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  1. Not sure of this counts... but... The trick I used to get my door on the ceiling of the base that goes outside was pretty simple. Not sure why exactly but it was oriented the wrong way. Standing straight up and down but randomly hanging from the ceiling. When I moved it close to the wall it just reoriented itself against that surface but laying flat on the ceiling. Getting the door to lay flat on the ground outside my base was a bit harder but the same principal applies. Though for this I had to place a building next to where I where I wanted the door. Again normally it would be standing up where you can see both sides of the door and it clearly goes no where... or is magic... but by putting it up against the side of the building I had placed it reoriented itself against that surface and ended up flat on the ground. It stayed in this position even after I removed the building that it was essentially sitting on. There's probably an easier was to do this without needing to create a 90 degree angle to force this to happen and be able to lay it anywhere. And the normal way of rotating an object won't work for this purpose because that only rotates left/right not up/down. I mentioned before there's probably an easier way to rotate items updown rather than only left/right. Maybe there's another button I need to press to switch it but as far as I know items normally only rotate in one direction. So this is a work around I found to rotate items a different way that they weren't really meant to be able to do. It's very useful when you want to place something in an unconventional orientation that you wouldn't normally see that object in. Just make sure you're using Surface not Ceiling or Floor otherwise it won't change it's orientation automatically as you're moving it. If it's set to the floor or the ceiling it's going to stay standing up as you would expect a door to do. Also if you have it set to wall this might with inside where you have an actual wall to work with but won't work outside. All that being said... if there is an easier way to do this I'd like to know about it. There is a bit of a gap left between the door and the actual surface I want it on. This is especially noticeable when you're flying to the ceiling at eye level with that door. Not big enough that you'd notice it otherwise but it is kinda bugging me that I can't get that to lay more flush. I could fix it if I knew how to get them into that position without using the method I just described but otherwise I can deal with that gap being there. Something else I've noticed that some items are too big for the space. Meaning if you go above or below where it was placed you can see parts of it sticking out in other locations. For example I placed some electric effects inside my base that I later realized could be seen on the ground outside my base. I tried to cover it by placing rain effects outside so the electricity would blend in as lightning strikes but then I realized it was also raining INSIDE my base as well. Suddenly it looked like I had a leaking roof. I ended up removing BOTH effects. Now depending on what you're going for you might actually be able to use to your advantage. There's some heads that spray water for example. The water effect continues on well beyond where the floor is. I noticed this while flying under the base in edit mode. Theoretically if you wanted to have a waterfall but didn't want those heads visible you could place them above where ever you wanted that water fall to happen where the head itself would be hidden and just the water could be seen. I'm almost thinking about this myself if I can set it up high enough where it won't go into my base and just barely touch the surface of a pond I have set up... also thinking about expanding the pond itself. I wanted to put a school of fish in there but currently the surface area is too small for the fish to circle so they end up flying over the land around it. I have to more the grassy hills and set some more water tiles though. The grassy hills are what I'm using to hide the edges of what would otherwise being a perfectly square pond. That would be fine if I wanted to build a swimming pool but placing grassy hills around it gives it more of an natural shape. I might change some of those to rocks as well.
  2. Then how was Paragon Studios even formed in the first place? It's kind of impossible for a single game to have it's own studio if it's not making bank. Even WoW doesn't have it's own studio it's just one of several games from Blizzard. Paragon Studios on the other hand wouldn't exist without City of Heroes. You almost never see an entire studio with only a single video game title to it's name because it's generally impossible for a single title to support a business on it's own. Typically when this happens it's a small start up company that doesn't last very long. However in the case of Paragon Studios it's an offshoot of a much larger company that does have other titles. The Developers at Paragon Studios aren't independent like most other small start ups that have this issue, they are NCSoft employees. In other cases it's usually the company that came first and tried to launch with their single game that they thought would be so popular that they wouldn't need other games... or they planned other games later down the line but they didn't make enough on the first to make more. In this case it's the game that came first, it had already been around a couple years before Paragon Studios formed. Hence why I say that studio would not exist in the first place if it wasn't making money. At some point NCSoft felt it was making enough money to warrant having an entire studio just for that one title... and then later changed their minds... or there was a change in management that went... Why the heck do we have a whole studio for this one game?
