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  1. Allo! Fresh meat reporting for duty! Your Discord tag: Hellcat#0016 Applicable skills: texture art & 3d modeling (animated and non) Availability & time zone:My schedule constantly changes but I am able to set appointments with a team and be punctual. Tools and software that you are familiar with: 3ds max, painter, sketch up, maya, daz, blender, photoshop, What you would be interested in working on: I'd realllllly like to make some new faces/skins, and create some new skin/costume combos. Really happy to HD-up current textures and work on tedious projects like that. I have a portfolio on request. We're currently building a more technical and detailed list, but we're currently looking at people who: ☑ Are able to create 2D art and graphics ☑ Are able to create and modify textured 3D assets ☑ Are able to create and modify 3D animations ☑ Are familiar with 3DS Studio 2011 ☑ Are able to create and modify Visual Effects (VFX) ☑ Are happy to use Discord to communicate with the rest of the team
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