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  1. (realizes he can break down shards into threads to craft Hybrid and other upper tier Incarnates) damn me for a fool.
  2. So one of my alts has maxed out the Alpha incarnate slot, and there's 6 Notice of the Wells sitting there I can't sell or trade (I don't think). I could break them down into Shards... which I can't sell or trade either. /headdesk
  3. isn't this the fault of that new intern in Ouroborous...?
  4. That's right, DARE me to watch Hamilton on Disney Plus right now... (ow stop hitting me) Seriously, if there's a need to upgrade to better servers send word and I will see what I can donate.
  5. Just to ask as one of the organizers for the Shardtober TFs during the month of October, that the four - Dr. Q, Sara Moore, Augustine, and Faathim - are scheduled to be WSTs during the first four weeks of October, thank ye.
  6. I was hoping for a Twinkie, but yeah that works.
  7. I've created a "You Say It's Your Birthday" AE mission, and would like feedback. It's messy, I know. Please be constructive in the criticism. Also, would it kill you, game devs, to add the Holiday Gift Box item as a usable box for AE missions?! I hate using crates for the presents.
  8. I am slightly busy in real-life this December, and um well in January I am expecting to have surgery for the removal of a pituitary growth in my head, so... I'll try to keep people up-to-date on my Facebook account.
  9. I apologize for not posting here more than I should, it's been busy in REAL LIFE and there's NaNoWriMo now distracting me. We had Justin Augustine TF last week as the Weekly, and this week is the fourth and final Shard TF with FAATHIM THE KIND as the contact. If you've gotten this far into SHARDTOBER, you're hopefully level enough (45+) with Team Teleport and Flight (yay) to make you succeed in surviving this fight in the STORM PALACE!!! I plan on showing up for a Friday night run of this TF, I hope to see you there!
  10. is there a starting template that creates an open-world / island setting?
  11. aw nuts. I couldn't get any screenshots tonight of the Sara Moore TF! We're gonna have to run it again!
  12. I have a pirate SG and would like a pirate base to hold all the rum, savvy? I haven't built one yet but would like helpful instructions or an expert architect please and thank ye.
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