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  1. Thank you @Dacy! I am very impressed with the one big plot move. I never thought of doing the base that way, but it makes sense once you start building your own walls and such. I suppose one advantage to using multiple rooms is that you can have different wallpapers in all of them. I can't wait to see your next one!
  2. Hello there base builders! If this is the place to put Base Building Guide videos, I have one I produced earlier this summer. It's a bit longer than Dacy's videos and there is some overlap of information, but I had hoped this one video would be a good introduction to someone who's never messed around with Supergroups or Bases. The video starts out with me gushing about this game (which is a little embarrassing in hindsight 😛 ) and goes through the process of making your first base, from registering your Supergroup (Blue Side) to making a simple functional ba
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