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  1. Have you made a game account? You can't use your forum account to log in.
  2. But more seriously, while a bounty system might be possible in the future depending on how the current negotiations go, in the meantime your proposal's not possible.
  3. Once you've made sure you've wiped out the old .wine settings folder and have installed Wine through homebrew, follow the steps for installing from scratch in this thread: There's still a couple things you have to configure that don't make it completely fire-and-forget.
  4. Creo que no, pero nunca digas nunca.
  5. If you're using the right manifest (http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml), your launcher will automatically download the new client files and add the launch options to the list. If you're on Mac or Linux and running the game through Wine, you'll need the newest version of Wine to run the 64-bit version.
  6. Rewriting the engine in DirectX or Vulkan would require a complete, top-to-bottom rewrite of the client code from scratch. I don't think that's in the cards for HC. Depending on the chipset, you may be able to apply a driver shim to add the necessary OpenGL support to the Intel drivers; search the forums for the procedure. However, this is unsupported by Homecoming and tends to be a fragile fix.
  7. Homecoming only officially supports players running the game on Windows, and any launchers for alternate operating systems are provided by the community. We have no plans to provide a launcher that works on Chrome OS, but if your Chromebook supports Android apps, you could attempt to use the emulator CrossOver on Chrome. Whether or not it's actually playable will depend on the capabilities of the Chromebook.
  8. This might be the problem: https://discourse.brew.sh/t/unable-to-install-illegal-variable-name/647/20
  9. Look at the second recommended post on the top. It walks you through how to reveal hidden files. You should just be able to right-click the Terminal window, choose Paste and hit Enter.
  10. Try running and installing both the .exe files available at this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=52685
  11. There's no good place to have personal fights on the forums, but this is probably one of the worst places of all for it.
  12. This is a server-side problem and not one tied to the client, so you don't have to test it in different versions of the client. We're aware of the problem and are working to resolve it as soon as possible.
  13. Please provide the exact wording of the error message you're getting. Also, what is your current operating system?
  14. You have two options: Add http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml as a manifest in Cream Soda Don't use Cream Soda and use Tequila instead
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