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  1. @TrixieKixx Put me down for Timber Wolfe - SR/Claws Tanker I should be recovered from vacation by Saturday. 🙂
  2. Ah so nice of you to have beach day in my honor.
  3. If I don't see any of you nerds the rest of the week, have fun bustin heads. Fly to the beach on Saturday and back the following Saturday. So I will be AWOL for a few weeks.
  4. I meant to do several Numina's this week, and besides the Holiday on Monday I've done nada.
  5. I have a few Alts that need Numina, not sure what I might bring. It's at least easy so pretty much any group can do it. Been another long week at work.
  6. Interesting trying to push resistance caps on a defense based armor set. I would suggest making sure your defenses are soft capped while in combat before pushing resistances. Also +HP sets are basically resistance to all damage types. I would say Grant Cover instead of Acrobatics will help with Defense Debuff Resistance. But if you want to look at slotting for resistances, look for some Dark Armor builds and see how those might push resistances for ideas.
  7. @TrixieKixx You can mark me down for Bourbon Neat - in honor of Whiskey in Jar - various artists, like a whole bunch. But really Metallica. oh ya she is an Assault Rifle/Kinetics Corruptor.
  8. What information do you think is out dated? Fire Farms are Do you have enough Fire defense and Fire resist to survive? If you are using Fiery Armor you almost certainly have the resists. After that, Can you hit +4s, and the accuracy bonus on the purple sets helps with that combined with slotting powers for accuracy. Throw in as much global recharge as possible, and procs and spam those AoE attacks. Use inspirations as needed for damage, defense, resists, or endurance management as needed. Get your level shift from alpha slot, maybe ageless from Destiny, and I like a ranged judgement attack
  9. Looks pretty fair. Try it out see how you like it. But Outrider is right, check out the builds in the other fire farm threads.
  10. I'd say you are about 4% over what you need for Fire Farming on Fire defense. You have the 3% IO from Gladiators but not Steadfast, which is cheaper. I don't think the 6th Slot of Aegis in Plasma Shield does you any good for Fire farming. Similarly the bonuses from Unrelenting Fury in Spine Burst aren't the greatest, I like having the +regen/+end IO. Being over the 90% fire resist cap, I don't think the Shield Wall IO does you good in Maneuvers. Personal Preference, I'd move a recharge from Fiery Embrace to Hasten, drop the slots in Char and get Throw Spines, drop Leadership poo
  11. I have a Water/Fire/Ice Sent that I've been farming with some. Burn, Frostbite and Frozen Aura plus the AoEs from Water gets the job done. It sure isn't as fast any Brutes I've farmed with. More time with the build in +4x8 and I should get better with it, mostly find it a bit tedious to finish off 3-4 bosses. I feel a lot safer fire farming on this Sent than on my Ice/Fire blaster.
  12. @TrixieKixx I might swap to my new Water/Fire Sent if I get a build done by Saturday. But if not the Warshade needs threads. 😃
  13. I'd be curious to see your build. I don't recall my Claws/Ice scrapper having many issues with endurance while leveling, but that was a while ago now. I recently respec'd into Sorcery to get Rune of Protection and to fit it in I dropped Chilling Embrace. But I do run Tough and Weave. I have Conserve Energy and Physical Perfection in the build as 1 slot wonders at 47 and 49.
  14. That pick me staring at Vandal in my Dark Jedi cosplay looks like I'm thinking about turning on you lot and joining him....... Sorry to say with any luck I'll miss next week, hoping to attend a localish small car show and make some charitable donations.
  15. I think we should leave the interpretation of 'nerdy' up to everyone and show up and have our submissions be a surprise.
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