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  1. As soon as Traps were made available as a secondary, I made a Grav/Traps. The entire purpose of this character, named Ron Popiel, was to set up a bunch of Trap Mines in corners, and then use Wormhole to teleport foes into the middle of a mine field. The mine field took forever to set up, but was sadistically fun to see the bunch of foes get blown to bits.
  2. Superior Invis is wonderful for leading one's pets into melee -- especially if you've got Perma-PA. It also lets you sneak up on foes to confuse them without agro. I see SI as a personal defense power. I can scout ahead without drawing agro, cast PA without drawing agro, cast Deceive without drawing agro. I can get in the middle of a crowd to fire off Flash without drawing agro. Because it is a toggle, I never have to worry about it running out at an inconvenient time. Have a glowie mission? SI lets my Illusion Controller run through crowds to the glowie, confuse foes near the glowie
  3. Controllers are the most varied AT in the game, as neither primary nor secondary powersets are focused on damage. There is no "best" controller, but there are some "best" power combos depending what you want to do. My personal favorite controller is Illusion/Radiation. The +Recharge in Accelerate Metabolism makes perma-PA easier, and the debuffs help Phantom Army hit better and harder (PA can't be buffed, so the only way to make them better is debuffs). Ill/Rad is very flexible -- great solo, great on small and large teams, and does not conflict with other Controllers or Dominators. I
  4. Back on Live, I wrote a popular Earth/Rad Controller guide. Most of the info in there is still valid. My guide discusses each power in detail, strategies to use each power and synergies between Earth and Rad. https://web.archive.org/web/20120904193426/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=121712 In terms of a build, it depends. What's your playstyle? Do you want to solo? Do you prefer to stay out of melee and control from range on teams? (Which is my preference) Some people build up for Tank-like Defense. I prefer to maximize my control abilities and don't mind if I face
  5. 1. Not sure -- I usually slot a couple of Recharge in Earthquake and that's it. Too many other places for my slots. I don't think the effect is significant. 2. Rocky (or "Poo Man") is one of the better Controller pets -- I'd rank him #2 (snicker) after Grav's Singularity. Most important is survivability. If you slot him with both Resistance Procs, he becomes very hard to kill, and makes a great tank/aggro magnet. One of my favorite tricks is to use full invisibility to run to the far side of a group of foes. When Rocky plows in, the foes gather around him, and are sitting ducks for Ao
  6. Back on the Live forums, I wrote a detailed Earth/Rad guide. There are a few things out of date, but not much. You can find it here: https://web.archive.org/web/20120904193426/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=121712 Earth is the best AoE control set. Rad goes with EVERYTHING, so it is a great combo -- although low damage until you get your pet.. I wrote that guide before some of the newer sets were around, like Cold, Dark, Nature, etc. But Earth/Rad is still an excellent combo. Earth/Storm is probably my first choice, but Earth/Dark will be a very potent c
  7. Just a few comments for you to think about: My set bonus goal with any Illusion Controller is to get as much Recharge as possible to get as close to perma-PA as I can WITHOUT sacrificing the effectiveness of the character. Your single target damage is pretty important. I build my Illusion characters for an attack chain of Blind-SW-APP Blast-SW. The goal is to kill foes before the Illusory Damage in SW heals back. You have no damage enhancement in Blind. My slotting for Blind is 4 Baz Gaze, the Acc/Dam and Dam/Mez Hami-O's. If you aren't using the Unbreakable Constraint set in Blind,
  8. Fire/Kin is good but expect a lot of deaths if you solo, until upper levels. Fire/Kin has lots of offense, but Kinetics has no defensive powers other than the heal. Fire/Storm is fun, chaotic, and expect to run out of endurance a lot. Fire/Rad has some unique synergies which make it very strong. Fire Control can (and should) be played in melee much of the time. This is mainly due to Hot Feet, which is Damage/Slow/Afraid. Combine that with Rad's Choking Cloud, which is one of the rare toggle holds. With a Fire/Rad, if a Foe is held by Choking Cloud, the Foe is also being slowly bur
  9. Area Man


    Sadly, someone grabbed my "Local Man" global name, so I have to go by @Area Man. But thanks. Back on live, I wrote 3 Controller guides, but the Ill/Rad one was the most popular by far. I was active enough on the forums that the Devs asked me to take over the Controllers "Guide to Guides" at one point, so I reviewed all guides posted and indexed them to be easily found. Not long after Homecoming came out, my old desktop computer died, leaving me only with my office laptop -- which can't be a game machine. But a couple of months ago, one of my sons got my old desktop working again, so I
  10. Area Man


    For anyone looking, this was my Illusion Radiation Guide on the old forums. Most of the information is still good. The Rad debuffs now last a little while after the anchor is defeated, and this might change one's strategy on choosing an Anchor. Most of the other strategy tips are still good, Obviously, since there are some new IO sets, the builds can change. My philosophy with my Ill/Rad (and controllers in general) is to maximize them as Controllers, not try to make them tanks. I want to maximize CONTROL, not defense or resistance. An Ill/Rad is ideal for maximizing Recharge for Pe
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