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  1. ah cool! and this will enable/disable the UI in screenshots? or in gameplay? (i'm not in-game for another couple of days i think)
  2. Sort of unrelated, but how did you get these screenshots with no names and numbers? I've been dying for a way to turn off damage and healing numbers and see what the hell is going on haha
  3. I generally like the Force of Will pool, especially containment on the Wall of Force power. (if it's fitting your character thematically then maybe disregard the following...) I've recently been playing a Magneto-inspired character, Gravity/Force Fields. I know Gravity has strong single target attacks already, but I took Toxic Dart from the Experimentation pool and it's really nice to have! Super quick animation time and recharge, and does a chunk of toxic damage follwed by more damage over a time, all doubled with Containment. I don't think many enemies resist toxic damage. P
  4. just gotta grab Fold Space to yank the nova'd enemies back to you! Rubberband their asses! Also, I would love to join the KB supergroup lol
  5. this ! at the very least, wormhole and the warshade version of fold space should work on all bosses.
  6. I'm a fan of Fire Breath, especially with Combat Teleport for lining it up. ALso, I'm literally going to roll this exact build because it seems really fun! I am also a big fan of Azula!
  7. There seems to be no sound effects on Sonic Thrust, though maybe it is just a quiet one? Also, I am absolutely loving Combat Teleport and Fold Space. Real gamechangers for me, but they still feel totally part of the CoH world.
  8. thanks for the tips, i'm very excited to roll up a Psychic/Sonic blaster tonight after work! tick tock, tick tock... I'll probably also play with the new teleport pool changes, I can see that Fold Space power being great setup for the PBAoE attack and debuff in Sonic.
  9. Hello everyone, I am excited about the new changes for Blasters and considering some options. I'll note beforehand I've never really gotten into playing as a character using a weapon set, so it's very unlikely I'll do archery or guns. Maybe the beam rifle if the synergy is so extremely on point, i've never used it. But I'm fairly concept-driven and I'd rather have powers. First, I def want to try the new Sonic Manipulation set. I'm considering between Psychic or Sonic blasts, because I like crowd control (i am a dominator main) and they both have a stun that can stack with Sou
  10. I definitely agree you should get Frozen Armor. And there is a Minimal FX option if you don't want to see the big bulky ice. But I'd also recommend getting Total Focus in there somewhere, so you can activate Energy Focus mode more easily. it doubles the damage of whirling hands, i believe. I'd drop either Power Push or Power Blast, it's a little redundant. I personally like Push's FX animation better, and I like having a reliable knockback for special occasions (or knockdown, with the IO). Power Bolt, Burst, Sniper Blast, Mesmerize, and Dominate should be plenty to
  11. It could just use the classic -res effect, grab the melee attacks from this and the ranged attacks from sonic blast, balance em to match the other sets. i don't think it'd need the extra migraine dynamics the same way a blaster set might.
  12. How we feeling about adapting this into a Sonic Assault set for dominators?? the way this matches gravity control's FX animation would be *chef's kiss*
  13. i've been playing a gravity/earth dom that I love. The gravity feels really aligned with the earth assault, lots of heavy-impact power animations that are pretty satisfying, and a lot of knockup which I find to be an underrated mitigation tactic. For concept, it's just two aspects of manipulating magnetic and gravity fields. I went with Propel instead of Hurl for the Impact mechanic, but other than that it seems like there's a lot less redundancy than many Assault sets have with Gravity Control. Plus, using Stone SPears on an enemy right after Lifting them is great, the crystal spikes mani
  14. If you really feel like you need a heal after you get to upper-levels, one of the Incarnate powers heals everyone in a large area. Though I would still go with Barrier. You have so few HP as a Dominator that you will probably die in the moment you realize your health is going down and go to hit your heal button. Better to avoid it altogether. Skipping Mesmerize is a good idea on a Dominator. I've found Levitate is more helpful mitigation especially early on. I usually skip Mass Hypnosis because I team a lot, but if you're soloing or running on smaller teams, it can be a great
  15. this would be great! and I'd be ok with it not stacking. I would just worry that having both buffs would make the devs want to alter the fundamental mechanics of the power, like activation time or recharge, to compensate. It needs to stay quick and light, even if the buffs aren't super competitive.
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