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  1. To be honest, didn't know there was a glowie for Stalkers/Scrappers to click on.....
  2. Since this is the Alt I've been focusing on lately, I'll bring my Kin/SR Stalker - Agent Jinx.
  3. You look like you were attacked based on that picture. 😅😆🤩
  4. nice touch drawing the arrow
  5. I haven't revised my build to try and find a 'proc' one that does at least good single target damage. But I currently have 45% S/L def and 38% ranged def. Artic Air with the Contagious Confusion proc and Lockdown chance to hold proc. Plus the KD of ice Slick. You can neutralize spawns, before the Ra debuffs. Sometimes you drain end just standing around completely safe watching teammates do all the killin.
  6. Wait someone else in this game runs an Ice/Rad Controller? My first Ice/Rad was made all the way back in I2 and my 'main' teaming alt for years. And I just ran mine a couple of weeks ago on a theme team.
  7. Man soo many choices. Ice seems to be my most used theme in powersets. Now I am missing my Dark/Ice Blast Defender from Live. Ice/Rad - Controller Claws/Ice - Scrapper Ice Melee/Shield - Stalker Ice Blast/Fire - Blaster Dark Blast/Ice - Sentinel Storm/Ice Blast - Defender Water Blast/Cold - Corruptor Put me down as a maybe with the Sent, Lady Black Ice.
  8. @TrixieKixx No worries, just thought the Moonfire posts were getting lost in the discussion some. Added my newbie ENG/DARK Corr to the red side list. Signed up 2 alt's I've basically only PL'd. 😃
  9. FYI, I started a new thread for the double respec TF at the end of June. We can keep this one more focused on up coming items. Theme Team - Double Respec Trial (June 26th) Defenders and Corruptors only!
  10. Second TF - Red Side Respec Level 24-33 @TrixieKixx - Butterfly Dreamz - Emp/Sonic Blast Defender @Jaxman100 - Jax Red - NRG/Dark Corruptor @Midnyte - Poison Petals - Rad/Nature Corruptor @TygerDarkstorm - Robovisor - Beam/FF Corruptor @Bananiac - Divine Wind - Fire / Storm Corruptor @FrauleinMental - Sabina Lucsly - Archery/Time Corruptor @TraumaTrain - Dr. Snake Oil - Water/Poison Corruptor
  11. Start thinking about who you want to bring for the June 26th Respec Trials. You'll need two, count them two, Defender and/or Corruptor builds with no duplicate buff or debuff powersets on a task force! We'll start building the list ASAP. Since we are running two TFs someone can play a set (Trick Arrow for example on the first and someone else can play Trick Arrow on the second TF). Hero line up here, villain line up on next post. Blue Side Respec level 24-33 @TrixieKixx - Trace Memory - Emp/Psychic Blast Defender @Jaxman100 - Kia Flint - Thermal / Dark Defender @Midn
  12. My original suggestion for the theme was either Defender or Corruptor with no duplicate Buff/debuff sets. Trixie went with the double TF idea. I like the idea of not worrying about the blast sets being duplicated and only having the other set be unique for each TF. Someone can play Trick Arrow in TF 1 and someone else can play it in TF 2. We might want a separate thread for that week's TFs so we can be organized. Besides Thermal, I have Alts with Storm, Emp, Poison, Cold, Traps, Kin, and Trick Arrow. So I am good with just reserving a spot and playing whatever is
  13. I'll Bring Baron Jax my mostly Dwarf War Shade. For the respec trials, are we thinking no duplicate sets at all or or just no duplicate sets within each trial? So someone could play Trick Arrow in the first trial and someone else play it in the second? I do want to bring my Thermal/Dark Defender on at least 1 of the trials, after that I have 7/8 more so I'm sure I can fill in whatever. Also assuming we aren't worried about duplicates for the ranged damage sets only the buff/debuff sets.
  14. This is a really old Plant/Thorn build I remade from Live over a year ago I got to play some last weekend. I have 148.75% global recharge. At higher levels I leave Dom on auto cast and forget about it unless I eat dirt. I have Hasten so I can have perma Dom if I stay on top of casting Hasten at lower levels. And Dom is ready just about every minute if I keep Hasten perma as well at level 50. That is really all the build does is recharge but I find it fun. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click th
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