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  1. I can't wait until this goes live. I like that we can at least change the color of the Phantoms but the original idea was for the phantoms to be astro projections of my character. That said I actually want the phantoms in a different costume. My character is wearing armor that's designed to help him walk as without it he's confined to a wheelchair. The astro projections don't have this physical limitation as they have no physical body and so don't require armor. So really I'd like them to keep their original costumes but always spawn with my character's gender and body type. It's kinda weird when he's a 12 year old boy and his astro projections are all adults... and some times women. The character is loosely based on my kid by the way so I essentially turned his disability into super powers.
  2. OK I have my Masterminds! It took me pretty much all of last night to set them up but I made all 6 Masterminds.... now I just have to actually play them. I just would sent up my Numpad binds, Set the power trays how I like, then log out to make the next one so I haven't actually played any of them yet.
  3. That's why I put them together and made the reference to Resident Evil. In that franchise zombies were created by a virus created by science rather than magic. I wasn't really going for a mad scientist idea because I don't think anyone really plans to create zombies without a magical way to control them... it's usually some freak accident... Being that there is radiation involved here I think must have something to do with the reactor in Terra Volta. The reactor never exploded or anything because then we'd have a much bigger problem than just a small horde of 7 zombies. (Going to make the MM as a zombie) plus there are constantly heroes going in there to stop that from happening. That said the character could be from the future, another universe, or a former Terra Volta employee who recently died so it's like slow exposure over time or an isolated incident that caused this character to become infected on the job. Just not sure how I want to do this so it makes sense in universe. Plus there are so many different kinds of zombies in universe.... including many with scientific origins it makes it difficult to narrow down my options. If I make a Praetorian I could be a Ghoul. I could also be an Infected, some of which actually have radiation powers. The Vahzilok in case you didn't know are actually robots... The inside of them is a robotic skeleton, they're just covered organic matter from the remains of their victims which gives them the appearance of zombies. Though I think that falls more into technology than science. (I kinda think Technology and Science are the same thing but they're two different origins in game.) The Banished Pantheon are the only really magic origin type zombies so it was pretty easy with a Magic Mastermind to just do that but since I'm going for Science this time around there's too many possibilities for what I could do with it... I don't know what's your favorite science origin zombie? What you think would best suit a zombie/radiation MM? Oh I was also thinking maybe the Rikti created them... like a failed predecessor to the Lost... mostly because I was looking at Lore pets and trying to think what I could get and some how tie into my backstory some how and then I remembered... Lost are sort of zombie-like and I can have Rikti pets.
  4. On live I had,,, Zombie/Dark Robot/Traps Soldier/Force Field Ninja/Trick Arrow Thug/Poison Demon/Pain Thug/Traps Oh Homecoming I have just a Beast/Nature MM While I've played all the Primary power sets already I have not tried all the different secondary sets. Paragon wiki lists... Sonic Resonance Storm Summoning (I already have a Storm/Water Defender) Thermal Radiation Time Manipulation (I already have an Illusion/Time Controller) Going into the character creator on Homecoming I found they've also added... Cold Domination Empathy Kinetics Radiation Emission There's a grand total of 15 different secondary power sets. I've only tried 7 (9 if you count Non-MMs who share the same power set.) I generally don't count other Archetypes though cause power sets are often built differently for different Archetypes and play differently depending on your Archetype. The Thug/Traps MM I mentioned earlier was actually part of an experiment I did on live where I essentially made the same character as four different Archetypes. The other three were a Dual Pistols/Devices Blaster, a Traps/Dual Pistols Defender, and a Dual Pistols/Traps Corrupter. I also did this with Dual Blades/Willpower making a Scrapper, Tanker, Brute, and Stalker all with the same power sets. Oddly enough going into it I thought the Brute would be more like a Tanker but ended up playing more like a Scrapper. The Brute and Scrapper with the same power sets were so similar I often forgot which one I was actually playing. I think the Defender and Corrupter were the most similar of the Pistols characters but since the power sets were reversed I didn't have the same issue. I also still kinda miss that Defender even though I freaking hate Traps and only picked it because it's the only thing that I could use on four different archetypes... though one being Devices I was kinda cheating... But it's also kinda cheating using a Thug MM. 