  3. Oh, it was Lineage II I was thinking of. Guess I got confused because I never even heard of the first one and forgot it was a sequel that was released around that time. Anyway... the fact that City of Heroes was able to support an entire Studio all on it's own kinda shows that money was never the issue. Also clearly someone doesn't understand the impact of updates. Lineage II and Guild Wars 2 being sequels really doesn't make a whole lot of sense. From a Business stand point it kinda does and back in the day before the Internet was used for video games releasing a sequel was the only way to create new content for a game. Now days though with online gaming Developers can just continuously update the original game completely eliminating the need for constant sequels. I think the only reasons business still make sequels is because selling a brand new game means more money for them. But Expansion packs accomplish the exact same thing while updating the original game. City of Villains and Going Rogue were essentially our "Sequels" From a purely gaming stand point it really makes no sense for one game to end only for a sequel of that game to be released as a replacement to the original when it's possible through updates to just add to that original game. The only reason players stop playing a game is because there's no new content left to play through but with constant updates there's never a true moment when you have no content left to play. That's part of what makes MMOs so appealing and long lasting compared to other games. Even after 7+ years I still haven't experienced everything this game has to offer. If regular updates kept happening and there was no shut down hypothetically City of Heroes could last well over 30 years with players from the original Beta still being able to experience all new content for the first time. This doesn't seem to work for the business end of things since the majority of their income comes from selling brand new games. I think if City of Heroes had more than 2 Expansion Packs which give the business people what they want to keep a game running, then maybe it could have lasted longer. That might be why WoW does so well despite being an older and seemingly inferior game because they do release quite a lot of Expansion packs marketed as all new games when really they're just paid updates to the original WoW. Most of City of Heroes updates with the exception of City of Villains and Going Rogue was released as free updates.
  4. These two statements seem to contradict each other. Considering what you said in the first part I wouldn't be surprised if Lineage and Guild Wars shut down at some point in the future as well. It just hasn't happened YET. Though Lineage I think started around the same time or shortly before the shut down of CoH. I don't think it's really a cash cow though, I haven't really heard anything about it since the launch when they offered me a free trial. Guild Wars seems to be pretty popular though I didn't realize NCSoft even made that one, I thought it was one of those stupid phone games.
  5. That must have changed pretty early on because I've never gotten XP from those. As far back as issue 2 they were totally worthless. I did try it once and was getting killed for nothing because the portals never stopped summoning and filled an entire freaking map with Rikti that weren't worth any XP.
  6. I like killing enemies twice. It's like double XP weekend but ALL THE TIME! and if you already have double XP then it's quadruple XP! The rez would be more annoying if there was no XP the second time. Like the enemies who spawn from portals, they don't give XP but they will continue to spawn until that portal is destroyed. I freaking hate those guys. I kinda understand why they did that, to prevent farming the portal... but I kinda wish there was a cap on the enemies instead to make it easier to deal with instead of they can spawn endless mobs hypothetically forever that won't give you XP but will give you plenty of debt.
  7. Barely a money maker? As much as I hate to admit this because I freaking hate that game... World of Warcraft was our only real competition. There are multiple games like this out on the market... even oddly enough one that was made by the SAME STUDIO! Remember Cryptic Studios originally developed City of Heroes with Statesman as the lead developer at the time. They sold their half of the rights to NCSoft at which point Positron took over as the lead developer. And I'm using their character names here because I find it kinda funny how the story in game eventually copied real life. Except in game Statesman died but still Positron ended up taking over his position in both cases. Anyway... what was the first thing Cryptic Studios did after selling of City of Heroes? They made a knock off version of the exact same game, Champions Online. Even that didn't do as well as City of Heroes did... even after City of Heroes shut down and a lot of players moved over to Campions Online hoping to get a similar experience it still didn't do as well as City of Heroes did. I myself jumped from one MMO to another during that gap trying to find a game as good as City of Heroes and never stuck with one for more than the free trial. In a lot of cases I stopped playing before the free trial even ran out cause they were boring as hell. City of Heroes was one of the top selling games at the time. It really should be the number one best selling game. I can't comprehend how the hell World of Warcraft manages to outsell us other than maybe it's been around longer because the game isn't even good. That was one of the games I tried... and I tried it multiple times actually because other people kept telling me how great it was but I got bored after 10 minutes every time I tried to play. My personal issues with WoW vs. CoH… 1. Custom characters simply don't exist. You can change the faces a little bit and that's pretty much the extent of it. I enter the game and every player I run into all look exactly like me. This is a common problem I had in a LOT of MMOs I tried. In City of Heroes... I kinda had this issue with Stone armor back in the day because it use to completely cover the character. That's not a problem anymore. I also had this issue with the Kheldian forms which is a little less of an issue now with power customization. And the Arachnos archetypes being forced to wear the uniform for their first costume slot. I know they can change that with their other costume slots but still I