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  1. I don't have any ideas here, but my characters do. J. J. Roth, a.k.a. Bastille Boy: Herocatcher Jake: Jailbird Jamie: Damon Glasseater:
  2. My current badge-collector is Jailbird Jamie, an escaped convict from the Rogue Isles sent to the Port Oakes Pen for non-payment of bribes. (What else?) He got high on stimulants, jumped the fence, and is spending his unofficial furlough whacking fascists with a garden shovel. My favorite comic book superhero is Martine Juliette Clocqueur, a World War II spy who was in the pay of both Britain and Germany but worked only for France. Her superpowers were deception, seduction, and marksmanship. They are not time travelers, so they could not meet, but I think that they woul
  3. I agree that there is a problem. I think the solution is to add optional challenges, rather than changing the overall balance of the game. I would love to see some new, really difficult missions, both in AE and in the main game. I do not regard it as a problem that the game includes easy content, or that there are easy ways to level up a character, like +4/8 Council stomps. For a lot of players, altitis is the endgame. That it's possible to get a character to level 50 without a long grind is a feature of the game, not a bug. An 0.1% change to the softcap would
  4. Yup. These changes would alienate many experienced players who've invested a lot of time into their high-end, softcapped builds. It would also make the game less accessible to newer players. Swing a nerf bat this big, and it's Game Over. There are AE missions that challenge high-end builds. Go in solo at +2/8 with no protection other than softcapped defenses, and you'll be on the floor almost instantly. These missions are the challenge that keeps me coming back to the game. Perhaps we could have some endgame missions with similarly challenging enemy groups (with appropria
  5. Welcome back to the game! For your first new character in nearly a decade, I think you're most likely to be happy with one of the melee archetypes. Brutes and scrappers are simplest to play. Stalkers are a bit less survivable, but they do amazing single-target damage, and the stealth mechanic is fun. Tankers are very survivable and very welcome in groups, but they're less fun to solo if you want to go fast. (I solo tankers a lot, but I don't care that much about going fast.) None of the melee attack sets are bad sets. Take what you like thematically. (You can check the visuals in t
  6. Thanks, @Linea, for creating these missions! They're a fun challenge, especially for my odd playstyle, which is to create team-oriented toons for character concept reasons and then try to solo hard things with them. The current focus of my altitis is to create toons that can solo 801.2 at max difficulty. My best runs so far, none of them deathless: Super Reflexes / Garden Shovel (War Mace) Tanker: +3/8, four minutes to spare. I did not yet have lores; I may be able to beat this at max difficulty when I have T4 lores. (Edit 3/13: Nope.) Pulling in the big rooms is key to survival. S
  7. I have a Pain/Sonic defender I quite like. Darkir helped me with the build. It is great on fast-moving teams. Pain is less "clicky" than Empathy or Thermal, partly because of the passive healing aura. So it is very possible to focus on your blast set. For solo play, Pain can give you a reasonably tanky character, thanks to the healing aura and the resistance buff. I can finish the challenging AE mission 801.2 at +0/8 on my Pain/Sonic. The big downside, as Darkir mentioned, is that it's challenging to softcap defense. Building for both melee and ranged isn't really an option. If you
  8. For a long time, my official main (Bastille Boy, Tanker, Invulnerability / Street Justice) was my intended "forever character." I put a lot of effort into his build and his biography. Then I rolled another tanker (Jailbird Jamie, Super Reflexes / War Mace) who plays better. The big challenge for my solo characters is to beat AE 801.2 at max difficulty. Bastille Boy can do +2/8. Jailbird Jamie can do +3/8 and might be able to hit max difficulty when he gets T4 lores. So at least for now, he's my badge collector and my go-to character when I want a tank. I expect Bastille Boy will co
  9. He could use storm powers to summon a gentle rain (and to get those Atlantic hurricanes to go elsewhere). He could use plant control to make strawberry plants grow more runners.
  10. Thanks for the advice, everyone! There are several tempting combinations here. I'm giving Plant / Storm a try first.
  11. I'm having another episode of altitis. I'd like to create a character who is an actual farmer and uses his powers to raise crops. He won't be a farmer for gameplay purposes; he'll do ordinary content, both solo and on teams. Likely powersets from which to choose: Nature Affinity Plant Control Storm Summoning (to water the crops) Water Blast (same) I suppose the first two options would be somewhat more useful for a farmer based in the Etoille Islands, since they're in the middle of the Atlantic and get plenty of rainfall naturally. I'm ruling out Plant
  12. My new favorite: Super Reflexes / War Mace (Shovel). I have characters that can conjure swords made of ice, summon spirits from the underworld, and blast enemies with high-tech beam rifles, but my most powerful toon is an escaped convict who got high on stimulants, jumped the fence, and is now whacking villains with a garden spade. (They're very good stimulants.) I just finished my first solo ITF on this one. Base difficulty, but with AV on. I didn't tick the boxes for the MoITF challenge, but I didn't die or use temporary powers. (Well, no powers that the game considers temporary.
  13. The glorious machines were everywhere, once. Their warm clickety-clack filled every office and every newsroom as strong, well-trained fingers produced memos, letters, columns, and stories. And stories! Every novelist, playwright, and screenwriter had one of these machines. A carbon copy required real carbon, back then. The machines were built to last, but even the best machines require maintenance. A small army of modest but highly specialized mechanics lubricated the machines and the commerce and creativity they enabled. Then came the quiet killers. The new devices accepted words
  14. There are a lot of ways to build, but I usually have two priorities on a corruptor or defender. First, I want both softcapped range defense (45% or higher) and softcapped defense to either melee or S/L. Then I want to build for global recharge, so that my nuke and my best buffs are up as often as possible. There are other ways to build. You might not care about having two softcapped defenses if you always stay at range or if you always play on a full team with lots of defense buffs from teammates. I like to get into the fray, and I play all my toons both solo and on teams, and my r
  15. My ice/nature corruptor is 50 now, with only a couple of veteran levels. The damage is very good when Overgrowth is up (which is most of the time). It doesn't feel as if it's going to be a tank-mage. It's more survivable than, say, Thermal, but it's not going to be able to solo the hardest content (at least not in my unskilled hands). I consider Overgrowth, Wild Growth, and Wild Bastion the most important powers in Nature. Spore Cloud is good. I took Lifegiving Spores but don't think it's essential.
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