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  1. I slotted it primarily for the def bonuses, but its still worth keeping the build up proc rate up so it sounds like musculature is my best bet. Thanks for the advice folks
  2. So I just hit 50 on my electric/shield stalker and opened up her alpha slot - now I am left to decide which alpha to build for her. I am torn between the following: Agility: While I don't really have any end problems (having slotted all 3 end boost procs - perf shifter, numina and miracle) this is one of the few options where ALL of the enhancements are usefull. I am slightly short of the def cap on melee/ranged (about 1.5%) and more recharge means LR/SC up more often, so going partial core revamp -> Core paragon would mean no wasted enhancments. Musculature: Extra damage is always nice on stalker, but pretty much every other enhancement it gives me is useless Spiritual: The more often LR/SC and AS are up, the more damage I can do and a secondary boost to healing will help true grit push up my HP, so this is a possible alternative to musculature. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated - I have included my build below, its from Pine's v2.23: | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1447;630;1260;HEX;| |78DA6594CB6F524114C667E052CAAB8058680BA5502954A05750F72E6C35312569D| |2C48D0FBC85116EBC691168A24BB7BE62DCB8F2199F1BFF28EB63E563E7C2071E38| |1F20B93721BF3BDF9CEFCC393377A8DC58F7BF3F7BEB949081D396D1E954B7BB867| |54DB55D15A361D69C821E37FD9290AB156529A56F58AAD66D9B35C3626134BDAEAE| |AADD8ED2B79BA6B2EAC3A1F06DEDED59FA19CB6C34BB017EEFBF9ABB8DE060B4A98| |CBA6A779A66CB3F1CB76832B6D1326BFA68E9FD6AC5E87455FBE61C55B442BFDB1E| |81A7A7098350D6846307AC31B53AA89817724439F008312B07DA1D0F24CA2391670| |A79A690671A79A691E72E799CEC71397F39069AF737F887E9FF0BF698D1BE83788F| |BC2EACE7C27A33586F06EB85B05E08EB55A96E37D7ED727BB9EE437930C931878B6| |08CF4454DCC41BF485E0F7B9D9E346B51CC0D63CAA08F8EDBC7B5091F62EF53BD01| |6881026B97286790351984B6003EA0F830FA0BA3BF05F497407F09F497447F57285| |F44CAC11A11AC7B39C747D4AF7B368378F498C438759CF75452DD31D418EBD1239C| |A4CCB3DB318F8CA9E224358A8923268E98747292618A5944CC627A72B7867C481D2| |FE16B586AC17F9D79A40D76C17D6606BBB5435D2EC3BB0C6F06DE0CBC5978B2C891| |8537E2E69BD0F7AEBCE4AFECE82BF035F886997F0BBE631ED0C6ADC2BBFA98F3E59| |F308B4FC167E073E6DA0BE64FBF1005780B1FF804D60EC08FCC639FC0CFE0176694| |6AD6710375EC5F8DF6A084D32BE164E3DAE876F712E3F7FE904E376F534A36A56C5| |34ED894933665D3A66C69A3FF0721078A2734BAFDBDAF5E9A95FFCF7E1F2B529EE7| |3B9A3B47CC69E29B2DFAC75871C814F79E1BF2119FD53F50FCE590| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  3. Its funny, everyone who has replied so far has touted their favorite secondary but none of them actually answered your question directly by giving numbers/info on performance. I took a look at all the numbers in character creation as well as on a few of my blasters, here is a list of the sustain powers in each of the secondaries: Atomic Manipulation: Level 20 Metabolic Acceleration(toggle, +225% regen, +50% recovery, +20% recharge) Devices: Level 20 Field Operative(toggle, +stealth, +225% regen, +50% rec, +1.75 def) Darkness Manipulation: Level 20 Touch of the Beyond( Single target attack, 10 sec rech, 80' range, mag 3 fear, -10.5% to hit, +225% regen, +50% rec for 60 sec) Energy Manipulation: Level 16 Energize(click power, 120sec base recharge, 60 sec duration, 80% end reduction, 225% regen, small heal) Electric Manipulation: Level 20 Force of Thunder (PBAoE stun+kb, 30 sec base recharge, +225% regen/+50% rec for 60 sec) Fire Manipulation: Level 20 Cauterize(PBAoE Damage aura toggle + small heal, 225% regen, 50% rec) Ice Manipulation: Level 10 Frigid Protection(30'r PBAoE slow toggle, +50% rec, 5.13 absorb tick) Martial Combat: Level 20 Reaction time(30'r PBAoE slow toggle, +run/fly/jump spd, +50% rec, 5.13 absorb tick) Mental Manipulation: Level 20 Drain Psyche(PBAoE Click, base recharge 2 min, 10'r, 10 target max, -250% reg/rec to targets, +75% reg/rec per target for 30 sec) Ninja Training: L20 Kuni-in Toh(Click, 3m 20 sec recharge, 3m 30 sec duration, +225% regen, +50% rec, 7% psi resistance, 3.8 fear prot) Plant Manipulation: L20 Wild Fortress(toggle, +50% rec, 3.15 confuse protection, 5.13 absorb tick) Tactical Arrow: Level 20 Eagle Eye(toggle, +20% Acc, +120% perception, +225% regen, +50% rec) Temporal Manipulation: L20 Temporal Health(toggle, 2.05 + 5.13 absorb tick, +50% recovery, resistance to slows and regen debuffs). Some notes on these - for all the powers that offer 225% regen, only half can be enhanced. The toggles that give you 5.13 absorb tick result in a pulsing absorb shield that renews itself about every 3 seconds and is good for about 30hp of damage at around L20 (as observed on my /ice and /martial combat blasters) with only a single L20 heal IO slotted in the power. I have no idea how