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  1. I don't think balancing the game around incarnates is really the intent of the OP, unless i've wildly misinterpreted it it's talking more about looking at incarnate powers' and there impact on non-incarnate content. As far as procs go, they're actually less complicated than they are made out to be honestly especially with current mids. You don't have to be a mathemagician to know how to use them effectively. There's still much of the game that is pre-incarnate level to play so I wouldn't worry too much about Incarnate level play (or players) infringing on your ability to just play the game on an relatively even footing with other players for a vast majority of the content. Now, or in the future.
  2. Nor would I really. The clearest example of this however, or at least the first example that comes to mind is comparing say Blaze vs Cosmic Burst. Blasters Blaze dealing 170 base damage over 1 second vs Cosmic Bursts 132 base damage over 2.07 seconds. Not only does Blaze deal naturally more base damage than Cosmic, as it should per it's inherent side effect but Cosmic Burst is dealing 77% of the same damage Blaze is dealing, but in just over twice the time. Obviously this 1 for 1 comparison is only a small piece of the puzzle but to some this would almost seem like Blaze is double dipping in performance vectors, OR rather, that Cosmic Burst's damage should remain the same but the animation speed should be adjusted so the chasm in performance is not so great.
  3. The reason Fire Blast is not OP is the same reason that makes it the outlier when damage is the main consideration when choosing blast sets While it's damage values are high due to the added dot inherent to most of its powers and likewise the damage type being less resisted, unlike other blast sets, Fire blast is not gated behind slow animation times. You can add damage procs to many of the other blast sets, more so than you can with Fire Blast, you can min/max to your hearts content, drown your build in global recharge but you simply can't change animation times. This will also be the stopping point for many sets when it comes to Damage performance. I know you know this Sai, I just figured i'd add to it. I feel like animation times are seldom talked about when Fire Blast is brought up in regards to damage performance.
  4. Something else to note from that same Archvillain paragon wiki page... "Archvillains are also noteworth for having strong debuff resistances that scale by level. As of Issue 9, this resistance applies to -RunSpeed, -Recharge, -Endurance, -ToHit, -Defense, -Perception, -Regeneration and -Recovery" Notice something missing? It's -Resistance, which is incredibly valuable and it's performance in difficult content should not be downplayed. Much more valuable than +dmg buffs alone but obvious better when both are present. Also, since many -regen powers come in such heavy helpings (-500% benumb, howling twilight, heat exhaustion, etc) a single application can often enough to shut down AV regen. Not something to sneeze at. edit: Not to mention, damage caps can be hit relatively easily for many AT's in full teams, however hitting the -resistance cap is incredibly difficult. Basically, having 1 kin on a a team can be great, but more than often doesn't provide any tangible difference in clear speed where as more -res has no such limitation really.
  5. Can we get -fly added Solar Flare while we're at it so I can stomp fliers out of the sky? 😄
  6. Agreed. The way built-in mez protection currently renders most melee classes essentially mez immune compared to the limited ways to mitigate mez on classes that are less fortunate has always been a bit strange to me. That being said, if every AT had some way to passively mitigate mez (make it not affect them at all) what point is there for enemies to even have CC abilities anymore? Idk, maybe i'm misreading things, but it seems like some players that typically gravitate towards melee classes, wish they could play their squishy classes without fear of being mezzed or rather, without having to actively mitigate it. Only speaking to my own experience, coming from mainly playing classes without built in mez protection, i've gotten use to using Break frees as a sort of 'stun break' so the whole mez thing is not as big a deal to me personally. I know others feel differently about inspiration usage though but that's a whole other topic entirely.
  7. I think it depends on your definition of a blaster. Many may consider a Blaster primarily if not wholly ranged focus, while others accept that their secondaries (Blaster's) have melee powers and thus hybridize or even favor melee. Human Shades really want to be in or near melee range as many of their best powers (Gravity Well, Sunless Mire, Eclipse, Quasar, Stygian Circle, Orbiting death) require you to be in melee range. That being said, most of those powers have a 15' - 20' radius so you can operate close range rather than right tight to your enemies.
  8. Cross punch is great for both PB's and WS's and Human form Shade is no exception. Shadow Blast, Gravity Well and Cross Punch make a decent chain with CP helping to close gaps. Human Shades thrive in melee. I have a human build on test at the moment that utilizes this and it works well, using boxing for filler (sadly) because it still has a better DPA than Bolt or Eye.
  9. You're feeling the sting (or reality) of the sacrificial defenses that come with Pylon Armor. The energy hole is real in Bio, and one of the places it's sorely evident is the Bright Novas on the ITF (-def and energy damage to boot, ouch). It's a great set for getting top notch pylon numbers, but it just doesn't hold up when -def debuffs are in play as you've noted (and I agree). Bio didn't live up to the hype when I finally got around to trying it either. If I was gonna have paper defenses, I'd rather have them with more robust resistances to fall back on when the inevitable -def debuffs come knocking.
