two Xeon Gold 5118 CPUs (24c/48t total @ 2.3GHz), and 96GB of memory. Database & Storage Servers Total Monthly Cost: $724.96 Hosts (4): HC-CentralDB0, HC-CentralDB1, HC-CentralDB2, HC-CentralDBEU We currently run 4 SQL Server 2017 database servers in a high-availability configuration (3 hot, 1 warm spare for redundancy). All of these servers run pretty high on their memory usage (typically at anywhere from 85-95% physical memory usage from the SQL servers). HC-CentralDB0 is an Advance-3 with a single Xeon D-2141I CPU, 64GB of memory, and 2 2TB SSDs at a cost of $213.99 per month. This server acts as a warm spare for each of the three other database servers in addition to providing read-only access to the data from each shard for various parts of our tooling and backend services. HC-CentralDB1 is an Advance-3 with a single Xeon D-2141I CPU and 64GB of memory at a cost of $160.99 per month. This server hosts the databases for the CoH global services (Auction House, Chat, Account, AE, etc.) in addition to the databases for Torchbearer and Indomitable. HC-CentralDB2 is an Advance-3 with a single Xeon D-2141I CPU and 64GB of memory at a cost of $160.99 per month. This server hosts the databases for Excelsior and Everlasting, in addition to the databases for all beta, prelease, and development shards. HC-CentralDBEU is an Advance STOR-2 in the European cluster with a single Xeon D-1541 (8c/16t @ 2.1GHz), 32GB of memory, 2 240GB SSDs, and 4 12TB HDDs (RAID, 220GB + 22TB of storage accessible) at a cost of $188.99 per month. This server hosts the database for Reunion in addition to acting as one of our backup targets and a general-purpose storage server. Virtual Machine Hosts Total Monthly Cost: $971.97 Hosts (3): HC-VM1, HC-VM2, HC-VM3 We currently use 3 Advance-4 servers running Windows Server Datacenter and Hyper-V to host all of our virtual machines. Each of these servers has a single AMD EPYC 7351P CPU (16c/32t), 256GB of memory, and 2 TB SSDs at a cost of $323.99 per month each. The virtual machines running on these servers are used for a variety of purposes, including: The DBServers for each NA shard (1 hot per shard plus warm spares on each other host for redundancy) The CoH auth servers (1 live, 2 warm spares for redundancy) 3 domain controllers (in a high-availability configuration) A Kubernetes cluster Our version control and build infrastructure The website and forums The content delivery network (CDN) Our development infrastructure Including our beta and pre-release shards Various other backend systems and tools The Bastion Host (AKA “Citadel”) Total Monthly Cost: $102.99 Hosts (1): HC-Citadel We currently use an Advance-1 server with a single Xeon D-2123I (4c/8ct) and 32GB of memory as a bastion host. This server costs $102.99 per month. Reunion’s DBServer Total Monthly Cost: $102.99 Hosts (1): HC-DB-Reunion We currently use an Advance-1 server in our European cluster as Reunion’s DBServer. This server has a single Xeon D-2123I (4c/8ct) and 32GB of memory, and costs $102.99 per month. Licenses & Failover IP Addresses Total Monthly Cost: $257.60 We currently have 4 SQL Server 2017 Web licenses (one for each of our SQL DB servers) at a cost of $64.40 each per month. We also have 7 failover IP blocks allocated to various servers and virtual machines. OVH no longer bills monthly for active IP addresses, so we are no longer paying for these on a monthly basis. See our latest invoice from OVH here: https://imgur.com/a/725kB5L Paperspace Total Monthly Cost: $25.00 Hosts (1): HC-Imagineer1 We currently rent a single Paperspace Air instance which is used as a rendering node for some of our tooling and future projects which will rely on the service. This instance is paid monthly at a cost of $22.00 per month for the base instance, and an additional $3.00 per month for a static IP address. See our latest invoice from Paperspace here: https://imgur.com/a/3w9IiRL External Services Total Monthly Cost: $140.75 Google G-Suite Total Monthly Cost: $121.02 We currently use Google G-Suite Business as our primary user email service, as one of our backup targets, and for collaboration using Google Drive and it’s suite of tools (Docs, Sheets, etc.). We have 9 users (some of which are “server” accounts) costing $108.00 per month and 1 active Google Voice number costing $13.02 per month. See our latest invoices from Google here: https://imgur.com/a/Qwz44dI Jira Cloud (Atlassian) Total Monthly Cost: $10.00 We currently have a 10-user Atlassian Jira Cloud account which we previously used for project management and issue tracking. We have moved away from this platform in favor of other options and plan to eliminate this charge very soon. See our latest invoice from Atlassian here: https://imgur.com/a/oneIiRr Twilio Total Monthly Cost: variable We use Twilio’s programmable SMS service to setup shared Homecoming accounts (such as social media accounts, etc.) with 2-factor authentication. The cost of this service is $1.00 per month plus $0.0075 per SMS message received. Billing on Twilio is balance based and the minimum balance charge is $20.00. As of the time of this post, we still have $15.90 remaining balance. See our latest invoice from Twilio here: https://imgur.com/a/FL5mf2d “Security / Admin Software” Total Monthly Cost: $9.73 If you’ve been paying attention to the monthly PayPal history we show in each Donations & Finances post you may have noticed there’s a monthly charge for which the name is redacted. As this charge is related to administration and security, we will not be disclosing the name of the product or service, or show the associated invoice.
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    Hello everyone! Page 6 is almost ready for public testing, so it’s probably time to start talking about what’s in store. Today we’ve got a look at a new powerset, a discussion about our goals for game balance, and a developer diary from Piecemeal discussing the upcoming story arcs. New Powerset: Sonic Manipulation A new sonic-themed Blaster secondary with fairly well-rounded capabilities. It also features a Migraine mechanic, with many powers in the set having a small chance to inflict a short hold. This chance can be dramatically increased by using Sound Booster, the build up power of the set. T1: Sonic Thrust (Melee, Minor DMG(Smashing/Energy), Foe Knockback) A focused attack of intense sonic power that violently sends a nearby foe flying. Deals minimal damage, but can be very effective. Recharge: Fast T2: Strident Echo (Melee, Moderate DMG(Smashing/Energy), chance for Hold) Strident Echo deals minor damage over time. It has a low chance of causing a migraine, leaving the target shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow T3: Echo Chamber (Ranged, Minor DMG(Energy), Foe Hold) Encases the target in a field of sonic waves, dealing energy damage and holding them in place. Recharge: Slow T4: Sound Booster (Self +DMG, +To Hit, +Special) Greatly boosts your attacks for a few seconds. Slightly increases chance to hit. Moderately increases the duration of mez effects. Moderately increases the chance for Sound Manipulation powers to induce migraines. Recharge: Long T5: Deafening Wave (Melee (AoE), High DMG(Smashing/Energy), chance for Hold) You create a large field of sonic waves, causing damage to all foes around you. It has a moderate chance of causing migraines, leaving them shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow T6: Sound Barrier (Toggle: Self +Absorb, +Recovery, +Res(Smashing, Energy, Sleep)) Creates a barrier around the caster which reduces incoming energy and smashing damage, provides protection against sleep effects and grants an absorption shield. Recovery is also increased. Recharge: Moderate T7: Disruption Aura (Toggle: Foe -Res) You emit a constant wave of sonic energy around yourself, weakening the Damage Resistance of all nearby foes. Recharge: Moderate T8: Sound Cannon (Ranged (Cone), Foe Stun, Knockback) You generate a powerful sonic wave that will knock back and disorient foes in front of you for a short time. Recharge: Long T9: Earsplitter (Melee, Heavy DMG(Smashing/Energy), chance for Hold) You generate an Earsplitting sound wave right in the face of your foe, inflicting great damage. It has a good chance of causing a migraine, leaving them shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow Sonic Manipulation also comes alongside a set of changes to Blaster Manipulation sets. We’ve made a standardization pass on the strength of Blaster crowd control effects whilst also shoring up the damage and survivability of some lower performing sets. Game Balance & The Endgame Next up: We’re commonly asked what our goals are when it comes to game balance, so we’ve written a post explaining our goals, both for page 6 and the future. Check out the post here! Dev Diary - Piecemeal's Workshop of Horrors You may have seen Piecemeal skulking about the forum, posting cryptic messages and poems… Well, now it’s finally time for them to introduce themselves and what they’ve been working on. Head on over to this post for a peek inside their head - reader beware, they've got a very active imagination... And that’s not all! Page 6 has several more features coming with it, including… - The Homecoming Team
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    Hey all, Before we continue, a caveat: Some of the changes and plans mentioned below are either very early in development or still purely conceptual. Some of them will likely not make the cut and either change greatly or be scrapped entirely. Since Homecoming launched there’s been a few questions and concerns about why we’re making certain balance changes, so with Page 6 just around the corner we thought it would make sense to explain our overarching goals in this area. Expanding the end-game and creating more end-game content was an incredibly popular request in the A Question from The Homecoming Team thread, and is something that we are very interested in pursuing. However in order to be able to do that and for it actually work for everyone across the board, we need to clear up some of the existing balance issues in the game - both with specific powersets, whole ATs, and in more general areas. The best way to describe the current state of balance in the endgame is probably unfinished. The game closed down mid-way through the Incarnate system being developed, and before it had been through any significant post-release balance passes. In addition, the impact it had on the rest of the game hadn’t yet been given much consideration. Our overarching goal is to have every powerset / AT be viable and have a place in the game. Obviously, achieving this goal perfectly isn’t actually possible, so our true aim is to get as close to that bar as we are able to. In addition, we want your choices to matter. Currently there’s a large amount of homogenization at the endgame and many of the individual choices that you make for your character don’t have much of an impact, and for some decisions a few options are vastly stronger than anything else. Powersets & ATs This is where most of the balancing work has been done so far, and where a lot of work in the immediate future will also be happening. The primary goal with these changes is to ensure everything sits in a healthy medium, with every powerset being a valid pick and valuable in different circumstances. This means some sets will be buffed, and yes, some sets will be nerfed. However, we feel there are definitely more underperforming sets than there are overperforming ones - so expect to see more buffs than nerfs. There’s also a lot of sets to get through, so it may take a while for us to get to your favourite. To date, we’ve looked at Tankers, Dominators, Snipe powers and a few individual powersets. In the near future we’re going to be rolling out improvements to Energy Melee, Trick Arrow and Blaster secondary sets, whilst also reworking Titan Weapons, one of the most overperforming sets. Bringing these overperforming sets down to a healthy level is important in ensuring those key goals stated above are met. When one set is able to outdamage every other set in almost every circumstance, it causes those other sets to be less viable choices, and also makes it impractical for us to begin work on the end game - do we balance it around Titan Weapons or Trick Arrow? The answer is neither, of course. We want to balance around that healthy medium, but we’re not quite there yet. Procs & PPM Something we’ve recently started looking at is procs. We’re only scratching the surface here, but our goals are similar to that with powersets: Bringing each option towards a happy medium. One big topic that needs looking at specifically is PPM. This system was still in beta when the game shut down, so it never really graduated properly to the live servers, and never received any follow-up balance passes. There are numerous issues right now, such as the interaction it has with different types of recharge bonuses and AoEs, which causes the system to be unintuitive (slotting for recharge can make a power… less good!) in some areas and not well balanced in other areas (many procs are very strong in AoEs and very weak in single targets). Along with improving general game balance there’s a secondary benefit to cleaning up PPM and procs: it will allow us to continue building new enhancement sets with new and unique procs and set bonuses. We’ve got no firm plans to discuss just yet, but it is a key area we will be looking at in the future. Lastly... We’re also looking at other areas long-term, such as the impact that Incarnate abilities have on non-Incarnate content, Incarnate crafting, how +special buffs interact with long duration +def powers, and improving the enhancement system below level 50. You'll hear more about these as we start exploring them in the future. And that’s all for today. We hope the above has shed some light on why we’ve been making the changes that we’ve been making.
