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  1. That... seemed to escalate very quickly. Thanks for your efforts, in any case!
  2. Hello all! Just wondering why Reunion is down, but the other servers are all up. Apologies if I missed an announcement explaining this...
  3. As per the title! I hit my first tanker 50 last night, and loved every minute. He's a SD/MA Tanker who softcaps to positional with one ally and one Storm Kick landed, but not at an Incarnate level. I've yet to replace my Level 25 IOs but I have a few attuned one-offs that I slotted into True Grit as I could afford them, but no proper set bonuses... and no idea where to start. I'd love some insight on a build that won't cripple me financially but will be perfectly adequate for the vast majority of content. I'd ideally like to play to my strengths, so focusing on capping positional defense for Incarnate levels would be lovely too. I just don't know where to begin. 🙂 Cheers all!
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