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  1. lol all of my 50s are versions of the same character! I was not like this on Live, but now i have a fantasy comic that I write and illustrate, and I love trying to develop the main character through different versions of her abilities. Maybe it's different stages of her life, or different roles she can play on a team, I just never get tired of her ~vibe~ She's a telekinetic energy mage. so far at 50 I have a Grav/Kinetics controller, a Psychic/Radiation Blaster, a Psychic/Energy Aura Scrapper, and a Sonic/Martial Combat Blaster. and I have a Mind/Energy Dominator poised at 49! I'm very open to any other ideas you may have for me. The recoloring really opens up powersets that may not seem relevant. I really love energy powers and psychic powers, across all media. I usually make this character in other RPGs as well - Elder SCrolls Online, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Saint's Row, anywhere with powers and a character customizer. That said, I also have dozens of other characters that AREN'T her, and have nothing close to those powers. I just love this game because I can play as my own fantasy characters so easily.
  2. do you mind sharing the bind you use for this? i’d love to try it
  3. Another category is people who are concept-based, no? I don't exactly role play in-game, but I choose powers based on the character idea I'm currently stuck on. I work as an effects animator for sci-fi and fantasy cartoons, and I use this game to play around with powers customization. I love to recolor and re-imagine a common powerset as something totally different. I also write and draw a fantasy comic, and I develop those characters on CoH to get a better sense of their abilities and fighting style. Obviously I don't want to be totally gimped, but I don't go crazy with their builds. i'm aware of IO sets and bonuses, but usually I only throw a few in there as needed. Crafted enhancements are effective and inexpensive, plus the game isn't really that hard. I see posts sometimes that equate avoiding fully IO-set builds with ignorance of the system. But for me it's just that I mostly can't be bothered. Dominators play fine without achieving perma-dom, despite claims that they are utterly useless without it. I usually lose momentum in the late-game, because I've already got a new character idea I want to play. I have a handful of 50s, they have a couple of IO sets here and there, and they have all (or most) of their Incarnate powers. It's fun to be that powerful, but on many high-level teams you barely even notice that you're contributing, let alone needing the really fun tricks in your power sets that min/maxers would deem skippable. For me, and probably a lot of other people, CoH is a creative/imaginative medium to play within. (if anyone is curious, here's the link to my webtoon. all 5 of my 50s are different versions of the main character as different ATs. https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/tales-from-the-sixth-sun/list?title_no=367223 )
  4. I'd open it up to recolored powers as well. You could do a Pistols or Electric Blaster with a Plant secondary, but color some of them to look like metal cables and wires and stuff like that? Or a Gravity controller or dominator. The Propel power is taking control of the literal city objects! Gravity/Earth dominator would be using the physical city against his enemies, and the gravity powers could be more of a psychic thing. Throw in another element with the Epic pool, like fire or darkness recolored to be smog/fumes, or electricity, or leviathan mastery for the water spout (sewage??) I'm trying to think about your concept with the Coyote travel power. It strikes me as someone who might be more of a fighter than a caster, but maybe you don't think the same. You could pick an urban weapon customization (like titan weapons' stop sign etc)? OH or maybe, electric melee and shield defense? there's some kind of trash shield right? and then you'd have Lightning Bolt and Shield Charge, which seem like a leyline tap. I do think if you went with a weapon or shield, the other powerset should be flashy so you have that city magic vibe instead of just hobo hero.
  5. Thinking I might try for a Jedi character too, but maybe Dual Blades/Ninjitsu? I've not really played much with the sword sets, I like the DB animations a lot but the combo mechanic kinda turns me off. Does it make fights seem too patterned? I don't like feeling gimped if I don't do an entire sequence exactly the 'right' order, instead of using whichever power is relevant right then (or if I miss). Is there a lightsaber Broadsword? I know Katana would work well, but I thought it might be fun to switch it up.