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    I'm happy to publicly announce that there is an up-to-date rebirth of the old City of Data site. The site is accessible at https://cod.uberguy.net. This is meant as a successor to Red Tomax's original City of Data, and borrows heavily from that site's organization and visual display of information. Quite a few things have changed, , though, both in the game and our understanding of its data, so it's not identical to the old site. It shows more information in a lot of cases, and lets you see more "raw" data. This site would not have been possible without the extremely impressive work done by @RubyRedto create the Powers project and the coh.tips site. Ruby's Code Archeology blog post made me realize this project was achievable using Ruby's work as a starting point. I also want to thank @Bopperfor help trying out the early versions of the site, finding bugs and making suggestions. @Captain Powerhouse also gave valuable feedback, and some of his suggestions are still in the pipeline as tweaks and improvements. The site's data is extracted from Homecoming's game files using a modified version of Ruby's tool. This version exposes the raw data in a Python environment, where I perform additional transformations before exporting it as JSON. This version of the data acts as the backing for the website. The site is entirely dynamic on the client side - there is no server-side page rendering. This does mean the site requires Javascript to be enabled and a relatively modern browser. If you've updated your browser in the last couple of years, you should be fine. (If you haven't, I hope you have either an excellent antivirus or exceptional opsec skills.) There are some ways of displaying things the old CoD did which aren't the most practical for this version. They're possible, but more work (or cause more traffic) due to design decisions I made about how the power and other data is structured. Old CoD built display pages on the server, where the new CoD is entirely client-side logic. This means how the site displays things is more tightly coupled with decisions around the structure of the files it pulls in to show you data. For example, every power is sent as a distinct data file, so displaying a whole powerset on one page would currently require pulling down every power in the powerset. Do-able, but not great. (A more compact whole-powerset display is possible, but ideally calls for a better slice-and-dice export of the powerset as one file.) I've made some effort to check that the site works on mobile devices, but it is not really visually optimized for that. I have no way to test the site on Safari or iOS devices. I can test it on browsers that run on Linux, Windows and Android. Most of my testing was done in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, plus Firefox. Questions and feedback are welcome. Be sure to check out the "Help" pages on the site, which are accessed via the question mark link on the top right of every page.
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    Patch Notes | Beta Server FAQ | Feedback Threads | Bug Reports | Character Copy Beta Installation: Homecoming Launcher Note: This needs to be installed to a new location (not your existing CoH install directory) Hello everyone! We're incredibly happy to announce that the beta for Page 1 of Issue 27: Second Chances is now available to test on the beta server. What happened to Page 6 I hear you ask? Well, it was becoming too large to be just a page, and it was also the beginning of a new series of story content, so we decided it should instead be the beginning of the next issue - and thus, Issue 27: Second Chances was born. Issue 27, Page 1 is in fact so large, that we've put together this post to cover the highlights in case you're too afraid to delve into the gargantuan patch notes thread. We recommend using the new Homecoming Launcher to access the beta, but if you wish to use a legacy launcher (Tequila, etc), check out this thread. New Story Arcs: The Graveyard Shift & The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok Two new story arcs have been added to the game - one for heroes (The Graveyard Shift, level 20-29), and one for villains (The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok, level 30-39). These arcs are the first two instalments of the Freaklok storyline, introducing new contacts, enemy groups, mission maps and several unique mission mechanics! Costume Editor Update: Asymmetrical Shoulders After adding asymmetrical gloves and boots in Issue 26, Page 5, we've now expanded the costume creator to also allow asymmetrical shoulder pads. Even more importantly, shoulder kittens are now available for Male and Huge characters... and you can have two of them at the same time! New Blaster Secondary Powerset: Sonic Manipulation A new sonic-themed Blaster secondary with fairly well-rounded capabilities. It also features a Migraine mechanic, with many powers in the set having a small chance to inflict a short hold. This chance can be dramatically increased by using Sound Booster, the build up power of the set. Travel Changes: New Long Range Teleporter Accolade, Base Teleportation Updates and TUNNEL Updates This patch brings several changes to travel throughout the game. First of all: the GM-only command /enterbasefrompasscode is no longer available for players to use unconditionally, and can now only be used when you would normally be able to enter a base (whilst near a base portal or after using a base transporter power) or whilst already inside a supergroup base. This means you can still use transport hubs, but you must first gain access to a base normally - through a power or by travelling to a portal. Next, we've significantly increased the availability and utility of base beacons and base portals: 7 new base beacons have been added for zones in Praetoria and the Shadow Shard 16 new base portals have been added - every zone with a base beacon now also has a base portal Using a teleporter beacon now drops you near the base portal in that zone instead of at a random location on the map Several existing base portals have been moved to more convenient locations We've also added two new Supergroup Portal powers (one at the Pay 2 Win vendor, one from a day job). These powers allow you to summon a small temporary base portal that anyone can use (similar to an Ouroboros portal). Best of all: You can customize the colour! Who said size matters? As part of the rework to the Teleportation pool, Long Range Teleport was removed from the pool, and instead has been reimplemented as an Accolade power. You earn this power by gathering exploration accolades - the first one will unlock the power with that zone as the first destination, and each subsequent one you earn will add that zone to the list of destinations (note that not every zone can be added, see the image below or the patch notes for the full list). And finally, we've made several smaller improvements: Ouroboros can now be unlocked and accessed from level 1 Ouroboros portals now persist for a short while after you leave the zone, and they can be summoned whilst flying! Cimerora can now be unlocked and accessed at level 1 (plus, it's now much easier to access due to several base portals being located at universities) The hero and villain TUNNEL networks have been merged, and TUNNEL can now be used by Praetorians The recharge and cast times of most prestige, temporary and day job teleporter powers (Pocket D VIP Teleporter, Base Transporter, etc) have been reduced Overall, travel should now be more normalized. Although you can no longer instantly teleport from any location in the world, by using a combination of base portals, prestige powers, and the new accolade, travel around the game is still very fast, with many previously longer journeys (looking at you, Shadow Shard and Cimerora) now being much shorter. Improvements to Enhancements We've made a series of improvements to how you acquire, combine, and upgrade enhancements whilst levelling up. First of all, we've significantly increased the availability of Single Origin Enhancements in the early game: Vendors will sell them from level 5 and story arcs now award SOs instead of TOs or DOs. The low-level SOs sold at Yin's market can now be used by characters of any origin, and are cheaper than SOs from other stores. Secondly, combining enhancements is now a simpler process: Combining two enhancements will now simply increase the level of the enhancement, rather than creating a X+1 enhancement. This means you can now combine Hamidon, Titan and Hydra enhancements all the way up to level 53. And thirdly, a feature we initially tested many months ago: the enhancement upgrade button. You can now easily upgrade all of your equipped enhancements directly in your enhancement management screen. This has the same effect as purchasing enhancements 3 above your current level and slotting them over all of your existing enhancements. See it in action below. And much, much more! Revamps for Energy Melee, Titan Weapons, Trick Arrow, Teleportation and Blaster Secondaries Energy Melee proliferated to Scrappers Expanded support for gamepads 13 new badges A fix for the city map (15 years too late) Patch Notes | Beta Server FAQ | Feedback Threads | Bug Reports | Character Copy Installation: Homecoming Launcher Note: This needs to be installed to a new location (not your existing CoH install directory)
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    I dream of (in PVE) : - No FX options on all armors and all AT. (yes i want to have cool costume on my Bio and Rad armor too.) - The option to remove stealth effect on all stealth and Invis powers. (dam i love my stalker skin, spent hours to create several and... i turn hide on <f.ck>) - The option to make any buff with No FX. (i m fed up to spend so much time to try to remove color from my cold buff...) - The option at The Gull not to see buff FX. (please, some buff still have 2005ish textures and i have nothing against people with taste of s..t but when they vomit their buff on my toon... i feel ... dirty) This would help a lot of people to enjoy creating tons of costumes and low graphics computers would suffer less in full league.
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    This has been discussed a little bit and is definitely something people are interested in looking at, but we've not currently got any plans (as there's a lot of things on the list of things people are interested in looking at 🙂 ). Take a look through the live patch notes and tell me where we've made characters useless. I'm not interested in hearing about your experiences with nerfs on live, because obviously we didn't have anything to do with that. Don't worry, we're well aware that most players don't post on the forums, and we're also well aware when posts are all bluster and no substance. This is crucial IMO - but it cuts both ways. It's pretty difficult to feel super when one team member can solo the entire mission without breaking a sweat.
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    We're all still alive - real life has just been incredibly busy for many of us in recent months. Most of this is due to (or made signiciantly worse by) Coronavirus-related problems, and some of it just really bad timing. For the moment we're having to prioritise the small amount of free time we have available for the project, which means some things aren't getting much attention. The talks are still ongoing, and as that's the most important thing for the long-term goals that Homecoming has, it is the priority. From a development standpoint there's several things which are in progress (some of which are nearly ready for testing), but right now we don't actually have the capacity to run live development, testing and iteration on those features (see the Enhancement changes being stuck in limbo for an example of this). Once that capacity returns we'll start to see stuff hitting the test servers again. Whilst all of this is going on it's still a priority of ours to ensure the consistent and stable operation of the server. Our fantastic GM team has been critical in facilitatin this, so please be sure to thank them if you see them around 🙂 Can we really update the game without nerfing regen?
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    Hello All! A handful of people over on Discord were talking about a lack of an updated Wiki for Homecoming, I've cloned Paragon Wiki to https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page and encourage folks to update it with current information for Homecoming. There have been a small handful of updates so far but there is lots of work to be done. So create an account and go nuts! As a note, I've removed ALL User: pages from the import of PWiki to remove any user information that people may not want copied, feel free to bring your User: page over from PWiki if you would like.
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    Personally, I'm a big fan of "Don't worry about what other people do with their characters."
