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  1. Well I went with S/L Defense and Resistance over recharge, so Swipe and Kick are 4 slotted with Kinetic Combat in this build. Probably a lot of room for tweaking, but plenty of 1 or 2 slot wonders. I took Spiritual for Alpha for recharge. I do sometimes take Intuition for the Range and Damage for Focus and Shockwave. 20% range can increase the total area a cone hits by about 40%. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1456;695;1390;HEX;| |78DA
  2. I use it a lot, but it can be endurance intensive in a long fight against an AV or whatever. But it is a great power.
  3. For a final build, maybe/maybe not. Depends if I want another set bonus or not and how much recharge I have for a single target attack chain. Slash gets slotted with 5 Hetacomb and Achillees Heel Proc. Follow Up gets the (I think) Critical Strike Scrapper set so the following attacks have a better chance to Crit. Focus gets either Scrapper Strike, Apocalypse, or winter's Bite. Depending on the bonuses I want. Possibly only 5 slots for a set plus a proc. There are sets that give defense or recharge bonuses I might put in another melee attack. If not, the Crit Hit
  4. Slash is the 3rd power, I highly recommend it as it can take the Achilles Heel proc for -Resist. I usually just take either Swipe or Strike but not both based on which ever you prefer. Once you get a lot of recharge Slash, Follow Up, and Focus can be your single target attack chain. Then you can fill in with Spin and Shockwave.
  5. For a lot of my MMs, I set my pets on defensive and follow and i go to town as a mini defender. If I get agro, the initial damage is spread between me and the pets, then they start attacking. Every once and a while if you want them to attach the boss, you start with an macro in your tray for attack my target.
  6. Wow, I have never tried nature affinity before. It's very Endurance intensive. Less powers will help at low levels.
  7. Ok I will take the low level TF as an opportunity to try out Nature Affinity. Robyn Moonshine, a Beast/NA MM is born.
  8. What I am hearing is you need to pull an all nighter.
  9. I opened a 6th or 7th costume slot for JaxFrost my Claws/Ice Scrapper. Costume is stolen but it's sweet.
  10. If there's room on Saturday's TF I'll tag along with Legacy Jax. My most demonic looking dude. Fire/TA troller. I will suck end without my incarnate powers!
  11. On live I ran mostly female toons. When people asked I used to say the butts looked better. If I am going to be staring at it, might as well stare at the nicer one. Back on live I think it was an archetype thing. Controllers, Tankers, MMs tended to be male and Defenders, Corruptors, Dominators, Blasters were female. The rest were split more by character idea, even if I didn't have data in the bio section. On HC only about 20% of my toons are female. About half the toons I really enjoy are female. About half of my level 50s I'm not motivated to play.
  12. Now that people can upload from phones, we all sorts of things. Usually anything that isn't an actual claim is accidental.
  13. Hope you were able to finish up the 2nd run after we got the mission reset. I guess a service at work failed about 10 minutes into our first run. It's our busiest time of year for claims, so it's expected the imports might need some TLC every so often. We are on a new monitoring software, and my team went back and forth for over an hour discussing the error message and not just logging in and doing the standard fix. Finally get someone to login and the failure is caused by a video up load not an image. Someone recorded their genitalia and the middle finger and uploaded it to us
  14. All those power modifiers from all the buffing and debuffing should make things melt. All defender teams are power houses.
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