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  1. More using it as a mule set for the debuffs (and theme) but as I said I am looking at grabbing the resist buff from the secondary and try to get it perma or close to it. The cold debuffs are effective thus far at keeping me +0/2 viable at level 16. Darknir your build here is not what I am attempting to accomplish but thanks.
  2. Interesting idea there with the empty clips thought
  3. the point here is to get to the fold space ability and use it in the build
  4. I have been slowly leveling a thugs/thermal MM and am getting up into my high 30's now so time to start setting goals. I want to know if perma-Gang war is possible with thermal. I also wanna get the pets as survivable as they can be and I do tend to play in teams and I do want to heal. those ideas are in order of importance. I can't use mids effectively as an experimental platform because of the size of things in there and visual impairment. I rarely know the sets well enough to remember them all and how they interact, the few builds I have come up with are never optimal. I am looking f
  5. yeah I literally can't. I have it but I can't read most of it. I only full it out when I already know what the set bonuses are, my low vision makes it impossible to use to figure it out. Regardless the guy quit so my plant/storm troller is now free wheeling.
  6. I know that isn't the character though. **edit** the toon is meant to solo redside, looking help to optimize it a bit.
  7. Ok so I made a water/cold corr redside and since no teams there I assume I will be soloing all the way up, I plan on using the /cold def powers to slot my globals from LoTG and keep em at 1 slot each. Plan on skipping the heal since it serves no purpose on a soloist and have been doing +0/2 and am lvl 10 now. Since I don't need defensives from poos except combat jumping (Which I will be grabbing at 12) which is more there for the imob resist and will be 4-sloted to put some resist status and resist and scaling resist in should I take aid self? I am thinking of grabbing some +res pool power
  8. the one that hits +end in an area around the target. That kills recovery. It also end drains a bit.
  9. Either way I am making a poison/dark for my first trip, hoping the stacking -to hit will work well and the -heal -def/res
  10. no but IIRC transfusion does as well as short circuit. From what I have seen so far although its only 3 fights I havn't seen many misses even when stacked with +DEF
  11. Title says it all. This is specifically RV in terms of a 1v1 would I be able to sap and kill fast enough to make this viable?
  12. This is my go at making a farm build for this set combo. It caps just under 45 for fire/cold defense and is wel past the 75% resist cap. I always have toons get their own money so this will be used to fund a better build for general killage. Any improvement suggestions would be appreciated. Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Magic Sentinel Primary Power Set: Archery Secondary Power Set: Fiery Aura Power Pool: Flight Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership
  13. none of the posted builds use the teleportation pool at all.
  14. Starting one of these to replace the sonic/sonic I was running. Ki Control is built around the concept of a martial artist mixing it up with blasts and melee. Think Street Fighter or Dragon Ball (Not DBZ when power got stupid) Was lookin to see the strengths and weaknesses. Can I soft cap positionals S/L? Hasten or force feedback for rechanrge? What are some challenges I will have over other sets?
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