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    Greetings, heroes and villains! I need your help. Our newest Ouroboros acolyte, Mender Derek, has made a terrible mistake! He was given a simple task; go to Cimerora and pick up a pizza. Instead, he decided to do some sightseeing of Paragon’s most infamous historic events... but forgot to close the doorways behind him... Throughout the month of July our timeline will collide with four events from our past: Starting today (June 30th), we’ll be thrown back to the Rikti World Invasion of 2007. Next week (July 7th) it’ll be October! Halloween will be upon us, with the deadly apocalypse and trick or treating available all week. Following that, on July 14th, the Mender Silos Nemesis invasion begins! Finally, the end of the month (July 21st), becomes the end of the year, as we celebrate the Holiday season once again! Throughout the month we expect the echos of Derek’s disastrous mistake to cause waves of villains from both the past and the future to find their way into our timestream. The Menders of Ouroborus and I will be there to fend them off, but we’ll need your help fending off these incursions! (AKA - Monster Mash!) - The event is in Kallisti Wharf, where the zone cap is 200 Players. Unfortunately, this is a set cap and the event will be first come, first serve. If you are unable to make it into this one, we hope you'll make it to another shard! Monster Mash Times/Shards: On Excelsior: Friday, July 10th at 6pm Eastern (10pm UTC) On Torchbearer: Sunday, July 12th at 5pm Eastern (9pm UTC) On Everlasting: Saturday, July 18th at 1pm Eastern (5pm UTC) On Indomitable: Saturday, July 18th at 5pm Eastern (9pm UTC) On Reunion: Saturday, July 25th at 4pm Eastern (8pm UTC) - Just before the Costume Contest! Location: Kallisti Wharf (Check above for dates/times/shards) - *To get there, you can take the monorail from most zones in Paragon City or the Smuggler’s Submarine from Sharkhead Isle, Grandville or The Abyss.* Details: - This is a Monster Mash! Come prepared to fight off waves of enemies! (There are no special badges being given. You will, however, receive credit towards your 'defeat' counts of enemies being spawned). - The event should last approx 1 Hour - The event starts at the designated time - be sure to get there early to be there for the beginning. - The zone cap is 200 Players. Unfortunately, this is a set cap and the event will be first come, first serve. If you are unable to make it into this one, we hope you'll make it to another shard! *This cap is double the size of any other zone. Due to this, and the nature of Monster Mashes, expect some lag. We highly encourage reducing graphics, minimizing costume FX and do NOT summon lore pets during the event.* - When entering the zone, please broadcast requesting to join a League. We will have one of our Menders add both Heroes AND Villains to their team. Our Menders are volunteering their time to help battle this anomaly and there may not be enough of them at each event; at which point we'll request players to form their own leagues! Finally, we’ll round the month off with a costume contest at Statesman Plaza in Kallisti Wharf on all five shards. Theme: Past and Future! Come dressed in outfits representing eras past or look towards the future and dazzle us with your innovative new ideas! Time: July 25th at 5pm Eastern 9pm UTC, 10pm UK time, 2pm Pacific time, 11pm central European time Prizes The 4 runner-up costumes on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: Past & Future Costume Contest Runner-Up The Fashion Victim Badge 150 reward merits The best costume on each shard will win: A permanent golden title: Past & Future Costume Contest Finalist The Fashion Victim Badge 300 reward merits The single best overall costume will win: A permanent golden title: Past & Future Costume Contest Winner The Fashion Victim Badge 1000 reward merits
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    My web-crawling hacker Website - Energy Melee/Electric Aura Scrapper
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    Hello everyone, we hope you've been enjoying Page 5 this week! [email protected] Update Our [email protected] team is still going strong! The latest stats: Over 500 of you have contributed We've completed over 24,000 work units and generated nearly 600 million points We're placed #330 (of #248,102) in the all-time stats, and #54 for the the past 7 days The prize winners for the month of March have also been announced. Congratulations to our top contributor @honoraryorange, with a grand total of 18,282,782 points and 344 work units! To thank those that are contributing, we're giving away a bunch of prizes each month. In total, there's 15,750 Reward Merits and 30 permanent costume powers up for grabs! Check out the full details here. Take Your Child to Work Day Screenshot Contest Winners The winners for the Take Your Child to Work Day contest have been announced - head on over to this thread to see the winners, or check out this thread to some more of the entries. Nemesis Invasions - Ending April 15th Nemesis will be remaining in Paragon City and The Rogue Isles for another week, and will be leaving during server maintenance on Tuesday Wednesday the 15th of April. Black, White & Grayscale Costume Contest - April 18th Our next monthly costume contest is taking place on April 18th - the theme this month is Black, White and Grayscale. The contest takes place on all shards simultaneously at 9pm UTC (click to see this in your timezone). Over 5,000 merits and several permanent titles are up for grabs! Check out the full details here. Architect Entertainment Dev Choice Submissions - Now Open! @GM Arcanum is now accepting entries for Dev Choice arcs, head on over to this thread to submit your creations! If your arc is chosen you'll receive 1,000 merits and eternal fame*. *fame not guaranteed, may be substituted for mild recognition Progression Improvements - Enhancements Over the next few patches we’re going to begin testing and implementing some experimental improvements to progression in the game, primarily aimed at improving the play experience at lower levels. A disclaimer before we continue: All of these experiments will be subject to changes and revisions. Some may be overhauled entirely (even after release), and some not make the cut and will never leave the beta servers. With that out of the way, we’d like to present the first set of experiments, all aimed at improving the gameplay surrounding Enhancements. First up is a new feature to streamline Enhancement upgrades: This feature allows you to easily upgrade any TO, DO and SO Enhancements slotted into your powers without needing to visit a vendor. The game will simply calculate the influence cost of upgrading all of your Enhancements to the maximum you can currently slot (3 above your current level, capping at level 50), and then ask you to confirm. In addition, we’re making SOs available from stores beginning at level 5, and the Outbreak / Breakout tutorials will now give new characters damage SOs instead of TOs. Mission completion at any level now has a chance of dropping a random Power 10 SO and arc completion guarantees a random Power 10 SO that matches your origin. Yin’s market has also received an update and now sells special enhancements usable by any origin, which are also much cheaper than enhancements found at other stores. These improvements are aimed at tackling Enhancements just not being that useful in the lower levels due to how quickly they expire. The goal is to allow you to begin (and continue using) standard enhancements as you level a character, only swapping over to IOs when you want to - rather than feeling forced to do so in order to avoid Enhancements expiring every few levels. Check out the Beta FAQ for information on accessing the beta servers. Participating on the beta servers is one of the most impactful ways to help us - we rely heavily on your testing and feedback to keep development trucking along smoothly. That’s all for today! - The Homecoming Team
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    We're One Year Old! It’s April 24th - exactly one year since Torchbearer, the first Homecoming shard, came online for the very first time - and conveniently, also only a few days shy of the 16th anniversary of City of Heroes’ retail launch. Looking back, those first few weeks were both immensely exciting and extremely chaotic for our community. It’s been a very long year for all of us, and we’ve come a long way - 5 shards, nearly 170 thousand accounts, over 1.3 million characters created and 5 major updates - with more to come! None of this would’ve been possible without the incredible support of our GM team, so we would also like to take this opportunity to extend a special thank you to all of our Game Master volunteers - both past and present - for your time and dedication over the past year. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you. And now… some festivities! 16th Anniversary Badge: Resurgent Following the vote earlier this month, Resurgent has been chosen as the name for the anniversary badge this year. Any character that logs in during the month of May will automatically receive this badge. Resurgent During the month of May all previous anniversary badges are also available to purchase from Luna in Ouroboros for 100 Reward Merits each. Invasion! Starting… now, Rikti invasions will be taking place all over Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. They’ll be here for two and a half weeks - until server maintenance finally defeats them once and for all on Tuesday the 12th of May. Anniversary Contests @GM Miss is hosting two contests to help celebrate the anniversary! Anniversary Screenshot Contest: Starting today and running until May 1st, we’re asking you to submit your favourite screenshot from the past year. Anniversary Costume Contest: On May 2nd we’ll be hosting an anniversary costume contest! Many prizes will be up for grabs, including permanent costume powers. And that’s all for today. Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey - this is only the beginning. - The Homecoming Team
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    Without giving anything back to the players? How about the fact that they provide a second chance to play a long dead game completely free of charge? Come on folks! Are we so used to the idea of CoH being back, that we now take it for granted, and want things that might be contrary to their efforts to make it permanent? The lack of faith demonstrated about their efforts is a little jarring, considering they've always been as transparent, and forthcoming as they can be within a legal framework, and never did anything to violate anyone's trust along the way. We are all in this together, and we can either do what's necessary to help see it through, or we can do things that potentially put the process in jeopardy.
