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  1. That fixed it. Removed the error and I can see the servers now! Consider this issue resolved please 🙂
  2. I just noticed an apostrophe in my Launch Parameters. Removed it. Trying to launch now.
  3. It's installed to C drive root in it's own folder. I forgot to mention, it also puts up this "Error parsing command line argument 'auth `' message as I start the game.
  4. When I log in, all I see is a server listed as 'Unnamed'. What is the cause of this? It's been that way for a while, but I've been too busy to address it. Now I really need to do so. I am using the two Manifests listed in the 'Tequila Guide thread. Windows 7 64 bit.
  5. How do I get the Crab Spider Backpack to show up on non-arachnos characters? It is available in backpacks, but it isn't there when I complete the character.
  6. Seems to have been Excelsior only, and they are restarting the server to fix it atm.
  7. Just a few suggestions I have: Floor Tiles that match the same textures available for the floor level textures. Tintable. Floor Tiles that have various textures, and are tintable. Dividers that are plain, with no ridges, but are tintable. Various sizes. Grass which can seamlessly lay side-by-side without showing a texture difference.
  8. Since logging on after the servers came back up, the lag is truly terrible. The disconnect from server message is coming up constantly (Excelsior).
  9. I moved a 50 fire kin to red side as a villain, so that I could PL my Arachnos toons (then move them to blue side if possible).
  10. What is the best mission to powerlevel in on red side? Without using Architect?
  11. Holding down Alt-Shift or CNTRL-Shift and dragging. One rotates the object north to south, the other east to west.
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