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  1. Most of my characters have great respect for life and no respect for property. They have varied reasons for having this pair of attitudes. None of the CoX alignments are perfect fits for this outlook. Rogue is the closest fit, followed by Vigilante. In practice, I switch between these two alignments as needed (e.g. to get Accolade powers, access to Ouro missions).
  2. Lots of duos could solo a +0 MoITF. There are many toons that have soloed the MoITF at base difficulty, and quite a few have done it at +4/8. I have soloed a MoITF at base difficulty on two of my tankers (Shield Defense / Energy Melee, Super Reflexes / War Mace). It was not efficient. One relatively safe approach would be to bring a melee toon or an Illusion controller with powersets that are known to be able to solo the MoITF at max difficulty (e.g. a Shield/EM tanker), and combine it with a blaster or with a corruptor that has solid buffs/debuffs (e.g. Cold, Dark, Kinetics, Natur
  3. I just ran my first successful +4/8 solo run of AE 801.2. No defeats and 24 minutes to spare. I used a Shield Defense / Energy Melee tanker. The combination of high defense, DDR, and +dam from Shield with a high single-target damage secondary makes this a powerful combination. The build was based on Infinitum's Captain Starburst. I changed a bunch of things. My build (unlike the original) has a moderate psi hole, which doesn't matter for this series. I did not use Taunt or Teleport during the run. I did use inspirations (as they dropped) and lores (which are still T3, as is the Jud
  4. Empathy will always have a place in the game because the idea of empathy as a superpower is kind of amazing. A character's origin story can be almost any story. Mechanically, it is not a bad set. In the endgame, many people feel it is outclassed by the other healing sets (Thermal, Pain, EA, and Nature). All these sets include a resistance buff. Empathy provides a defense buff rather than a resistance buff, and (unlike Time's Farsight) that buff is single target and cannot affect the caster. Most endgame builds softcap defense, but many do not hardcap resistances. So the resistance
  5. @Metatheory Good suggestion to watch the team UI. I find running this slash command (found here) helps. It removes auto-powers and toggles from the buff display, so I can see who has which support buffs and whose buffs have expired. /optionset buffsettings 1184529
  6. It is very possible to play Pain Domination solo when you have a fully kitted-out build. I have a Pain/Sonic defender at level 50, and he is quite tanky. But soloing with any of the healing sets is challenging when you're starting out. (If Pain seems challenging to solo, some of the other healing sets, like Empathy and Thermal, are even worse.) Others have said it, but it's good advice: take this character on teams! There are some missions that you theoretically can solo, but you're not meant to solo (on any archetype). Like Take Down Sea Witch from Lorenz Ansaldo (redside).
  7. That's true for some defender primaries, such as Empathy and Thermal. But other defender primaries, such as Time Manipulation and Nature Affinity, have mostly PBAoE buffs that do affect the player. Funny you should mention that. Nature/water is my next defender project. I think Nature is a neglected set. I've played it to 50 on a corruptor, which I think was a mistake. It's stronger on a defender. The build I have planned has softcapped M/R defense (with Agility) and hardcapped S/L/E resists when Wild Growth is up. I'm sacrificing perma-Overgrowth for durability.
  8. Of the primaries you're considering, the ones I've played to 50 are Time and Rad. If you want to be a tankermage, Time is a good choice. If you want to kill AVs and can deal with being less tanky, Rad is a good choice. Time Manipulation is arguably the best solo set for defenders. It is a good set for team play, though I wouldn't expect to see it in record-setting speed runs. Power Build Up + Farsight gives you (and all teammates in range) roughly a 32% defense boost, which makes it trivial to hit the softcap. This frees you up to put procs in your attacks, to take a resistance-bas
  9. Clearly the answer depends on what you are trying to optimize for. I am optimizing for two things. Ability to fit into a backstory that involves a bunch of superpowered people living happily in close quarters. (My main storyline involves a Scandinavian-style open prison, but I also have a nuclear submarine officer, and I have plans to roll some modern-day sea pirates.) Ability to complete AE 801.2 solo at the highest possible difficulty. (+3/8 is my personal best. I'm hopeful about achieving +4/8 on my SD/EM tanker.) For happily living in close quarters, I would rank the archet
  10. Dahkness is right about your rad/kin. You need to play the character to level 38 and get Fulcrum Shift before it will start to feel strong. Also, radiation blast will be stronger after you've added some procs. It's not the best blast set if you want to run an SO-only build or if you want your IO build to use only straight sets. Support toons are going to feel lackluster on radio / newspaper teams that are steamrolling everything. Support toons are more valuable on more challenging content, such as missions with archvillains. Suggestions on powersets (based on what I've
  11. Is this SG about a specific country, or is this generic patriotism? If it's about the United States, and you want Titan Weapons, you could use the railroad pike weapon customization and go with a tall tales theme (Casey Jones or John Henry inspired). War Mace with a sledgehammer would also fit this theme (going with Henry rather than Jones). If it's generic patriotism, a firefighter would fit in with many countries' patriotic displays. You could take Battle Axe with the firefighter's axe customization. If it's about the Etoille Islands, go with Dark Melee,
  12. Sometimes when I play video games, I want to relax and chill out. AE 801 is for the other times. The damage is mostly S/L/E, but there are a few bosses that do negative energy damage. There are a lot of debuffs. Details here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/26511-ae-801-incarnate-team-missions/
  13. @FEARtheCURRY The general rule for support toons in CoX is that buffs and debuffs are priority #1, attacks are priority #2, healing is priority #3. (The exception is in team PVP, where healing is top priority for emps.) I happen to like "healing" powersets thematically, and I've played all four of them to 50 on either a defender or a corruptor. I also have a Time defender. Thoughts: Empathy is very useful on mid-level teams and essential in team PVP. On endgame teams, where most characters have softcapped defenses, Fortitude loses some of its value. A resistance buff is usually more usef
  14. Archetypes don't have purposes. I am enjoying my newly-50 Fire/Energy sentinel because it gives me the option of attacking at range while being mez-proof without relying on Rune or Clarion. The changes to the Flight power pool will make hover-blasting a viable strategy more often (due to the new ability to resist -Fly in combat).
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