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  1. I know some people may take this as a l2p issue or git gud statement, but I gotta agree with Nemu here. Fight, tactfully. Indoor maps, you can pull to corners and break line of sight if your getting overwhelmed. I see plenty of people run into the middle of mobs, especially with defense secondaries, and do nothing but go through their rotation and then faceplant. - Use inspirations. The faster you down enemies the more you have, but you get zero new inspirations if you hoard them and never use them or only use them sparingly. - Build for layered mitigation. Any combination of defense, resists, regen/absorb/heals, soft controls, hard controls rather than putting all your eggs into any one of those baskets. - Familiarize yourself with troublesome targets; those who will debuff or mez you into oblivion, and get used to defeating those first. - Monitor your bars and know when you've bitten off more than you can chew. - Use situational awareness, especially when it comes to engaging the alpha. Make sure when you position yourself, you aren't at risk of aggroing adjacent groups. Obviously this doesn't always work when your on pugs, but solo or in small team settings it can make a big difference.
  2. @MicrocosmWhat do you think about adding a taunt component to Black Dwarf Mire under your want list? I don't think its too much to ask given Bright Dwarf Flare has one and it would probably be easy to add to the power. This could directly help pet management on top of whatever changes are made to the pets directly to improve their squishy-ness.
  3. *Doom casts Thermal Shield over this thread* 100% this stuff. I'd take it one step further for Gravity Well though. Change the activation time from 2.07 to 1.87 (same as Block of Ice) to give it a slight DPA buff since most of our measly ST DPS is attached to this one ability. That and even with Essence Drain getting a dmg buff, it will still end up being having 1.93 activation time which is IMO, a little on the long side but it is what it is. Ditto. I really don't care how they manage it, but if fluffies are going to contribute so much to a Warshades ST dps, they need to be more robust. Whether that's through your suggestion to let them inherit Eclipse buffs, or other means. As is they draw too much aggro considering their frailty, and they should under no circumstances enter melee range. On top of something like this, I'd like to see the human shields consolidated into 2 toggles rather than 3 but I agree the shields are largely useless outside of being mules and don't do enough individually to try and build around them. This is an interesting one, and onei've heard suggested before. I wouldn't be opposed to it especially given the slot tax that's imposed on Warshades who want to neutralize KB in their powers. OR... what about if Stygian Circle gave 50% end drain protection for 120 seconds just like consume? It might change how the ability is flagged (since it only currently uses dead bodies as targets IIRC, but that might be a viable option and one that would benefit both Human only builds and Triforms since it's a staple power. Would a small base dmg increase across the board be out of the question? We have a few powers with identical DPA right now (shadow bolt, ebon eye and gravimetric snare) which seem a) kind of redundant but b) also a little under powered tbh. Base recharge would likely have to change for these as well but I think it would be worth it. How many attacks do tri-formers need that recharge in 4 seconds or less? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. Word to wise... Try making a build first then post it for review. What your asking for right now is for someone else to do all the work for you. Usually people are more willing to help if they have a foundation to work with.
  5. But aside from cleaning up the code, it doesn't directly answer how this change will benefit the player? I can certainly understand the need or desire to clean things up behind the scenes for future development but this still doesn't address how getting rid of pseudopets and replacing them with native mechanics is going to benefit the player? If i'm to believe that this change is being done make the game better itself for the players as has been alluded to in the posts above, what is this benefit?
  6. Thanks for speaking on my behalf! Not ignoring the effort to eliminate pseudopets... last I checked I was still allowed to dislike a change to a power, regardless of the motive and express my distaste for said change. Now all finger wagging aside, I would geniunely like to know exactly how this change to pseudopets is supposed to improve the game for me? So far, rather than address all pseudopets at once in the patch notes which would have made more sense given their presumptive goal, it appears to only Tar Patch has been changed. Maybe it would appear on the surface, that the power is being singled out, regardless if that's true or not. I think if the goal was to make sweeping changes to pseudopets then it would have been better to hold off and roll those out all at once in a later update?
  7. First of all, what you saw was as reaction to the changes themselves and not directed at anyone, devs or otherwise. I'm upset by these changes, they don't feel called for in the slightest regardless of it being a bug fix or otherwise, but thanks for the moral grandstanding.
  8. I think you missed the ship pal. It's fine... just carry on.
  9. Oh you didn't hear? The change to tar patch wasn't for rebalancing... no no... it's a "bug-fix". Also I don't know what you've got to doubt, it's already been proven that TW is a clear outlier by a large margin, just because you don't know it, doesn't make it not true. No one's trying to go to bat here for TW btw... we're just pointing out what's been tested and proven by the Scrapper community. You want to know more, well we've pointed you in the best direction where you can find that information.
  10. Go visit the Scrapper sub-forum... plenty of evidence there, I don't think you'll need a tutor.
  11. What in the F*ck is this?! Are you kidding me?????
  12. I'd say more like a leap but yeah agreed. I read your first statement as if it was suggesting the opposite, all good ๐Ÿ‘.
  13. Well, mission accomplished I guess. /shrug Except Farsight remains intact somehow... Just tested on beta, powerboost no longer boosting Fade's defense values. Guess I respec out of primal now...
  14. The amount of exaggeration and jumping to conclusions that no one's even talking about never ceases to astound me in these kinds of threads. You don't even have to bring up things to talk about to have people fill your mouth with words you never even uttered! That's like a super power in and of itself ๐Ÿคฃ.
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