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  1. RESULTS! Congratulations to everyone on amazing costumes! For more screenshots, visit: https://discord.gg/fAwtGg4 1st Place (1.5 Billion): Star Chart 2nd Place (1.25 Billion): F-1D0 3rd Place (1 Billion): Ganker Hornet 4th Place (500 Million): Arielle Support 5th Place (250 Million): Maynefraim Honorable Mention (100 Million): Blood Bank. Honorable Mention (100 Million): Lord Fishlips Honorable Mention (100 Million): Shockingbird Honorable Mention (100 Million): R3VOLV3R Honorable Mention (100 Million): Secret Agent H2O
  2. You are free to use an emote, but unfortunately with a contest of this size we don't usually have time to consider multiple costumes per person since it would balloon the judging time (we had about 180 entrants last time). Also, there are multiple judges and we typically make multiple passes, so it becomes difficult to nail down what to judge when costumes are changing back and forth. Whatever costume you're wearing when the judges get to you is the one that will be judged! πŸ™‚
  3. Hi Cosmicalityy! The Cosmic Council is always accepting new members! Here's our short recruitment blurb and a link to our Discord if you'd like to check it out! "The Cosmic Council is accepting friendly, active players who value community & teamwork! We’re a large SG that frequently runs all types of content including TFs/Badge Runs/Incarnate Trials and more! Awesome base, Discord, and large coalition!" https://discord.gg/DVksJ4N
  4. Edit: Thanks for making the event so successful, everyone! Results are posted lower in the threat with screenshots! ___________________ Hey, Excelsior! The Cosmic Council SG is back with another 5 BILLION INF Costume Contest on August 1st at 5:00pm ET in Kalisti Wharf! The theme this time around is "Eureka! Tantalizing Tech and Spectacular Science!" and we can't wait to see what you all come up with! PRIZES: 1st Place - 1.5 Billion Inf 2nd Place - 1.25 Billion Inf 3rd Place - 1 Billion Inf 4th Place - 500 Million Inf 5th Place - 250 Million Inf 5 Honorable Mentions - 100 Million Inf each See you on Saturday, August 1st! Spread the word! πŸ˜„ Visit our Discord for more info: https://discord.gg/DVksJ4N
  5. The Cosmic Council SG presents... the "Eureka! Tantalizing Tech and Spectacular Science!" Costume Contest! Join us on August 1st at 5pm Eastern in Kalisti Wharf on Excelsior for a chance at 5 BILLION INF in prizes! 1st Place: 1.5 Billion 2nd Place: 1.25 Billion 3rd Place: 1 Billion 4th Place: 500 Million 5th Place: 250 Million 5 Honorable Mentions: 100 Million each For more info, stop by The Cosmic Council's Discord and say hi! https://discord.gg/DVksJ4N
  6. Really Hard Way badge run of the Magisterium Incarnate Trial is led weekly by The Cosmic Council! Join us every Saturday night a few minutes before our 8:00pm ET start time in Pocket D on Excelsior! Invites go out to SG and Coalition members first, then first-come first-serve until we're full! All runs are led on a rotating schedule by either @Caddaric, @331, @The Atomic Alpha, and/or @Bronx. After the run, we typically take requests for Master runs of other trials. There are several requirements to join the league, so please make sure to read the full details in our dedicated Really Hard Way Discord channel: https://discord.gg/UmQYxdN
  7. This was incredibly fun. Thanks to everyone who came out to jam with us! πŸ™‚
  8. The Cosmic Council is hosting a BEACH-THEMED DANCE PARTY today (Sat) at 6:30pm ET in Atlas Park! Put on your best beach/swimwear costumes, grab your little umbrella drink, and get ready to throw down! We'll be playing summer tunes and chatting in Discord while showing off our moves in AP! https://discord.gg/yRa7Ngp
  9. WOW! Today was surreal--I can't imagine a better way to celebrate 1 year of CoH Homecoming! ❀️ According to the GMs, WE CAPPED KALLISTI WHARF AT 200 PEOPLE! On behalf of the Cosmic Council, thank you all for making today such an amazingly successful event. Here are the results from today! Congratulations to our 10 Finalists! 1st Place (1.5 Billion): -Divine Intervention 2nd Place (1.25 Billion): Nightmare Inoculum 3rd Place (1 Billion): Ice-Giant 4th Place (500 Million): Flame of Anubis 5th Place (250 Million): Dwarven King Honorable Mentions (100 Million each): Cyclopean Titan, Praeletheus, Magie Noire, Thallassa, Cursed Arachne Short Group Video: https://gyazo.com/4eb1843025b1863920931d2c16b29dd6 To keep up with the Cosmic Council SG, we'd love for you to stop by our Discord and say hi! https://discord.gg/DVksJ4N Stay awesome, Excelsior!
  10. Today's the day! Get excited! πŸ˜„
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