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  1. As it should be. PVP mechanics after i13 are full of deterministic processes; stuff that simply cannot be countered like in the pve system. Killing someone in a PVP zone is as much of a point of pride as writing your name. Even more so with incarnates (I'd be so happy if everything but alpha was turned off in zone). And this is coming from a PVPer who spends A LOT of time in zone..
  2. If you're playing a tanker and this is your problem, you should probably consider a respec.
  3. You're not getting responses because the answer is clear: Entering a PVP zone implies consent to be engaged by others. If you don't want to PVP, then you can't have the badges related to that. Also.. it's not like PVP isn't dead in Everlasting, so use your free transfer tokens.
  4. A couple more flag changes that may have been missed: Mastermind Storm -range is PVE only flagged. That's an oversight. Gale on controllers has double the intended mag because of mistags on PVE and PVP flags. O2 Boost is providing stun protection rather than resistance. Just didn't see any of these in the patch notes. (And yeah, as the proud owner of a fully spec'd elec/storm controller, I am asking for a nerf to it's 50+ mag kb).
  5. These would both be worthwhile changes. In fact, I have a specific idea re: HoT's: Powerhouse should bring HoT's to Time Manipulation in PVP. The set is 100% under-represented and pretty much unusable in pvp. It's the perfect guinea pig before changes are made to Water Blast and Pain Dom.
  6. DR isn't that bad on range. It really isn't.
  7. Hey so like... Hybrid Melee is still granting mez protection in PVP right? Should this be fixed?
  8. Thank you so much for these changes. Zone PVP will be a lot more tolerable, and I look forward to being able to use my dark/* dom in kb's again.
  9. " Poison Weaken and Cold Domination -Special powers should no longer be boosted by +Special powers like Power Boost. As a rule, Str effects should not be affected by other Str effects. " This has major implications in PVP and it's effectively taking a sledgehammer to a problem. I have zero reason whatsoever to continue to play my grav/poison/pb or grav/cold/pb controllers. The change further pushes the game into "damage race" and "jump vs. jump" territory. I am kind of not ok with this. Specific attributes in the -special should have been targeted, not just -special overall.
  10. You can kind of time energize so you use it both as a heal and an end discount. It's just a matter of thinking a bit about where your end is and what's your current rate of attack (locks -> spikes) vs. your likelihood of getting spiked and having to go into phase (I wouldn't rely on the heal mid-spike, it's not large enough). /EM basically asks you to play a bit harder that you would with /plant or /ta, but being rewarded for it (ie, you can shoot shit from mega far away, and stay really out of of the fray while still throwing out loads of damage - this is not a "slight" advantage. it is a huge advantage.), but I don't know how much of a good choice it is to pair it with anything that doesn't have a snipe.
  11. Pretty sure my grav/poison was the first grav to use Dim Shift in 8v8's... Not that it matters, but it was a definite response to getting my nether-regions probed deeply by Vinnie at Lib's request.
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