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  1. No. Sorry but quantums are a shell of their former selves and their current strength is but a sliver of the power they once had. They are not a threat, even when leveling. I reject the idea that they need to be removed because you personally struggle to defeat them while leveling.
  2. *coughs* Orbiting Death *coughs* inky aspect *cough cough*
  3. Give Warshades the Dark Melee treatment. Frontload Sunless Mire to grant 50% +damage for first target hit, 10.416% for each target there after. Adjust max target count to 7 max, down from 10. (Similar to Soul Drain) Max damage buff remains the same as current, but requires less saturation. Add Mez protection to Eclipse; Mag 3.11 to Hold, Immob, Stun, Sleep for first target hit. (Same mag values as Light Form. ) Give Essence Drain the Siphon Life buff. End cost reduced to 10.19 down from 15.6 Recharge reduced to 10 sec at base down from 15 Damage increased to 92.65 up from 47.27 (92.65 base damage same as Radiant Strike for PB) Cast time and 10% heal remain the same. Fix the Dark Extraction AI that causes Essences to charge into melee despite having ZERO melee abilities.
  4. That would be very interesting to see Warshades get a power like that to address the limitations of their powers that require defeated enemies be targeted. Fluffies going kamikaze into melee range is really frustrating. For a pet that has zero melee abilities, they really should not be entering melee range ever. So the more attention shone on this AI issue the better. 👍
  5. Defense. Like... wow this is really low. I have no other character with this low defenses I used to run 32.5 s/l defense in all forms and it can be handy when exemping down but it's not ultimately needed on a PB with 3 self heals and with proper inspiration usage. Plus any defense is sacrificial since we don't have DDR built in. I wouldn't sweat it. Psi... a bit I run about 35-40 psi res but comparable levels of slow/recharge debuff resistance to your build so really you should be fine, especially if you team. The -recharge debuffs hurts worse than the actually psi dmg tbh. The nuke doesn't have a kb/kd convertor. Is this needed? I think most other powers work fine (I hover above foes usually in squid form) IMO yes you should convert it. I only really prioritize it in radial KB powers (Dawn Strike, Solar Flare, Photon Seekers). I don't convert ST abilities or Nova Det really. Advice requested is the control power (pulsar) as poor as it seems (mag2? really?) Yeah it's really lack luster. Definitely skip. Slotting around attack powers: I heavily slotted solar flare, but would it have been better to go for incandesent strike? Or other things Incan has a really long animation time so I typically take Cross Punch over Incan. I'd leave Solar Flare as is in terms of # of slots. What you choose to slot is up to you but OF and FFB proc along with Armageddon proc is a good start. Would I have been better putting more effort into some of the heal powers? for Reform Essence and White Dwarf Sublimation I would try to 3 slot min if you intend to franken slot and boost each IO. Glowing touch really only needs 1 or 2 io's tops if you intend on keeping it. I have it on my latest PB build as I do pug a fair bit and It come in handy. You can also heal your lore pets with it. Should I be focusing more on hps? No you're fine. With Essence Boost up and passive accolades you'll be sitting 2100 hp and over capped in Dwarf. Anymore is a waste. Should I be as worried as I am about psi damage (there are 6 slots in there just for psi damage, if I didn't do this what would be good to spend them on) I wouldn't personally. 60% is plenty, plus inspirations exist so you them as necessary. I play very aggressively so the psi damage is rarely a threat as the enemies don't live long enough but -end drain however is another story... Any other general advice around slotting. I don't really know what I am doing... I've played around with Mids but I'm no expert I have a thread with several kheld builds in it in this sub forum if you need some inspiration to draw from. I typically only use the 2 aoes on Nova form, leaving human form for my ST chain so you could save some slots by pulling them from the ST nova blasts but depends if you use them much. Should I be more thorough in the KB/KD I commented on this above. Things I am still wondering about The peacebringer is one of the few character that I like a self rezz on: I am tempted to self rezz instead of quantum flight or conserve energy I like the self rezz because there are no toggles...so apart from 'is light form / haste' back there is no down time, and dwarf form is good enough to stay in while waiting I've never really made intangibility work so this is a bit of an experiment... I can see it might be awesome if I can learn how to use it I hardly ever use conserve energy... but I feel I 'should have it' Light Form also buffs recovery and you've taken Unleash Potential (which is great btw) and that boosts recovery further. You shouldn't really need Conserve. Do I have enough accuracy? I rarely do +4 (and if I do there is usually a ton of tactics flying around) but if I do I don't want to whiff 15% globally is less than I normally like to see, but we have native sources of +Tohit in inner light and Nova as well as -def baked into our attacks so you may find it a non issue. In the odd instance it is, you can always pop a yellow insp. Is it sensible to do something with weaken resolve/project will? Are they in anyway better than the attacks I have slotted The only decent power from that pool is Unleash. Mighty leap is a BotZ mule, the other two attacks are not good or worthy or slotting/using. Is it worth getting luminous detonation or wall of force? They look utterly terrible in Mids, but what is the reality of using them? Not a Tri-form and definitely no to Wall of Force.
