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  1. /e flutters down from the rafters and lands on a FBBC with a bagel. I hope everyone had a good weekend. /e looks for the cream cheese. /e knocks over a fifty five gallon drum of green goo Oops. I am sure that's fine. Just fine.... cleaner bots will clean that right up.
  2. /e flutters down from the rafters and alights on the counter top to begin the mornings breakfast /e grabs the remote and turns on the giant Jumbotron TV levitating nearby, on it is playing this... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foodfight! /e turns it off. "No. Just no." Good Morning all!
  3. *oofs at a flying Puppeh and then together they fly into a giant replica of the Eiffle Tower made entirely from match sticks* And I was on my last stickkkkkkkkkkk!
  4. /e points a wing at the fridge. " to keep it cool."
  5. /e flutters down from the rafters IV drip still attacked to the COFFEE BLASTER 50000 and begins to make breakfast. Waffles, pamcakes, blintz, beignets, croissants, toast, cinnamon toast, French Toast, German toast, fruit salads, bear claws, powdered donuts, crepes, ham, bacon, sausage, buttermilk biscuits, scattered smothered covered and gouged hashbrowns, aaaaaand....strawberries and bananas. /e collapses into a pile of feathers. Good Morning all!
  6. Straight to the lungs! That's the way to do it! Thanks Puppeh!
  7. NNOOOOOOOOO! All the comfort and hugs. 😞
  8. /e raises a beak from the FBBC. Bad weather last night, kept me up all night, sleepy... /e throws over an IV drip line* Just hook it into the Coffee Maker 50000 please. Otherwise was a great weekend! *flumps* Did anyone do anything interesting?
  9. Momma? MOMMA? /e goes looking for her Madea dress and her spoon. I think the explosives were the ACME brand Cartoon Only type right? So long as the knives are too. 🙂 ACME knives ! Guaranteed to break shatter or rust before they even break the skin!
  10. Hey now! This family has been through a lot but we have never drawn knives on each other and we are not about to start! 😛 Good Morning all! /e leans up against the BFG9001 resting on the floor as she noshes a Strawberry Pop Tart.
  11. I find this horrifying and yet I cannot look away. /e sets out pepperoni pizza and cinnabons for lunch. Good Afternoon all!
  12. Yah It's Capaldi. I'm glad you aren't a shinky dink Puppeh. /e offers a pink sprinkled donut.
  13. Which one is the one on the left? Eccleston? Cant be.....he got hair. Is it War Doctor....Oh no Its Capaldi and his angry eyebrows!
  14. Did you just turn Puppeh into a Shrinky Dink? Gotta admit it they came out well.
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