😉 Anyway long story short I didn't hate the Defender version of Traps nearly as much as the Mastermind version... So even though I already have a Storm Defender and Time Controller I don't think I'll be counting those against the possibility of using them again on a Mastermind. Though I'll probably put more of a priority on the power sets I haven't used AT ALL. Maybe save those two if they ever make any new Primary power sets I can pair them with. Now I'm not looking to recreate the characters I had on live but I do kinda miss the pets so I'm going to create new characters using the same Primaries I've used before on live but with different Secondaries. ???Name??? Thug/Sonic Resonance Demon/Thermal Soldier/Cold Domination Robots/Empathy ???Name??? Ninja/Kinetics ???Story??? Zombie/Radiation Emission ???Story??? There's a method to my madness... My soldier MM on live was Force Field because that's the closest I could get to water at the time. I was also considering Storm for this but Cold works too. My demon MM on live was almost going to be Thermal rather than Pain but for whatever reason that I can't really remember exactly I decided on Pain. Zombies and Radiation makes me think of some resident evil science created zombies rather than the dark Magic kind I had before. Robots/Empathy is actually the power set combination I had used for a custom NPC in AE so I already sort of had a character idea using this combination it just wasn't possible to make as a playable character before. Ninjas and Kinetics I just think would go well together for some reason.... and well Thug/Sonic... I don't really have an idea here that was just what was left over. I usually like to have a character concept and back story planned out before I even make the character so that's why I'm writing everything out in this thread to try and figure out what these characters should be. The Thug/Sonic I have an idea for a back story but no idea what to name this character. The Zombie/Radiation MM I have an idea for a name but no idea for the story... other than he has to be Science origin. Ninja/Kinetics... I have NOTHING... I'd like to avoid making any sort of connection to the Tsoo because I already did that with my other Ninja MM on live and my Beast MM on Homecoming... no more Tsoo. But yeah I am looking for suggestions... just where you see the question marks though.
  5. There's a power set often seen in fiction that has never really come to be on City of Heroes that I think would go really well with a Mastermind. https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Self-Replication There's even technically already a system in place that would make this possible just have Doppelgangers as Mastermind pets. Attack level 1 Duplicate self level 1 (Creates up to three minion duplicates of yourself.) Attack level 2 Equip level 6 Attack level 8 Duplicate self level 12 (Creates up to two LT. duplicates of yourself.) Doppelganger Mastery level 18 (*See descriptions below.) Duplicate self level 26 (Creates one Boss duplicate of yourself.) Upgrade level 32 *Create Distractions (While this power is activated your pets will be able to create more duplicates of themselves. However this will also cause your total stats to be divided among every duplicate causing diminishing stats for every additional duplicate summoned.) To elaborate. Imagine 1 whole individual is operating at 100% capacity. If that person creates a copy they're both at 50% capacity. With four of them they're each at 25%. If you have 100 copies each is only running at 1% of the total capacity that the original was. This is a built in mechanic to prevent duplication from being over powered from copies making copies while still giving the player the feeling of near limitless duplication... *Automatic Duplication (While this power is active your pets will duplicate themselves but only when one or more pet has been defeated so long as at least one pet is left alive to keep duplicating. This will never duplicate more than the total number of standard Mastermind pets you can summon for your current combat level. Example: At level 26 you can have 1 boss, 2 LTs, and 3 minions.) This also allows your pets to upgrade each other so long as you have access to those powers. It's not really much of a power since you can just do this yourself but it would make things a lot easier mid combat if you never had to stop to resummon and upgrade because your pets will just continuously do that for you. This way you can just keep attacking. Now the key word here is that at least one pet has to be alive for this to work so if an AoE takes out your entire army all at once you're still going to have to retreat to resummon them on your own. And in most situations outside of combat this really wouldn't be that useful. *Switch places (While this power is active you may click a pet in the pet window to swap places with them. This acts as a teleport power.) On the surface this might not seem all that useful however there are MM commands like stay and goto that aren't all that useful either and this working with them actually suddenly makes those commands a lot more useful. Imagine this. You tell your pets to go to some location. You can just stand there, They make the journey for you and then you just click on one and instantly travel to their location. Of course you still have to wait for them to run there so it wouldn't be as fast as normal teleport. But what about the stay command. You leave one pet at the mission entrance and when you have the dreaded "Find the mission exit" You just click on that pet and immediately teleport back to the door. You could also potentially use this to get out of a tight spot, just click on the pet with the highest HP and suddenly that pet is now where you were taking the damage in your place. There are a few other powers similar to this in the game already. My Staff Fighting/Bio Armor Brute has TWO such powers, Staff Mastery and Adaptation. And I thought it would be a good idea to have a similar mechanic for a Doppelganger power set. Just like other such powers you can not use these abilities all at the same time and they can not be enhanced.