  6. I play my blasters for what they are. Damage obsessed inspiration addicts with lots of options. To me, ranged or melee matters not. If I want to go more ranged centric, I focus on my primary, using my secondary more so for utility purposes along with my PPP/APP picks. Even if I play more ranged centric I try to stay within that 25-35' range from enemies so I can still receive pbaoe buffs from teammates.
  7. Heals in general are somewhat less helpful the closer you get to end game. If I were in your position and were looking for a melee AT that can be supportive I'd probably make a Shield/Rad/Soul or Bio/Rad/Soul tanker. With the Shield/Rad/Soul you have Grant Cover to give other melees some bonus defense, defense debuff resistances and recharge debuff resistances. With Rad Melee you can put both achilles and FotG into Irradiate Ground to help soften up mobs with the -res from the procs and the -def built in.. With soul you'll get access to Controller level Darkest Night for -dmg and -tohit debuffs in a large radius to protect your team. All of which would be universally more beneficial and supportive than simply trying to play part time healer ala aid other. That being said if you really want a heal, you could take Rebirth Destiny later on for a large area heal +regen. The Bio option would trade the bonus def and debuff resistances from Shield for more -res through Evolving armor to stack with Achilles and FotG fro Irradiated Ground.
  8. Now, the only PITA with this would be that Photon Seekers would toggle off when using forms and it would de-toggle when mezzed since it would be an offensive toggle. If a work around could be made so that the toggle would spawn all Seekers upon activation then it's possible the power could retain the original functionality for Tri-formers while still being usable as a toggle for Human only players. Assuming that were possible, I would imagine the power would need to retain much of it's high initial end cost and recharge though for balance.
  9. The original concept for Photon Seekers from the original Kheldian Epic Archetypes design doc Rev 4: "Energy Drones - Summons 5 energy balls (pets) next to the caster, each with varying movement speed. The energy balls follow the caster until they detect a target. Then they rush to the target and explode on impact, destroying themselves and doing a small AoE damage. This could possible be a toggle, periodically summoning a new energy ball every 30 seconds or so, each with a timer so no more than 5 can be alive at one time)" It's interesting to see what they originally had in mind versus the pet version we have now. Now I'm not sure if it's possible to change it into a toggle but if we entertain it as a possibility even theoretically it could come with a few advantages: 1) It would work passively, without a long animation and would increase ST damage output for long engagements (AV fights for instance) but still likely be bursty when engaging the alpha after you've accrued a few of them. 2) If it was not a pet and a toggle instead, it would benefit from global damage bonuses which would be nice since current Seekers do not.