remade my Arachnos characters about 20 times changing their costume colors until I could play the game without running into someone who looked exactly like me. Even with those few limitations on those specific archetypes and power sets City of Heroes/Villains still has more options than any other game I've ever played. It took me a while to customize certain characters to my liking but I managed it. WoW, you can literally only change the character's face. This is partly due to the cloths in the game having an actual function for defense and damage resistance but they couldn't at least have different styles with the same stats? I mean I kinda got the impression that even if I could customize the look of my character to not look like every other player that I would have to sacrifice stats to do it since most players would naturally want the best items in the game and going for what looks good to me vs. what's practical would probably hinder my character... a lot. The first things you see in these games is the character creator and the main appeal of these types of games is getting to create your own character so I don't understand how a game with the worst character creator ever manages to be the top selling MMO above the game with the best character creator ever. 2. Variety of missions... City of Heroes has multiple different mission types including hunting, defeat all, blinkie, rescue/kidnap (hero/villain), defeat a boss, various mixes of all these things... plus with AE you can create your own missions. No other game lets you do that. WoW only has ONE type of mission... Hunting... which is arguably one of the WORST types of missions. It's the only mission in City of Heroes that didn't have a way point to tell you where to go, they just tell you defeat X number of these enemies and you have to figure out where to even find them. That's the entire game on WoW, there are no door missions. Another thing that makes these types of missions so bad is kill stealing. That's not a problem when you're on a mission map because only you and members of your team have access to that map. But an open world hunting mission means everyone has access to that map and likely they need to hunt the same enemies you do. It's freaking annoying. I would rather have to lead a stupid NPC who gets lost if you move more than 2 feet away from them to a door than deal with hunting missions all the time. This is a huge part of why I got bored so fast. I kept doing one mission after another and I was like if I was playing City of Heroes right now I'd have gotten a real mission by now. Why even get quests if they're all going to hunts anyway. If that's all you're doing anyway you can street sweep without ever speaking to a contact. 3. Speaking of Contacts... WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? I was lucky in that I had my cousin and other people who already knew the game to show me where to go because the game doesn't have waypoints. If I was a new player who didn't know anyone I would of quit WoW even faster because NOTHING is explained to you about how the game even works. City of Heroes is really easy for new players to get into because way points in the game tell you where to go most of the time. In fact of all the MMOs I tried WoW was the only game that didn't have a single way point anywhere. Without my cousin helping me out I would of just quit immediately. I couldn't even find my first contact without his help. He basically took the place of the way point for me because the game didn't have one. 4. Worse than not having way points is not having a freaking map! I mean there is a map if you want to call it that but it's totally useless. The point of a map is to tell you were things are in the world and help you find your way. City of Heroes did that from day one and the maps even got better as time progressed adding points that didn't use to be there. Like Pocket D use to be a secret club... You either stumbled into it by accident or weren't sure if it even really existed. Now it's just on the map and everyone knows about it. WoW's "map" has ZERO information on it. It's basically the equivalent of the world map in City of Heroes. I never use the world map because same problem, it doesn't tell me anything. The only map I actually use is the zone map and that's what WoW is seriously lacking. 5. UI... Honestly City of Heroes has the cleanest looking UI I have ever seen. There's a specific trey for powers, a specific trey for inspirations. You can easily move and rearrange everything to your liking. It's very easy to see when a power is recharging. In WoW I can't see shit. Everything looks the same, powers and inspirations are all mixed together. Even the recharge animation is almost impossible to make out. That last part might just be because I'm color blind. In CoH when a power is recharging it seems to shrink and turn grey till it comes back and is ready to be used again. WoW the powers look exactly the same. There's like a little clock hand thing that appears over the power but this also happens while the power is in use so it happens twice, once for the animation of the power itself and again for the power recharging. And this is so hard to make out when you're color blind that I'm just hitting buttons randomly till something happens. I have no clue what I'm even clicking on because everything looks the same. Not a problem in City of Heroes. Oh and the targeting is a lot easier to see too. CoH puts that square box around the entire character and if you some how can't see that, press F and you'll go directly to that target. WoW puts a circle on the ground around the target's feet which is harder to see and there's no follow so a lot of the time I have no freaking clue who I'm even fighting. They can be standing directly in front of me and I'll still have no clue who I'm even targeting. I've died multiple times in WoW simply because I didn't know who my target was. I'd target an enemy in a mob, walk toward where I thought I was targeting, start hitting powers only for NOTHING to work because my target some how wasn't in range. All of these things combined just made WoW boring, repetitive, and irritating to play and I just could not understand how anyone got into that when so many basic game mechanics seemed broken and game breaking compared to City of Heroes. I even played an MMO with a better alignment system than City of Heroes has. Every mission was designed with system in place that would push you more to good or evil and it