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  1. Inspirations by type F1 "inspexec_name Resurgence$$inspexec_name Dramatic Improvement$$inspexec_name Respite" F2 "inspexec_name Second Wind$$inspexec_name Take a Breather$$inspexec_name Catch a Breath" F3 "inspexec_name Uncanny Insight$$inspexec_name Keen Insight$$inspexec_name Insight" F4 "inspexec_name Righteous Rage$$inspexec_name Focused Rage$$inspexec_name Enrage" F5 "inspexec_name Phenomenal Luck$$inspexec_name Good Luck$$inspexec_name Luck" F6 "inspexec_name Robust$$inspexec_name Rugged$$inspexec_name Sturdy" F7 "inspexec_name Escape$$inspexec_name Emerge$$inspexec_name Break Free"
  2. For set bonuses they all have to be in the same power.
  3. Kiri

    8-22 Keybinding

    Can't keybind Shift+Numpad1 - Shift Numpad9 with new client
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