  10. There really is no reason to slot them, even if that still worked. If you're looking to save on slots you can take any resist/rech pieces from any level 50 resist set plus 1 acc/rch piece from an endmod set and boost them to +5 using enhancement boosters to max out resist/recharge/accuracy enhancement values for very few slots. Or alternatively use a 4 piece set of Unbreakable Guard, taking all pieces that enhance recharge, plus an acc/rch +5.
  11. Posi 1 Posi 2 Synapse Sister Psyche Moonfire Citadel Ernesto Hess Twilight's Son Katie Hannon Manticore (or Manti) Mender Lazarus Numina ITF Dr. Q Sara Moore Faathim or Justin Augustine Lanaru or Faathim (yes I know that's confusing) STF (because it used to be Statesmen's Task Force) LGTF Mender Silos That's generally how I see them in LFG on Torch anyway. Usually using the contact name to identify the task force (with a few exceptions) is the easiest to know which is being advertised. Edit: and likewise when I'm forming the team, I tend to use the above names as well. The only acronyms I typically use for Task Forces are ITF, LGTF and STF and that's mostly out of habit.
  12. Macros can help a lot with effectively stringing together attack chains regardless of form. For instance, to help pull off double mire more easily (and quickly) I typically enter the mob in dwarf, trigger dwarf mire and queue up the following bind immediately after activating dwarf mire, in order to trigger sunless mire. The bind: /bind alt+e "powexec_toggleoff black dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff dark nova$$powexec_name sunless mire" If you're more mouse dominant you could make a macro instead: /macro MIRE "powexec_toggleoff black dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff dark nova$$powexec_name sunless mire" Since dwarf mire is so quick, with this bind it will almost seem like the two mires go off simultaneously. After sunless is finished I'll jump back, pop into Nova using another bind and cycle aoes, entering melee again briefly to Dwarf Mire again on cooldown. For single targets at range, I usually cycle Nova Ebon Eye and Dark Nova Blast, throwing in Dark Nova Emanation if I need a filler. Post 50 with a flushed out build, my attack chains usually get much more complicated and macro/bind heavy.
  13. Given your stated build direction, if I were to "bling" it out further based on wanting more damage, I would likely make these changes... This will give you the same relatively high recharge levels but better ST damage in Gleaming and Radiant, and a stronger spammable aoe with procs in Solar Flare while retaining the same KB->KD as before. In addition to now having 95% slow/recharge debuff resistance; in conjunction with FFB in Solar Flare to further help mitigate incoming slows, basically rendering you virtually immune to slows and -recharge. As for incarnates, Destiny Ageless +recovery is nice for cushioning against end drain and recovery debuffs, likewise Barrier is nice for helping avoid those and Mez entirely for short instances and can be nice to have in groups. Interface is really up to you; Reactive and Degenerative are usually the go to for solo play but I'd ultimately pick whichever sounds best to you. If you solo a lot and want more damage go Reactive Radial, if you team a lot or do Incarnate Trials you may want a different, less popular damage option like Spectral for the Neg damage. Hybrid i'd go Assault Radial; Khelds have a lower damage cap and will hit that cap often, with Radial it will proc bonus energy for the duration of the buff and this will happen regardless if you are at the damage cap or not. Lore; up to you. Longbow, Warworks, Cimerorans are pretty popular. You could go Polar Lights for something more thematic though, or Rularuu because giant floating alien eyes are cool. Judgement; I personally like Void for the negative PBAOE and 50% -dmg debuff for a whopping 30 seconds. Very helpful to mitigate incoming damage for anything left alive. Ion or Pyronic are also good choices. and here are the changes I made to your build as described above... http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1775&c=791&a=1582&f=HEX&dc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
  14. It is a lot of form shifting yes, but intentionally so. I use macros for my attack chain so when I activate the powers, regardless of what form I'm in, it will drop me into the required form to activate that power, usually requires some timing and double or tripple tap to capitalize on the macros though but with practice it works well. I slotted Gaussian's and Power Transfer heal proc in Nova Form and weave Nova Blast in between every attack to activate those passively during my chain. It gives me some supplemental healing to minimize downtime of using other powers outside my chain and gives me a chance to roll Gaussian's about every 1.5ish seconds for the build-up. I sometimes see Gaussian's stacked so I keep my health/buff bar below my character so I can keep an eye on when the BU buff icon appears and try to time my Seekers accordingly. The build I used doesn't have any defense really, just Steadfast + Glad's armor (6% def to all combined) so the extra healing from PT on top of Capped resists from LF are enough to allow me to solo a pylon without really breaking a sweat.
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