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  1. I play from Texas, I joined because the server population is significantly lower, and I prefer not being lagged out by crowds 😛 Also, I play a ton of Warhammer 40k toons, soooo...
  2. Concerning the original post, you have to take straight numbers with a grain of salt. You don't see many spines/fire brutes running around simply because they are all solo farming in AE. I'm fairly sure EMP is so popular on Defenders because so many players make sure they have a pocket healer on their dual-box. A lot of the most popular builds to HAVE are not the most popular builds to PLAY. We would need significantly more information to find the most popular play-styles. For instance, my guess is most of the farming Brutes don't have anywhere near as many badges as someone who actually cares about the toon beyond "it makes me money." If you correlate the average number of badges earned, it may give you a better feel for how popular specific builds are in actual play, versus just having one.
  3. Realized that I don't have enough data input for the pricing, such as which specific level of recipe is being used. I may have a max cost to craft, no including material and recipe purchase. I don't know if that is at all feasible or even useful.
  4. And this thread brings to light why having inf farmers is bad. Since inf is generated infinitely, there is no cap on the amount in circulation. So, inf farmers drive up inflation at a ridiculous rate. Honestly I think AE shouldn't give inf. Imagine Germany's economy after WW1, where you had to spend 10,000 marks for a single loaf of bread. The more currency available in the market, the less each piece of currency is worth.
  5. Glad it got resolved, it seems I wasn't the only one who noticed it xD
  6. I only have three slots for arcs, unfortunately xD I'm planning on doing one for Orks. Main reason I did Crimson Chaos instead of World Eaters is because the Crimson Chaos have (in my opinion) a more interesting... flaw? I guess that would be the term? Driven mad by the ghosts of those they've killed, the only way to stop the whispers is to drown them out with fresh screams. That's why they units have ghosts flowing around them 😛
  7. Mentioned this before, but I never got a response. Sentinels currently do not add anything to Kheldian passives (cosmic balance and dark sustenance). I'm just wondering if this was on purpose, or is there an intended change in the works to correct this?
  8. My pleasure 🙂 I've been using it for crafting 25s on my baby alts 😛 I'm considering adding a price calculator, as well, both for base and memorized crafting. Probably not going to include purchase of recipe cost, as that has too many variables involved (where the recipe is purchased from, how many copies are already owned, etc). I'm glad you like it so far, though!
  9. Updated, now the salvage should highlight a light blue if the value is >0
  10. Not sure what exactly you would want the spreadsheet to do. You can find the different bonuses for the sets at https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Enhancement_Sets, but as far as making a spreadsheet that tells you what set bonuses you'll need for X amount of bonus, that's got too many variables involved.
  11. Unfortunately if you turn off your XP you don't get double your influence from 50+ content. That only works while you're exemplared, and is a separate setting. And Empy merits are easy to farm, the first arc of DA gives up to two each run, and with a stealth power or proc it only takes about 15 minutes to clear.
  12. As explained earlier in this thread, sidhe is pronounced SHEE, and is a reference to the fae. I made a plant/water controller, who was a very effeminate male fae. Named him Hesidhe, and he's literally a fairy fairy. Also have a double agent named Infiltraitor.
  13. Not sure if anyone's done this already, but I made a spreadsheet of the basic crafting recipes to calculate what materials you need to purchase, and how many. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vVF59yH7SLfwH3zKJwBA0BqbeMuJn-sehCfNpFT4qzQ/edit?usp=sharing Let me know if I made any mistakes!
  14. Original Archangel, from X-Men. Flight/Hover and Brawl, don't use any other powers.
  15. Did I say that's the last update? Ha! I lied. That was the last update concerning the Traitor Marines mission arc. As that arc is best suited for mid to high level characters, I'm now in the process of building a Tau combat scenario. So far I have several minions and lieutenants designed, and a boss. As this is targeted at lower level groups, I'm probably not going to have any EBs or AVs. Currently the first mission is a training simulation for newly promoted Battle Brothers. Mission ID 12957, if anyone is interested in trying it out!
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