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  1. AHAHAHAHAHA on many counts. 1. PVP at the higher-end has never been extremely casual friendly. Teams that had access to leveling exploits had a huge advantage over teams that didn't, and a lot of what is seen as "X was viable" pre-i13 was just people making due with what they had and a higher skill-cap than what we have now. 2. A big reason for Siren's not being packed is that in this game, the market is pretty damn reasonable, and getting to 50 is pretty trivial. There is very little incentive to play at less-than-full strength - especially with Base TP, base buffs and t3's being a thing. 3. lolhyperai. Big name in a deadish game? Finally, I do generally agree with you that artificial restrictions indicate bad balance, but the fact is that we've always had those. Veng stacking pre-i13, stalags and poisonous ray in the first post-i13 league, blaster and poison limits now (which are only a problem in the light of having no mitigation against those - blaster damage in a 1v1 environment is a lot closer to pre-i13 than it was on live). But those rules are also a reflection of how fast we're exploring the "meta" this time around. You have 6 teams (rare, rng, vori, inc, ggz and gboti) that are constantly exploring possible viable comps at what is an insanely fast clip, especially compared to what it could have been pre-i13. There are more rules now because we have explored more permutations of possible team comps. This time around, I don't think it has much to do with an indication of improper balance - it's more just that the ease of leveling has created an disincentive for forbearance and incentivized the exploration of the meta a lot more than pre-homecoming. That has probably kept teams a bit more interested in the game than they would have otherwise been.
  2. What part of "the game has new features from pve that would make it impossible to get your precious pre-i13 pvp system back" do you not understand? As to your less-than-well-thought-out-responses: - Stop obfuscating. You can literally hit exorbitant slow resists without even trying right now. I have a couple of builds with huge slow resists that are just incidental to other targets. That was not the case pre-i13 and even on live when you had to shell out a bunch of cash to make that happen. Did you ever play a cold pre-i13? You aren't getting that back if you just revert to i8 with the current io sets and market. - Can you name a controller set with multiple single target holds with a spammable recharge? - How is that a response? That is exactly what teh banana dude is saying. Unresistable on-demand crits from scrappers were not something that you had pre-i13. Keeping those crits resistable in the current system actually provides better balance than otherwise. Do you understand this stuff?
  3. Because most of his targets survive roguing attempts so he gets all the dots?
  4. huh, you do know hot is a pretty good emp, right?
  5. This is A+ Hot Heals content and the reason I came to this thread. No sarcasm.
  6. 95% of the time it's not the emp. It's your offense. This should be obvious.
  7. It would be all kinds of broken. Between PPM and proliferation, any class with a mez would be extremely overpowered under the prior system. Imagine a blaster hitting your tank with mag 12 hold protection with freeze ray + +2 mag hold proc + devastation hold proc and strangler with the same slotting. You'd be held through your hold protection in 1 cast cycle most of the time - for the full pve duration x resists. Now imagine 3 blasters on top of you. All kinds of broken.
  8. In the way that it is the one of the only maps that HEAVILY rewards communication over discipline. I said it before, the optimal team draw for that map, from our little community, looks a lot different than the one for any other map in heavy rotation. Variety is a good thing.
  9. I'll do a search through the old archives at some point but I'm pretty sure that came up during i11 beta testing for purple sets (remember all the PVPers on test team rosters got invites to the closed betas on live; I remember picking this up immediately on test when re-building my second pvp ladder toon, a ninja/poison mm which was only viable back then with that proc given how hard it was to get proper accuracy bonuses on a +hp build without these new ATOs). I just hope that the dev comments made it to the open boards. I don't know how begin addressing your comment about MM's and to-hit buffs. Every single AT out there has more access to to-hit buffs than MM's - with the exception of maybe controllers. It's really all relative. Masterminds get less, right? Care to address that without resorting to "intent" narratives? In addition to that, the Gaussian BU proc is close to useless in any situation where you need a to-hit buff prior to firing either a debuff or a heavy-hitting attack. Those situations abound in PVP, especially since direct pet damage and pet debuffs are kinda useless given how slow pets are.
  10. That's actually not true. I've been using the BU proc on myself since back on live. It's been a major feature in almost 10 of my MM builds (I collect MM's for PVP). Prior to the nef, the BU proc would proc on both you and the pets. It stopped proc'ing on pets after Homecoming devs fixed it to prevent it from proc'ing on pseudo-pets and them observing the behavior on players is what made the developers think of nerfing the proc.
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