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    And Hagbard Celine is probably laughing at the entire thing.
  2. Mez effects in general. Playing on any ranged character often feels like "do I have a Break Free, or am I going to the hospital?" They're either unimportant, or absurdly punitive, with no in-between. Lt. Sefu Tendaji. Yes, he's helping... Energy Torrent, Force Bolt, Explosive Blast, Power Punch, REPULSION FIELD. This is how you make enemies, Sefu. Enemies for life. Similarly, Serpent Drummer. Look, just go away, and I'll deal with this. just. go. away. Shadow Shard. beautiful zone, but so much empty space and the difficulties navigating it make it not worthwhile. TF's that require you to make a ton of zone transitions. Especially ones that bounce you back and forth between zones every other mission.
  3. Yeah. Defenders and Corruptors FEEL weak, and especially soloing. When I want my Corruptor to feel strong, I join a team or a league, because I know what he does in that situation: force-multiplies the entire group to absolutely absurd levels. (Sonic/Kin corruptor. Buffs and debuffs everywhere, often simultaneously.) The visible results of my own attacks aren't all that, but knowing how much damage I'm ACTUALLY bringing to the fight is absolutely worth it. And when i want to feel weak, i solo. Nothing like "Oops, out of a specific Inspiration, so I do nothing until I die." I HATE mez effects in this game, either devastating or meaningless.
  4. Badges. I'm around 950 on my main, and still have all the invention and PvP ones to go. Ouroboros arcs. Eventually, i want to be able to say I've done all the content Ouro has available, both sides (or all 3 if you count Praetoria.) Farming for your perfect set IOs, purple all the way! Join a SG, make some friends, and just hang out. The best times I had on Live weren't TFs, or missions, it was just farming freaks while talking on voice chat with my SG (and RL) friends. Form a SG, play with the base builder. Host a costume contest, or a scavenger hunt. Play Hide-and-seek with lowbies in AP. One of the greatest things about this game has always been the community, and the more you get involved with the people on your server, the more rewarding you'll find it. And, of course, start a new character. Endless possibilities for doing something you love, or doing something completely different.
  5. END reduction is pretty necessary in every power by the time you hit 50. It likely wasn't JUST the leadership powers, they just took you into the red. There are all sorts of ways to deal with END problems by the time you hit 50, from normal IO slotting in Stamina to the unique IOs that grant +END. As for whether people avoid it, I consider it to be nearly mandatory on all of my characters because of how much stacked buffs help a team. maneuvers is also a decent place to stick LotG enhancements, with a decent base DEF for a pool power. Maneuvers by itself is nice, nothing special. A full team running maneuvers is untouchable. I don't care much for Assault because it's basically unenhanceable, and Tactics is nice to have when fighting at +2 and above so you and your team can actually HIT things. Vengeance is situational, but very powerful.
  6. This is likely them specifically NOT saying that NCSoft still owns CoH. Until their talks are complete, Hc is not official and streaming Coh without NCSoft's permission could make the discussions more difficult. Especially if someone at NCSoft decides that the streamer needs to be served with C&D. They're trying to forestall any unnecessary complications, and saying that they cannot authorize any streamers to stream something they don't own, and please don't drag the HC servers into something that -could- become a legal action.
  7. Don't miss: The complete mishmash of currencies and trials that awarded them for Incarnate stuff. The current system that rewards you for just playing the game is a massive improvement. Billions of INF for a single IO, tens of thousands for certain pieces of Common salvage. Supergroup prestige. Exploration badge hunting to get the beacons. "We have a vision for the game" meaning "You WILL play the way we tell you." Brutes and Scrappers >> everything else.
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