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  1. There's been no change to the dualboxing policy, and if there had been, it wouldn't be enforced in that way.
  2. The hardware that was causing the problems has been taken offline and stuck characters should now be free to log back in.
  3. Open the start menu and type "Registry", then click the Registry Editor icon that appears in the results. Browse through the folders on the left to the path above, then delete the contents of that folder.
  4. We're aware of the situation and are working to resolve it now.
  5. I've moved a bunch of posts specifically about Rage into the dedicated thread for the topic.
  6. Invision doesn't use BBcode natively. You can use BBcode when writing posts, but it's converted internally into HTML and thrown away once you submit it. If you want to quote something in a thread, highlight it and click the "Quote selection" button that appears. If you just want to put something in a quote box, click the Quote icon in the toolbar. Adding a quote box in this way has a fixed header.
  7. If you're going to demand respect for your opinions, then start by respecting the opinions of others. Don't dismiss them out of hand as being merely from "cheerleaders".
  8. Quizás sería más rápido describir la problema en español.
  9. I believe people were telling you to join the Discord because the Facebook group is for general City of Heroes discussion and not for Homecoming support. We really do heavily recommend people use the Discord for live support (as well as live announcements and server status) because it's easier and faster for everyone involved, though. The first thing I'd try here is going into the Registry and deleting the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cryptic\CoH keys.
  10. Please file a ticket through the Support section of the forums with the character name and shard.
  11. 2: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/notifications/options/
  12. There's still one costume slot that you can only get from Halloween salvage.
  13. In my personal, non-GM opinion as a player, I think telling someone "don't let it offend you" is as useful as telling someone who's just stepped on a Lego with bare feet to "don't let it dig into your foot". Emotional pain is just as real as physical pain; you can choose to react to it in constructive or destructive ways, but telling someone that they shouldn't have felt it in the first place doesn't actually help anything, and puts the onus on the target rather than the initial cause of the issue.
  14. The donation window opened at 8:30 PM (20:30) BST/UTC+1.
  15. We're aware that there are still controller issues, and there's no ETA for a fix but it's being worked on.
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