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    Build 27.1.3516 Winter Event The Winter event is now active! Mysterious Presents have appeared throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles Father Time is now present in the Ski Chalet Lord Winter's Realm is available from The LFG Queue Atlas Park has frozen over The price for the Lords of Winter Super Packs in the auction house is discounted to 10 million inf (instead of 25 million) for the duration of the event See the Wiki page for more info The event will be active for 5 weeks, and will end during maintenance on Tuesday the 5th of January New for 2020: Snowbound Badge Awarded for logging in during the event Grants you the Holiday Spirit (debt protection) and Holiday Cheer (a gift for another player) temporary powers New for 2020: Winter Forest Updates The Winter Forest, a special zone previously only accessible via Null the Gull, has been updated to be a seasonal hang-out spot While the Winter event is active, it can be accessed from any TUNNEL portal or by using Long Range Teleporter While the Winter event is active, several NPCs gather in the zone: Ms. Liberty (Trainer), an Icon Cosmetic Surgeon, The Candy Keeper, Shady Nick (Black Market), a P2W Winter Agent, a Last-Minute Gift Shop (Quartermaster), a Merit Vendor, several heroes and villains from around Paragon and the Rogue isles, and of course, Null the Gull himself An invention table, a base portal, and a TUNNEL portal have also been added, and they remain at all times, even after the winter event ends Several small geometry fixes have been made A minimap and a special loading screen have been added Long Range Teleporter Destination List Destinations are now categorized and coloured based on their location (Paragon City, Rogue Isles, Praetoria and Shadow Shard) "Your Supergroup Base" is visible at the top of the list if you are in a Supergroup "Enter Supergroup Passcode..." is visible at the top of the list at all times Locked destinations are now listed This makes it easier to see where you can and cannot go, and also keeps every destination in a consistent location regardless of how many you've unlocked Zones that your current alignment cannot visit are not listed Shadow Shard zones moved to the bottom of the list Hero zones re-ordered slightly, all co-op zones are now at the bottom of the Hero zone list Zone levels have been removed in order to make the list easier to read Zone Checker A zone checker list has been added to the Fast Travel macro, allowing you to check which zones you have and haven't unlocked in LRT has been added to the fast travel macro Unlocked zones can be clicked, doing so will activate LRT (you'll still need to select the destination in the LRT popup) This is likely only a temporary solution, we'd like to add something more integrated with the power itself Thanks to @AboveTheChemist and @Jacke for their assistance with this NOTE: If you have manually downloaded an updated version of fasttravel.mnu, you need to delete it in order to see this update Other Changes Long Range Teleporter can now be purchased from the P2W vendor It costs 1,000,000 influence It can be found under Prestige Powers > Travel > Long Range Teleporter This only unlocks the power itself (with the default base access), exploration badges are still required to unlock each zone Long Range Teleporter's long and short descriptions now clearly state it allows you to access Supergroup bases Long Range Teleporter now uses a long interruptible animation when used inside a mission with Temporary Powers disabled (eg: in Master Of runs) Fixed Faultline not unlocking properly Previously it would unlock if you owned any badge from Echo: Faultline, rather than Faultline proper Story Arcs The Graveyard Shift Updates to spawns in the rave mission to reduce the chance for extreme psychological trauma Adjusted the Raverobber spawn to ensure that the spawn clears as complete as soon as Raverobber drops Reduced the potency of the viral cocktail, now only reduces endurance by 10 instead of 20 MM pets now also get the Viral Cocktail Immune booster power corrected to run for 60s, not 30s, stacking Upgraded the Zoombie explosions: They move faster, hit harder, hit you AND enemies - and added knockback Disclaimers added to Pathogen and Cortex missions to bring friends The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok Doc Buzzsaw contact updated to remove the HREF store link which would cause the contact to crash if clicked while running the arc via Ouroboros Unkillable enemies getting onto the other side of the fence in the Zig should be less of a problem Wardens using Gale were the issue, and that spawndef simply stops spawning bosses for Longbow now Cortex (Both arcs) Heroside version Rise to the challenge and wasting disease removed from him Redside version Psychic Scream removed fromdecaying version Also has no confuse power still, intended Mind Stab: 20s rech (was 4s), 1.24 damage scale (was 1.64) Subdue: 3s rech (was 8s), .6 damage scale (was 1.0) Telekinetic Blast: 6s rech (was 8s), damage for Smash/Psi now .63/.34, was 1/.64 Mesmerize: 3s rech (was 6s), sleep duration reduced from 30 to 18, damage reduced Dominate: 5s rech (was 8s), .70 damage scale (was 1.0) Greater Psi Blade: 30s rech (was 15s), lethal damage removed, psionic damage at 1.7 scale Confuse added back into his power kit, recharge increased to 20s, mag increased from mag3 to mag4, duration cut to 10s from 20s Updated the Cortex Illusion Spawns to be less painful in quantity Powers Blaster Psychic Blast Several powers have had their range increased to match the bonus range that other versions of Psychic Blast have Psionic Dart range increased from 80ft to 100ft Mental Blast range increased from 80ft to 100ft Telekinetic Blast range increased from 80ft to 100ft Will Domination range increased from 80ft to 100ft Psionic Tornado range increased from 80ft to 100ft Scramble Thoughts range increased from 80ft to 100ft Sentinel Psychic Blast Several powers have had their range increased to match the bonus range that other versions of Psychic Blast have Mental Blast range increased from 60ft to 75ft Telekinetic Blast range increased from 60ft to 75ft Psychic Scream range increased from 40ft to 50ft Will Domination range increased from 60ft to 75ft Psionic Strike range increased 60ft to 75ft Psionic Tornado range increased from 40ft to 50ft Scramble Thoughts range increased from 60ft to 75ft General Trainers no longer lie to players about Supergroup Mode and Prestige Null the Gull no longer discusses the Dimensional Warder badge with Praetorians before they move over into Primal Earth properly Praetorian Supergroup Registrar Added a new Supergroup Registrar for Praetorians They are located in front of the Civic Center in Nova Praetoria (-4369.0 34.0 -256.0) They use a fancy new Powers Division Supergroup registration form P2W Vendor The various prestige teleportation powers in the P2W store now have proper descriptions instead of just saying "Buy me!" Moved Prestige Sprints into the Travel category at the P2W vendor Bug Fixes Fixed many powers having incorrect colour palettes for power customization Many powers had their power customization options incorrectly assigned in i27 - this patch should resolve these issues Fixed a bug that with the Supergroup registration screen; it was showing the wrong alignment very often Fixed some text errors with the Auctioneer day job Fixed the Monitor Duty badge incorrectly referring to the Base Teleporter power (the old name for the Monitor Duty Teleporter power) Fixed the Visionary badge not awarding credit for Overseer bosses These were still being tracked, they just weren't attached to the badge, so if you killed a bunch before this patch you may automatically earn the badge when you log in Fixed the Duray encounter failing during Admiral Sutter's TF Powers Bug Fixes Travel Powers should no longer generate a flashing buff icon Note: Athletic Run was missed in this first fix, will be in the next patch Trick Arrow Disruption Arrow: This power's -MaxEnd debuff is now affected by AT modifiers Glue Arrow: Fixed short description to note it is a Location AoE Slow enhancements should now work on this power Mastermind: The following powers had their end cost accidentally lowered, this has been reversed: Ice Arrow Acid Arrow Disruption Arrow EMP Arrow Energy Melee Power Crash: End cost for this power was set too low, increased from 9.36 to 15.184 Stalker version was not doing Crit from hide, this has been fixed Stalker > Energy Punch: Crit damage was hitting for too little damage. This has been fixed Dark Melee > Touch of Fear: Power should again have a 30% chance for additional mag 1 fear on the primary target A consistency pass has been made on Touch of Fear's AoE damage Blaster > Darkness Manipulation > Touch of the Beyond: Should now grant fear resistance in PvP, not fear protection Blaster > Tactical Arrow > Oil Slick Arrow: This power should now grant a Defiance buff Scrapper > Energy Aura > Entropic Aura: This power should no longer debuff the caster's own recharge Pool > Leadership > Victory Rush: End Mod Enhancements should now work on this power Fixed issues where sometimes it would do the same buff if used on Lts or Minions Force Fields > Dispersion Bubble: Restored a missing VFX that would indicated what allies are being buffed by the power Traps > Force Field Generator: Restored a missing VFX that would indicated what allies are being buffed by the power Warshade > Umbral Aura > Shadow Slip: This power is now flagged as AoE, Negative Energy attack Kinetics > Transfusion: This power should now heal even if the target dies shortly after the animation starts
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    This is gonna sound sappy, I know, but I just wanted again to say a huge thank you to the Homecoming team for making it possible to play our game again. The work the team does to update and build onto the game, at no charge to the players, is deeply appreciated. Here in RL we've been locked down since the second week in November and I honestly believe that without being able to escape to Paragon City I'd be totally insane by now.
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    Issue 27: Second Chances, Page 1 - Available Now! (Full Patch Notes) Hello everyone! The long wait has paid off - Issue 27 has finally reached the live servers. As this update is extremely large, we've put together this announcement post to highlight some of the key changes and additions, however, we do recommend that you give the full patch notes a read if you have the time! If you haven't already done so, we recommend that you switch to the new Homecoming Launcher. It's far faster, more stable and more secure than Tequila. Additionally, due to the large number of powers changes all characters will receive a free respec upon login. New Story Arcs: The Graveyard Shift & The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok Two new story arcs have been added to the game - one for heroes (The Graveyard Shift, level 20-29), and one for villains (The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok, level 30-39). These arcs are the first two instalments of the Freaklok storyline, introducing new contacts, enemy groups, mission maps and several unique mission mechanics! Full excerpt from the patch notes: Character Customisation: Asymmetrical Shoulders, Expanded Power Customization and Stance Selection After adding asymmetrical gloves and boots in Issue 26, Page 5, we've now expanded the costume creator to also allow asymmetrical shoulder pads. Even more importantly, shoulder kittens are now available for Male and Huge characters... and you can have two of them at the same time! A new Other tab is available at the tailor, allowing you to customize several new powers, including the various Sprint powers - even Prestige Power Slide! Check out more examples here And lastly, you can now customize your default stance at the tailor by modifying the Stance power in the Inherent tab, and Athletic Run (a new non-stance version of Ninja Run) is available at the P2W vendor. Full excerpt from the patch notes: New Blaster Secondary Powerset: Sonic Manipulation A new sonic-themed Blaster secondary with fairly well-rounded capabilities. It also features a Migraine mechanic, with many powers in the set having a small chance to inflict a short hold. This chance can be dramatically increased by using Sound Booster, the build up power of the set. Full excerpt from the patch notes: Powerset Revamps: Energy Melee, Titan Weapons, Trick Arrow and Teleportation Four powersets have received significant updates in Issue 27! Energy Melee Stun has been replaced by Power Crash, a new cone attack Total Focus now grants the Energy Focus buff, which allows you to cast an empowered version of Energy Transfer, Power Crash or Barrage Energy Transfer: Significantly reduces the cast time Power Crash: Doubles the maximum targets Barrage: Has a 100%% chance to stun and applies a -special and -regeneration debuff to the target Energy Punch and Whirling hands have had their damage increased Total Focus and Bone Smasher have had their cast times reduced Energy Melee has also been proliferated to Scrappers Full excerpt from the patch notes: Titan Weapons Arbitrary bonus damage has been removed, and the set is now more in line with the standard damage formulas Now has the same redraw improvements as Katana (the draw animation is interruptible and only plays out of combat) Momentum applies even if your attack misses The fast version (with Momentum active) of every attack now deals less damage, recharges faster, and uses significantly less endurance Full excerpt from the patch notes: Trick Arrow Every power in Trick Arrow has been altered, and the set is now significantly more potent in the debuff department EMP Arrow now leaves behind a Faraday Cage which provides mez protection and a resistance buff for you and your allies We recommend checking out the full notes below for Trick Arrow due to the large number of changes! Full excerpt from the patch notes: Teleportation Recall Friend and Teleport Foe have been combined into a single power: Teleport Target Long Range Teleport has been removed from the set, and is now an accolade power (see below for more details) Two new powers have been added to the set: Combat Teleport, an instant, short-range teleport which provides a short +tohit buff Fold Space, an area of effect power which pulls up to 16 foes in the nearby area towards you Full excerpt from the patch notes: Zone Travel Updates: Long Range Teleporter Accolade, Base Teleportation Updates and the Fast Travel Menu Issue 27 brings numerous changes to zone travel. As part of the rework to the Teleportation pool, Long Range Teleport was removed from the pool, and instead has been reimplemented as an Accolade power. You gain this accolade power by earning your first exploration accolade, and it allows you to teleport to any* zone in which you've collected at least one exploration badge. *Almost any zone - see the image below for the full list There's also been changes to base teleportation. First of all, the internal command /enterbasefrompasscode now requires