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  1. EM is terrible, but it doesn't need much to fix. It doesn't need heaps on AoE. I'm with you there. It needs a T8/T9 that isn't worthless. Maybe a small cone somewhere. It does need much to make it usefully good. We don't need OP. EM doesn't need a weird gimmick. We don't need all the procs in the world, I'm with you there. We just want better.
  2. Mace hits like a truck, but is endurance heavy early on. Elec has three toggle before level 12, and that eats endurance like candy. That's gonna be a problem until you hit 22 and can use Single-Origin enhancements. Just hang in there, any maybe team a bit to cover your soft spots. Maybe don't run Conductive Shield unless fighting enemies with elemental damage.
  3. What if Dark Regeneration was replaced with Stygian Circle?
  4. Released: Captain Stronghold and Compression.
  5. I'm convinced that the old devs paired a number of 'underpar' sets to vex people claiming it. Ruin Mages are Earth/FF trollers, and I should probably roll one.
  6. Katana, much like Dark Melee, improves every set it can be used with. The synergy isn't always the greatest, but Katana is NEVER a bad choice. You'll get more mileage out of pairing with a resist or regen set, but have fun.
  7. The detective you get is tied to your character's origin.
  8. I'm only two hours out, so this is something I could do.
  9. Eh, why should only the PCs get access to incarnate power? We all know that the Well doesn't care for good or evil, just ambition.
  10. The set is indeed a "late" bloomer. Your attack chain isn't long enough to stack the -ToHit on top of the defense. Also, you will still have holes to psy and toxic damage. Things will pick up one you get Siphon Life, Soul Drain, and Energize.
  11. DM/EA is really great. Two Heals, two endurance drains, an instant softcap button that isn't the t9, great recharge before SOs, and the AoE hole can be patched by any good APP/EPP,
  12. I'm actually ok with this. But, the number should be limited to less than five powers, and they should all be powers that ONLY effect the user. I know this kneecaps Incarnates, but we don't want to build scripting for botting. You might think it sounds like a mild issue at best, but I came to Live in i6 from Ragnarok Online, where the bots ran wild. The mods couldn't act fast enough, and it got even worse when the game went F2P. It was up to the userbase to deal with them.
  13. Marvel owns The Mighty Thor™. Just don't use any of his comic or MCU costumes.
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