was done so much more fluidly than in City of Heroes. It's not a simple click this option in a window and BAM you're a Vigilante now. Like as an example, you're given a mission to rescue an NPC. There's no window that pops up asking if you want to save him or kill him. You can either just lead him out like you would do in a rescue mission on CoH or... the NPC is actually a targetable attackable NPC just like all the enemies so at any time you can decide to kill him by actually attacking him the same way you would any other enemy in the game. There's a progress bar not only for XP but also for your alignment. It starts neutral and goes more blue or red depending on your choices during missions. If you do what you were suppose to do or if you do something against what the mission objective was. It's actually more in like with what I thought Going Rogue would be when it was first announced... despite that and ironically even being a STAR WARS game that MMO still wasn't as good as CoH cause the alignment system was really the only good thing about that game. The archetypes were really unbalanced. Like one of them was literally just entertainer. One of the missions I got was just to stand on a stage and dance for ten minutes. Pretty much everyone was either a Jedi/Sith (Same archetype you're alignment determines what side you're on.) or a Bounty Hunter because those were the only archetypes that really did anything. Star Wars arguably has a much bigger fan base as a whole but as far as just the MMO games go... they actually tend to under perform for what they should be. City of Heroes easily beat that. WoW was our only real competition... as much as I don't understand WHY WoW is so bloody popular. It doesn't seem like they've really done anything to improve the game play, it's still the same crap that they had when it first came out. They release new races and enemies and keep raising the level cap with every update but they don't do anything to improve the game for new players. They've got something like 80 last I heard, levels of content but that content is just non stop hunting... you know the same exact thing you did at level 1. Our level cap has always been 50 and some how we still manage to have more content without ever once raising the level cap. Our idea of more content involves actually adding content not just raising the level cap and being more of the exact same thing. On top of that... people were also spending real money on expansion packs for City of Heroes that arguably should have been free. I'm not talking about City of Villains and Going Rogue, those were actually worth the price. I'm talking about those costume packs that included just one new costume set, a couple emotes, and maybe some sort of power. I never had access to that stuff till Homecoming because I refused to pay for something that should of just been a free update. A lot of people did pay for that stuff though even though it was a total rip off. A lot of people continued to pay for the game even after it went free because certain parts of the game like Incarnate content still required a monthly subscription. I logged onto Lord Imperial once after I left before the servers shut down and noticed a lot of the powers I had already unlocked had been greyed out because I wasn't a subscriber I didn't have access to certain powers. Had to pay to get those powers active again. They also for some reason decided that Masterminds should be locked behind a pay wall and since a lot of my characters were Masterminds I couldn't even log onto those characters. I think I heard that over a billion players had been logged on the last day of live... considering the entirely population of the planet is around 7 billion that's at least 1/7 of the total population of the planet and with being the second best selling game, only being beat out by that POS WoW... how do you figure it was barely a money maker? Also... South Korea? You know when City of Heroes first launched it was only available in the U.S. and Canada right. So what makes you think that South Korea is their primary player base when the game wasn't even available in that region till about 2-3 years after the game first launched? Maybe it wasn't a big money maker in South Korea but the game had already made millions of dollars before it ever released in South Korea. They were expanding the market to other countries and it did pretty well in most of the world. Their Primary player base would still be right here in the U.S. though because that's where it started not in some country that as you claim never even showed interest. That's an oximoron statement by the way because primary player base suggests that most of their player base is from that area which can't be true if that same area also never had any interest in the game. Only one of those things can be true, either that's the primary player base or they never had any interest, it can't be both. All that being said... I got the impression from reading the announcement and from the fact that there's a bunch of unfinished content they were still working on that the Developers at NCSoft never really wanted to shut the servers down but rather someone higher up in the company made the decision because they wanted to focus on new titles rather than updating and maintaining a 12ish at the time year old property. Usually decisions like that are just about what's been around for a really long time that I can get rid of to make room for something new rather than this isn't making any money so I don't want to keep putting money into it if it's not turning a prophet. That's usually why any hugely popular successful franchise ends is just because someone wants to do something new instead of continuing to milk that cow. Though it seems the most successful businesses like Disney are that way because they never stop milking that cash cow. All the companies that are struggling seem to be doing so because they cancel their biggest money making properties solely based on age. Approximately 10 years seems to be a cut off point because these people seem to think that's about the time fans will lose interest and look for something else even though fans will continue to complain about the cancelation long after the fact.... hence the need to prove to someone within the company that City of Heroes still has a massive fan base. I mean they could shut us down but at some point other people are just going to create more private servers because no one wants to see this game die.