  10. Looking at build 11. You don't need to run a full set of Winter's gift to get the 20% slow/recharge resistance, just slot the 20% io. The additional fire/cold res and movement speed aren't helping you much. Solar Flare is criminally underslotted. This power can be such a beast if you slot it with FFB + the Armageddon proc combined with ED or near ED capped damage. My favorite slotting is Essence Transfer a/c, d/e/r/ a/d/e/r, FFB proc, overwhelming force and armageddon proc. I leave the other 5 pieces of armageddon in Dawn Strike with a Sudden Acceleration kb-<kd. This gives you ED capped damage, decent end redux, not a ton of recharge which will allow the arma proc to fire around 60% and FFB proc chances will be great, helping recharge it self so you can spam it more. I would very much consider taking at least a slot out of combat flight and putting kb->kd in solar flare and taking 1 piece armageddon out and doing the same in Dawn Strike. The pbaoe scatter both of those abilities provide will tank your clear speed. Sudden Acceleration was the best thing to happen to Peacebringers since the the LF buffs. It's basically an indirect damage buff allowing you to keep the mobs clustered around you. Seeing Kb->kd in ST attacks but not the pbaoes is a really strange choice IMO. But if that's how you like, that's all that matters. I don't find myself in the anti-kb camp by any means but I do like clearing faster and the loss of 6% psi res from Armageddon will hardly be felt imo.
  11. You could convert any of the posted builds to a Human/Dwarf Bi-form fairly easily. I would swap Nova out for either Photon Scatter or Luminous blast for an additional aoe if I were to do that. Photon Scatter with procs is decent. Luminous w/ sudden acceleration or overwhelming force + FFB can be a good source of knockdown and FFB procage.
  12. If you want to increase your damage you can do a few things: - Drop shining shield for Gleaming Blast. It does a fair bit more damage over eye. - Considering proccing out Rad strike and Gleaming blast. - Alternatively, you could taking Cross punch and proc it out and use it in a chain with Rad Strike and Gleaming blast, thus dropping Incan strike, since I Strike slow and unfortunately a DPS loss when proc chains are factored in. '- Proton Scatter isn't great on it's own damage wise, it's not too bad with Procs though. More recharge: - drop something for hasten. I know I know...,hasten is in every build but it is for good reason. Not having hasten for the sake of not having often comes with more draw backs than benefits. That being said if you're really adamant about not taking it, Force feedback procs are a good source of bonus recharge. - you could also consider slotting for more slow resistance using 2 piece Blistering Cold sets in brawl and boxing to help protect the recharge levels you do have. - you could also break up the essence transfer set into two 3 piece sets. Putting one set of 3 into solar flare along with overwhelming force and force feedback to boost recharge that way. This may conflict with the # of 10% recharge bonuses you currently have however. - Did I also mention Cross Punch? That also get a you a good amount of recharge especially if you train both boxing and kick. More defense: Honestly, IMO once you have around 32.5% behind capped resists and multiple heals, anymore more is kind of a waste tbh. Especially since PB's don't have any native DDR, all that defense is sacrificial. It's not a matter of IF your defense will flatline, it's when and how often. Back to proc slotting for sec tho... Now I understand full well caveats that come with proc slotting, however after going through nearly 150+ PB/WS build iterations, I've figured out what works well and sadly, if you want to push damage levels past what PB's are normally capable of, proc'd out RS - GB - CP is the way to do this. On psi resistance; I've played builds with 70%+ psi resistance and played builds with virtually zero. I find right about 35-40% is the sweet spot. Don't forget our inherent can also give us bonus Psi resistance when teaming as well. I don't rely on our inherent of course but that's kind of why I consider around 40% the sweet spot. It's enough to make even a single orange insp grant you a considerable amount while still allowing the boost from teaming to have a tangible effect. Anyway, those are my long-winded 2 cents... Do with it (or without it) what you will. Good luck.
  13. Normally I'd agree about having to resummon it, but with a 1 second animation time every 90 seconds I don't find it too bad, but that's just me. I would take a duration increase. Let me have 3 of these guys out at once please. 🙏
  14. I will agree with that when it comes to cones and ranged targeted aoes, but what about Spinning Strike then? Currently, it is a targeted aoe. The center of the area of effect originates from the target, not from the player, much the same way the new ToF does and afaik (correct me if I'm wrong here) Spinning Strike does not accept range enhancements. So should the range then be made enhanceable using Frost as a basis of comparison, or, should we just change the sets it takes despite it being an actual TAoE? And if we do infact change it to accept PBAoE sets instead, do we then need to change how the power works and change the area of effect to originate from the player instead? I think if the AoE originates from the target, OR it originates from the player it's set type should reflect that.
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