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  1. Hi, I've a Sentinel lvl 50+ and when i play this toon i love the Defense and Resistance from Energy Armor pool. However, the damaged are not very good. same if you use the Vunerability Mod i think this pool need a Build Up. So in the Branch we can't add a new power BuildUp without remove one. But, i think we can create a combos system, the same than Dual Blade for pull the Build Up. The damaged from the blaster are the same very poor. Try to find a solution for render the pool Dual Gun better, because when you play in solo and full IO'd/Attuned the damaged are very poor.
  2. Hi, I'm French and i Love City of Heroes since 2006. I purpose an idea, for make some photos from character via the store Icon. Just add an green room with a photo focus mod almost the same system than the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 for exemple. In this mod we can adjust the focus, Colors, Filters, use some Emote stance also. And also remake live the store Icon, because it's was very cool to see more heros OR villains in this Store. The option from NCP's are not a good idea i think. We lost the Icon store and the same for other Store in this Game. How to make use possible the Magic, Natural, Science, technology Store with the last Attuned IO for exemple....
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