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  1. If anyone knows what the real lyrics are, i'd love to hear
  2. i always thought in pocket D it was saying "the breffers and the jeffers & the U.K. in the house" whatever the hell that means. i'm in paragon dance party quite a bit on the everlasting server. i even have a paragon dance party themed SG in response to the other club themed SG's... it's called The Cryptic Underground. only two members so far so LMK if you wanna join. the other clubs are just copy "cats"!
  3. north and south doors in steel canyon, independence port (on terra volta island) and talos island. (talos island you can use the side door or the movie theater door) during live it was never on the map, but in homecoming they added it to the map. check it out some time.
  4. slightly off topic, but i actually much prefer the old style buckling spring/model M type keyboards over the newfangled mechanical "gaming keyboards" people sell today..
  5. tbh I always preferred the music in Paragon Dance Party over pocket D.... PDP just has the most nostalgic atmosphere... It simply deserves more love.
  6. there should be an SG portal in there, and an exploration badge, as well as a day job power. perhaps also add a door from pocket D to Paragon Dance party somewhere. Paragon Dance Party was the original hang out place before Pocket D, and I still prefer it... It's my dream to once again see PDP full of people. I think making it easier to access would help a lot..... also add it to long range teleporter... *^_^* i'm pretty sure nobody would complain about these additions *^_^* who doesnt love paragon dance party? my favorite novelty area in the game by far. ❤️ pre-NCsoft buyo
  7. They should be drops. I think they still have a place, not breaking you free from status but protecting you longer than a break free would. They should be rare insp drops
  8. Can homecoming please make the cryptic studios logo chest detail from Faultline’s cryptic lounge available to players? I would love to make a casual costume for my toon, with that T-shirt on. Random, but also I want to unlock [Iron Will] family of Inspirations in P2W. (discipline, strength of will, iron will) 😄resist effects for 240 seconds! I loved munching on those BITD
  9. The House of the Dead arcade and Sega saturn games have multiple mandela effects, from max # lives you can carry at a time being much lower now to number of zombies on certain screens being different.
  10. It wasnt a temporary power. You targeted a teammate from team menu, clicked on inspiration, then your mouse pointer showed a grey target thing like any other teleport power, then you would click the ground and teammate would TP’d there. You just click the recall insp and it’s like clicking recall friend.
  11. Recall was implemented at one time. I’ll take it to my grave!
  12. On exelsior i have a toon called “The Green Guy”
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