that you be able to enter a base normally before using it (which includes being near a base portal, using a supergroup teleportation power, or being inside a supergroup base). We've also made significant improvements to the availability and utility of base beacons and base portals: 7 new base beacons have been added for zones in Praetoria and the Shadow Shard 16 new base portals have been added - every zone with a base beacon now also has a base portal Using a teleporter beacon now drops you near the base portal in that zone instead of at a random location on the map Several existing base portals have been moved to more convenient locations A new Supergroup Portal power is also available at the P2W vendor. This power allows you to summon a small temporary base portal that anyone can use (similar to an Ouroboros portal). Best of all: You can customize the colour at the tailor! Who said size matters? We've also added a new Fast travel macro accolade which provides easy access to the various teleportation powers in the game. This menu is unlocked as soon as you acquire one of the powers available in the menu, and can be found in the Accolades section of the powers window. And finally, we've made several smaller improvements: Ouroboros can now be unlocked and accessed from level 1 Ouroboros portals now persist for a short while after you leave the zone, and they can be summoned whilst flying! Cimerora can now be unlocked and accessed at level 1 (plus, it's now much easier to access due to several base portals being located at universities) The hero and villain TUNNEL networks have been merged, and TUNNEL can now be used by Praetorians The recharge and cast times of most prestige, temporary and day job teleporter powers have been reduced More information about these changes can be found in the Zone Travel Updates thread. Please also use that thread for any feedback related to these changes. Improvements to Enhancements We've made a series of improvements to how you acquire, combine, and upgrade enhancements whilst levelling up. First of all, we've significantly increased the availability of Single Origin Enhancements in the early game: Vendors will sell them from level 5 and story arcs now award SOs instead of TOs or DOs. The low-level SOs sold at Yin's market can now be used by characters of any origin, and are cheaper than SOs from other stores. Secondly, combining enhancements is now a simpler process: Combining two enhancements will now simply increase the level of the enhancement, rather than creating a X+1 enhancement. This means you can now combine Hamidon, Titan and Hydra enhancements all the way up to level 53. And thirdly, a feature we initially tested many months ago: the enhancement upgrade button. You can now easily upgrade all of your equipped enhancements directly in your enhancement management screen. This has the same effect as purchasing enhancements 3 above your current level and slotting them over all of your existing enhancements. See it in action below. Full excerpt from the patch notes: And much, much more! Updates for Blaster Secondaries Expanded support for gamepads 9 new arena maps Many improvements for both arena & zone PvP 15 new badges A fix for the city map (15 years too late) Read the full patch notes to find out more! - The Homecoming Team
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    Halloween Event The Halloween event is here! Trick or Treating has been enabled in all city zones (note: you need to be in a zone that matches your level in order to trick-or-treat), along with the Whispered Rumor tip mission Dr. Kane’s House of Horror is available in the Holiday tab of the LFG window Both the Zombie Apocalypse and the Deadly Apocalypse are upon us! The Halloween vendors (Malkiel Ivesse in Atlas Park, Annah in Croatoa, Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago, Acantha in Imperial City) have stocked up with goodies to trade for your salvage Atlas Park has received a seasonal makeover The event will be active for four weeks, and will end during maintenance on November 3rd Changes for 2020 Eternal Night: Now only active for the first (October 6th - 13th) and last (October 27th - November 3rd) weeks of the event The normal day/night cycle will be restored for the interim period Dr Kane's House of Horror: Removed two options (Bats Aura and the Costume Change Emote) from the reward table as these items are unlocked automatically on character creation Bug Fixes Trainers should no longer talk about certain free / prestige powers gaining enhancement slots when you level up Giant Monsters no longer grant reward merits in Architect Entertainment missions This fix was omitted from the beta patch notes due to a related exploit The character list should no longer take a very long time to load for some Windows 7 users The list of monitors are now enumerated in a better way, and should always list the primary display as Monitor 1 Technical Stuff Most of this will be irrelevant for the average user, but we're including it here for transparency. Intel Graphics Compatibility Resolved a compatibility issue with Intel graphics chips on Windows 10 - the game no longer requires an external workaround involving dark rituals to function If you're currently using the Intel OpenGL shim fix, you don't need to anymore If you're currently using the Intel OpenGL shim fix and the game no longer functions for you, please post a dxdiag log in this thread If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need to worry Visited Maps Some changes have been made to the way information on visited maps is stored Now stored in a per-account subdirectory of the installation folder rather than in /appdata/ Now stored in a single file per character, rather than per map per character Legacy map data from /appdata/ will be automatically imported Reduced the performance impact of saving this data Command Line Parameter Changes The way the game interprets command line parameters has changed in order to accomodate for the upcoming launch of the new launcher - generally this is only relevant for those that launch the game with their own shell scripts or special shortcuts The command line arguments -patchdir and -patchversion no longer exist For use with existing installs, you should always include the -legacylayout command line argument, or the client won't be able to find certain files This only applies if you aren't launching the game with Tequila or Island Rum The new command line argument -assetpath will point the client to the piggs folders, in load order The default is -assetpath piggs -assetpath homecoming for live, and -assetpath piggs -assetpath hc-beta for beta Files in the data folder (eg: a standard vidiotmaps install) will still be applied as before Resume_info.txt This should've been included in the patch notes but we missed it - apologies Resume_info.txt can no longer be used to automatically log into the game This functionality shouldn't have been accessible outside of development builds, and it's generally a bad idea to encourage storage of passwords in plaintext format The upcoming Homecoming Launcher will eventually be able to expedite the launch process in a similar (but far more secure way Note that this will not be a launch feature, but something added after release Updated: 20:35 GMT Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the game would be unable to locate its data files if installed in the root directory of a disk.
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    I look forward to all the people who will copy and paste your macro as is and send you 20M influence. You're a genius. 🤣
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    Frequently Asked Questions Last updated: December 17th, 2020 1) How do I register an account? Create a Forum Account here. This is the account that you will use to log into the website. Create a Game Account here. This is the account that you will use to log into the game. 2) I just made an account but I can't log in to the game, help! See step 2 above. 3) How do I install the game on Windows? Download the Homecoming Launcher. Follow the setup instructions and choose an installation directory. 4) How do I install the game on OS X? Download Island Rum here. Install the game in whatever directory you want Island Rum should automagically download the client once you start it, but note that your download may be slow at peak times. Once Island Rum has finished updating, ensure that "Homecoming" is selected, and then click "Play". 5) Help! I still can’t get the game running 😞 Please read through the extended setup guide here. If you are an OS X user and are still having trouble please read through the steps listed here and here. 6) Are there any rules and policies I should read? Yes! Please read the User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct. 7) How can I stay up to date with the latest news and server status updates? Please join our Discord for the latest updates: discord.gg/cityofheroes 8) What are the "Beta" and "Prerelease" options? Have a read through the Beta FAQ for more info on our testing environments. 9) Which shard should I play on? If you are in Europe, we highly recommend you play on Reunion as it’s physically located in Germany - the rest of the shards are in Canada. If you’re into roleplaying we recommend you take up residence on Everlasting (the unofficial RP shard), and if you’re into PvP you should try your luck on Indomitable (the unofficial PvP shard). Alternatively, Torchbearer and Excelsior both have a good mix of different types of players on them. 10) Can I transfer my characters between shards? Yes! You can transfer your characters between shards at any time, up to a maximum of 5 transfers every 3 days. 11) When are the regular maintenance windows? The regular maintenance window is between 12:00 and 14:00 UTC every day of the week, however we typically perform maintenance on Tuesdays. Occasionally maintenance will occur outside these times if we are deploying an update or we encounter unforeseen technical issues. 12) When do the weekly strike targets change? The Weekly Strike Targets rotate at 04:00 UTC every Monday morning. You must complete the Strike Target before it rotates in order to receive the additional rewards. The one-off reward (Double Reward Merits + Notice of the Well or bonus XP) can only be earned once per character, per week, even if there’s more than one Strike Target. Please see this thread for a list of upcoming Strike Targets, or type /gmotd in game to see the current Strike Targets. 13) Will GMs restore or grant missing influence, enhancements or items that I should have earned or have otherwise lost? We are a volunteer team that works to strive to do what is best for everyone as a whole – and our small team can’t always treat each individual case with the equality they deserve. We also don’t have the resources to validate the claims authenticity. As we cannot verify previous ownership of these, we are not awarding any lost merits, influence, or enhancements - however, most instances of mysterious disappearances result in reappearance within 24-48 hours. This also applies to emails that were erroneously sent to the wrong recipient. 14) Will GMs award a badge that I should have earned? Currently all badges in game are awarding correctly. Our policy is not to award any badges unless they are unavailable to get in the game. 15) Will GMs restore deleted characters? Generally we do not as the tool for doing so is unreliable, but under extenuating circumstances (and if is requested quickly enough) we may be able to restore a character. 16) Can I rename my character? You can rename your character in the character select screen for free as many times as you would like. 17) Can I change my global handle? You can! Click Menu > Change Global Handle. Please note you can only change your handle once. If you have used your single handle rename token you can request another by sending a support ticket. Please note that additional tokens will be granted sparingly, so please ensure you have a good reason if requesting another. 18) How do I report a bug? Please post a report in the Bug Reports forum. If you think the bug is exploitable, please submit a support ticket (see “How do I request support?” below) 19) How do I make a suggestion? Please post in the Suggestion & Feedback forum. 20) How do I request support? Type /petition or navigate to Menu > Support in-game to submit a support ticket, or do it through the forum here. 21) Can I donate money to Homecoming? Sometimes. We open our donation rounds on the last Saturday of each month, generally around 19:00 UTC, and only take in as much money as we require to pay our bills for the next month. This means that the donation window closes relatively quickly, so you will need to be quick! Please see the Finances & Donations FAQ for more info, and the Finances & Donations forum for a record of previous donation rounds. 22) Will Homecoming be developing new content? Yes, and there already is new content! A new Archtype, the Sentinel Several new powersets, including Electrical Affinity, Radiation Assault and Plant Manipulation New stories and missions, including the Market Crash Task Force located in Kallisti Wharf and Freaklok story arcs However, for the moment we are focusing on creating a stable foundation for future development - this includes things like our recent 64-bit client. Once these improvements have been made we will get back to creating new content. 23) What is this name release policy I've heard about? Is it in effect yet? The name release policy is not yet in effect. Here's how it'll work once it is enabled: Characters will be flagged as ‘inactive’ when the following time thresholds are met: Level 1-5 characters will be flagged as inactive if they have not been played in the last 30 days Level 6-20 characters will be flagged as inactive if they have not been played in the last 90 days Level 21-49 characters will be flagged as inactive if they have not been played in the last 365 days Level 50 characters will never be flagged as inactive When a character is flagged as inactive they are not immediately renamed. Instead, their name is simply no longer locked. This allows another player to create a character with that name, at which point the original character will be renamed. You can remove the inactive flag on a character at any time simply by logging them in. 24) Can I view the server status anywhere? You can! Head on over to the Server Status page.
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    I get it, you read about a change you didn't like, maybe you're like me and are very...for the lack of a better word, 'reserved' with keeping Paragon's legacy alive in the wake of a new team's changes. But that being said, there's something important people should probably know, as I've seen a lot of people confessing to not actually testing the sets before running their mouth about them lately. IF YOU HAVEN'T EVEN TESTED THE SET, YOUR FEEDBACK IS WORTHLESS. If you've mained energy melee or whatever since 2005, that's one thing, but commenting on the state of a set without even testing it is just an idiotic thing to do. Stop that.
