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  1. Static Field is a bit more OP than that. It's hands-down the best sleep in the game. From the in-game stats from my lvl 50 controller: 1.88 endurance on target 3.00 magnitude sleep for 25.33s on target 5.00% chance for 1.00 magnitude sleep for 29.06s on target 50.00% chance for -3.00%% endurance on target -40.00%% run speed for 25.50s on target -40.00%% fly speed for 25.50s on target -40.00%% jump speed for 25.50s on target -40.00%% strength to jump height for 25.50s on target So it does the mag 3 sleep, drains endurance as you mentioned, but also has a pretty hefty slow effect. By comparison, Ice Slick does -90% run spd only and Quick Sand does -50% run and prevents jumping. I find that amount of across the board slow pretty tasty and actually slot mine for slow with dmg proc as well. Keeps the group in place sleeping and slowed while they get slowed (hover in melee running Conductive Aura). If you were to give each of the other AoE sleeps a trifecta like that: some sleep, and 2 different debuffs, they were be really solid. Much better than they are now. I suspect that because they do some minor damage that they were nerfed in effectiveness by design. However, that initial damage actually makes them dangerous to use as you trigger a response attack before the sleep takes hold (that's why mind's AoE sleep is way better). I'd remove that damage in a heartbeat to get something akin to what I proposed above - patch sleeps with debuffs. As far as losing the domination boost... I'd be willing to sacrifice that. I'm pretty confident most doms aren't relying on their AoE sleep (outside of Mind and Elec) as an effective longterm boss control anyway.
  2. Earth Control comes with gobs of control and most of it is AoE patches and clicks. So mobs will always be locked down and debuffed to oblivion. I'd put a bunch of dmg procs in those powers. With all that control and debuff, you should be able to get right into the thick of fights and start pounding. Sadly, dark is a little light on melee... you don't get a 3rd melee attack until lvl 38. But all your attacks are going to bring -to hit, so you should be pretty safe. I like soul mastery for Dark Obliteration and Soul Drain to help with the melee combat. Combined with your 2 punches and Engulfing Darkness + Gather Shadows and you should be able to mash enemies into paste. Don't forget you also have your earth pet who prefers melee as well and can tank for you.
  3. I think the solution to all the AoE sleeps is not upping the magnitude, but to give them the same treatment as electric control's sleep. Static Field is both control and debuff that reapplies its effect every couple seconds. What if Ice's Flash Freeze was a super cool patch that slept and slowed anyone who entered? Earth's Salt Crystals was a fossilizing patch that slept and crystallized anyone who entered, lowering their def? Plant's sleep spores created a lingering cloud that slept and debuffed regeneration? Mind's sleep I think is okay as a click, but I'd add in a -rch or -dmg debuff when the creature is awakened. Overall numbers are kept the same, but the mechanics are altered with debuff side effects added.
  4. Wind / Savage would be beyond cool. No Ball Lightning? Basically PB AoE, which would fit your concept of melee only. Probably get more mileage than the Guardian.
  5. Please stop with the imaginary situations for when / how dim shift is useful. Here's what actually happens on a team with a grav using dimension shift: Brute / Tanker type engages in melee drawing aggro. Ranged attackers and controllers launch powers at clustered mob. Ranged attackers and controllers scream WTF because none of their powers land because the one knuckle head grav tossed Dim Shift on the melee. Brute / Tanker get pwnd because they're now soloing a bunch of mobs without back up. Ranged buffers and debuffers fire last desperate powers to save brute/ tanker. Ranged buffers and debuffers scream WTF because none of their powers land to save the brute/tanker because knuckle head grav's Dim Shift is still lingering on the melee. Team manages to escape / overcome after dim shift finally dissipates. Team is wondering wtf just happened. The missions were going so smoothly before the grav dim shifter showed up. Team thinks it was just a fluke and the guy mis-clicked his power. Team realizes in horror that no, this grav actually thinks dim shift is a useable power and keeps tossing it every encounter the rest of the mission. Team ends up breaking up because now everything is taking 3x as long to defeat and half the team's powers keep getting wasted.
  6. I went fight pool for the added smash / lethal + elec mastery shield and ball lightning. You do your best controlling in melee for sure. Mobs are sleeping, drained, and to hit debuffed to the point of pitiful. You just keep hitting them with jolting chance (hold proc added) + your ST attacks until defeated. Damage is a bit plodding, but survivability is sky high.
  7. One dimension shift is bad enough on a team. Two would be worse. Far, far worse. Seriously, any other power in gravity is better. The only power worse (or even) is Black Hole. If you need an 'oh sh--' power to get out of trouble take phase shift from concealment or just teleport. The power is too confusing for a team of randoms. I've never seen it used wisely or in a situation where just dying wouldn't have been a better option.
  8. Electric / Time if you like to play tank. Patches and auras make you untouchable in melee.
  9. Keep dreaming. Devs hate villains. Even after 7 years.
  10. Oh, I might be an hour late... 10 eastern / 7 pacific... so start without me.
  11. Who's going to be on tonight? Manticore is the WST, so I was thinking we could that. It's 30+ for those of you interested.
  12. To the OP's defense: If salvage is seeded, why are recipes not? The only thing salvage is used for is to craft.
  13. So we finished last night as intended, and I have to say it went really really smooth. Romi went down in probably 5 - 7 min. I don't think any of us died in that fight. We brought Imperious with us just in case. He aggrod like a champ as usual, which made the fight more dangerous than if we had just left him behind. He basically flew through the mobs in the middle of the platform and drew Romi before we'd finished the Cyclops and Minotaur. So we ended up fighting 2 EBs, and the AV family + a bunch of adds simultaneously. What really made the difference I think was 4x Creepers. It was just a swarm of tentacles around the AVs. Helped spread the aggro around while I just pounded on Romi with elec-powered fists over and over. One of the others is /traps I think and that made a big difference. Plus, the -RES bubble from sonic helped melt things. I again admit I didn't think it was possible with just 4 dudes running lvl 39 and lower toons, 3 of them controllers and 1 a dom, to take down Imperious and his Nicti friends, but we pulled it off and it really wasn't that hard. Another place where we shined that I know wipes alot of teams is the initial rescue of the Oracle on the platform. You know when all the dwarfs and novas storm up the stairs from behind? Well it was like there wasn't even an ambush. I was fighting the Cims and figured I'd start seeing teammates redline. I turned around a minute later after taking out the minotaur and the team had the ambush pretty much silenced. It felt like we'd turned down the difficulty or something, but nope, we just handled the waves like it wasn't a big deal. It was really nice work by the team. I applaud their skill and look forward to more challenges next week.
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