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  1. I'm 100% behind anything that adds more variety to the costume creator. My longtime request has been to remove the gender restrictions of costume pieces. Everyone deserves to have a bow in their hair if they want one, or wear a Mars or Venus symbol, or whatever. I'd also love to help with designing new costume pieces, just as soon as I learn how to make them. Anyone able to point me in a direction where I can learn this stuff? I did it for a bit for The Sims 2 but that I feel is considerably different.
  2. So... let's say you "accidently" load a bind file while in edit mode and now none of the function keys work anymore? Also, they don't work on any character, not just the one you loaded the bind file on. What's the fix for this?
  3. Absolutely! (Pestilence Cootie here) Jalopy Golem is fantastic! Cootie Kudos to you!
  4. Theoretically this is possible at level 1. Just pick up all the exploration badges from the low level zones that won't get you killed (and maybe a few that will, but after getting a badge) and possibly a few day jobs to top you off.
  5. Any updates on if this was resolved and how? I have a friend who is experiencing the same thing.
  6. You can change the colors of a custom channel, like one you've created or joined, but does not appear to be an option for default channels like Broadcast or Looking for Group. Is there some kind of file I can edit or install, or a hidden/secret slash command, or anything that will let me change the colors of a chat channel? Some of them actually cause me pain to look at, and others are virtually invisible. Most are okay but I'd really like to use all of them.
  7. I noticed this too, right before the building caught fire. Elevator stopped working.
  8. Looks like it's working, but won't recognize my character's powerset/powers or xp totals. Giving me Exp/Hr fine, which is nice, but but I'd really like the time to level to give me a countdown while I play.
  9. How do I find the correct folder for logs? I assumed it was the \logs\game folder in the install directory, but nothing seems to be actually getting logged there.
  10. What do the super packs get you exactly?
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