  6. So apparently if you enter a passcode for a super group base on a different server than the one you're playing on it'll come up with an error... "You have entered an incorrect passcode for Super Awesome Friends Forever" I assume this means that the random number generated at the end of the passcode can be associated with a different super group on each server but won't be repeated on the same server so it 5912 as belonging to the super group "Super Awesome Friends Forever" while the word "MALL" being the actual passcode was wrong. Anyway nice base... but I never want to eat at a Restaurant called Vahzilok Burguer considering it's probably all human meet... and burger is spelled wrong... but mostly the cannibalism...
  7. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Magisterium_Trial Takes place in the center of Nova Praetoria. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Behavioral_Adjustment_Facility_Trial Takes place in the north of Imperial City. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/TPN_Campus_Trial Takes place just south of BAF also in the Logos sector of Imperial City. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Keyes_Island_Reactor_Trial Takes place on the smallest island of Neutropolis. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Lambda_Sector_Trial Takes place just north of Keyes Island also in Neutropolis https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/The_Underground_Trial Somewhere in the Underground but there's an underground for all three of the main cities so unsure exactly where this would be. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Minds_of_Mayhem_Trial Takes place in the Mother of Mercy Hospital located in South West corner of First Ward. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Dilemma_Diabolique_Trial Takes place in Moth Cemetery in Dark Astoria. (This is the only one not in a Praetorian zone.) It's interesting to me that BAF and TPN are right next to each other in the same zone. Same with Lam and Keyes being located right next to each other. I'm trying to imagine if you could start the trials from the City zones rather than teleporting to an instance what that would be like having two trails happening right to each other in the same zone. I don't think it would ever actually happen cause that could cause a LOT of problems for any low level player who just happens by while a bunch of level 50s are doing Incarnate trials in their zone. Just for story purposes I thought it was kinda interesting when you actually look at the maps and see where all these battles are happening and how close some of them are to crossing over with each other. I just wish I could see that kinda of crazy madness even if it just for a limited time event or something or was like a toned down version scaled to the zone's actual level range or something.
  8. I did not even realize that base raids had been disabled and already designed my base with raids in mind. That's why I have so many defenses around the more sensitive areas of the base like the main generator, medical bay, and teleporter rooms. I was doing my best to set up the base so it would be well defended against intruders. And I HATE PVP under normal circumstances. I never use the areas, I don't go in PVP zones except for badge hunting but I would like to be able to do base raids. The added base defenses adds an element to it that I find more appealing than the other two forms of PVP.
