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  1. Don't think you've played enough PVP games if you think that's the case.
  2. Because a lot of the "problems" aren't apparent when 16 idiots are playing each other without any bans. The bans are there because the meta looks horrific when it's any of the high end arena teams playing against each other or when one of those teams fights a community team and doesn't hold back.
  3. I don't even think that's true. I think Lib was running around on a Fire/Plant really early on, probs on the second week of kickball? I rolled one shortly after because I thought it would be a fun toon and played it zone a ton because it was, even before the snipe buff.
  4. 1. Again, they are not the problem. DR resists bending down resists to 40-50 percent for squishies and cast resistance shields adding 3% to your resists at best is the problem. A proc nerf would be moronic if the reason for the nerf is 8v8 damage. Mitigation is the issue. I said it before: I used to be able to two-shot 1606s on my blaster pre-i13. The way that was balanced back then was the fact that the blue ladder ran sonics and the red ladder ran sonics and therms which then mitigated how huge damage was before DR was a thing. Adjusting resists would be the way to go. And maybe
  5. Damage isn't too high because of procs. It's too high because we have few mitigation strategies/mechanics to deal with it. People need to stop saying that the problem is procs because some naive developer here is going to believe it some day and this game will be much worse off because of it. The problem with damage is the way Diminishing Returns interacts with cast resistance buffs and APP/PPP armors. Those things could be reworked to make it all a lot more like it was before i13. If you think damage is too high now, imagine a blaster two-shotting you with TF and Blaze or three sh
  6. Just add -fly to it and adjust the timer so that preemptive jaunting is discouraged. Jaunt, coupled with the absorb changes, has made it so that it makes little sense to target a blaster in the upcoming meta. This is what the range bonus nerf accomplished: a bunch of blasters that can port out of blazing bolt range really easily... While I haven't been playing much lately (much like @M3z, I find this City of Raptor Packs meta to be stupid boring and would rather play faster games elsewhere), I survived more proper spikes last week than I've ever had before, and it was all about rea
  7. If they run to base... that's part of the game. With e liedown, if you can't get that kill you don't deserve it.
  8. I disagree. Jump packs are what make jaunt chasing possible.
  9. That is literally how you chase...
  10. eh, in zone i chase with jaunt more than i evade with jaunt so, maybe you need to adjust your playstyle.
  11. Nice deflection. Did you actually get your accolades at level 35 for Siren's
  12. 1. There does not need to be a give and take. Take your PVE grinder mentality elsewhere. 2. The arena crowd is pushing changes because the zones are empty and the arena is not. 3. Please don't tell me you got your accolades at level 35 for Siren's because I am just going to be extra mean to you if you did.
  13. Argue against the "rationalization" then. Your "bottom line" is not an argument on game mechanics, which is what I responded to you with. The source of a proposed change in game mechanics is not an argument against a proposal. Pretty sure everyone wants slows to work again, but the PVEers really got their way with the power boost nerf. My grav/poison and every one of my poison and cold mm's could do actual slows before the PB nerf. Not so much now.
  14. The difference about this time is that this is coming from people who know how insane incarnates can be when used properly. Your newly minted beam/ta blaster with alpha only has close to zero chances against a fully t4 incarn'd fire/plant in the hands of someone who halfway knows what they are doing. It is not that it's a somewhat interesting match up, it's that it's a totally deterministic match up regardless of skill even before the encounter begins and that's not good for the game. Incarnates, other than alpha, reduce the number of possible outcomes, independent of the skill of the partie
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