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  1. I Seen no one posted this yet but i assume it's probably one of the most annoying things, Once you unlock an Accolade you should be able to buy it through the P2W vendor, if you don't have it unlocked you wont be able to buy it on a new character, Seeing how this option wouldn't be forced.. Players would still be able to earn them the alternative way by doing the badges all over again if they choose not to buy it on new characters after unlocking it on a different character.
  2. Look I'm here to make suggestions so we're not stuck with old stuff, keeping things the same forever wont be fun for anyone and it makes logical sense to have toggles for an arrow. If you don't like the suggestion that's fine too but i don't think its required to just down it so quickly and as for Aim it's used often, The least used powers out of archery are most likely fish full of arrows/stunning shot/blazing arrow at least for me those are useless to me but everything els i use.
  3. There's really nothing to change, blazing arrow obviously wouldn't need to be there but as for toggles, Bio Armor gets an end/dps/defense toggle/Pistols get toxic/ice/fire i really don't see an issue with balance if archery got toxic/ice/fire arrow toggles considering you've got pretty OP farmer builds out there lets not get into balance talk this is suggestion. You also don't even see the toggles in the Pistol/Bio armor list until you actually hit customize or start leveling, other wise it's not in the list so there's nothing to take out or replace other than the blaze arrow if there's ammo types considering explosive arrow would be the "blazing" if fire is toggled.
  4. Not a fan of this, but i also rarely ever used rest and if i do i /bind x powexec_name Rest
  5. While fighting the enemy group <The Black Knights> with my Archery/Bio Armor i realized their sub group Black Feather archers have Ice/Fire arrows so i started to wonder what Archery would be like if it had the toggle ammo types like the dual pistols have which change the visual appearance of arrows and deal the element damage the toggle is set to, This could also be applied to the Assault rifle and other ranged physical weapons Explosive arrow would explode normally if the toggle is not enabled, Ice would AoE cage or hold/Fire DoT AoE/Toxic DoT AoE Normal Arrows would work the same way the dual pistol ammo does, change every attack to the specific element toggle Ice, Which has the same effect as Black Feather frost arrows but slightly toned down Fire, Lit arrow that leaves a subtle light smoke trail nothing large Toxic, Not sure if this even needs a trail, Probably just a toxic like arrow tip As for the Assault rifle i assume it can be just the pistol effect rounds.
  6. Considering this is basically Hover renamed. The developers forgot to put the actual Hover animation on it when moving forward, Currently it's the very very old Hover animation where when you go forward you fly in slow motion, This would be great if it can be updated to the newer animation or potentially in the future have animation customizing for most things, Currently i took normal Hover simply because the animation even though it's a waste of slot but i use it for defense since it has the new animation.
  7. Character: Artemis CQB Trainer Account: Hannako Battle cry: Acta Non Verba
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