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  1. I'm not 100% but before, you could simply trade influence for merits and then trade merits for catalysts at one of the merit vendors. Haven't had the occasion to log into Pineapple yet,so I am unsure if this is how it works there still.
  2. Yes, exactly. Once you have created the menus directory in the English directory in the texts directory in the data directory you have created, you put the menu file there.
  3. You need to put the menu file into data\texts\English\menus\ You have put it into data. Keep adding directories!
  4. You need to put the menu file into data\texts\English\menus\ You have put it into data. Keep adding directories!
  5. A little trick that I use and that doesn't seem to be commonly known: You do not have to click the macro button with the mouse; if you put it somewhere accessible by keypress ( I put it on either 1 or 10 ) you can simply put your mouse cursor at the top left part of the window and then press the key, and the menu will pop up at where your cursor is. Quite a few people have complained how "cramped" the menu is if you put it in the default button tray position and click it with the mouse; this trick allows you to keep it there but still get the full use of it.
  6. Just tried making a hero (Controller). Got access to the power pools when my character had achieved the appropriate level. If you can't access the power pools on Justin with a newly created character, something is wonky - either with your account or when you expect to unlock the pools.
  7. As I said, no idea. This is probably the wrong thread for technical questions about how Justin works and any interactions with the regular servers. If you *want* to bring your custome/power look customizations back to regular servers you should be able to get to a tailor and export them using the usual interface.
  8. No idea? The only thing this menu does is execute commands that should be disabled for normal users on any non-testserver. Those do not interact with your character in any other way than XP, Influence and putting Enhancements in your inventory.
  9. Uhm disabled how? The commands that the menu uses shouldn't work on the regular server, unless maybe you have a GM/Dev account there. I don't think there's an easy way to disable the menu itself, since it is a rather "dumb" command. Basically, don't create a macro for it on the regular servers and you should be golden. (If you share bindings and power set ups on both Justin and regular servers, try not to save the Justin side of things)
  10. Thanks for the menu! I created a batch file (sorry Mac users) to install the freebie menu. It will have instructions if you mess something up, but it is in essence just a batch file to create the directories and move the freebies.mnu there. I did nab Erydanus version of the macro, though (with credits). This should avoid some of the repeated issues on this thread (excepting when people try using the commands on the live servers). Oh and please, could someone check the batch file? It should have a size of 1033 bytes. (In general, you should never run executable files with an unknown provenance.) JUSTIN_INSTALL_FREEBIES_MENU.bat
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