  8. I think if NCSoft was going to give a cease and desist order they would of done it already since apparently the Homecoming team is already in contact with them. Personally I have a theory that the game's code was "leaked" intentionally to prove to the folks at NCSoft that there was still a player base for this game. Similar to how that test footage for Deadpool was "leaked" onto YouTube just to prove that the movie would have an audience. He's never admitted it but I really think Ryan Reynolds himself posted that test footage on YouTube because no one wanted to see that movie get made more than him. I imagine someone within NCSoft went rogue... no pun intended... and leaked the code on purpose to show the higher ups that this game still has a fan base and kinda force them to bring it back. Please take this with a grain of salt because I have absolutely no proof for any of this. It's just a theory... mostly because I can't think of any other way that the code could have "leaked" after 8 years other than someone within NCSoft intentionally releasing the code. Is there anyone who use to work there up to the point when the servers went down that doesn't work there anymore? That might be a likely suspect for someone who would of had access that information. Though it could also be someone who still works for NCSoft as long as they figured out how to release the code without anyone knowing they did it. Whatever the case may be... whoever "leaked" that code I hope they get a promotion to lead developer.
  9. Sarcasm doesn't translate well in text. The way he wrote his post it looked completely serious. 😛
  10. Speaking of Taxi Service... One live and on Homecoming I've seen a player running around with the name "Taxibot" exact same costume and everything though he doesn't seem to remember me. The quite literal Taxi service has saved my butt many times from going into a high level zone I shouldn't have been to yet in the first place, to falling into craters with no travel powers... to falling off the bloody map before /stuck was a thing... and some times even after because the command doesn't work if you still have space to move around despite not being on the map. Anyone remember when King's Row had a giant hole in the map that players could easily glitch though and fall under King's Row before they fixed it? This was pretty early on in the game's life so I doubt many players would even know about it.
  11. That's kind of the point of a PRACTICE dummy. They can't be killed, they're designed to last forever. They only exist to test out powers.
  12. Good point. Although for me it would be very easy to prove I actually am the owner of those characters considering I'm still using the same Global name from my old account, it's not a common name, and there are videos on my YouTube channel with the Gothic Sword that date back to when the live servers were still active so if they did have data on my original account and characters it'd be pretty difficult for anyone else to ever pretend to be me when I actually have evidence to prove that's my account and those are my characters. Plus keep in mind these are totally different servers. There's no Freedom here, if you actually know your old account information that won't do you any good... other than being able to log into your NCSoft account which is still a thing because other NCSoft games can be added to that account. It wasn't just for City of Heroes/Villains. That kinda tells me they don't have access to any other that player data because if they did they should be able to reactivate the original servers that those characters were stored on. Or at least a copy of those servers. The data for everyone on Freedom, Justice, Champion, Virtue, ect. is tied to those servers. If the data for all of that was leaked then why haven't any of those servers been copied? Why is it only the game code on all new servers? We don't even have as many servers as we did before so it's not like they just changed the names, they're not back ups of anything that would have player created content with it, it's just the game's base code.
  13. I've seen the Council and 5th Column transform into werewolves before. It's rare for as often as I fight them... especially with a Kheldian since all their story arcs deal with those guys... in 50 levels I only seen it happen ONCE! That said I have never seen a Vampire transform into a werewolf before. It's usually one of the generic looking soldier dudes. Now my question is... and this is probably because I was just hunting them for the badges... does a Vampire that transforms into a Werewolf count for Silver Bullet or Slayer or does it give you credit for both?
  14. Not just minor property damage. Robbery, Arson, Kidnapping, jail breaks, oh yeah and did you know you can murder civilians now? I seem to recall on live you could attack them but they wouldn't take any damage and ambushes would just spawn to protect them. Now they actually die if they don't escape through a door before you can hit them.
  15. Imagine how I feel. I had a story going across SIX story arcs. 30 missions in total that all worked together to tell one cohesive story. They were even clearly numbered in parts so players couldn't mistakenly play events out of order. I left the game before the servers actually went down because the same day the game became free my computer suffered the Blue Screen of Death. So all of those files are GONE! And if you're wandering how I managed to get 6 story arcs... three of them were published on my account and the other three were published on my dad's account.
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