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  1. hey @tripthicket I put the Mids together! | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1494;722;1444;HEX;| |78DA6594D94F135114C6EF2CA574612F50A0EC4B17A0B42C2E4F260A9A28E804125| |F9B49196092326D9892C0A37F85710D602226464D14F5D1E88B2F1A1F8C7F83C604| |F4414DF4C1F130DFB1347492F637F7BBF79CF3DD6DE636A6838F2F5C3B23A4DA733| |9DDB633D3C692612D1A6BDE85AC69585943D013D0F2A69DB77A34A36878A91DFA3F| |2873767D692989DE48499CD7AD65633139BDAEE7329A6917F3395B04B57C3E979C3| |5F482692D87DCC6CC46C15833570DABA817CDBCE577C58582612C06DCD7F3397379| |A5189A2998D9A4666F6657CC6C664EB78BC6DA66984CC4E9E70CD19F7468D151C54| |75988B42AE40F4C4511A253157E191C780F3D5D2FF8711431A2B85A6D9CB92B5C86| |EE8122CAE929BFE4C518B59A1900833E70E08BECD699A0FC0AC728CF90A76A8FF91| |CAC7EC1755E822DB4AA1ECC437814F894A8B6977D7AEF4B6EEEEAA792DBE7DF0583| |0FC149AAE943BCA32568C3102702A3C8FF97D6A9069A54738AA02A626C1FBEA728B| |68EFDD6B1DF7AF65BCF7E1BD96F23FBBD42351AB84683438F90C96D132B4D61B855| |496BE61934FFC1AC5A56E1B8E517EFC66FF004B968C558B9B51D55C23C36AC239F8| |7F2B561969EB6AF58EDF603660E63232B6017C7F6BF525DCE93E30E9E65C71BD48C| |BC05BBF86474C91EECE467ACCC49F2D4C9319DD7095155F4DC64DE62DE00876E835| |5E4B11B319EEE77C8DBCBF97B5F139B887B68F73F42BBFF09B8401EFB78BDFA86B1| |0643C7181D074F93B741F6363885394653CC09303ECE9C043FD2B4621C13BB833CF| |12D30B1CDDC61DE053F51CC307B1A1E90DC398EC4983FB04E233FC13E3AAE49DEC3| |24FB1D3BC671F29DE231A907D0D27CDBD27CFB226AE9861E1E683A5D971225C5495| |4F4A62A9474853251A14C5628B3E50ADF9CCB6AE90BE3686AE96B202437C27774D7| |9D7D3FF5F21D9638FADB912649577122472F62F50ECAC7C730FEFB91264B3DD0468| |F718B2E9E8F6B6E97BDEF94BDFF03ED6EEDAE| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  2. Dzuh

    help with Poison/DP

    Thank you so so much for all the great info!!! Really means a lot to me. Excited to get my Poi/DP build going!!
  3. Hey all, I'm a huge fan of DP and someone over on the blaster thread said that I could get a lot of -DMG with this combo, which sounds like a lot of fun. I'm brand new and know very very little about Enhancements n stuff so if anyone could direct me to any resources I'd appreciate it greatly! That being said, here's what I came up with in the hero designer with no experience. All help is greatly appreciated. Cheers! | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1300;511;1022;HEX;| |78DA8D935D4EDB4010C777495C1A484852BE9B40801602A1759342BF9E2A95B47D8| |054512F1059C926AC14D9969D48F0D81BF4082D07E0666DB98119660777D47DA925| |FF64FFE6EFD9B5D7DBB968E7AF3F7F7B2FE4C2C9D88BE35E5B0D953F5091D3F146B| |A2FEE8E593897EE7DEFC3743874BB818E03BF9ACAAF9E3F5203B73DF5C6BDAE8E27| |C13816F96E108CDD33E585DA1F15F0A6A306BAAF7D65EE3EE9D1F9046AC5FB20748| |ACF7558F918EABE7B1244D1349C0451AFE3F515209EA8E8720DE6720067B227E848| |1C91C02156906B8CCF195BA57FF333C82CF221720E9947BE84BCA4BCFC8FBCA80B9| |1A17C064D83F199C523E8EF50DE41F3807181D1BC97AC9B7580BC9845730C1D7238| |C5245981D2BCA9CA79ACD6919BE00BF45401CD2B78AA48E316D194181F312E99F78| |571CBD4A18CE6357458A40E8B2CB98D3CB028610ECB34B765F64DCAE057A9F32A1A| |07C65AA7CEEB681E339A757CC1F8066652A17C054D9571D3620D46DCA01137CCD78| |6116BD4A18666CBE236E35B187187F23B689E587CCAF80EF2BB94DF45B367B1CEF8| |1DC2FB34C37D3421FC5487640ED164E02D5CB3EE332EFB1A2DB35E506D52B5C9BC6| |1359BEE026176C169233549C3AA362DD3B2CC91658E2D7366992F7786FEDE6E36DD| |6BC2ECB55C29DD4DC9AF39A84A5EFD6399DF96B9F96BA4642BF2037EE61C75FEC9A| |EAFD8F52D5F411E50| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  4. Yo this sounds super cool, definitely giving this one a go! Thank you so much!
  5. i think i love you. thank you so so much for so much good info!! I'll probably look into Blapping once I get better at the game bc I tend to spend most of my time in melee range anyway without thinking about it, but a Defender DP sounds really sweet and I'll definitely give Corrupter a go too. ❤️
  6. ngl i didnt even know you could take Dual Pistols on other classes. I'd love to give that a go if you have any suggestions?
  7. gonna be honest, i have no idea what "FF+ recharge procs" are lool. i'm assuming PBAoE is point blank AoE?
  8. I've never really thought much about concepts or backstory honestly; I tried out a whole bunch of combinations based on other MMOs I've played and Dual Pistols just felt the nicest to me mechanically. Not planning on PLing to 50, i don't even have 1 character there lmao
  9. Hello! this is my first post to the forums. I love this game a lot and Dual Pistols has fully taken my heart, so I was wondering if there's any less common DP builds people would recommend? I'm currently levelling both a DP/MC and a DP/Nint and while i really enjoy both of them, I'm not entirely conviced about the secondary. Would really appreciate some suggestions! Also interested in any DP builds people use for +4x8 or other end game stuff, even if theyre /MC or /Nint! I'm brand new so direction would help a bunch. Cheers!
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