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  1. Freaking Dax is everywhere!
  2. I remember he spent a lot of time on help channels, when ever he was online. If not that, he was always willing to help ppl with badges and what not.
  3. That guy was the best. We met early on Homecoming (but not on live) and being in the same SG we teamed many times, and did badge runs. I shocked to hear the news this morning. RIP
  4. at some point I will enhance further more... and will display in date of last updated inside the sub-group or ppl with same number of bagdes this will create an issue because ppl will update many times just to be on top, hehey, but at some point I assume they will give up and leave it be
  5. Awesome thanks also thanks Glacier, will use yours in the meanwhile
  6. make a 2nd cheap build and 6 slots hurdle, swift, spring which ever power you feel like having to add more movement and jump speed. the idea is to hard cap both. Easily achievable if you 6 slot those, w/out sb. then you only need to practice.... a lot... At least it's how I managed those badges.
  7. Snowbound badge added Only need an image to match it this one might be too small. this one is horrible 🙂
  8. new badges are in on cityofbadgers.com
  9. The new badges are in on cityofbadgers.com Feel free to msg me if there is issues with them. Also, I want to re-iterate a big thanks to @KeyboardKitsune, without their work , cityofbadgers.com would not have been possible. And also to @AboveTheChemistwho's helping on updating Kitsune's web site, and also keeping me in the loop when he does. also a big thanks to everyone who are helping, for instance @Tuarus, helped me today with confirming info on the new badges, and all the others that have in interest in helping.
  10. @Spider showed up earlier today 🙂 also... CityOfBadgers.com will get the new badges soooooooonn [Freeeeeeeeeeeeeem]
  11. Thx for proposing your help. I'm opting to add admin user interface to add and edit badges. This might take a tad longer, but will be set for the futur, if we get more badges later. also this will help me, correct some details in the current badge database. I will try to have this done this week-end or before if I can.
  12. I would like to have tool for an admin to edit the content and link stuff. Don't have much time to enhance the site lately 😞 But I'll try to keep that in mind for when I have more time.
  13. @GUTROT: can you try the new 2020-11-15 client tool? I moved back to the default directory browser I don't like this one, because you can copy paste a path from your clipboard while this one (the previous one) you can:
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