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  1. Thank you devs for your hard work on fixing this.
  2. @Silent Method2 Sometimes a person just has to brain dump. Never change. I think we are on the same page that emotes should be fixed, so, lets focus on the crey pistol problem. I tried to clarify my stance above where I mention the developers probably don't have the time nor desire to fix animations. I don't think a team should practice trying to animation cancel, and at the same time I understand without an overhaul animation canceling can occur without crey pistol. Hence, if you somehow perfect jumping to cancel your animations then you have created a "bunnyhop" of
  3. @Macskull I hear you but to try to make a point based off "what could have been" is a hypothetical exercise that would lead in so many directions it's not worth exploring. I am only reporting an issue that the game has today and would like to see fixed. So for the reminder of our conversion, lets take the word intended and replace it with current state. Once again, I understand that the player still has to wait for the power to finish but seconds matter in COH pvp, which is one of the reasons it is so much fun. Therefore, the problem is still the same. If a player can use a bind
  4. @Sovera Thank you for your comment. @Macskull First, you are correct the power still has to finish its timer before continuing on to the next cast. However, what I am reporting is that animation canceling allows the player to continue moving even though by the game's design the player should be stuck. By exploiting that, a player that should have faced a potential death can now leave the fight. Now you are also correct that the a jump or movement in the right direction could also potentially cause this to occur. The main difference from what I am bring attentio
  5. Animation canceling is creating an unbalanced risk vs reward environment in this game's otherwise incredibly fun player vs player (PVP). For purposes of this bug report, animation canceling is when a player purposely performs an action while casting an attack to prevent the attack's animation from stopping the player's movement. The two most exploitative methods to perform animation canceling in PVP is by using emotes such as "em shocked" or "em liedown" and by using the crey pistol accolade power. When either of these methods are used, a player's attack, no matter how long the animation sh
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