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  1. Well, you have to spend you merits (not inf) on something, but yeah.. it's not a very good system that way. To be honest I'm probably more interested in the general idea of how can you get a build with as many sorts of powers as possible (and how many purples (which would be a waste) you could slot). More like a fun though. I think I have to do a mind/psi build in hero designer.
  2. Just so there's no doubt: I do know that all enh (lvl/attuned or not) are equal on the market. I'm talking about actually making the huge amounts of 50s I get, attuning them and using them on lowbie alts. I like leveling up, not much of a fan of the grindy, repetitive "end game" and very much not enjoying PLing. But I very much do like to level up something with attuned sets asap for that "super" powered feeling. Sure I can just sell the recipes and/or whatever I make and "buy it back" and save that one merit an unslotter costs, but... It's just wrooong. Sort of...
  3. Now here's a weird question for you, and some of you might have thought about this before. I'm thinking about leveling up an "unslotter" to 50. That is, I want a character I can slot with my invented enhancements, attune then, unslot them and pass them on to my lowbie alts. For that to work efficiently I need a 50 alt with as many different types of powers as possible. So my question is: What build would have the most different kinds of powers? Sure, def, res, heal, range, melee, target aoe and PBAOE are stock powers of most build and most important, but if you also want to cram in immob, hold, perhaps even fear, confuse etc, so you can slot - and unslot - as many different recipes/enh as possible. What AT and sets would you go with? (Yes, of course we can just grind inf and buy what we want, and just sell the l50 recipes, but... That's not what I'm asking for.)
  4. I started playing yesterday on my dual monitor setup. Worked fine. Today, the second monitor completely loses (flickers on/off sort of) it when I start up the game. Running windowed mode at the moment, but that's not really ideal. Have not updated my drivers or anything like that. Worth noting is tat it also slows down the game itself a lot.
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