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  1. This are likely East Asian inmates being forced to grind so guards can get side money.
  2. That's an INF seller trying to be sly. I got one a few weeks ago that instructed my to delete the message after I read it. Needless to say, that isn't what occurred.
  3. This sounds like I should build my Elec/Ment Static Shock knock off again.
  4. The walk power seems to be bugged for Shield Defense users. It does not remove the shield or animate properly, instead playing a very slow run.
  5. Traps is a great set, for soloing. For the average run-and-gun team, you simply don't have enough time to benefit from from laying down the traps. It works best for hard targets and raids that set you in place for a long time.
  6. Much like Guile's theme, Dark Melee makes everything better. Not the best damage, but it is an amazing toolbox that can help cover holes in any secondary.
  7. Honestly, the DEF sets in general tend to be more endurance heavy, but Nin and EA have ways to recover.
  8. How good is Rad Melee for scrappers? I know Energy Armor is a perpetually solid choice, but how well does it pair up with Rad Melee?
  9. I am not saying those people didn't exist, but it was accepted by the majority that it was the wrong way to play, and those people were duly ridiculed for doing so. Not to mention, I vividly remember Positron going on a rampage when people started using AE to powerlevel and farm, doling out nerfs and bans like a goddam vengeful deity. The folks at Paragon were very disappointed to see a tool for creativity used as a shortcut. Yeah, powerlevelers and farmers existed, in a minority, and as a sort of grimy underbelly that we mostly ignored and laughed at. It was not THIS bad. Every other character I see is a damned Spines/Fire now. The biggest problem was not with people skipping content, but people skipping learning how to play. BAEbies would join and get jumped straight to 50, and then start joining PUGs without knowing how to activate their own mez protection or run toggles. That's a problem when you organize a Pick Up master run of any TF and three members of your team simply don't understand the characters they are playing.
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