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  1. @Manga, while trying to test the first process on Catalina, it spat errors galore (couldn't download file). I don't need a resolution, but I wanted to point it out.
  2. If you're getting security warnings, then how about going over your installed security. You shouldn't Have to, but you may need to pause the active scanner in that product during installation. While I honestly don't think it should matter, I noticed that you've installed BOTH launchers into the Applications\coh folder and that is not advised in any of the guides. Also, did you follow this specific commented process? (see below) Your posts above don't seem to correlate with a New Launcher install so much as they do with the older launcher. This would be helpful to know so that we're troubleshooting the Right thing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ignore the first part as I'd rather you delete the following from the Applications folder first (before trying the install) so as to start from scratch: The process INCLUDES the permissions steps needed. \coh (folder) Island Rum.app Launch CoH.app To be clear, this is the link you're clicking at the beginning of the process (new launcher): https://islandrum.eekstudio.com/mac-installer.zip
  3. I "think" this is your problem as ALL of the guides for both Mac launchers have it installed in \Applications\coh Here's what I tested:
  4. Yeah, I wasn't a fan of the "everyone goes home" thing. Granted, for now it's the best, but they've essentially closed our actual building for good.
  5. That reminds me, I found that didn't work when I tested it. :/ Granted, that's an interesting dual-box scenario.
  6. I'm pretty sure he is, but I'm probably several years behind.
  7. ***Tested on Catalina So I decided to test out dual boxing real quick and ran into an interesting issue. Making sure to have the appropriate setting checked, I double clicked the Play button (because it works that way) and waited for the first one to load. It didn't let me interact right away as I had to manually bring it to focus (it appeared to be waiting for the other instance to fully launch). Finally, it let me login and load an alt. Went to launch my 2nd account and even WITH the window in focus, it won't let me do ANYTHING except click things or delete the contents of the input boxes. It absolutely refused new input. I tried launching them one at a time, no change. I tried launching two different Types of games (Beta, Pre, Live) and That worked fine, even though I clicked them right after another. I then tried launching one account and waited until it was fully in the game before launching a second instance and absolutely no issue. Takeaway: One at a time and WAIT until you get to the Map before launching another instance. Thoughts behind the issue: I 'think' the game/emu doesn't like the same actual file being accessed like this for some reason. The different game type test likely worked because (I believe) they're using separate application files, so less likely to confuse the variables in memory. Again, a guess.
  8. Catalina Test: Moved Island Rum Renamed \Applications\coh to \Applications\CoX_Old Launched Island Rum Clicked the Settings button in the top left of the Launcher Changed the Root folder to CoX_Old Followed the prompts and clicked "Install" 2-3 times Done Installed New Launcher Downloaded from the link in the original post, Method 2 Unpacked the Installer (double click) Launched the Installer Got "Can't be opened because it's from an unidentified dev" Clicked "Ok" Opened System Prefs -> Security & Priv -> General" <---I'd recommend triggering this automatically @GM Manga Clicked the "Open Anyway" button Got "Are you sure you want to open" dialog Clicked Open Clicked "Continue" on Installer Made sure Install location/drive was correct (Default was "Catalina", the name of my Catalina drive) Clicked "Install" System pwd prompt Clicked "Install Software" Installed without issues Clicked Close Unlike the OP's steps, I created a shortcut on the desktop (Make Alias, drag->drop) and left the app in the Applications folder First Launch Clicked "Accept" to the EULA Logged into the launcher Triggered the downloaded of all the Game types ***ten years later*** Launched a game No issues Post Install Migration Followed my guide Tested No issues
  9. I'm looking at your source now and think I found what you're issue is tied to: MainForm.cs private bool RootDirectoryHasCoH() { try { if (!Directory.Exists(txtCoHRootDirectory.Text)) BtnPickRoot_Click(this, new EventArgs()); List<string> cohClients = new List<string>() { "cityofheroes.exe", "homecoming.exe", "homecoming-beta.exe", "score.exe", "coxg.exe" }; foreach (string fileName in Directory.GetFiles(txtCoHRootDirectory.Text, "*.exe")) { if (cohClients.Contains(Path.GetFileName(fileName).ToLower())) return true; } return false; } catch (Exception ex) { LogError(ex); return false; } } It's looking for specific files in that folder as a check from what I can tell. While I understand Why you'd check, it might be best to simplify things and "trust" that's where it goes (since you won't break anything if it's wrong). OR, you could write two checks, One per launcher, but you'd have to be careful as the files to look for likely won't align with what you chose. Here's what I'd have it check for as is: Files List<string> cohClients = new List<string>() { "cityofheroes.exe", "homecoming.exe" }; Folder Containing Files Old Launcher Root New Launcher (Homecoming == Root) Homecoming\bin\win64\launcher.exe Homecoming\bin\win64\live\cityofheroes.exe
  10. Weird as the only thing it did was move the location and if the app simply uses the /data folder, then there shouldn't be anything Else to change.
  11. I just tried in Edge with no delay on the download. If you still have issues, then try the new launcher as well.
  12. FYI: By default, a new Win10 installation will set the date/time to "Microsoft" time / Pacific and the toggle for "Update Time/Zone Automatically" is off. I end up fixing this on all brand new devices I end up supporting. Probably not what's going on here, but wanted to point it out.
  13. I think it was Cypher that said many of the Mods have been using the new launcher for months. You absolutely do not need Tequila to run the new one, but, just in case something breaks during it's beta period, having Tequila isn't a bad idea.
  14. Consider trying out the new launcher as well. Just make sure you don't aim Tequila at the same folder as the new launcher.
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