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  1. I suppprt this because going full auto, firing a flamethrower, and gernades, with a lever action rifle, ammuses the shit put of me.
  2. Generally the community rp discords, the homecoming discord, and this thread, are great ways to find an active SG For my part I am one of the co-leads for Invictus Academy and we are very active both in game and in discord with close ties with several other SGs on Everlasting. If you'd like to come take a look around and say hi, feel free, our discord is open invitation for guests. https://discord.gg/JpTyu7t9kW
  3. +30% for AoE +65% for single starget https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=scrapper_defense.ninjitsu.shinobi-iri&at=scrapper
  4. Stuff like this is why I proposed this earlier but it didnt get alot of traction, i assume because everyone looked and went "yeah thatd be nice" and move on. But yeah to get pets ontop of you you gotta manually click the ground with goto or spam the follow key
  5. This also assumed having the passive accolades. If you find you just hate revive or need the end its easy to swap revive for quick recovery and move a slot from stamina to it for power transfer and performance shifter procs
  6. Koopak

    Regen 3.0?

    I'm pretty sure we understand, and I get what yer going for but the problem is it doesnt actually solve the issue. So if the power doesnt turn off on its own like Hybrid Slot Incarnates, its a toggle, theres no choice, this is only using it as a toggle. Unless the end cost is made absurd which would be a whole other discussion, people would just build to keep it on all the time. If it DOES turn off on its own like Hybrid Slot Incarnates, its got some value in your suggestion that it can be detoggled early to recharge sooner, but that wont make people who want Instant Healing to be a togg
  7. Alright here is what I put together @Deadfear4, note this wont be a cheap build, and id recommend something closer to @DocMidknight's suggestion if you prefer a safer, more relaxed build, but this should be able to really push the sets. Its probably not perfect, but I was able to apply a lot of the lessons iv learned tweaking my own. Some notes on the build. The HamiOs in Shadow Meld can be replaced by defense/recharge IOs with only a little loss if they are pricey (53 Hamios require 4 50 Hamios each so that been 120 mil per enhancement for me before) The main loss there is even if you +
  8. Koopak

    Regen 3.0?

    It took till the end of the post to piece together what the hell you meant. You are suggesting IH work like a hybrid incarnate where you toggle it on and it auto detoggles at the end of its duration. I have no problems with that in concept but it wont make togglers happy, togglers want IH toto be a toggle either because it was stupid strong when it was, or because they want it to be set and forget. A timed shutdown is different from a click power solely in that its end cost is ongoing and it can be ended earlier, nome of which are things anyone cares much for it seems?
  9. Ill try to put an example together tomorrow after work. Meld can be combined with high recharge and MoG to create a 45 second period of defnese caps. If you get s/l and energy caped without it it loses value. However it makes a great Alpha soak due to being a fast recharge and having no rooting so you use it as you run in. It also works well to stop defense cascades. Unrelenting when properly slotted is identical to Instant healing in hp/s but because its healing and not regen it punches through -regen which can be valuable due to many sources of -regen being -1000%.
  10. Definitely a solid build, I think you can get more out of the damage side with minimal loses but that likely woudl require dropping the defense cap in favor of Unrelenting and Shadow Meld to give bursts. This will do great for a more relaxed passive play style where you can just sit back and go burr on mobs. End is still a bit more than id personally recommend but not vastly so and you seem to have good enhancing for it. I use this for refrence to help keep track of optimal end slotting @Deadfear4 My only real complaint about the build is the Critical Strikes proc could be bet
  11. I should also add that the Sudden Accelerations are unneeded, those attacks wont be launching any mobs anywhere unless they are below your level and subject to the purple patch modifiers. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Knockback https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Purple_Patch
  12. You are very over invested in endurance, i see a lot of Regen builds go strait for Physical Perfection, but if you look at its benefits they are very minor. Your endurance income is so high here that before factoring in Performance Shifter or Panacea you are at a net positive while cranking out your optimal dps rotation. Realistically being able to go for 2 minutes non stop is a very end efficient build so you ultimately are leaving value on the table. Keep in mind its rare you wont have a few seconds of down time regualrly. Superior Critical Strikes in Spin isnt a bad idea but the massive
  13. My thoughts for the most part minus some of the sass. I really don't think KB is that big an issue and the current "solution" is fine. Any other option, save maybe Teirusu's suggestion of kb damage, threatens to make what few issues there are much worse.
  14. Koopak

    Regen 3.0?

    As an aside, the more i experiment with Second Wind in particular the more i hate it. The requirement to be low health to get a real benefit from it means you have to be super risky with it to get optimal use, which while i in theory should love, the pay off just isn't worth it. At best it works as your priority heal that you use instead of reconstruction when its available to get a little durability boost. The actual raw +HP given isn't worth the risk because its not enough to vastly boost you hp total even when nearly dead, and the additional hp/s gained from the +hp is similarly unimpressiv
  15. I WANT to support this wholeheartedly, but this actually exasperates one of the primary complaints. With KB made demonstratively better than KB->KD due to damage you set up a fight between two metas. The solo optimal damage meta, and the group AoE meta. This change, as much as I LOVE it, would encourage more strife between KB users and KB haters, not less. Now i don't think that issue is THAT bad, but i primarily play on Everlasting where this sort of thing seems to be less important to the playerbase than their next costume change sooooo.... If people are more chill on other servers tha
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