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  1. I was Crimsonstar, Chain Lighting and Lady Victoria on DoP back in the day. All three live again on Everlasting. 🙂
  2. Dawn Patrol is alive and well on Everlasting. 🙂
  3. Was on Virtue from day one till shut down. Handle was @ChainLightning and was on Defenders of Paragon briefly before settling on Dawn Patrol. Now on Everlasting as @Crimsonstar
  4. I also would be curious about this. For me, I'm looking at a 'luxury apartment' with a kitchen, dining room, large living area with patio (if those are possible) and master bedroom and bath and two guest bedrooms with their own bath. I'm on Everlasting. What kind of influence would that cost me to any pro out there willing to take it on?
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