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  1. meatloaf23 Because Meat Loaf and meatloaf1 through 22 were already taken...
  2. No but for reals... Do our wonderful developers have an ETA on this? For context, our scrim group has actually resorted to bilateral bans on the corruptor stun. The result has been the widespread exclusion of a lot of people's characters from scrims. I don't want to be fighting other people's least preferred line-up when all sides would be more than glad to take a fix on stun duration for lancer shot. Is this part of the patch something that could be expedited so that whatever delays regarding the PVE changes are happening to tanks aren't hurting the PVP community?
  3. Maybe get really good on an on-meta character and then show up on your off-meta toon? Like, there are a good dozen people out there that I would pick on totally random toons just because I'd be curious to know what they know that I don't. There is no use in seeing an off-meta character in play with 5 other random off-metas that were all on the black team, either. Or a bunch of people that cant lock. There is a reason I don't bring weird disruption toons to KB's anymore... (I also want to thank Rens for breaking me off the habit, too many realistic toons we want to try in our scrims, many stupid ideas smashed in the bud). Also, there is a huge difference trying off meta toons and bring a 1300hp grav/sonic with no accos when you get fatkidded. A captain shouldn't have to carry that. Yup. Personal.
  4. Because that starting point was PVE in mags, then acro got the nerfbat and PVPers reacted by making build sacrifices and running kins (we were already doing that anyways) in 8v8s so the game just went on. Castle was too lazy to understand the inner workings of an 8v8 to balance around those sorts of encounters, so i13 happened and here we are now. He now works on the Goosebumps mobile app. A game renowned for... Definitely not its PVP game mechanics. Good summary?
  5. Bizarre's Cthulu was the original KB sent. Everyone just pushed her to roll a blaster.
  6. Oh yeah, every blast set on sents is kinda shitty except for ice and to a limited extent beam (8v8).
  7. I am a fan of fire these days. The snipe changes were extremely helpful. There are situations where having an instant-snipe is extremely useful. I was playing a fire/poison last night in kickball, and I got a sizeable number of killshots with the snipe after the standard blaze to dominate chain. The only other set where I've been able to reliably do that is beam with lancer to dominate to penetrating, but with the animations being so much longer, you do sacrifice a certain degree of survivability. I have also been playing both a fire/ta and a fire/plant blaster in zone and both are great. They are both great if you play to fire's strengths (high dps, medium-high burst). Fire ain't dead.
  8. September note: Lib was probs the first fire/plant blaster to play in kickballs (on Prestige), MJB was also one of the first on his fire/em ("do NOT total focus" -Vinnie). Meanwhile, we were all busy trying to reinvent the wheel, playing nostalgia toons, or sticking to ice/plants (that early on).
  9. As it should be. PVP mechanics after i13 are full of deterministic processes; stuff that simply cannot be countered like in the pve system. Killing someone in a PVP zone is as much of a point of pride as writing your name. Even more so with incarnates (I'd be so happy if everything but alpha was turned off in zone). And this is coming from a PVPer who spends A LOT of time in zone..
  10. If you're playing a tanker and this is your problem, you should probably consider a respec.
  11. You're not getting responses because the answer is clear: Entering a PVP zone implies consent to be engaged by others. If you don't want to PVP, then you can't have the badges related to that. Also.. it's not like PVP isn't dead in Everlasting, so use your free transfer tokens.
  12. A couple more flag changes that may have been missed: Mastermind Storm -range is PVE only flagged. That's an oversight. Gale on controllers has double the intended mag because of mistags on PVE and PVP flags. O2 Boost is providing stun protection rather than resistance. Just didn't see any of these in the patch notes. (And yeah, as the proud owner of a fully spec'd elec/storm controller, I am asking for a nerf to it's 50+ mag kb).
  13. These would both be worthwhile changes. In fact, I have a specific idea re: HoT's: Powerhouse should bring HoT's to Time Manipulation in PVP. The set is 100% under-represented and pretty much unusable in pvp. It's the perfect guinea pig before changes are made to Water Blast and Pain Dom.
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