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  1. I'd argue that theres not a huge difference between Recon and a toggle with a good chunk of regen on it besides the cost of player skill to use optimally... but...
  2. I will say I think the topic has well since moved more toward AT discussion than suggestions. Fact of the matter is that there isn't going to be a clear consensus of exactly WHAT to add or not to add to Regen amongst the community. Thus my main real suggestion to the devs regarding this, is that regen is not in dire straits but if you feel the need to give it a bump, be sure to take a gentle hand and very gradual small changes like some, myself included, have suggested. I suspect the devs already know though how easy it would be to accidentally tip regen over from maybe a little under tuned
  3. Your Mids must be grossly out of date or broken, id recommend a fresh install: https://midsreborn.com/ I checked all variants in current Mids as well as my scrapper in game and what i listed is accurate. You can also check in game values via: https://cod.uberguy.net./html/power.html?power=scrapper_defense.regeneration.integration&at=scrapper Which is also up to date with live in game raw data. Current numbers are: Integration: 100% (enhancable) 50% (unenhancable) Instant Healing: 200% (enhancable) 600% (unenhancable) I'm a little annoyed that every time I o
  4. No i don't think it would. Don't get me wrong, there are some nice elements of sentinel regen. Dull Pain being kinda split between an Auto and the Self Rez is weird? But if Dull Pain and the Self Rez were rolled into one entirely and a new power was added? Thats be pretty nice. I despise Instant Regeneration personally, not because its absorb, but because its a toggle. If are gonna get an absorb i want it to be an active mitigation tool, not a set and forget. "Oh im about to take a big hit, let me pop a small absorb barrier to reduce the odds im one-two shot" I disagree
  5. I got into the math on Boggle recently, skip it, iv been meaning to post my findings but even in optimal pro boggle setups, boggle is at BEST a 5% increase in dps, and that's assuming some REALLY specific slotting, and perfect execution. You literally get more out of taking Assault from Leadership. Trust me I WANTED to prove boggle was worth, i did everything I could to try and make it worth, its just not. Psi Melee is a lot of fun and the insight mechanic gives an interest play style where yer goal is to cram in as many attacks as possible before getting GSB off before it wares off ( 15 se
  6. DBs combos are.. pretty lack luster, hate to say it. If yer goal is to have a set that requires "thinking" Id suggest Energy Melee, Staff, or Savage Melee. Maybe Street Justice. EM took my top pick there because of the new Energy Focus mechanic. Combined with thoughtful placement of Superior Critical Strikes crit proc, you end up with a mixed situation where you may end up with a double stack of Energy Focus and able to slap out Energy Transfer with the short cast time twice, or morel ikely, what to use the 2nd charge on. Barrage for a stun, or Power Crash for AoE. There others yeah h
  7. Id say the risk of confusion from "They" is pretty minor. But ignoring that, converting to "You" or "The Tanker" shouldn't be any significantly more difficult. I don't know what English courses taught they as exclusively plural because a casual perusal of English literature of the last 50 years destroys that suggestion. (Example: The accountant is coming by tomorrow, can you make sure they are helped?) Now the argument that it doesn't translate well from other languages when learning it as a second language is fine though. I'm all for this, it shouldn't take to horribly long if someone on t
  8. Half and Half could kinda work but its still more or less the same issue, like i mentioned in the end of my TED talk, something like a 5-10% absorb added to recon, or adjusted from recon say... 235hp, and 100 absorb, could probably work, but i don't think it would really help much. At best that just makes Recon safer to use, and gestures toward the Effective HP issue. I agree Shadow Meld shouldn't be a crutch, I disagree with your implication that it is. Its a tool, one that works VERY well on ANY resistance/regen set. Its not inherently more effective on Regen, and you absolutely don't nee
  9. Not to be rude but you seem to have blown right past my point in outlining the two options, the two possibilities with your proposed change. Let me try to put numbers down on this to better illustrate. When talking about regen its helpful to simplify the discussion by talking primarily about Effective HP and Effective HP/s, this is true with all sets, as even defense can be boiled down to these values but we will ignore defense for now because its not clean in that regard, and its not a stat most regen builds are likely to have a huge amount of outside of things like Shadow Meld. Effecti
  10. Maybe someone beat me to it but i wanted to reply to this. Firstly every set with a self heal or good regen can make use of the "run away" tactic. And i dunno why that's somehow less fun then standing still and clicking attacks while toggles spin, to each their own I guess. I outlined this as a niche function that is lost with your suggested absorb changes. My point is changing Recon to absorb does one of two things. Option 1. Its op because the Absorb means your effective Max HP is even higher, and your regen is able to be in play more often because yer able to rarely be at full health,
  11. While ill agree @America's Angel is being unnecessarily condescending, id suggest not responding in kind. Id point out you are also leaving out a core component to your argument " where it can be improved to be more fun." To YOU. This makes this a subjective opinion rather than the objective thesis you began with of "Regen us underperforming" To the objective thesis i assert that while regen could use a small tune up like suggested, your measures are far to drastic and seriously risk tipping the set the other side of the power curve. Ill note Regen players are more cautious about this th
  12. I really am not going to end up agreeing with you on giving Absorb to Recon, I'm not against absorb on Regen for any thematic reason, i just honest to god feel that would be noticeably more powerful and unnecessarily so. Reconstruction's limit of only healing damage you have taken makes using it optimally riskier. Absrob would remove that risk, and in doing so, make the power significantly stronger. I get thats your intent, we just disagree on its necessity.
  13. As someone who has played regen scrappers as 90% of their play time since day one of beta? This is my experience. Regen is NOT bad. However... It is a touch subpar, but not in the way i see most people seem to think. Granted this is all the opinion of one asshole (me) who thinks he knows better just because hes played the same power set for years on years (admittedly almost all scrapper) but hear me out. Regen is a reactive set, that is it depends on the player reacting to the situation and using their clickies at the right times. This is actually why Reconstruction is fine as is, its for r
  14. One of my SG members had this issue, after a file verification in the new launcher the problem appears to be solved.
  15. Managed to get everything working, thanks again! Here's my first prototype for modifying the vanilla cursor to try and improve visibility without completely abandoning the look. Once I have ti where I'm happy with it ill make sure its publicly available to anyone who wants it.
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