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  1. They've got a whole section of "gaming keys" set in a pattern that is wonderfully easy to find. Playing with awsd etc is near to impossible once you get used to that left side layout. Sadly... My hands are just used to finding that version of shift, alt, ctrl + number keys. I now hit tab+1 when trying to activate my second set of powers, not to mention fly into walls etc when I hit the wrong key to turn around. Yeah, sure, I'll get used to it, but it's been a 15 year habit playing on this and my other two identical keyboards. I know others share this pain; the Merc Stealth is quite expensive if you try getting one nowadays. Right now the left side AND the number keypad isn't working in any way that is functional at all. (keys starting web browser etc, number keys not working at all...) In my case it was even worse, windows kept crashing on every update and reverted until in finally one day failed that too and I had to do a clean install.
  2. I have one of those really old Zboard Merc Keyboards (same problem sort of with Steelseries Merc Stealth) that is no more supported by Windows 10. (Apparently it's even worse with the zboard than stealth.) I know these are very much loved and treasured not just by me, and many of us played this and other games for a long time on them and struggle (sadly, yes) to play on other keyboards... ...So I wonder if anyone found a working solution or any similar product on the market. I know there's unsupported, unlicenced drivers but they seem to run int o problems with some software that look for "cheats". To be honest, if you have one of these wonderful keyboards and haven't upgraded to win10 yet for some reason, there's now a good reason to not do it. 🙂
  3. While I do think you have a point, that also meant that it would be weeks and even MONTHS between the "Oh I can actually use my incarnates" TFs and then they'd come fast and furious, meaning "oldies" would play 2-3 weeks of TFs then nothing for two months (or moan loudly about having to run Posi). Personally I prefer this layout. Now I can have some fun with new alts, then enjoy the fruit of my labour on my top models, back to lowbies/middies. If you look closer it is a bit, sort of low/high/low'ish-mid/high/mid/high/top-mid/high rotation and not "all over the place". Seems well balanced to me. And I really appreciate there's three every week.
  4. Hero side level 1-14 I'd go for Twinshot's arc for most of the debuff stuff. It's long, it's boring and you do have to travel (so not for that one) but there's mostly "talk to" stuff going on. The fighting you have to do is mostly supported by (very annoying, slow) mission pets so it's a really good one for most of the different limitation badges. And scheses it's annoying how vague the badges are about what ouro missions count and doesn't count. For that alone I'm very grateful for this guide. Good job! Edit: One major problem is that most older guides rely on old information. A lot of content was added since then, including some really great story arcs. At level 15 hero side I've got an alt now that does everything in the game (hero side). A lot of XP OFF for that and I'm going a bit insane over the "Kill X something" hunt missions, but 1-14 I've found several contacts and special map missions I've never seen before.
  5. Just ran in to this shitty stinking problem myself... Ran a ton of 1-10 missions and only got the bronze medal and refrained form the first arc. Just ran another arc (twinshot thingy) to see if a story arc would give me the damn badges... Nope.. Did count for the "5 missions done" badge, but nothing else. This reminded me of 1. why I left the game 2 years before shutdown and 2. never ever bothered about achievements in any other game ever again, until this game dragged me back in. I now feel like the stereotype of an emo kid; I hate life, myself, the game and everyone around me.
  6. I posted a similar thing on the badges thread: I've done a bunch of Ouroboros missions today on Don Corr Lou on Ice (hero side, level 15) on Torchbearer. The first one I did dropped Bronze medalist and Refrained. After that I got no badges at all, no matter what mission I select from the lowest level range (1-9) or the second tier (10-14). I've tried a combination of different limits, silver and gold time limits, no death limits etc and they're all "successful" when I'm done but no badges. Not even the badge for doing 5 ouro missions go up every time. I've only had 4 of them count for that one.
  7. Are the Ouroboros badges broken? Been doing a bunch of them checking the time limits and 1. no timers and 2. no badges even if I clear them well within the time limits. I got the bronze medal from the first one I did, as well as Refrained. After that, nothing. (Also ran into some really bugged Praetorian missions, but that's another story.) Been going through the lowest level missions one by one, trying different settings to get other badges as well, nothing... Only thing "moving" is the "Do five missions" ouro badge (and since I've done more than 5, well... sigh..)
  8. Well, you have to spend you merits (not inf) on something, but yeah.. it's not a very good system that way. To be honest I'm probably more interested in the general idea of how can you get a build with as many sorts of powers as possible (and how many purples (which would be a waste) you could slot). More like a fun though. I think I have to do a mind/psi build in hero designer.
  9. Just so there's no doubt: I do know that all enh (lvl/attuned or not) are equal on the market. I'm talking about actually making the huge amounts of 50s I get, attuning them and using them on lowbie alts. I like leveling up, not much of a fan of the grindy, repetitive "end game" and very much not enjoying PLing. But I very much do like to level up something with attuned sets asap for that "super" powered feeling. Sure I can just sell the recipes and/or whatever I make and "buy it back" and save that one merit an unslotter costs, but... It's just wrooong. Sort of...
  10. Now here's a weird question for you, and some of you might have thought about this before. I'm thinking about leveling up an "unslotter" to 50. That is, I want a character I can slot with my invented enhancements, attune then, unslot them and pass them on to my lowbie alts. For that to work efficiently I need a 50 alt with as many different types of powers as possible. So my question is: What build would have the most different kinds of powers? Sure, def, res, heal, range, melee, target aoe and PBAOE are stock powers of most build and most important, but if you also want to cram in immob, hold, perhaps even fear, confuse etc, so you can slot - and unslot - as many different recipes/enh as possible. What AT and sets would you go with? (Yes, of course we can just grind inf and buy what we want, and just sell the l50 recipes, but... That's not what I'm asking for.)
  11. I started playing yesterday on my dual monitor setup. Worked fine. Today, the second monitor completely loses (flickers on/off sort of) it when I start up the game. Running windowed mode at the moment, but that's not really ideal. Have not updated my drivers or anything like that. Worth noting is tat it also slows down the game itself a lot.
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