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    And now here's an assortment of random one-offs that don't see as much play as the above two. The Dwarf Fortress, a steampunk mecha piloted by Dwarves. Rip and Tear, a literal Doomguy knock-off from a fictional DOOM clone game that replaced the demons with Rikti. O Canada, Canadian superhero! Webby, does whatever a spider can! Used Elec Blast tinted pure white to great effect to resemble web blasts! Mermaiden, former swimsuit model finds a trident washed ashore from a sunken city, gains super powers! States Man, a hero who can manipulate the states of matter and doesn't understand why his name confuses people. More to come soon, so I don't clog up the thread too much!
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    I posted my Atlantean Water/Time Blaster, Quench, several months ago. Decided to make his armor look more like something that's spent a lot of time under the sea
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    Large text does not make an opinion more right. Personally I don't care if people take hasten or not, don't think it needs changing, and have zero builds with perma-anything and few that took hasten, even with hundreds of characters on live. And honestly, so what if one player is at "an advantage" over another? The only place that makes a difference is PVP, PVPers know about it and work around it. I'm not in competition with anyone else. Hasten is fine. Nerf font size.
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    Mr. Simpson – we have reason to believe that you have consumed - POISON! Poison is the most aggressive debuff set in the game. It is the kinetics of debuffing. If you attempt to play poison passively the results are always underwhelming. The set requires melee range to achieve maximum potential as the capstone power is a pbaoe aura that is several powers rolled into one. Poison doesn’t compromise, it doesn’t give you false hope through a weak self heal, or encourage you to sneak around. You either poison the enemy so they are weaker than you, or you die. People that have enjoyed melee oriented blasters and dominators usually pick up the set and run with it. Others that have played alternate debuff sets like radiation and go in thinking it will offer a similar play experience, often struggle. In this guide I will detail some of the intricacies of poison that make it a great set for those that take the time and investment into making it work. No, the set is not easy to use, and probably was never intended to be solo’d. We can’t change the ease of use, but we can build it so it can solo just about anything. This is a long guide so refer to the sections for ease of use Section 1 - Brief overview of poison for each AT 1.1 Corruptors 1.2 Masterminds 1.3 Controllers 1.4 Defenders Section 2 - Brief overview of each poison power 2.1 Alkaloid 2.2 Envenom 2.3 Weaken 2.4 Neurotoxic breath 2.5 Elixir of Life 2.6 Antidote 2.7 Paralytic Poison 2.8 Poison Trap 2.9 Venomous Gas Section 3 - In depth analysis of key poison mechanics 3.1 Envenom 3.2 Weaken 3.3 Poison Trap Section 4 - build synergies 4.1 The importance of mez protection 4.2 Cones…..grrr 4.3 What about healing? 4.4 Power pools 4.5 Epics 4.6 Incarnates Section 5 - My build 5.1 Why fireblast 5.2 Current build Section 6 - Fun stuff 6.1 The PYLONS 6.2 TF’s 6.3 GM’s Section 7 - the future ... Section 1 - Maleficent was a corruptor, but what should you be? Poison Is available to 4 AT’s. Two of them excel with it, two of them leave a bit to be desired. *I strongly recommend poison on controllers and defenders – though for very different reasons that I will touch on later. *I don’t recommend poison on corruptors, or masterminds, but that isn’t to say you can’t enjoy one. 1.1 Corrs – relative to defenders their debuffs are just too weak to make effective use of this set. Proc damage is significantly lower and personal protection through power pools and epic armors is too low in conjunction with the weaker debuffs. As far as I can tell nearly everything in poison is subject to AT scaling and everything scales properly between corrs and defs. The result is that defs are noticeably more potent with poison. The Corr ATO’s work reasonably well with this set though as health/endurance is always welcome and another purple damage proc is great. 1.2 MM’s – the debuff values are ok for what MM’s need to do, but the aoes are too small. As a result many of your pets take direct undebuffed damage from enemies and quickly become overwhelmed. The t9 has terrible uptime, otherwise the set would be salvageable. If MM’s had the t9 found in the other AT’s you could make a poison trap tanker-mind that could work reasonably well due to the synergy of PT and venomous gas . But they don’t. 1.3 Trollers – trollers offer a lot of mitigation. This degree of mitigation can more easily compensate for the fact that with poison you either weaken them until you overpower them, or you don’t. Their superior mitigation makes things like mez protection and personal defenses far less important. The set also offers good aoe damage and quick aoe containment, and lots of stackable holds to pair with your primary. You also get very high -res against bosses, which trollers often struggle to take down quickly. Finally, trollers get by far the best modifier on the -special aspect of weaken. It is really strong. In fact it is almost twice as strong as what corruptors get even though it is both a secondary set. 1.4 Defenders - Just about every debuff is strong and they are all scaled up to defender values correctly. For this reason if you want to have the quintessential poison experience it is best played on a defender. Additionally, the defender ATO procs work very well with this set providing consistent absorption and spot heals if placed correctly in your attacks This guide is primarily about defenders, so lets get into what makes poison tick. Section 2 - Pick your poison Short and sweet: *Weaknesses – no mez protection, no sustain powers, requires melee range *Strengths – unparalleled speed of swinging the battle by drastically weakening foes so they do little harm and take considerably more harm. 2.1 Alkaloid – slow projectile, single target ally heal. It’s not my job to keep you alive, so be glad we can skip this on defenders. I’d take this if I had a dedicated duo/trio, but on a full team there had better be someone else equipped to patch you up because I just view you as vengeance bait. (see elixir of life) Slotting: one of the heal sets. Preventative medicine proc if you are leaving it unslotted. 2.2 Envenom – second best power in the set. Available at lvl 1. Pretty fast cast time of 1.33 sec, 12 sec recharge Main target: -40% res, -37.5% def, some other stuff that usually doesn’t matter, but sometimes does (-regen, -heal) 8ft aoe: -20% res, -18.75% def, half of the other stuff that usually doesn’t matter I’d recommend putting accuracy in this power because it doesn’t do anything if it misses. Then achilies, then 2 damage procs. 2.3 Weaken – this is an extremely unique power. There is only one other power in the game that functions like weaken and it is single target and extremely difficult to perma. Weaken however, is spammable and has an aoe mechanic similar to envenom (half strength debuff). Sadly, the benefits of this power are often overlooked for sheer brute force, but where this power shines, it is blinding. Main target: -37.5% damage, -18.75% tohit, -74.5% special (reverse powerboost) 8ft AoE: -18.75% damage, -9.38% tohit, -37.25% special Slotting: Cloud senses goes well in this power. 2.4 Neurotoxic Breath – This is like a poor man’s shiver. Don’t get me wrong the -rech/speed value is fantastic and really cuts incoming damage over the duration. The issue is the cone is pretty narrow so you need to be max range of the power for it to hit most of the group. However, poison plays best in melee range and you want your t9 aura applied immediately. If this had the wide cone of shiver you would be able to use both venomous gas and still hit large numbers with neuro breath. Pretty good while leveling, but once you have venomous gas this will sit in your tray collecting dust. Maybe throw a chance for smashing proc in there. That lets you clearly see who you hit over the whole spawn. 2.5 Elixir of Life – hilarious in conjunction with vengeance. You rez them and they run off buffed to the gills from elixir. Elixer provides 100% rech boost, 50% damage boost and unlimited endurance…at a price. A short 90 seconds later the buffs expire and get replaced with a mag 1000 hold (ie toggle drop) puking and strong debuffs. Everyone else’s veng is still going strong so other buffers get lax. If you get lucky this happens in a spawn and they die again so you can refresh the teams’ veng. Lather, rinse, repeat. Of course they accept the rez, cause who wouldn’t? 10/10 power w/ veng on PUGs. Best used on scrappers as their swords tend to be sharper than they are. 2.6 Antidote – single target, ally mez protection. Good slow/-rech protection and a bit of cold/toxic resistance. Look, if I have to deal with mez, then so do you. That said, it is a good spot for unique Res IO’s if you aren’t taking fighting. And if you are in a duo/trio it is pretty good. It can also be the third leg of the elixir+veng strategy of killing your teammates if you instead want to use a blaster over a scrapper. Elixer buffs the blaster and you throw antidote on him for mez protection. That is now an overconfident blaster. When elixir drops, he splats. Not as much fun as a scrapper though as blasters are used to getting mezzed and dying. When elixir causes toggle drop/suppression on a scrapper they are genuinely confused. 2.7 Paralytic Poison – A not terribly fast single target hold. This allows you to fairly quickly hold a boss in conjunction with poison trap. It doesn’t last long, but maybe long enough to not die? This rolls procs super well and can actually do decent damage give the abundance of -res at your disposal. Definitely use this while leveling, maybe use it in your final build. It works reasonably well. 2.8 Poison Trap – not to be confused with Poison Trap. This poison trap doesn’t work the same as that poison trap. Confused? Ya me too. There are two powers in the game named Poison Trap, they are similar in some ways, but not in others. The one everyone talks about is Traps – poison trap (TPT). TPT has so much -regen that if you split it between all the defender primaries it would still be better at -regen than many sets. So what does PPT (poison - poison trap) do? A bunch of stuff, none of it really worth writing home about. However, doing a bunch of stuff, means it takes a bunch of procs. This power simultaneously rolls procs far better and far worse than you might expect. Slotting: as many procs as your build can support. See section 3.3 for more details. 2.9 Venomous Gas – This power takes just about everything poison does and then does it again in an auto hit pbaoe aura. I’m not sure if this power was supposed to “fix” poison when it was ported over to corrs, defs and trollers, but it sure seems like that was the intent. You’ll either love this power, or get mezzed repeatedly in the middle of spawns until you delete the character. Poison has no defense, no stealth, no resistances, no self heals, basically nothing that would support the need to be in the centre of a mob to utilize venomous gas. But that’s what makes it SO REWARDING. I’m not kidding. Once you get to a point where you can leverage venomous gas you start to feel really powerful and you start to witness a dramatic increase in team efficiency. 25% -res, 12.5% tohit debuff, 18.75% -dam, 12.5% -def Maybe that sounds great to you, maybe it doesn't. But even at a glance you should be able to see that it promotes the virtues of poison - negatively impact the enemy so they do less and you do more. Slotting: achilies, tohit debuff/end. Section 3 - Tetradotoxin, Amatoxin, Botulinum 3.1 Envenom Envenom is the most powerful single application -res power in the game. *Protip – alternate targets when recasting. The main debuff can stack with the aoe debuff giving -60% res. Fantastic if a minion is near an AV. The resistance debuffing is the main aspect of this power, but it also does a large defense debuff, a small amount of -regen and -heal. The aoe is admittedly small. I wish it was at least 12ft, or incorporated some delayed chaining mechanics to help it spread. Oh well, this is your targeted debuff, venomous gas is your group debuff. This power would still be worthwhile if it were single target (like it once was). The -regen is only 50% which isn’t fantastic, but it DOES stack when recast. It isn’t anything to celebrate, but it can help you get a handle on a GM’s regen if you keep it stacked 3-4x. You can see the impact it has on regen in the GM section (6.3) I personally think most -regen powers are too strong, or too weak. The sweet spot to me is 150-200%. That lets you have an impact, but still leaves room for another regen debuffer to have a role. The -heal is interesting, but rarely comes in to play. The target hit with the main debuff will receive 20% less healing. That can be helpful at times. If you envenom your target and cast weaken on the healer the results can be a near shut down of healing. 