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  1. In 1982 the United Nations formed a sanctioned super group with the constant threat of nuclear war from the Soviet Union. This group was named Skywatch and was headed by a man named Preston Graves. Mr. Graves was a millionaire who had his hand in many different things, from security systems, to medical tools and state of the art mechanics. The Soviet Union had installed a safeguard system they called Rasputin, that would launch all it's nuclear warheads if the United States or it's allies had launched theirs. Rasputin's purpose was also to monitor the worlds warheads and react. For the next ten years Skywatch was dispatched for many things across the globe, taking care of natural disasters as well as any national crimes against innocent people. Graves designed a massive satellite that would orbit the world called the Lighthouse. Installed with advanced teleportation services it served as the Skywatch operating base, allowing it's agents to be able to be dispatched anywhere across the globe. After ten years this secret world police force shut off it's lights. Then came the Rikti invasion in 2002, the light in the Lighthouse went on once more and the call went out. All agents responded, and they were dispatched accordingly. Preston Graves was in failing health, so he served as the communications within the Lighthouse. Skywatch fought alongside other heroes during the war, and Graves himself even donned his armored suit to join the fight, sadly he lost his life in that battle and Skywatch was closed down for good. Upon Preston Graves death, his estate was set up as a school for fledgling super heroes called the Phoenix Academy. It accepts young applicants from all over the world, offering room and board as well as full paid scholarships on the Graves grounds. Classes vary from academics to training with powers and various abilities, making sure that these young heroes go into the field with proper training. However some of the academy students have since found a teleportation beacon within Graves unused office that takes them to the Lighthouse. Reawakening the Lighthouse itself as well as it's computer assistance program Vicky, these students are setting out to operate once more as Skywatch. ((Who are we? A small group of Roleplayers that play when we can. We don't expect you to be overly active, play when you can. Grab some RP with us and enjoy your time. The group is based very Justice League/Avengers. We like heroes, classic types....no cat girls or werewolves and vampires need apply, unless you make them classic hero types. Message in Game @Suntear if interested.))
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