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  1. Bonfire with a knockdown proc is the way to go. For use with ignite or otherwise it has a much bigger radius at 25' versus 10' in electrifying fences or 15' in web grenade and will provide far more mitigation with fewer slots, fairly certain it also doesn't have a target cap. Put a sudden acceleration or overwhelming force proc in it at a minimum and maybe 1 rch IO depending on the build.
  2. I have a budget tri-form shade build w/ perma eclipse and 32.5 s/l defense in all forms in my build thread. The build uses both ATO sets but no purples, it could definitely be built for less than 500 mil and is very survivable. @crakerhackerThere are other builds in my thread, including a human form shade build. It's a little on the expensive side but I don't think it will open in Pines though. I would suggest getting Mids Reborn as I don't think Pines is up-to date any longer. Perhaps this thread will give me a good reason to put a budget Human form shade build together...
  3. This build is my current Peacebringer build. It's a Triform flex build. 20% positionals in all forms. 32.5% to all positionals w/ defensive toggles up for hard target fights since our ST chain is all human. Doom's Current Tri-form Peacebringer proc chain 20% positionals 32.5% human flex build.mxd Features: 20% def to positional defense in all forms. 32.5% in human when defensive toggles on. I use this during AV fights since my ST chain is all human. Perma Lightform* 140% global recharge (hasten's bonus included) *Hasten and Lightform are made perma utilizing the recharge bonus from Cross Punch (10% per enemy hit) and FFB proc in Solar Flare which is constantly up when we're cycling aoe's due to Solar Flares good proc rate. Optimal ST attack chain Gleaming / Radiant / Crosspunch -> Repeat, fully proc'd for maximum ST damage. Achilles and FotG procs in the chain help push dps and soften up hard targets. Inner Light takes L21 gaussian's set to maximize the BU proc chance by keeping the enhanced recharge value as low as possible while still benefiting from the positional set bonuses. This way this turns Inner light into essentially Build up + Aim for 5 seconds which really allows you to maximize your aoe burst. (ie. Inner Light-> Dawn Strike -> Solar Flare; with this combo most mobs will be dead at which point you can wipe up stranglers with Nova form Aoes)
  4. Call Hawk does a lot of dmg even before procs, with procs its really strong indeed. I think i'll keep it, Flurry i'm still on the fence about. I'm really enjoying Unkindness w/ 5 piece posi blast and Ragnarok KD proc. Feels like it knocks the whole mob down consistently. It's really nice for soft control. Feral charge is one of the most fun powers, it's almost pretty fun to put Kinetic combat KD proc in as well.
  5. Frosticus, did you take Flurry and/or Call Hawk on your savage? I'm trying to figure out whether taking and using those 'spender' powers is ideal for DPS or if proccing out the other attacks and having 5 stacks of blood frenzy constantly for the end redux and recharge bonus would be better.
  6. Next build is an interesting one. It's a Triform Warshade Tank build, designed to be more self-sustaining with less reliance on stygian for extended fights. Doom's Triform shade tank.mxd Features: 45% def to smashing/lethal dmg (softcapped) in all forms. Perma Eclipse 143.75% global recharge (hasten's bonus included) Hasten is perma as long as you trigger FFB (Force Feedback) via Gravitic Emanation, OR Nova Det once or twice during combat (which is easily done) All AoE Knockback is converted to Knockdown as to not scatter enemies. Vengeance taken early, used often. Great for exemping down, it will ensure you never have a team wipe again. Achilles in Weaken Resolve, Annihilation in Gravitic Emanation and Fury of the Gladiator in Dwarf Mire allows you to also soften up mobs for teams to mow down. With Reactive core the -res threshold for this combo is 65.48% -res which is quite significant. All 4 aoes (Dwarf Mire, Quasar, Nova Emanation and Nova Det all Knockdown (Knockdown procs added to Nova Det and Dwarf Mire) for added control. Gravitic Emanation should be used on cooldown (about every 12-13 seconds due to FFB proccing at roughly 90% chance) to take minions and lieutenants out of the fight . Interesting side note, Annihilation chance for -res also carries roughly the same proc chance in this slotting configuration making this debuff nearly every target hit in the mob. Mule Powers: (Powers you don't use so you can keep them off your tray, they're just their for their slotted bonus) - maneuvers - tactics - gravimetric snare (though if you really need to immob an AV, you can) - grant invis - invisibility. - shadow cloak - brawl - Essence drain
  7. Posted originally in the scrapper section Pylon Thread cause I forgot MM's had a pylon thread as well. Made a Demons/Cold on test yesterday and got a 0:55 run. Not bad for first real stab at Masterminds :D. T4 Musc Radial T4 Degen Radial T4 Support Core Video below: Run starts at 0:19 when sleet drops, pylon pops at 1:14.
  8. Just ran a few tests using a Demons/Cold MM. Build wasn't designed for pushing pylon times, just figured I'd see how it would do. First time I've really put time into an MM build and this was on the test server mind you but it performed very well. T4 degen radial T4 musc radial T4 support 1:14-ish avg time from 6 runs. Best time was 55 seconds flat with the above listed incarnates :D. Run starts at 0:19 when sleet drops. Pylon pops at 1:14.
  9. Ah okay, that's what I figured. Was wondering how a psuedo pet would be granting me FFB after placement... XD. Thx Tex.
  10. Whoa, whoa, whoa wait a minute... Let me get this straight so I'm not misunderstanding... FFB in Earthquake fires every time you summon Earthquake? or upon on summoning AND each time the power ticks?
  11. Scrapinator for sure. My vote goes for /earth, it's quite satisfying. Seismic smash and the mallet attacks all feel weighty and hit hard. Lots of KD and spots for Force Feedback procs.
  12. Hot feet doesn't take ATO sets. Would be cool if it did for this reason but sadly it does not.
  13. What do you think would be better; seperate (new) threads with build philosophy and examples/how-to's or building upon the initial run down's in each post above w/ added examples and such? I always fear thread bloat as nothing turns me off more from reading a well put together post than walls upon walls of text so I tend to do the opposite of that, short and concise. Though, if I were a new player the kind of run downs listed above may seem like another language altogether.
  14. On a human form build, I could see the benefit of slotting it in mire. On a Tri-form less so since Dwarf Mire is a thing and can stack with itself.
  15. While your testing it, check and see if the proc goes off at the start of mire's animation or the end. If it's the start, you may only be getting 2 or 3 seconds of buff since mire's animation is rather long.
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