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  1. TKDGUY23

    Sniper Shot

    When you used to use the sniper shot power from Assault Rifle set before the Halloween Event used to have the words Sniper Shot that would pop up above the head of the enemy you hit. Also it doesn't snipe like it used to. Used to be able to snipe at least one enemy per group in missions now it's just one every once in a while.
  2. I'm looking for like taking the poison secondary for MM's, ,Controllers, and Corruptors converting for use with stalkers. Replacing Neurotic breathe for a hide power, elixir of life as a self rez,and alkaloid as a self heal power.
  3. I was wondering if it was possible if we can get a poison secondary for stalkers.
  4. GM Korvin, The bug is that happening is when selecting the rifle weapon for the munitions power(Cryo Freeze Ray, Sleep Grenade, and LRM Rocket) the Rifle doesn't appear. When I change weapons to make the rifle appear the color appears as black, and white. Then because of the bug with the Assault Rifle weapon choice in dual pistols the gun in the right hand has disappeared and plus the colors of the gun which I have all white are changed to the same colors as the assault rifle which is black, and white. I have included pictures below. Sincerely, Todd Hoefler 20200419_090257.heic 20200419_090241.heic
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