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  1. Tacheyon


    I am wondering if anyone has tried a Dark/Traps controller? It seems to look good on paper, but wondering if someone has some experience with it.
  2. Ninja/Storm. It's is Chaos Incarnate! Slot Gale, and Tornado with KB to KD (add a Acc and Range to Gale to hit more) and Genin with OF - KB KB to KD and watch everything fly. So much fun. Demon/EA - Well pretty much anything EA but Demons just won't die. Thugs/Traps/Mace - Because it's ALL OUR TURF!!! (yes that is a Warriors reference). You have all the tools you need to own whatever ground you are standing on. Thugs/TA/Fire - Because why have one Fire when you can have ALL THE FIRE! Seriously between your Arsonist, Oil Slick Arrow and Bonfire everything is in flames.
  3. I am having fun with a Water/TA Blaster. Although You could try a Water/TA Corr for a few more debuffs to boost damage.
  4. Sonic on Sent is actually pretty good in my opinion. With all the cones available you can fill your Opportunity bar really fast and they changed Screech so it isn't useless. It's actually pretty good. While I am not saying it's top damage I think the powerset works better on Sent then Blasters. I have a Sonic/Inv and she is pretty nice. You don't really play Sentinals to do a lot of damage.
  5. I have made almost all of the /EA combos as a MM and I can confirm. I am still working on my Ninja/EA but so far it is promising. You can keep most of them under your bubble, keep them well healed (with a nice +absorb later). And you can also give them End for days. While the +Recharge doesn't effect them the more End they have the more attacks they can do and better the DPS. The only thing (which I don't know if it'll ever get fixed) is that Amp Up does not work on your pets. Just other players. So it is a skippable power. Defib is like Howling Twilight, you can
  6. So I am new to the Blaster AT. I have been much of my time on MM's, Controllers and dabbled with a few Doms. But I am having fun with this combo. A little control to go with my DPS. I am curious if anyone else has tried this and have a build that is succesful. This is a very rough draft based on where I am an what I may want to do going forward. But any suggestions will be very helpful thank you. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 49 Magic Bl
  7. Thug/Traps is godlike just saying. It was my first 50 on Live because it is so much fun. Now Traps isn't a set for Speed runs. It's a "This is MY Area! Anything thing in this 20ft zone is going to die!" type of playstyle. It's great for AV's and rooms with a lot of stuff you can bring into your kill zone. Pair it with Mace Mastery and you can max out your defense as well as more options to keep things in your kill zone. Also I did have fun with Ninja/Traps. It's even more of a Single Target assassin then Thugs. But they do go together quite well.
  8. I made both a Ninja/Storm and /Cold at the same time. /Cold makes you safe and deadly /Storm makes you Fun and Deadly! Slot up a ton of KB to KD and keep everything flopping. You made the 'correct' choice.
  9. Thank all for the feedback. I have spent too much time on Martial Assault to waste time on another underperforming secondary.
  10. I have an idea for a character that can work for both a Earth/Rad Dom or a Fire/Rad. Basically they are a walking Meltdown. In any case I am curious as to which build has the better synergy and viability in late game content. If anyone has tried out these combos before.
  11. Yes something like that would be nice. But that would be a fundamental change to the entire class and skill system in general. And I don't see how the Dev team could do that with their resources and the limitations of the code and tech. While it is nice to shoot for the stars in what we want out of the class, we also have to keep our expectations reasonable.
  12. I think the Equip Powers are because of how CoH is programmed and the limitations of the tech. MM's have come a LONG way since their first inception in CoV when I started playing them. Where you had to summon your pets every time you changed a zone. Then having to upgrade your EACH of your pets one at a time. Heck, having your Bruiser think he is a Blaster and spamming only Throw Rock unless you command him into melee range (which you "fixed" by not giving him the 1st upgrade). The MM's we have now are much more player friendly then before. Call me old school but I don't like
  13. Demons/Elec, Thugs/Sonic are a couple of my Hardiest builds out there. I am working on some /Thermal ones (Thugs & Necro) and they seem to have potential but I haven't finshed them yet. /Elec is a very busy set with making sure shields and buffs are up. It is a little more defensive but with all the END you can pump into your pets they can attack endlessly keeping your DPS steady (no drop off because your pets are waiting for the blue bar to recharge). /Sonic does have a few skill you can skip (Sonic Cage, Clarity, maybe Repulsion although I do have a KB to KD in
  14. Fire/Ta is also a good pairing. Entangling can set up containment with smoke and cages. And nothing keeps mobs in a Lit Oil Slick than Bonfire (with KB to KD in it). And your targeted debuffs keep everything weak for your Fire Minions to go crazy on them.
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