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  1. This is I believe the basic build of my Beast/Dark. It is quite nice and tanky as the -tohit keeps you and your pets from getting hit. As well Tar Patch keeps everyone together. This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 49 Magic Mastermind Primary Power Set: Beast Mastery Secondary Power Set: Dark Miasma Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Sorcery Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Soul Mastery Villain Profile: Level 1: Summon Wolves -- Empty(A) Level 1: Twilight Grasp
  2. My first Blaster EVER was a Water/TA. Glue Arrow + Whirlpool in the early levels for your AOE damage. Then bump it to Oil Slick and Gyser/Steam Spray in the end game (both ignite Oil Slick). The upside is that you don't ever have to get into Melee Range. All the powers are Ranged and design to keep things at range.
  3. Wait...you DIDN'T like Ninja/Storm? Slot a couple KB to KD in Gale and Tornado put a OF: Chance for KD in Genins and thing are flopping all over the place. It makes keeping your Ninjas that much easier. You should also try using Poison in a couple of builds. Thugs/Ninjas/Beasts I am having success with using Poison. With Ninjas you can't fight huge groups. But you can (once slotted) take down High level small groups. With Thugs you can put Noxious Gas on your Bruiser have him run in and neuter the mobs. Yes it is on a LONG cooldown (Devs please look into that) but it's highl
  4. Oooh I am getting all Moist thinking about it!
  5. So any word on when the next page is out? I'll even take 1/2 a page....a paragraph! A Sentence! Give me a word...just a word!
  6. You mean like this? Yeah did that on Live the moment Thugs came out!
  7. You might also try Plant/Traps. Your Scrapper might appreciate a Triage Beacon and Spirit Tree double buff to Regen. Among other debuffs you can do.
  8. I am pretty sure they can only disqualify you for the costume you are presenting. They don't have access to see any of your other ones.
  9. Thugs/Traps (my first 50 on Live): A gang initiate who got ratted out by her fellow members and spent her time in Jail not only recruiting her own gang but learning and applying battlefild tactics and gadgets to become a Super Gang Leader. Thugs/Poison: An Science experiment from Crey that was incorrectly disposed of and found by some hooligans. After they became sick and died from the natural poisons corsing through her the leaders raised her to be their most powerful member. Thugs/Sonic: A Classic Diva who uses "Local Talent" to remove any competition and potential
  10. Yep. /Cold and /FF would be better if you want to raise Ninjas to Def cap (of close to). Although you can skip all that and just go straight to insanity and roll a Ninja/Storm and go for max KB/KD. Keep your Ninjas alive by keeping everything else on their backs!
  11. While I couldn't get there through the TUNNEL system. I was able to access it no issues through Pocket D on Saturday.
  12. LOL You changed the date. I had the 17th marked on my google calendar for this contest. I guess it pays to read. But at least I can ask a question. Can you mix or put a twist on a character from a story? Like making a Red Riding Hood character, but she is also the Woodsman as an example? Or would you like a pure and easy t read version?
  13. You want Pure Control. Nothing beats Earth/TA. Double ST Holds, 1 ST Immob to combine with your AOE Immob for bosses. 2 AOE holds (Volcanic Gases, EMP). 2 Slow fields, Debuffs for days. Couple that with Stone Mastery (another ST hold, AOE knockback/up) and nothing will move unless you will it. Of course you do pretty much no damage and need a team for that. Even if you are on a speed team you always have something that will keep things together or control the situation when things go bottom up. I also have a Earth/Storm and there you get a more balance (late game)
  14. Fire brings a good damage to go with your debuffs. Plus a nice synergy with Hot Feet and Venomous Gas. Earth/Poison just debuff the hell out of everything, but no damage to follow up. I have also been thinking about doing an Illusion/Poison. Since you can't buff PA you can certainly debuff for them.
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