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  1. Redside was sparse during live too. Mainly because the design of the Rogue Isles has you spending more time traveling to get to missions than blueside does / blueside leveling just always felt faster in general. Your best bet might be to establish a leveling group that meets up on certain days or join a VG to feel a bit more activity redside.
  2. Same. Sometimes a RP concept comes to me first, but I will try pick powers and make a build that is efficient first and foremost. Me getting frustrated playing a character in a taskforce because of a poor build will make me not want to play them at all let alone RP them. Most of the travel powers don't fit any of my characters. I'm a SJ+SS girl, ICly they don't have these powers. But I will take them every time both for my own convenience of getting around easier and to not waste any teammates time waiting around for me.
  3. I normally don't pay much attention to in-game origin. I've retconned characters into completely different concepts at level 50 because the original one just wasn't doing it for me. Made a character go from a mutant to a magic user and paid no mind to the fact that her in-game origin said mutation.
  4. I second Fire/Atomic. My friend plays this and it is a beast of a combination. You can't go wrong with fire blast if you want DPS, fire in most sets typically puts out the biggest numbers in my experience.
  5. I love them! Can't wait to read more shenanigans!
  6. Back when formspring was a thing, I remember a lot of us had IC formsprings. It was a lot of fun and made things easier to make new connections for your characters when you couldn't be in-game. I'm not sure I'd be game for an instagram (can't even keep my personal one up to date and don't want to fiddle around with pictures to post), but I wouldn't be opposed to an IC twitter.
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