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  1. My Willpower / Super Strength tanker is one of my favorite toons. The build I'm using handles 98% of content easily and does respectable damage. When it fails, though, it fails quickly. I think the combination of low defense debuff resistance, Rage crash, and my own lack of skill are the culprits. In my experience, Invulnerability, Shield, and Super Reflexes are all more durable. I haven't played the resist-based sets enough to have an informed opinion.
  2. I haven't seen anyone complain about roleplaying on Everlasting. And "Always IC" toons are a thing. I'm a regular in Hami raids, and I go to MSRs occasionally. There's a tradition of OOC banter in both events, though lately (since streaming became legal, I think) the Hami raid leaders have been asking people to keep league chat focused on the raid. It might be slightly awkward to have IC chat when a lot of other people are having OOC conversation. But I've never seen anyone object to someone speaking in character.
  3. My Shield Defense/Energy Melee tanker is the only character I have that can solo the very difficult AE 801.2 mission at max difficulty. I took Hybrid Melee Core but did not include Rune of Protection or One with the Shield in the build. (I can't solo AE 801.3. That probably requires a Hybrid-Rune-OwtS rotation.) If you are looking for extreme durability and solid damage, Shield tankers are a great choice.
  4. Late to the party, but here are some suggestions: Willpower is simple to play and feels great on early-mid levels. It doesn't do as well as other powersets in the endgame on max diffiiculty. Invulnerability is almost as simple as Willpower. In the endgame, it's arguably the toughest armor in the game. Shield Defense is a bit trickier to drive than WP or Invuln. You have to remember to keep clicking Active Defense to avoid getting mezzed. But it is very tough, and the damage boost from Against All Odds is helpful, especially when solo. For your secondary, there are no bad
  5. I only do roleplaying while on missions, so the game imposes a limit on godmodding. If we're steamrolling things, we're usually steamrolling things together. I've been accused of making my characters implausibly weak for a superhero game, which I suppose is the opposite of godmodding. My second-best tanker is an escaped convict whose main powers are ducking and whacking enemies with a garden shovel. Not very super! I'm currently playing a brute who fights with a broom, which is even less super than a shovel. (It's a remarkably sturdy broom.)
  6. Corruptors and Defenders are going to feel weak while soloing the early levels. They become more powerful as you level up. The defining power for Time Manipulation comes at level 18 for defenders and level 28 for corruptors. It also matters what primary you take. Fire has the best damage but no secondary effects. Sonic has the worst damage but powerful secondary effects (-resistance debuffs) which enhance teammates' damage. A Bio/Spines tanker is not a bad choice for exploring the early game solo. If you want to go a little faster while taking some risks, give a scrapper or a brute
  7. My experience on tankers is that all three of these armor sets are good, but that Invulnerability and Shield do better than Willpower at soloing the most difficult missions. The lack of defense debuff resistance in Willpower is a limitation. If you want Mace + Shield, I'd go with tanker or scrapper, since brutes don't benefit as much as the other two ATs from the +dam in Shield.
  8. Welcome back to the game! Tankers are still the toughest archetype. With the tanker changes on Homecoming, they also do good AoE damage. They're fun to solo if you're okay with going a bit slower than other ATs. You'll probably want to choose the difficulty setting that has archvillains appear as elite bosses while solo. Some players have expectations of tankers that they wouldn't have of brutes or scrappers. In team play, tankers are expected to be the first to jump into a group of enemies (to take the "alpha strike") and to stay with the main group of playe
  9. Thanks, @Linea. This is really helpful (both the builds and the tips about how to play them). It looks as if those builds rely heavily on a Meltdown / Rune / Hybrid rotation. A Rad armor brute won't be easy to drive, but I think it's worth a try. I'm going to play in Mids and see if I can come up with something similar that includes Ground Zero (which is key for concept reasons). I might try Staff in place of Katana.
  10. That's a good suggestion. I wonder whether math of the fury mechanic and Soul Drain makes Dark Melee stronger on a tanker or on a scrapper. I know that @Linea has run 801.2 at max difficulty on three scrappers and a brute. The brute was Kat/Rad, which makes me wonder if other +def primaries (Broadsword, Martial Arts, Staff) with /Rad would work. Linea's advice here suggests that tankers can use Radiation Armor in the 801.X series without team buffs up to 801.5. I suspect that this requires some combination of Rune, Demonic Aura, and Wedding Band, and that thes
  11. I have two eccentric criteria for a good character: Ability to complete AE 801.2 solo at high difficulty settings. This requires extreme durability without sacrificing DPS (both single target and AOE). A squishy with no protection other than soft-capped defenses will faceplant almost instantly. Thus far, the only character I have that can finish the mission at max diff is my Shield/EM tanker. Ability to get along well with other people outside combat settings. If a character's superpowers would make them a terrible roommate, I consider the character sub-par. I've
  12. For what it's worth, my best tanker is Shield Defense / Energy Melee. This is the only toon I have that can solo the difficult AE mission 801.2 at max difficulty. Of the options you listed in your first post, I'd go with Street Justice. It's not top tier for tankers, but it's a solid set. I find Electrical Melee frustrating on tankers, due to the low single-target damage. It is best on Stalkers. (Street Justice is also best on stalkers, but it's fine on other melee ATs.) Dark Melee is also worth considering. It provides a self-heal, which Shield Defense lacks.
  13. Welcome back to the game! I have a bunch of melee characters at level 50, but only one brute. I've avoided playing brutes for arbitrary, eccentric reasons (TL;DR: Brutes make terrible roommates.) So take this advice with a grain of salt. Secondaries / armor sets: Energy Aura is a powerful armor set that is not available for tankers but is available for brutes. It has a good mix of layered defenses: easily softcapped typed defenses, solid defense debuff resistance, some damage resistance, a self-heal, a +endurance power, and (on brutes and scrappers) stealth. It la
  14. I have a meta-suggestion: I think it would be good for the devs to make their intentions concerning the proc system clear. There have been rumors about changes to proc mechanics for over a year. Is a major overhaul in the works? Or is the community reading too much into a few stray comments one of the devs has made? I built two "proc monster" characters in 2020. I've avoided investing in more "proc monster" characters since last summer for fear that the nerf bat would soon be swung. I've thus avoided powersets that require procs to solo tolerably, by my standards (e.g. Electric Con
  15. For me, and I think for many players, altitis is the endgame. Being able to create new, powerful characters without too much grinding is a big part of what makes CoX appealing. If the route to a level 50, fully-IOed character became more challenging in an interesting way, I might consider that a good thing. But if the devs ever decide to make people "earn" their OP toons through grinding, the game will lose a lot of its appeal for me. I'm all for more challenging endgame content. I understand the concerns about mid-level, cheaply built characters not contributing much o
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