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  1. Managed to get everything working, thanks again! Here's my first prototype for modifying the vanilla cursor to try and improve visibility without completely abandoning the look. Once I have ti where I'm happy with it ill make sure its publicly available to anyone who wants it.
  2. I'm not familiar with Python specifically but I'm sure I can muddle through it. I've played with a few Python scripts a few years back and have work experience in other languages. Really appreciate all the help. It looks like the Detexturizer will do the trick though so ill try that first.
  3. Thank you, i didn't think to try clicking in the picture and didn't see a tutorial anywhere. Only other step I'm not clear on is recombining them afterwords. I should be able to handle the rest.
  4. Course i finally found it but now it seems piglet cant extract the .texture file as anything else like i read so i need to look into this more tomarrow. Still not sure WHICH .pigg file its in, i was having to access my CoH directory remotely which caused the process of opening the entire folder to double check you to take forever. I knew what the directory inside the pigg would be, just not which pigg
  5. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but iv had no luck hunting. Which pigg file contained the default cursors? I've tried every custom cursor mod I can find, and props to the people who made them but I personally hate them and decided to just make my own, but I really want/need the original textures if at all possible. Any help would be apprecaited iv hand dug through about 8 piggs now and am about to just hunt through them all one by one in a puddle of tears. 😂
  6. Guys, guys, guys.... This man, this LEGEND, is suggesting playing a Tank roll on a MM so he can use the support power set MMs get..... Why is everyone suggesting tanky support classes and supportive tanks? Lets entertain this a moment, I think the man is onto something. Necro makes some sense but it lacks any AoE powers which hurts your concept i think, you will only be applying -tohit on one maybe two targets. However Demonology has -res which is nasty and even has a cone to play with. The melee range could be an issue though so pick your poison. Main thing will be keeping track of your pets, get an idea of what 60' looks like because any further and they aren't going to be contributing to your defense. Support sets vary but if you want to be durable focus on ones with self buffs worked in. Pools, yer gonna needem, you'll almost certainly need Fighting for Tough and Weave, and Maneuvers from Leadership. Combat Jumping if you can get it too. Main thing you will need is Provoke from Presence to help you pull aggro that isn't on you or your pets. Incarnates, Melee Radial Hybrid will be critical to helping keep aggro in bigger pools, its the only way to get a taunt aura, so its kinda a must have. Enhancements, Don't forget the 6 set on Gaussians, or the 3,4, and 5 sets of Reactive Armor, those are some good options for defense from sets. Also don't forget your pet Aura powers to beef up yer bois because they can get squishy if yer not careful. Primary goals will be hit S/L defense cap and resist cap if you can but don't neglect your other types or positionals if they end up easier to do. I may have to play with this concept myself. (Edit:) Oh and if you find MM isnt your cupa tea, Arachnos Widows can do some intresting things in that department as well but wont be as varied as a true support set like you get with MM
  7. I'm aware, if that was an option for my goals, it wouldn't have felt the need to ask however. Thank you for the input though, I would not recommend Regen as the best secondary for what I am doing either, but for the character concept I greatly dislike both the mechanics and the appearance of Willpower, and no amount of color changes will fix it, its just way way to tame.
  8. I didn't think to note this at the time but generally Gambler's Cut is generally preferred over Sting of the Wasp. The main reason is the shorter activation time, 0.67 seconds is really good at covering small gaps in your rotation, and i believe the over all damage per second and damage per use of the power is better though don't quote me on those two. I will also second what PainX said in this case but not because of the down time, i just don't think its that valuable on this build, yer very close to defense caps as is, and any buffs from party members will put you over the edge. I would also recommend seeing if you can get a decimation proc in your moonbeam, i took it on my Katan/Regen and it actually can be woven into my rotation for a pretty good chance at boost up, and every once in awhile it'll stack up with gaussians and build up giving you some meaty numbers. Cant say for sure how 'optimal' that tactic is without some more work, but it seems to be effective anecdotally. Similarly, I like jamming a forcefeed back proc into Kick, just because you should never need to use kick and if you do? its because your recharge has been debuffedto hell and that chance at an extra 100% can be nice. Another option, if you find the slots, is slotting it and brawl so they have 2 slots and jamming winter enhancements in them for -recharge resistance. Over all though as i mentioned before, your basic defenses are stronk, you should be pretty durable as long as you stay ontop of your click powers.
  9. Thanks guys, I'm just looking to see if I missed anything, im generally quite familair with the games mechanics and my build makes use of both Provoke and Melee Radial Hybrid. I dont have any issues with people complaining, never met anyone who EXPECTS a scrapper to tank. However both the RP concept of the character and the nature of the SG I run is such that hes often the toughest person in the room mechanically and RP wise, so I try my best to off tank. I'm usually pretty successful and am able to tank most pre incarnate content as long as im not having to pull aggro off a tanker or brute. Of course I can never keep everything locked onto me, unless the hybrid is up, but I just wanted to see if I might be missing anything that could make my life easier.
  10. There are a lot of little things you could do to improve it but this should hold up just fine in most anything as long as you keep your click powers rolling. One suggestion to optimize is move your Tough enhancements to Hardened Carapace. HC has more base resistance than Tough, and so will get more out of the enhancements, that should net you a few more percents of S/L resistance. I also feel you are over invested in Genetic Contamination, those procs, while potentially nice, I don't feel will be consistent enough to make worth. Keep in mind their proc rate is effected by being in an AoE. That said I don't have a lot of experience procing out auras like that so maybe I'm wrong. Its a bit late as I read this but if you find this useful ill give a more detailed look tomorrow and try to get a longer more detail list of suggestions. Over all though, this build will work fine.
  11. So I'm pretty sure Provoke from Presence and Melee Radial are all i have to work with, but I wanted to ask to be sure. Are there any other options for maintaining aggro on a pack of mobs with katana/regen? Ya know besides "use a different AT or power set" Appreciate any insight anyone can give.
  12. Thank you for this, it made my day
  13. In the mission, "Catch the last two conspirators before they leave Striga", which is the final mission of the Sunstorm provided story arc "Fear and Loathing on Striga Isle" the Center has dispatched his troops to eleminate the last of an anti Nictus group that are attempting to escape Striga. During this mission you come across Ascendants who represent the Center's elite forces. The NPC chatter in this mission appears to be mis assigned, giving the lines belonging to the anti Nictus traitors to the loyalist Ascendants. Attached in a snip of the chat log.
  14. I agree this has merit however in order to avoid the issues fear used to have I would suggest that the "Search" mode use a salted pathing toward the teleport caster. This would cause them to start moving in that direction and the players would have to fall back to keep tele sniping, hopefully running out of ground to fall back to eventually. If possible Id also argue for a counter, say on the 3rd tp target used on a spawn, the spawn goes strait to aggro. Obviously this is all wild speculation though because I suspect most of what i just described would require new AI states and behaviors, and im not even sure if the pathing system has any support for "create a series of randomly distributed way points that bring you closer to caster's original location". Feels like one of those bucket list items that, ultimately, aren't worth the time it would take away from other projects for a relatively niche mechanic for a handful of powers. Stalkers might be able to get some fun out of the system though.
  15. As seen in the attached screenshot shadows are being cast by the bubble created by Sonic Dispersion from the sonic support set. When time permits I will attempt to test and provide more info.
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