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  1. 1st: Thanks to everyone involved for bringing my favorite game back, in any form .. - really 2nd: Thanks to the Devs for trying to communicate & involve the community at all .. - because you don't have to & we're all lucky this exists at all Like almost everyone here, I was there to experience CoH from the beginning & at the time it was leagues ahead of anything else out there - still is in some ways Like everyone that was there, I was crushed in the way the people in control ended the game - it was a slap in the face to the entire community & it hurt Like others, I kept up for years in hopes that someone, anyone, would bring it back or at least a worthy successor .. & we saw 1 after another try .. Champions, DCU, Titan, Ship of Heroes .. you all know the list, haven't we looked at all the attempts to date? .. So I was also shocked when the news of HC broke out - or that there were any private servers at all I had Tequila installed for years I've been wearing out HC/Beta ever since & Love it's current state - it is better than how the game ended but more importantly, it's more fun for me than anything else out there currently & isn't that the point of playing a game. I agree with everyone that there is the fear of this going away but, at least it's here now to enjoy so let's live in the moment & enjoy - Thanks again for what you're doing to keep this going 🙂
  2. Good 2 know 🙂 <adds to notes for noobs log> TY Glad to be back playing CoX - Love it & everyone for bringing this back but, lots to catch up on ... worth it though, better than anything else out there
  3. I've been planning & testing a new WP/Kinetic Tank build lately & I noticed that the Epic power pool selections are different between Beta & Live. On Beta it seems all the pools are available such as (Mu Mastery) but, on live only a subset of the pools are available so Mu Mastery is not available with this Tank build. I end up having to choose from the subset (energy mastery). I'm guessing the Devs did this on purpose for Beta so that people can try/test different Epic pools with all characters but, since you can't select them on live then you can't really test the build that you'll end up with on live. Interesting that you can do the same on Mids (Pines) - it matches how Beta is setup. Again this is misleading since you can't do it on live. Any thoughts? did I catch a bug or was this done on purpose ?
  4. Today was the 1st time I set this up & got to check it out on Beta - fantastic tool Noble - TY very much
  5. Thanks for making me feel welcome & ripping me a new one ... I wasn't proposing this to anyone, I simply said you can do this & it works. I myself am a CoX vet since the original beta days & so I've already done hundreds of alts the old fashioned way (playing the game as you say) & so I've already been there, done that. this was just a way for those of us getting back into CoX since it closed to get an alt up to 50 quickly. This also doesn't take away from all the regular game play that occurs at 50 (like incarnate system). There is also Obo & being able to go back in time to play all the low missions. So my suggestion isn't taking away from anything but, your reply shows what a negative person you are. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't.
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