  6. whoops! i forgot about that one. it totally does exactly this lol
  7. continuing my necromancy of this thread, I love this idea too and it seems more likely. This would give so much control over a fun but currently unwieldy power! the second idea (wormhole vibe) would be great too, a toggle hold that you end by throwing them at the target. could do decent damage and KD, and be very close to what people do with telekinesis in fiction.
  8. i LOVE this idea! this would be so fun to use. I already get such a kick out of TK, and often use teleport to fine-tune the control of it. but this would be so great. Especially the tweak to turn Levitate into an area when used on TK targets. That seems great but not game-breaking.
  9. Mind Control needs some love for sure. But it's also cool in its own way. I will say, I love telekinesis. I think it's such a cool and unique power, and I worry about all the sets being balanced to a point of becoming generic. As someone said earlier, becoming only cosmetically different but functionally identical. That said, it definitely could use some tweaking! One thing i see not being discussed as much is, TK is amazing in short doses. I love to just pick em up and wait 2 seconds so the bunch goes back onto the Ice Patch/Rain of Fire/Whirlpool, etc. This is also a common use of telekinetic powers in comics. I think the recharge should be reduced, to encourage this approach with the power. Yes, it's also great for pinning enemies in a corner for the whole fight, but that may not come up as often as you'd like. I also like the idea of giving it a DoT effect, or what about some smashing damage whenever they bump into something on the map, becoming DoT when pinned? That would make the most sense to me. OR, to make the Repel more interesting, what if it worked like this - You activate Telekinesis, and for the duration, you get a click-target circle (like Teleport) and that becomes the source of the repel? Instead of moving yourself around, is it possible to just click around every couple of seconds to move them (or keep them stationary), in true telekinetic fashion? I understand from earlier responses that the "implosion/reverse-repel" doesn't work with the way the game is coded, but could this? what I love about CoH is how many different types of powers there are. I think it'd be kinda lame to replace TK with a target AoE disorient or something that's found in other sets. However, the only thing that's been brought up to replace it that made me excited was a targeted AoE version of Levitate. That doesn't exist yet (outside of the close ranged Psi Melee one) and would be hilarious. I love the Levitate/Lift powers. This would be a great way to add damage to a mind controller, but then there's the issue of setting up containment. Why doesn't it just happen on confused or afraid enemies? that's always puzzled me. seems like an easier fix instead of reworking a bunch of specific powers. containment off of Fear/Confuse doesn't seem gamebreaking.
  10. I've been playing a Rad/EM tank recently and I love the ST nature of EM. I do use whirling hands often and i love that one. but it's cool to be so single target focused, i like variety between sets. I would love if they took out the Stun power, raised all the other punch's stun capability by a little bit, and threw in Conserve Power. The Blaster's secondary Energy Manipulation has a lot of stat boosts which I think is a cool part of energy powers to bring to the tanker. This might be crazy, but what if Stun were replaced with Boost Range? For 20s, your melee attacks can hit at 15 feet or something? That would stay on-theme, add a unique element (compared to other sets), keep the single-target focus, and require no new animations. You just dig deep into your energy reserves and extend them beyond normal for a while. but whatever happens, i really really don't want it to get some combo mechanic. it's so lame to have my attack chain prescribed for me that much, or feel like so many powers are unskippable. however some secondary building effect could be cool, as long as i can use the basic powers in any order.
  11. I've been wresting with it and re-installing last night and today, but i fixed it with a very simple solution. make sure your Island Rum is in the Applications folder, and also that your CoH.app is INSIDE the coh folder in your applications. Then reset the path to that coh folder, and re-scan. 64-bit should stop being greyed-out, and I was able to load the game. Might be good to uninstall and reinstall before this anyway, just to be safe. And give it a reboot.
  12. I THINK I FIXED IT 😄 see yall on the inside...
  13. can anyone clue me into what this is about? on Mac and got this blinking error after it was updating. I suppose I need to download Homebrew but I don't understand how to link it to fix whatever this error is with my game. While this error is up, it seems to keep the dropdown menu from doing anything.
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