well the tick heal on Cauterize performs but considering that you waste every tick that occurs when you have full health, it strikes me as a bit less effective than the other powers. Basically all the powers are roughly the same when it comes to end recovery - all of them give you +50% end recovery except for Drain Psyche, which gives you a variable amount based on the # of targets you hit, and Energize which gives you End Reduction rather than recovery. So to answer the question you originally asked (" which blaster secondary has the highest recovery? ") is probably energy manipulation - as an 80% end reduction on all your powers is FAR more effective than even the huge amount of end rec Drain Psyche could give you if you hit the 10 target max. Energize is also fairly easy to make perma - 3 L25 recharge reduction IO's and its up every minute. Now, I don't actually like energize - the sound the power made firing off every 60 seconds drove me crazy and I ended up deleting the fire/energy blaster that I used to test the secondary out but that's personal preference, the performance of the power is great. Ultimately all the secondaries have good end recovery and either a nice regen boost or some other hp recovery/dam prevention method, so its really up the other things each secondary offers. I like Tactical arrow for the thematic fit with archery but I also like Ice manipulation for the huge slow field (30' radius) and ice patch.
  4. Cool to know, thanks for the response Sunsette
  5. So dual pistol attacks can take quite a few different procs thanks to the various ammo affects - but do those procs only work when the appropriate ammo is chosen, or do they always work. The specific case I have been considering is slotting achilles heel -res procs in empty clips and/or bullet rain. Will the proc only fire when using standard ammo, as that is when you get the defense debuffs, or will they have a chance to fire all the time?
  6. I haven't had a chance to read thorugh all 11 pages of this post, so if someone has already suggested this then I second it, but I see 2 real problems here: 1) Players perception of how hard it is to move from red->blue and back. I saw at least one early poster who mentioned how he had to get his VEAT to L20 to go blueside, which is untrue. You can go blue side (and vice versa) as soon as you can get to Pocket D (which I have done at L2, but I suspect you could at L1) and talk to null the gull, who will change your alignment to any of the 4 on command. 2) Ease of group invitation. If you are running your rogue or vigilante on blue side (which I do to at least get in some groups) you can't be invited by anyone on redside, even if you technically could group with them. The same problem shows up in coop zones if you are vigilante/rogue - you can only be invited by folks in your nativezones or already in the coop zone. If you know what you are doing, it doesn't take much time to travel red side but it still puts a kink into accepting invites. We can fix one by making it a little more obvious how easy it is to move around. Put copies of Nul the Gull in atlas and mercy (obviously not offering to make you a full hero in mercy or a full villain in atlas) or even better, add the functionality to the P2W vendor - everyone knows to stop there anyway. The second one may not be possible to fix, but it would be nice to be able to invite anyone who is eligible to join your group whatever zone you and the inviter are in. This would also make it easier to form up RWZ ship raids and ITF's for Cimmerora. This change is likely to be a lot more code intense and also a lot more lilkely to break things, but it would be nice. Both of these options don't require designing new content, which cuts down on the work the homecoming team has to do. The only kicker is whether the code for handling invites is complicated enough that this can't be done and making sure you don't end up with full on villains in atlas (and full on heroes in mercy). My 2 cents, Midnight Mystique
  7. Hey folks, I was @Midnight Mystique or @Magik13 (depending on which account I was playing). I didn't really have any one main, but you might have played with me as: Midnight Mystique (Widow) Midnight Renegade(Bane Soldier) Andromache (Tanker) Lady Illusio (controler) Feral Rose Terra Fuego Lady Ariel Ariel Blaze Emerald Nightshade Jade Belladonna Lady Skye Operative Abaddon Argent Rose Astral Flare Jade Mystique and even more (2 accounts, nearly full loads on each). I absolutely suck at remember names, especially after 6+ years, but its nice to see so many from the old server. I have been playing on Everlasting (just picked randomly, didn't lknow it was <gasp> an RP server!). About the only person I remember is Chef Inferno and his frequently run redside strike forces. Anyone hear from him lately?
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