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  1. Hey! There I am at the :48 second mark! Directly in front of the camera lol Good times. We may need the entirety of the Kheld pop on HC if we ever do an all Kheld Trial again XD
  2. Trio'd Tin Mage with a couple buds. @Septipheran@Honest Abe All Peacebringers Wasn't really planned, just hit record then figured I'd do something with the footage. Enjoy.
  3. Pine's is outta date I believe. Ego posted the build using Mid's Reborn.
  4. It's a decent DMG boost provided it actually procs and all you ever face is +0 enemies. As the difficulty goes up that debuff is going to get smaller and it's already pretty small at its base. This is part of the reason why I was saying it's not worth the slot.
  5. Mids Reborn is updated to now though, and I can't load half of the builds I see posted on the forums that are posted using old versions.
  6. Just curious... is there a particular reason people are still using Pines over Mid's Reborn?
  7. This was on beta. Slotting Annihilation into Neutron Bomb. I know resistance resists resistance debuffs to a degree, the higher resistance the more its resisted but even still I believe you're right. This doesn't add up, Annihilation doesn't appear to be applying any resistance debuff.
  8. 32.5 m/r/aoe def, that's the way to do it Abe! You might get some flack for not taking burn or hot feet but I've seen the build in action (as you know) and it works fine. Hot feet would be cool to work in since the slow would stack with RoF but we'd have to move some things around and maybe drop Melt Armor or RotP to do so... and maybe steal some slots from flares...
  9. If the mobs have high damage resists the value it applies against their resistance numbers (in green) will be lower than the base value of the debuff applied (in red). However, no matter the mob type the base debuff value (in red) will remain the same. So against higher resistance enemies, the impact annihilation has against said enemies is even worse. FWIW, not that it applies here but FotG has the exact same base value against even level enemies as Achilles does in my last post's screenshot (-22.2%). TL;DR is Achilles and Fury of the Gladiator proc good; Achilles bad.
  10. Annihiliation proc is kinda garbage IMO. It isn't -20% as MID's advertises. In reality it's closer to 10% against even level enemies and in my testing it has certainly had less uptime when compared to Achilles or FotG in the same powers so I'm not confident the chance to proc is even on the same level as those. That being said, i believe you'd be better of slotting a dmg proc in lieu of the Anni proc. Take a look at this screen shot. This was on test against even levels enemies with the character level shifted (hence the slightly higher value than I alluded to above). Look at the value compared to Achilles (also pictured). That value only gets small as the difficulty increases (likewise all -res debuffs). Achilles is shown as -22.2 % where as Annihilation -13.88%.
  11. This is also not working in warshades nuke (quasar) as well. Power still knockback. Same result with sudden acceleration Io.
  12. Warshade quasar takes kB sets but is currently not allowing the kB conversion io's in either sudden acceleration or overwhelming to actually convert it KD. Still triggers knockback. Anyone experiencing this?
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