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  1. I tested it on my shade on beta, cast still feels a little on the long side. The travel time for the projectile doesn't really help that feeling.
  2. Brutes are like scrappers but without the ATO enabled ego and who can benefit more from team buffs than scrappers can due to their higher base hp and resistance caps. But really, Brutes are fine for the most part. You can generally pick a primary and pick a secondary, without having to be concerned if the primary is going to be really weak because you chose it on a Brute or if your secondary has a taunt aura or not. So there is a nice freedom in that. There also happen to be a couple sets that generally are better on a Brute than other AT's, namely Savage Melee due to how the added dot s
  3. While many powers are similar with that of their Nova counterpart, some are not wholly identical. Namely Shadow Blast and Nova Blast. Different animation time slightly, different base recharge and base damage values. These powers are similar enough to consider merging: Shadow Bolt / Nova Bolt Dark Detonation / Nova Detonation (Dark has slightly longer animation) The only difference is about a 33% (approx.) increase to base damage for the Nova version. Nova Emanation would be a net gain for Human builds, there would be no Human form power for this to compare to, nor one to merge
  4. Bane ranged attacks. Why do they even exist? They are so bad, with a slight exception to Poisonous Ray. Them all having a 2 sec animation makes them feel really bad on top of their base damage being undeservedly low. NW and Banes could maybe use a sliding base crit chance. Maybe 5% at base and 1.5% for each team mate after, similar to Stalkers but at a reduced value. (Stalkers get 10% base, 3% per teammate IIRC) The redraw thing sucks but I remember reading that trying to fix that was going to be a huge task specifically for VEATS with how their powers are essentially modified version
  5. Conversely, this would allow Nova Form to also use Shadow Blast if so desired. With it's higher base recharge and base dmg comparative to Nova Blast, and it's better procability. You could have a stronger attack chain early on that way, cycling Nova Blast, Ebon eye and Shadow Blast. And like I mentioned before, but to illustrate more plainly, for 1 power pick (Nova Form) at 6; a human build will not get Nova Emanation and Detonation, 2 aoes for the price of 1 power pick, rather than just Dark Detonation at level 14. There is a lot of net positives to a change like this, however, execu
  6. As long as access to those powers are still tied from Nova form, granting you access to them when you choose Nova form at 6. I'm on board. De-coupling the usage restriction for these powers to the form would actually make it viable for human builds it take Nova for those powers (but use them in human form), increasing their aoe output by having access to Nova Emanation which they currently don't have and still have power picks available to pick up a couple of the shield powers and make them exemp better. You'd still get the higher base damage modifiers granted when using the versions in No
  7. I don't think making offensive toggles suppress is gonna suddenly make the game too easy. The mez would still suppress the effect of the toggle and lock you out until the mez was countered. It's the required re-toggling afterward that I'd like see go away. To use a personal example, back on live I used to play a Human Warshade a lot. Countering the mez using break frees was never a big deal, it was part and parcel of playing the class as far as I was concerned. What annoyed me to the point where I just ended up respeccing into forms and not looking back was the 4+ seconds I'd have to spend
  8. Having offensive toggles suppress when mezzed instead of detoggling would be a nice QoL upgrade for squishier classes. Also buffing value of the mez resistance set bonuses that are already in just about every set anyway would be a good way to provide a meaningful way to reduce mez duration, while not completely invalidating it. Rather than re-working mez like some posters are suggesting, why not just make it less annoying? Nobody likes having to re-toggle powers.
  9. There is an awful lot of pearl clutching happening over one persons posts and opinions. Opinions which everyone is of course allowed to have and express but perhaps we should say our piece on the Thread topic at hand and move on, lest this thread just get locked like so many before it.
  10. You're right in a sense. Not necessarily about the entitlement part, that's your observation and that's fine. I don't agree with that but I digress... You are correct in the sense that we are at the mercy of the HC team's decisions for any changes/alterations made to the server. However, the team is asking for feedback. I would like to think that would include feedback of all kinds, be it criticism or praise, rigorous testing or just insight/ opinion. At the end of day, if the team decided to pack it in, that is their decision and we would all lose our ability to play on these servers and
  11. If RoP was over-tuned or overpowered, why isn't the magnitude of the what power provides being looked at? Uptime (duration) is only one consideration, and if it's being brought in line with the other T5's Origin Pool powers, you'd think these powers would be comparably powerful, except they aren't. RoP even with the same 60's as Unleash or Adrenal Booster will still be in a league of it's own as to what it provides. So standardizing the duration does little to reduce it's effectiveness when up compared to other similarly tiered powers, thus, changing the duration seems like pointless sta
  12. I made that un-necessarily PG didn't I? 😄 Fire blasters "arrest" them to a crisp?
  13. Semantics. Blasters are pure offense, be it ranged and/or melee. Playstyle is flexible. Identity/role is irrelevant. You have the same role as everyone else. Arrest all.
  14. But seriously... this would be really great for a lot of AT's. Re-toggling auras after being Mez'd is such a PITA, it just feels bad. How difficult (and/or time consuming) was it toggle suppression to implement for AA?
  15. I got into GW2 as a bit of side project about a year and a half ago. It started out as a game for me and my GF to try and play since she doesn't really dig COH (probably because the age of the game). We both found GW2 to be surprisingly fun and still play it about once a week. I've gotten 1 or 2 other CoH buddies into now and we usually play Saturday nights casually, we're kind of still the early nooby stage. The combat is super fun and frantic, so I immediately enjoyed the busy playstyle of the Guardian - Firebrand as well as the flexibility and utility of the class, especially coming fr
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