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  1. I would very much like to see zone/arena specific buffs that apply stat boosting accolade equivalent increases to players. Those that had the equivalent accolades simply wouldn't receive that specific buff. I'm assuming that's a coding nightmare, but I think it'd really help the PvP community.
  2. Captains: vinnie - @vinnie hp - @hp, @King Roster: Silit - @Banana Man xhiggy - @xhiggy Liberty - @Dan Petro, @Dan Pedro Dex - @Dexington, @Dextricus, @General Kno, @Dex, @Band of Horses March - @March, @Murky Morality Unholy - @Unholy Weapon, @uw Hot Dogger - @Waypoint, @Flamethrower charlie - @Charlie h0j - @Heal of Justice, @h0j Sorrows - @New GT, @GT Z - @z. hells - @hell's punisher BP - @BP Please PM myself, hp, xhiggy, Liberty or Dex to schedule practice times. We are open to working out scheduling with any/all teams to best accommodate everyone. We can be reached here, in game or through the Homecoming PvP discord.
  3. Don't be afraid to call out in arena chat to get more people in the zone as well, you'd be surprised how quickly people will show up if they know that activity is going on.
  4. Free agents, if you've been picked up by a team, please remember to edit your post accordingly so as not to confuse potential teams looking for pick-ups. Thanks.
  5. @h0j @vinnie Hojay - Empathy/Water Defender Vial - Ice/Poison Corruptor
  6. I would suggest expanding this into an actual tier list instead of the two classifications of "top tier" and "viable" (ie: S, A, B, C) and list out every actual set. As it stands, there are a lot of inaccuracies in terms of what is actually top tier versus what isn't on this list.
  7. Imagine thinking those are the only two things where team composition matters. Yikes. It literally doesn't matter. Bring all Defenders. Bring all Energy Blasters. Game's easy enough at any difficulty that isn't +4 that you can bring the most hair-brained team and still win. What really matters is whether the people behind those characters have their heads screwed on. Cool, bring all Energy blasters to an ITF and see if you can beat the speedrun record set by the SG "Warshades are Trash". Also, plenty of people in the LFG channel right now are building teams where they're asking for specific things to round their team out, that's their prerogative. Yes, we all know the game is easy, that doesn't mean that there aren't more situations where composition matters outside of the two that you named.
  8. Imagine thinking those are the only two things where team composition matters. Yikes.
  9. What's the difference between a PvEr and a PvPer? A PvPer recognizes that Warshades are g a r b a g e.
  10. In order to help facilitate new PvP teams that might be attempting to organize, let's use this thread to list our interest in joining teams with the express purpose of taking part in organized PvP, be it 6v6, 8v8 or more (if they ever fix 12v12s, of course) through leagues or a potential ladder. In your post, list your global(s), nicknames that you may be known by, preferred roles (Offense, Support, Disruption, Target Caller, etc.), a list of completed characters, and availability (helpful for organizing practice). The last portion is optional, but will be very helpful for teams that may be looking to recruit. Here is an example of a free agency post: Name: Ryan Walrus Global: @jc pose Preferred Role(s): Offense Available Characters: HOMIES - Elec/WP Stalker Big Neckbeard - Psy/TA Blaster Bleak's 50s - Emp/Dark Defender Bo Was Better - Fire/Rad Controller Availability: Weeknights 8pm-12pm PST, Weekends ALL DAY BABY RARRRRRGH.
  11. Hey thanks for posting this...I know who to ignore better! #ItJustAGame Bud. They are memeing. You're falling for it. Hard. I would suspect Dan Petro, who starting this part of the conversation, has a custom title and played on SCoRE would fess up if that was the case. Maybe I expect too much of the stewards of this game when it was secret...regardless, I don't find it funny, so I'm ignoring those who do...I win either way... BTW, explain the Meme to me? Having a custom title, playing on the private server and being a helpful, contributing member of the community doesn't prohibit someone from messing around every once in a while. Having a sense of humor and not spilling the beans about a private server that you obviously have a chip on your shoulder about (amongst many other things) are not mutually exclusive.
  12. I keep my Warshade on page 12, you'll never find it. Only someone from my home server would employ such a genius tactic.
  13. Great suggestion, I'll get one posted later if someone doesn't beat me to it.
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