  9. I don't have access to my old computer because that died the day City of Heroes Freedom went live. I'm using an entirely different computer for Homecoming... Actually two different computers because I'm rarely home even though my Desk Top at home can handle Ultra Mode graphics settings most of the time I'm logging on from my lap top... but I also keep all my AE files on the desk top. I'm telling you this because my memory for how to find very specific files on a computer I don't have access to anymore from 12 years ago is pretty terrible. You'd be better off getting help from someone who has actually managed to do this already. Disclaimer aside I'm going to try to walk you though how to find your old files as best as I can under those conditions and apologize in advance if any information I'm about to give you turns out to be wrong or unhelpful. Also even if any of this is accurate it might not be exactly the same on a Mac. I've never dealt with a Mac so I have zero clue as to how to find those files if you're using a Mac. What you first want to do is locate your old CoH folder which would be under: This PC -> Local Disk C -> Program Files -> CoH You might see two different Program Files folders, "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" check both, I'm not sure exactly which one would have it. One of them should have the folder. Once your in the CoH folder I believe it saved the AE files the same way the Homecoming Games folder does. This means you're going to want to look for folders with the following labels. Custom_Critter Custom Villain Group Missions These three folders should have all of your AE data in them so just copy those folders and drop them into your Games folder for Homecoming. When you log into the game and check under the "My Creations tab" you SHOULD just be able to click publish on any old AE story arcs you may of had in those folders. And now someone who isn't working with an unreliable 12 year old memory can come in here and correct whatever I just got wrong.
  10. I kind of agree except instead of Group Invisibility I'd have a special MM version of Deceive. The effected enemy would essentially become a temporary pet able to respond to MM commands. The duration would be about the same as Soul Extraction, Gang War, or Hell on Earth. Also unlike normal Deceive the effected enemy can't be attacked by you, your other pets, or your team mates until the effect wears off. They will take your heals. The down side of this improved Deceive for MMs... Longer recharge duration so you can't confuse multiple enemies at once like you can with other confuse powers and when the power wears off they will always directly attack the MM ignoring the pets. Since they can't be attack and can take your heals you potentially risk helping your enemy to kill you more easily unless they're killed by other NPCs before the effect wears off. I was also thinking to be more specific with what the upgrades actually DO... The first Upgrade would give your pets Superior Invisibility while the second would give them Group Invisibility. The way this works in terms of the pets is the first one increases their defense by making them invisible while the second gives them the ability to cast invisibility on you and your team mates. This would only work when you're near them so that Tankers and such can avoid being effected by the team Stealth.
  11. My rules? I didn't design the game's alignment system. I think a heroic Thug MM could work better if there were only three alignments. Hero, Villain, and Neutral. Instead we have Vigilante and Rogue as Neutral alignments which itself doesn't really make sense because Vigilantes are Heroes. As you pointed out with the Lawful Good, Neutral Good, and Chaotic Good... all three of those things are technically still Heroic alignments but the way the alignment system in game is set up Heroes can only ever be Lawful Good because Vigilantes which is Chaotic Good is a separate alignment. There is no true Neutral in game with only four alignments so all of the Neutral variations have to fit into Vigilante or Rogue some how as those are the closest we have to a Neutral alignment. Having three alignments allows for a lot more freedom to do whatever you want within those alignments. I'm not a big fan of the 9 alignment system because it's a lot more limited and I often see characters shoved into various alignments and then other people argue how that's wrong for one reason or other because most characters don't even fit neatly into such strict alignment boxes. With the four we have in game it's even more confusing... like why even have a fourth one when Vigilantees and Rogues are essentially the same thing. It's just a neutral alignment that sits between Hero and Villain. You don't even pass all four in a straight line meaning Hero <-> Vigilante <-> Rogue <-> Villain. It loops in a circle meaning Hero -> Vigilante -> Villain -> Rogue -> Hero -> ect. There's also the fact that in some instances the game doesn't even recognize you as a different alignment. Like Vigilantes still register as Heroes and Rogues still register as Villains even though they're in co-op zones and can easily run off to either side a Villain can't invite a Vigilante until they actually zone into the Rogue Isles. Having