3.2 Weaken *Protip – alternate targets when recasting. The main debuff can stack with the aoe debuff giving -56.25% damage debuff, -28% tohit, and capping -special at 90% debuff. The nuts and bolts of debuffing damage: An often overlooked debuff. It works like it says on the tin. A 37.5% debuff will lower damage by 37.5%. However, this debuff has several interesting mechanics that make it incredible in some situations and not so hot in others. What makes it incredible? It is boosted by -res. A 37.5% -dam boosted by 65% -res (envenom+venomous gas) becomes 60% -dam. Poison can easily apply 56.25 to 75% -dam and debuff resistances by 65 to 85%. The result is often flooring an enemy’s damage at -90%. (look at the -damage on Jurassik) What else? -damage works independently from resistance. So if you do -90% damage debuff and have 50% resistance you end up taking 5% total damage. If you have 75% resistance you end up taking 2.5% damage. It can make some seemingly dangerous enemies a cake walk. An attack that would normally do 1000 damage can be reduced down to 25 damage. All by your lonesome. Poisoned! What makes it not so hot? The purple patch and enemy resistances. The purple patch is fairly straight forward, basically every level of difference between you and your enemy makes your debuffs less effective. +1 = 0.9, +2 = 0.8, +3 = 0.65, +4 = 0.48 When you hit +3 the potency of debuffs taper off hard. Probably too hard relative to other effects in the game on my opinion, but what can you do? Enemy resistances are a different matter. Resistance resists damage debuffs. Sometimes this matters a lot, sometimes it makes no difference. It matters when your target has resistances to the same type of damage that they deal. An example is Dra’Gon in the lady grey TF. He has 60% fire resistance and deals primarily fire damage. Also resistance resists resistance debuffs. Hahaha say what?. So previously where you can amplify your damage debuffs by applying -resistance, that is now also severely impacted. Examples using Dra'gon (60% fire resistance) while applying debuffing via envenom, weaken and venomous gas: +0 lvl: (56.25% dam debuff resisted by 60%) * ( 65% res debuff resisted by 60%) = 31.85% damage debuff +0 lvl: normal enemy = 92.81% damage debuff (capped at 90%) +3 lvl: (purple patch 36.65% dam debuff resisted by 60%) * (purple patch 42.25% res debuff resisted by 60%) = 19.37% damage debuff. +3 lvl: normal enemy = 52.13% damage debuff As you can see, you need to be very aware of what your enemy is capable of. An AV fight can be going super well and they are hitting like a wet noodle until they activate unstoppable. Suddenly they start hitting like a mack truck. Situational awareness is key. Lots of sets have -damage debuffs so that isn’t unique to poison. However, poison is also a good resistance debuffer so it ends up being very good overall at debuffing damage in most situations. (look at all that lovely -resistance that will boost your -damage) Weaken isn’t only useful for the -damage though. It also has an inverse powerboost. You ever see a scapper get one shot held by ghost widow’s ridiculous mag 100 hold and squirm helplessly until they die from the dot? Well you won’t see that if you hit her with weaken first. The hold will expire very quickly. Weaken drastically reduces the strength of many enemy abilities. Things like hold duration, defense debuffs, and heals are rendered almost useless. No one has any particular resistance to -special beyond the purple patch. So you hit silver mantis with it and suddenly her defense debuffs are a lot less impactful to the point that sets other than Super reflexes can shrug off some of her attacks. (Originally at 30% def, 2 of her attacks would normally drop me to -30% def, but I'm still at 0%) This aspect of the power doesn’t come in to play very often, or at least isn’t noticeable in most encounters. But it can spell the difference between victory and defeat like in the ghost widow example. 2/10 or 10/10 depending on the situation. 3.3 Poison Trap First off, it has a super fast cast time (which Traps -PT does not). And then it detonates when touched by an enemy into a big aoe hold. The hold only lasts like 7 or so seconds, but it can shut down most of the spawn for a short time. It gives you a nice little window to get some debuffs down. In addition to the hold it does a little bit of toxic dot damage. This could be useful for interrupting casters in some cases. What matters though is that it does an aoe hold and aoe damage. So it can take hold and pbaoe IO’s. The initial hold and damage procs roll at approx. 40-50% rate for 3.5ppm procs, which seems a bit lower than it probably should. However, after detonation the PPT releases a cloud that continues to do dot damage and periodically hold foes. So at 10 seconds it rolls its procs again at a lower probability than the initial detonation. (Ka-POW) PPT has some issues I’ll detail below. It is probably bugged and not working as well as it should. That said, it is still one of the most efficient powers in the game to place procs as it can frequently get over a 100% proc rate over the life of the power. The outcome is that while you focus on the bosses this power can often defeat most of the minions on its own. PPT with procs + a bit of aoe will finish off most spawns pretty quickly and safely. *issues with poison trap (and many other drop powers). - It only uses acc slotted into the power (so slots+alpha). Global acc, tohit buffs and even yellow insp have no impact on its accuracy. At least venomous gas helps it hit. People that think the power isn’t proccing well are probably just missing with it. -Secondly - the 3rd and 4th roll of procs are set up to automatically fail. It doesn’t matter what you do the chance to hit will always roll above 95 and miss. -Thirdly - The power can “critical” and double hit with procs instantly. I need to test this more, but I’ve only seen it happen with the pbaoe IO’s, which admittedly doesn’t make a ton of sense as you might expect the hold IO’s to do that given how the power works. -Fourth(ly) - The -recovery of the power hardly ever works. When it does work, it only lasts maybe 1 second. That said, it remains a very good proc power and very useful to helping poison do its job. If/when procs get overhauled my hope is this power gets a deep dive because it likely isn’t working as intended in all of its functions. Section 4 - When carrying poison, be sure to have an antidote on hand 4.1 Mez protection - I think the biggest weakness of poison is that if you get mezzed you will probably die. The set needs to be standing in the middle of a pack and you need to be actively applying debuffs and attacking to succeed. Even with weaken causing mez to last a fraction of the normal duration the toggle drop of venomous gas is often enough to get you killed. Solutions: Teaming - yah, but that’s not the point of this guide. Inspirations - yep, but there isn’t much you can’t do with enough inspirations. Some even rapidly port to their base to refill. I do my honest best to never use inspirations and certainly not as a key part of my build. P2W defense amplifier - you’d be silly not to pick this. 7.5% res all, 5% def all, 4 mag mez protection. 2.5 mil inf/hr at lvl 50. This is the best solution while leveling. Well worth the cash. I don’t use temp powers on final builds because I don’t see the difference between a power like this and a shivian against an AV. Defense - you can’t mez what you can’t hit. But poison has no innate defense and while s/l def is very easy to cap for defenders (scorpion shield) that only protects us from a moderate amount of mez attacks. Softcapping ranged defense and getting enough melee def that venomous gas’ tohit debuff gets you the rest of the way is no small endeavour. Rune of protection - awesome power. Great resistances and mez protection to most things including knockback. Unfortunately it is up only about 50% of the time and it requires you to go three powers deep in a pool. It can function as a break free too. Melee Hybrid - another awesome power. Good resistances and mez protection to most things excluding knockback. Also has really solid regen. Only up 50% of the time though and precludes that you don’t get a different hybrid like assault 😞 Clarion - probably the most obvious choice to cure the mez hole. Means you can’t use barrier or ageless though… 4.2 Cones - There are a lot of great cone powers out there. The issue for poison is that it needs pbaoe or taoe powers. You need to be in the middle of the spawn maximizing venomous gas, so cones conflict with the playstyle of poison. That means a set like dark blast, which would otherwise be a dream pairing, loses much of its prowess. You can still make an excellent poison/dark build, but imo ta/dark or storm/dark have more synergy. 4.3 Healing - poison does a lot to mitigate damage. It isn’t the best at it though to be sure. Damage will get through, sometimes lots of it. Relying on the regen from health will quickly let you down. Solutions: healing procs in health and stamina. These are great on just about any build, but they are essential for poison. Pancea and Power transfer can go a long way to repair chip damage. aid self - a strong heal that can help a fair amount with endurance too if you add field medic. I find aid self counter to the aggressive playstyle that poison espouses. dark blast/life drain - reliable, decent damage with procs. Life drain is a boon to sets like poison, ta and storm. However, as indicated in the discussion on cones in 4.1 dark blast has some issues playing nicely with poison. In addition to that the lack of aim can be significant when you really need to land a debuff, or just want to nuke at damage cap. water blast/dehydrate - reliable, decent damage with procs. Water has some great taoe powers and only one cone. The set takes quite a few procs. Honestly this is one of the best pairings you can make with poison. However, the single target damage leaves much to be desired. The attacks are a tad slow and it has no really heavy attack. The water jet instant recharge gimmick is sort of neat though. A team based poison would do well picking water. Melee hybrid - a great hybrid for poison. I already touched on it in the mez protection section, but melee hybrid provides strong regen as well. Rebirth destiny - yep, good heal with good regen. Means not taking clarion, ageless, or barrier though. All of which may be better for you. Defender ATO procs - one does a pbaoe heal, the other does a pbaoe absorb. If you put these in two heavy hitters (10 second recharge powers) they fire off a lot. An aggressive poison can make great use of these Entomb proc - put this in either paralytic poison or dominate/char. It gives you nearly 200pts of absorb every cast. It makes a tremendous difference. 4.4 Power Pools The reality is, you don’t “need” a lot of powers from poison to get the job done. Maybe that’s a good thing? Having skippable powers is a sign of weakness, but it sure helps out with build flexibility. Skip these for another build: Concealment - nah. Poison is best played in your face. Although phase shift would occasionally present value. Flight - if you enjoy it. But I feel mystic flight is a better option if this is your prefered path. Medicine - if you are really desperate for a self heal, but there are better, more synergistic ways to heal. Presence - don’t worry you’ll pull plenty of aggro haha. Conversely, many things will try to run. Teleport - only if you have a concept? poisoning people through space and time? Take a good look at these: Hasten - of course Leadership - you probably should. Defender values are very attractive. Tactics+kismet can all but let you skip out on acc slotting. Seeing through stealth/blindness isn’t frequently needed, but it sure is annoying. Fighting - just about everyone does these days… I personally skipped it on my poison defender. We all know how effective the pool is though. Leaping -- combat jump is a great power Force of Will - mighty leap is great, weaken resolve is pretty good if a bit slow. It is a surefire way to trigger achilies proc. Unleash potential is a very strong power. Not so great uptime though. Experimentation - Jaunt is really good for getting in to a spawn fast and affecting them with venomous gas. I haven't tried out corrosive vial, it "could" be a good addition. Adrenal boost is a nice offensive power. Not great uptime though. Sorcery - spirit ward is a good spot for preventative medicine, mystic flight is useful at times to chase fliers or avoid extremely dangerous melee attacks. I almost always fight on the ground personally. Rune of protection is awesome. Full mez protection, great damage resists and an achievable 50% uptime. I chose: leadership, combat jump, hasten, sorcery 4.5 Epics Defenders/corrs have some nice epic choices at the disposal. Controllers have very good epics. I'm going to discuss them from the point of view of a defender. Leviathan- good resistance shield (s/l/cold). hibernate can turn the battle around. The pet can add a lot of dps with the huge -res poison adds. Scorpion - only defensive shield (s/l), it