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  1. i had this problem, and had to fix my Open with... and point to the new version. under c:\Users\%me%\appdata\roaming\RebornTeam there were 2 installs one with "Mids Reborn" and one "MidsReborn". i deleted the older one without the space and then right-clicked on a .mxd file and "Open With"/"Choose another app" and picked the right .exe. this can also be done by searching for "choose default apps by file type", and scrolling down to .mxd, but that screen takes forever to load.
  2. I am running on a Dell laptop with a resolution of 3840x2160 and when i do, the Tequila icon is too small, like there arent the proper images in the exe for this. here is a copy of my system tray to show:
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