them both just be Neutral would fix a lot of problems like that. And most importantly to the original topic that started this discussion... Thugs would suddenly make more sense as a heroic pet option if Vigilantes weren't a separate alignment from other heroes. The only reason Thugs don't make sense for heroes is because of our current alignment system. I feel like they have to PPD if you go full hero with them. Like the only way I can justify heroic Thugs is by imagining they're undercover PPD officers. Something else I question while we're talking about it... The I.D. cards... In the games lore Hero I.D. cards is how you legally register as a hero in the city. Every hero who works legally within the law has one of these I.D. cards. Originally this was the way they justified the games character registration so that it had an in story reason to exist other than just being a game mechanic. Villains also have something similar essentially everyone is a registered member of Arachnos… which is weird considering that whole chosen one arc thing never really seems to go anywhere and is also one of the reasons they don't feel like villains but whatever. Praetorians have a Powers Division registration. The only thing I don't get... if Vigilantes are working outside the law... why do they still have Paragon Hero I.D. cards? Shouldn't their legal status as a hero be revoked or something? Same thing with villains going Rogue, still villains but no longer Arachnos aligned villains... so why still have an Arachnos I.D. card? There's also no process for registration once you switch all the way to the other side. Or for that matter... once you travel to Primal Earth you don't have to register with Paragon City or the Rogue Isles, you just continue the game with your original I.D. cards... it's kinda like even the developers gave up on trying to make the I.D. cards make sense in universe. Personally I wouldn't of even thought about if they made sense in universe or not and just viewed them as a game mechanic that didn't need to exist in universe if the developers hadn't made them an in universe thing.
  12. The thing is Thugs by definition are ALWAYS criminals. What you're describing are Vigilantes not Thugs. And considering we actually have a Vigilante alignment like that it could work for that specific alignment. As far as the police are concerned there's not really a difference between Vigilantes and Thugs even though one is trying to do good but is working outside the law to accomplish that. If the police are going to conflate the two as one thing anyway then it kinda makes sense for a team of Vigilantes to dress up like the very criminals they're trying to stop. But a true Hero alignment Thug MM makes no sense.
  13. I saw someone with custom thugs in game and someone else posted images online of custom soldiers. I would of thought the soldiers were faked some how if I didn't see the thugs in game... but the thing is... I can not find anywhere in game that has the options to do this. Power Customization just shows the typical color tintable stuff. One of the pictures seemed to indicate that pets had their own costume slot window separate from the player but I don't see any way to access it. How you do this thing?
  14. I actually really like the idea of just turning existing NPC groups into MM pets. They already kinda work in the same way. 3 minions, 2 lieutenants, 1 boss. So you just pick the NPC group and T1 would summon three random minions from that group, T2, summons 2 random lieutenants, and T3 summons a random boss. Any time you zone with the pets active you could have different random pets. Or maybe just select ones from the group who would always be the ones you summon. Maybe the upgrades could turn them into different NPCs from the same group like you could have one that starts as a fire mage and fully upgraded becomes a Behemoth Overlord. I also think there should actually be a PPD skin for Thugs. The other pets I think could work either way but heroic Thugs never felt right to me so I think they should turn into cops whenever you switch sides.
  15. So... I was going to make a Dark/Dark Dominator but then it ended up being Dark/Savage. I find it odd that Domination is still a click power when all the other Archetype specific inherent powers are Auto now. There were a couple others who had click powers when they first came out with these inherent powers but they were reworked and changed into Autopowers. Brutes for example had to click to activate their Rage after the bar filled up but now it just happens automatically. I wish Domination worked this way too. I use the CRTL + mouse click to put it on Auto anyway because otherwise I don't notice that it's available to click on it manually. It's really easy to just forget that's there if you're not paying attention to it. Since you can only put one click power on Auto this takes away my auto from other powers I might want to set. Other than that I'm liking the combo so far. Only level 33 but previously my highest level Dominator on live was only level 10 and I think that was an Ice/Ice Dominator. Dominators are oddly the only Archetype I haven't played to 50 yet. I don't remember why exactly I never got into them before.
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