makes softcapping s/l very easy for defenders. Focused accuracy can free up a lot of slotting options. Pet can add good dps Mu - great resistance shield (s/l/energy), powersink and conserve power make endurance management a non issue. Pet can add good dps and attacks from range which can be good sometimes. Soul - Double recharge soul drain is meh, powerboost used to boost - special but no longer does. As such it doesnt do a lot for poison. Ok resistance shield (s/l/negative). Mistress can do a lot of dps. Dark - Oppressive gloom works very well with venomous gas and can mitigate considerable damage. Dark consumption recharges too slow to rely on much. Ok resistance shield (s/l/negative), Awesome soul drain. One of the best epic powers in the game. Self rez can be useful. Electric- great resistance shield (s/l/energy), power sink and shocking bolt can all compliment poison very well. Unfortunately you need either electric fence or thunder strike to unlock the good powers. Power - conserve power is good. ok resistance shield (high s/L). Force of nature gives you 120 seconds of god mode resistances and strong recovery. Full end crash though. Powerbuildup is build up+ powerboost. recharge is too slow though. Fire - char. it is reason enough to take fire app. Decent resistance shield (s/l/fire), consume recharges too slow but has a fast cast and bigger aoe than dark consumption at least. Self rez has uses sometimes. Greater firesword isnt very good unfortunately. Psychic- dominate. as good or better than char. Great resistance shield (s/l/psi). Mass hypnosis has uses, but they are rare. Telekinesis costs too much and has no synergy with poison. World of confusion is fantastic w/confuse proc. Poison enhances confuse powers really well. Overall: Psychic is my favorite. It gives you another heavy hitter (proc'd dominate), A very useful shield and a confuse aura that works really well with venomous gas to provide meaningful mitigation and improve spawn clearing. Dark is my second favorite. Perma soul drain can give you really good damage output. Mu is my third choice. It makes endurance a non issue and the shield is great 4.6 Incarnates This is a huge category. I'm just going to highlight a few choices that go particularly well with poison. Alpha: musculature radial - improves damage, tohit debuffs, defense debuffs and gives you a bit of recovery. Everything poison likes. Cardiac core - solves endurance,boost resistances a bit. Nerve - really helps poison trap (see issues section 3.3) Interface: Reactive radial - good dot damage, a bit more -res which helps your -damage powers a little. Degen - probably the best for big game hunting. Lore: I dont use lore, but poison can make them do crazy damage Hybrid: Melee core- good resistances, good regen, mez protection Assault radial - proc damage is poison's forte. Destiny: honestly this will depend on the rest of your build options. Each destiny power has great potential for poison. If you can solve mez protection and endurance then barrier is incredible. Section 5 - I am Poison! I have created and played a lot of poison characters. I chose poison/fire for a variety of reasons. I dont think it is the most synergistic pairing, but it is extremely fun and effective. The set offers virtually no mitigation so everything I do is based on poison as the backbone. 5.1 Why fire? I mean, why not? Even in the world of procs fire is still the damage king. The thing about fire is it doesn’t “need” procs to do well, so you are free to enhance the recharge of blasts without drastically altering overall performance due to decreased proc damage. Some sets can hit harder than fire when heavily proc’d (ie radiation), but fire still does quite a bit more dps in the long run. In the end I enjoy playing fireblast, so that was my main motivation. 5.2 Current Build Ok, I’ve done a lot of respecs now and what I’ve discovered for poison is that I like it a lot more when I focus on solid resistances and coming back from the brink than opposed to softcapped defense followed by immediate occasional defeat. I think resistances and -damage debuffing go very well together and fit really well with the regen of melee hybrid as well as the small absorbs/heals of the defender procs. the result is that my failures are predictable and avoidable if I so choose. I very rarely go from hero to zero in the blink of an eye, which my defense based squishies can not replicate. However, if you plan on being hit that takes a lot more behind the scenes preparation than simply avoiding most damage/mez. Namely you require mez protection. That isn’t as easy as it sounds. I cycle rune of protection with melee hybrid. It doesn’t provide 100% uptime, but it is up most of the time. Those two powers also really round out resistances, so it works out pretty well. I have little doubt that the build would be stronger with cardiac and barrier instead of musculature and ageless, but the latter was a conscious decision to increase dps. I might finish out those two alternate incarnates though for some difficult encounters like the “final warwalker standoff” in the tinmage tf. I have been unable to pass that point solo no insp/temp/lore. I have assault radial at t4 as well as melee t4. If I know survival is a non issue then the extra dps is welcome (see pylon section).
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    Blur, teleporting, dimension-hopping DP/TM thief*uh*..treasure hunter.
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    Was playing with some ideas for campy villains and it led me to this sketchball: The Scribbler. He's a sentient mechanical pencil/pen that's able to draw intricate illusions with his lead and ink. This maniacal multi-pen is fully equipped to grade papers, file taxes, and liberate his fellow writing utensils. Scribbler's illusions are all grey to simulate a drawn to life effect, which I think work particularly well for the Nature Affinity powers that mimic still lifes and landscapes. One of the more fun aspects of this character is the combination of the slide stance with a gray frost path aura, this way he just slides around the city leaving a trail of scribbles behind him.
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    Personally, I would like to thank a group of volunteers that took the time to do this, as they are not a company or group of professionals who are getting paid. I like the fact that they even took the time to expand on this alternate version of CoX for us. I also like the fact that they got our input on various things and do quality of life upgrades when they don't have to. Instead of just giving people whatever they want like some of the other servers. So thank you and I look forward to trying out all of the new content.
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    ... it's not you, it's me. We've had good times, we've had excellent times. You were my first 50 on live. And with Homecoming, I looked forward to try all your new sexy powersets and for a time, I did and for a time, it was good. But then yesterday I crossed the Stalker Archetype in a hallway and casually, I just said hi. She smiled and asked me if I wanted to go for a character roll. I mean, I always knew she was there, that she was available, but I figured she would only be a fling, a cheap thrill. From afar, she looked so hollow, so artificial and without substance. Just pretty and empty, you know? Not at all like you, faithful scrapper, so solid, loyal, even and predictable. I always avoided her and kept thinking you were everything I needed, I didn't want to explore. It began with such an innocent Kinetic touch, just an unseen brush of the hand really. Her Energy Aura pulled me in, it was all over for me. You need to understand. The thrill of one-shotting a yellow lieutenant at level 10 unenhanced. The crazy criticals. The fun of being everywhere without being seen. And she has all your powersets. I'm sorry.
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    You nailed it on the head right there. You find enjoyment by "playing the character all the way through". Please understand though that there are people who find enjoyment in power leveling a character to 50 and starting from there. The tone of your post comes off as condemning power leveling as wrongbadfun. There are multiple ways to enjoy this game. To each their own.
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    I recently started semi-dating a gamer (different game), and was telling him over the weekend how I used to play CoH and LOVED it (Had a level 50 healer and Scrapper) Googled some stuff when I got home last night out of nostalgia and WHA.....HOW DID I NOT KNOW IT HAD BEEN REBORN!?!?? Was So Exited I downloaded the stuff and can't wait to get home. Would love to get my 50 girls back in action, but doubt that's gonna be. Plus...my gamer skills are pretty dusty, so I may need to just level my new peeps up just to learn the ropes again. But so excited to start again, and appreciate there's a community to help out so I can get my sea legs back! Kiki /I was an old Legion of Valor player on Victory server -- Amanda Hungnkiss and BeatrixK were my mains. I played a lot with a tank named Capt. Plycyfowitz.
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    Played this game religiously back in the day. Loaded the disk a few times since to 'reminisce'... Don't know what prompted me, but today, I googled CoH and to my surprise...the community is alive and kicking. I downloaded the game and now I am destined to grind on it for hours at a clip. Thank you to the team who has brought this highlight of my gaming career back online!
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    I'm GM Widower and I endorse this sentence. Anyway, this thread is going to go nowhere, so I will lock it.
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    It’s not broken. Blasters are glass cannons with a mix of ranged and melee attacks. The focus is range, sure, but almost all Blaster secondary sets have a melee component. If you want something purely ranged, other ATs are available, or you can skip the melee powers. Sorry buddy, but this is over the line. You are more than welcome to provide your critique, but you you aren’t free to make snide comments about minor bugs in content that was developed for free by volunteers over hundreds of hours, especially if you didn’t contribute to the testing process.
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    To Jimmy, AND @Piecemeal, @Captain Powerhouse, @Faultline, @Number Six and many others, and every one of our Homecoming volunteers and play testers, the work you and everyone has been doing over the past year on this game is immensely appreciated. THANK YOU!
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    Was hanging out with a few colleagues and one mentioned MMOs. While talking we went on a nostalgia trip about CoH/CoV. Came home and googled it for some old videos. What do i see, it's been back for over a year and the universe in its cruel ways kept that information from me. No more. It's time. I'm coming home. Oh my, so many replies ! 🙂 Quick update, after creating only a dozen chars and not getting one past 10 i am reasonably sure i will now settle on Elec/Energy Stalker. Primarily because it is the one class i never played back in the day. Will be trying out Excelsior Server. Anyone else having the worst case of altoholism in this game ?= Quick update to the update, Sentinel it is. Dual Pistol/Willpower. I can feel it, this is the one. Now all i need to do is find the most boring looking groups so nobody gives me any ideas.
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    Of *course* you didn't see another fire armor stalker. They have *hide.* 🙂
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    In every game I've ever played, attempts at curbing farming have always been met with the same forum vitriol. Those players always say the same things, and they're always thinly veiled attempts at sticking up for "the little man" when that's not their motivations for being upset. In fact, that angle of attack shows a lack of understanding basic economy. No game I've played in all my years gaming has a reduction in farming efficiency become the "doom" the farmers on the forums say it will. This is a reduction, not a removal, after all. Now, are some of those players going to quit being "generous" with their money, or start farming less? Yeah, probably -- reactionary players usually do follow through on this kind of threat. Is it going to impact the market in any meaningful way? Not likely, considering there are many more players out there who will just farm an extra hour than usual to make up the difference, incidentally increasing the amount of drops and offsetting the spiteful. The more things change, the more they stay the same, it seems.
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    Here's Colour Blind (NRG/Kin Corr) a super who absorbs colors from the surrounding environment and converts them into energy blasts. Teams hate him for his knockback, citizens hate him for turning the city to grayscale. The painters union loves him though!
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